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Secession Information
5 years ago

Ok Folks - just came from the website for petitions --


Texas is done -- has well over the 25,000 needed

Louisiana is done -- well over the 25,000 needed

Florida -- 22,589

Georgia -- approx 21,227 -- however, Ga has two separate entries - add both together and they are done


And, by the way, you can vote on all the states - not just the one from whence you live.


And - there is a petition for recount of the election -- over 50,000 votes and counting


Very interesting site.


Give it a try --


Go to


You will need to open an account - the basic things - email, name, zip code

They will send you a password.


Go to the site and click "sign this petition" and, as I said, you can vote for as many as you like.


I know that this is probably just a fluke and will be ignored in Washington - but, at least I'm voicing my opinion as to this election.

5 years ago

Voicing your opinion is valuable, Tara Jane.   And, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being the patriot you are for America.    We find ourselves at a time in our lives as baby boomers where we no longer recognize our country.   It was been over run with advanced technology and unfortunately our inexperienced young people who have been sold a bill of goods in their liberal universities who believe that our country is not the best and the strongest country in the world.   


So, we have work to do.    I remember being 21 years old and detached from politics.   I voted with limited information because quite frankly what I was going to wear to work the next day and where I was going to go to have fun on Saturday night was far more important than who was going to be president of my country.    The young simply don't have the love of country they need to vote for what is actually the most beneficial for them in the long term.    Young Americans tend to "get it" once married, buying a home, paying bills, and bringing beautiful children into the world.  


We are faced now with hispanics and blacks who want "the stuff" from our government.   They are so easily led astray because they simply don't have the history of America as a guideline to their self serving choices.    It takes involved young people and that takes time to develop to be in a position to make the right choices for the future of the children they are bringing into the world.    We, as baby boomers, at 78.3 million in our country are an unusual majority of patriotic Americans.   We will never have that majority again in any generation but the hispanics will and so will the African Americans.   So, unfortunately, the tide has turned, as the baby boomers continue their path to retirement.   We have provided well for our children.   We planned their education soon after their birth.   We didn't depend on handouts or grants.    Our parents were the greatest generation of Americans.   Sadly, I believe it ends with us to make a better America.   There's nowhere to turn to continue the momentum of personal responsibility Americans.    That will die on the vine once we leave this earth.   


Sorry to have gone on here.   Some things need to be said.

5 years ago

Well said Diane and so true. The best part of America is coming to a close; those values are not popular with the new breed.

We all know that the face of America is changing as whites are not producing like Hispanics and Blacks. Their families are much smaller and some don't want children.

I saw the stats O'Reilly presented on unwed mothers last nite: increases in 2010 on following:
79% more black women having babies unwed
49% more Hispanic having babies unwed
29% more whites now having babies unwed

they are all on medicaid, food stamps, section 8 etc. or the majority as O'Reilly stated, they are the generation of getting the free stuff.

I am really disgusted because this is breaking this country and we will be third world if it continues.
Bill thinks America can change with the right republican leader. I hope so, I really do ... we have to HOPE!

5 years ago

Also Tara Jane, I would be afraid to sign any petition on the White House site.
I don't trust anything from them.
They are looking for information to see who is for and who is against them.

5 years ago

Well, they certainly KNOW I'm against them.  I have signed any number of petitions over the past four years and will gladly (as long as I have the freedom to do so) continue to do so.  I will not "stand down".  That is for losers! 


And, I'm not alone - 675,000 people and counting have answered to the call.  I'm hoping they get millions of votes for secession.  If it's only to show the whitehouse that we are against his ideas!  That's what this is all about.  I don't want to be somebody who just stands by and watches, I want to be somebody who stands out and up -


So, let them look for information on me. 

5 years ago

Tara Jane, I am with you.  Let them look, I have nothing to hide and every right to voice my freedom of speech.  I am not in front of a federal building nor the White House, so they have no legal right to do anything.  Yes, they can keep track of my name, but if anyone on Care 2 thinks they don't know about you, you are fooling yourself.  This site and all other political blogs are watched like crazy; as are the comment sections of any media site, too.  Twitter, Facebook, they are all watched.  So, what difference would it make.

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