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Obama Budget To Increase Welfare Spending by 30%
5 years ago

Welfare is now the largest item in the federal budget, and under Barack Obama’s budget–the one that didn’t get any votes, but may nevertheless be a blueprint for the next four years–it is slated to grow another 30% in Obama’s second term. Welfare is now the largest category of federal spending; note that the figures in the chart include state contributions to federal welfare programs:

This is an astonishing fact: the amount spent on federal welfare programs last year was enough to mail a $60,000 check to every one of the 17 million households living beneath the poverty line. And that doesn’t include spending by state and local governments, which traditionally have had primary responsibility for welfare, or spending by private charities. This illustrates once again that the principal beneficiaries of welfare spending are not poor people, which is why Richard Nixon wanted to institute a negative income tax that would simply give money to poor people rather than supporting the vast welfare apparatus that exists mainly for other reasons.

With Congress now focused on negotiations over the fiscal cliff and the need to raise the debt ceiling, again, this bloated welfare spending should be a ripe area for major cuts.

5 years ago

This is what we knew Diane: Saul Alinsky tactics and permanent underclass to keep the democrats in power for life. Until these young college grads wake up; this democratic party will prevail.

5 years ago

But according to the liberals, the real drain on the economy is the "Baby Boomers on Social Security (retirement) and Medicare.  Just ask them, that is the biggest drain on the economy and the poor younger generation is having to pay for us and only Obama and the Democrats sympathize with that.  I am not being sarcastic, that is what they are saying and I have heard it myself.

You know, when I was young I used to think that it seemed unfair that the older generation got Social Secuirty and Medicare and we were paying for it, but those were my Democrat days; then I became a Republican and saw the truth finally.  And for the younger generation of liberals, remember, you will be retirement age one of these days and the younger generation will be saying the same about you; you will find out how it feels to be considered the "unnecessary" person who is draining the economy and worthless, while they forget that you were the working person that helped pay, with their taxes, for their education, etc.

5 years ago

seniors will be cut off on surgeries; this is going to happen. evaluations will be made on whether to operate or NOT. healthcare will be divided and a mess is in store.

Maybe abortions were pushed to stop the endless pregnancies that are draining our economy.

increase in black unwed pregnancies, 49% hispanics, 29% white and all on Medicaid.

5 years ago

A lot of young whites don't care anymore either as they intermarry with blacks and hispanics.

This is widespread and they do not see any difference in racial intermarriage or inter-racial relationships. The social barriers are completely obliterated now.

I have black cousins and they are lovely ... I also have cousins who married hispanics and brought them into this country via marriage.

Times were changing and this was inevitable; even in the 60's there was the start of more interracial relationships.

This is another reason why Obama and other blacks will be very successful in their bid for the WH. I do see Deval Patrick running and winning. He is awful; but so isn't Obama.
I am beyond words now.

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