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What Will U.S. Do as Iran Admits It Is Behind Rocket Attacks on Israel?
5 years ago

by Tad Cronn

Israel is under siege again, being pummeled by rockets fired by Hamas in the Gaza Strip  and now from the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

The assault, which has seen almost 40 rockets launched into Israel in the past few days, has even targeted Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.

On Friday, Iranian officials announced that its rockets are being used in the attacks. On the same day, it was announced that Iran is stepping up its uranium enrichment.

According to a source in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, cited by World Net Daily, Iran has large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, and it has provided those weapons to Hamas. Also, Iran has military advisers in Gaza to teach the Palestinians how to set up and operate the missile systems.

The same source said the attacks were meant as a message to Israel that any attack on Iran would be countered by Iran’s puppets.

The U.S. so far has not responded to the attacks on Israel, being too wrapped up in evading questions about what really happened in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11.

The U.S. response will be crucial because the current attacks are not occurring in a vacuum. They are just the latest move in the game President Obama has been  playing in the Middle East during his first term in office.

With one hand, the Obama Administration has been dealing with the United Nations to try to pressure Iran into giving up its nuclear weapons program. It has also reportedly been involved in secret face-to-face talks with Iran.

With the other hand, though, Obama has been toppling governments in the Mideast and North Africa by funding and arming “resistance” groups that more often than not turn out to be linked to al Qaida, our supposed enemy.

In Benghazi, information leaked by Administration sources  suggests the CIA was involved with funneling heavy arms and personnel to the Syrian “rebels,” who are fighting the Syrian government, which is backed by Iran. Making the situation more complex, Syria and Iran are both supported by Russia, for whom Obama has vowed to be more “flexible” after the election.

The attack in Benghazi was led by Ansar al Sharia, an al Qaida-linked group that has its strings pulled by Iran. Many of the Ansar al Sharia members in Libya were in fact armed by the U.S. during its effort to overthrow Moammar Gadhaffi.

U.S.-Israeli relations have been strained almost since the day Obama came into office. It’s entirely possible that he will wash his hands of Israel’s problems. If he does, this will likely be seen by the Iranians and Russians as further signs of weakness.

Mitt Romney said during the debates that he would support the rebels in Syria and Israel, so perhaps his policy wouldn’t have been all that different on the surface. But support for Israel, the only functioning democracy in the region, is crucial to the region’s politics.

Now that the U.S. has foolishly re-elected the Man Who Would Be King, the U.S. is poised to have the rug pulled out from under its feet and being forced to watch the ascendancy of a new Muslim Caliphate allied with Russia and Iran.

5 years ago

"almost 40 rockets launched into Israel in the past few days"...??? Where has this guy beeeeeen???? A few days ago we were on just over 800 and today alone saw 110 so far.

I must at this  time recommend the IDFis taking full use of it's twitter site that has held quite some amuzement to many Israeli's. It seems The IDF and some Hamas generals  are throwing threats via twitter. (A new way to carry out verbal wars without killing civillians or using them as human shields) There is also the IDF youtube sites for immidiate updates. The IDF and other government officials are turning directly to the people instead of relying on news reporters who do not do their jobs, or have a little too much of their own opinions jammed in to recognise what is really going on. (Yes!! the media here has also irritated the average Israeli)

5 years ago

I hope Israel continues to respond and respond with throwing everything at them but the proverbial kitchen sink.  And, I further hope, that there are more Hamas leaders who will get in the way of an Israeli rocket. 


Go Israel!

5 years ago

Eli, where your government is intelligent and refuses to use the media to slant and spin and distort the facts; our president caters to them for their support.  They got him elected after all, they stroke his inflated ego, too.  It seems to be that journalism in this day and age is not the straight-forward, factual source of information as it was at one time.  Now it is about reporting so that they can manipulate the people for all kinds of motivations that are not just.  

Sorry to hear you have the same issues.  If I am understanding, already today there were 100 rockets fired.  One question, was there any damage to Jeruselum from the rocket(s) that penetrated that far?  Also, are the donations coming in to help those that are now homeless or those that have been injured?  I belong to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and Rabbi Ericson has been asking for donations after meeting with leaders in Israel two days ago, so I was wondering if they are getting the donations.  It is the least that we can do here in the U.S. and I am spreading the word.

5 years ago

As far as I know the rockets hit just south of Jerusalem in Gush Etzion. (Not far from Bethlehem)

Many families in the North open up their homes to people from the South. We get a phone number which we call and say how many places we can offer. As far as donations are conserned, I don't know but I will call up and find out the best way to donate where any monies go dirctly to the people and are not drained off on the way. In my area hundreds of kids from the south were here and got a few days of fun including psycotherepy to help them. I can tell you that many of the "donation organisations, 50% goes to the collector of the donations and then some goes to office bla bla bla and about 30% of what is left might get to it's destination. I recommend adopting a family or a number of families as it is also more personal, but I will check into other options tomorrow. 

5 years ago

Not sure why there is this "support" for the Syrian rebels since neither side is our friends in that conflict. In addition to not heeding what happened in Egypt, Libya, and North Africa when we supported overthrow of not nice but not really troublesome governments that brought both more problems and destabilization to the area, both sides in the Syrian conflict are getting assistance now and that is from governments like Iran and Russia that are unfriendly to us and from radical groups and regimes in the case of the alleged "rebels" that also are hostile to the US and the West. The usual crew o RINOs and clueless Beltway Blobs should just shut up and let both sides kill each other since that seems to be the major form of entertainment in the area!

As to the conflict in Gaza it is likely that the administration will do nothing more than maybe babble some words that "both sides should come together". That will just feed the conflict since it does show both weakness and the implicit support that Obama has shown for radical islam in many areas. Likely things will get much worse and soon. The talk of chemical and biological weapons is a serious escalation of the threat level but that possibility has increased without Iranian involvement due to the fall of Libya and the likelihood that some of the Iraqi weapons that never were there but had actually been moved to Syria will fall into rebel hands as well. Keep in mind that this isn't just a threat to Israel but also to Jordan, other US allies that remain in the area, Europe, and the US proper. The consequences of bad policy by this administration and past ones as well make see the "chickens come host to roost" in reality very soon.

5 years ago

Eli, thank you so much and yes, if you would check as that is the best approach I am sure.  I always hesitate to donate to so many of these organizations as I never know where it goes.  I have donated clothing and blankets, etc. in the past and found out that they were taken by the government and people at the receiving points and never got to the people needing them.  So having someone on the inside that could receive the donations and see that money gets to the people actually needing it would help so much.

John, agreed.  I was listening to the talk of the chemical, too.  And thank you for speaking out about the fact that the WMD existed, as they did.  By the time Hussein stalled off the UN inspectors and manipulated where they looked, they had moved the majority to Syria so it was not even in Iraq any longer.  However, our troops did still find WMD's.

5 years ago

OK, After an indepth search and interrogation of the various charity organisations, onefamily came up as honest and the most serious of all. They have a 6-7% overhead(ie 85% goes directly to the person/people in need) and all the rest of all monies go directly to the people. They care for anyone connected to victims of terror. All from medical bills, massage therepy to bus fares to get away from it all. They cover the payments and expences for the victims to get them back on track. I spoke to them at their Jerusalem office. For donations that require a tax exemption... you would need to donate via your own country. For donations that a tax exemption is not nessessary, you can donate directly to the Israel office. 

Their website is:

You can donate via Israel or via the US, Canada or UK.

PLEASE CALL: ISRAEL: +972 2 539 9000
U.S.TOLL FREE: 866-9-1-family (913-2645)
CANADA: 416-489-9687
UNITED KINGDOM: 208-458-1700

The rest of the info should be along shortly

5 years ago

Our prayers are with you Eli and your country.   Thank you for providing the information for donations.


John, we'll hear more from Obama....Mr. Leading From Behind who doesn't want his name on anything that might backfire and end up in the history books.

One family fund for victims of terror
5 years ago

Thank you so much Diana. Your prayers are very much appriciated.

Anyone wishing to get more info on the onefamily fund. Including financial statements and documentation (including the organisation"s registration records). Send me an email to and I will send them on to you.

5 years ago

Intresting reactions from Halid Mashaal.

Halid Mashaal's comments today showed the extreme differences in mentality. His 1st comment was to attack Netanyahu. Little unusual about that. Then came the finaly. Why are they (the Israeli's) using iron dome? (Those things that knock rockets out of the sky). I am sure the answer is obvious to any on this list but it is clearly not obvious to the Hamas. Their warped mentality came up with a curious answer. "it is to sell them" lol..........We I guess I now know what Hamas would do with Iron dome if they had such protection. emmmmmmmmm I spoz saving lives is clearly not something that ocupies their wave length. 

5 years ago

Eli, thank you first for the information and I don't need a tax exemption, so will contact them and donate directly to them.  Now, as for Iron Dome; you have to be joking with me.  They don't value life, do they?  So why do they bother at all.  It is not that they care about the Palestinian people at all, it is about defeating Israel or taking away from Israel and that is their only motivation for all of this.   Eli, thank you and praers are still being said; we want to see this stop.

5 years ago

The people in Israel have a right to protect themselves at all costs.   That iron dome is saving lives in Israel.   


Now, let's sit back and see what Obama agrees to do for Israel.   I fear we'll have a very long wait, unfortunately.

5 years ago

There was a possibility of a ceasefire last night but that vanished as empty words. Rockets rained down all night in the south. Just moments ago there was a bus bombing in Tel Aviv. It is not yet known how many injured or any of the details. Ahmed Tibi has been doing a lot to incite Israeli palestinian Arabs. In Akko  (just down the road from me) there have been a lot of demonstrations by Arabs. 

5 years ago

According to the news here in a first report. There are 10 injured in the bombing and at least 3 are in serious condition. The explosion was smaller than the usual and it looks like it was at the rear end of the bus. 

5 years ago

Eli: my prayers and Americans who support Israel are with you. I watched live last nite sporadic bombings on Greta show. I will look into the victems fund as I supported Israel before and Obama's leading from behind will surely be devastation upon Israel.

I agree with Diane; he does not want his hands on anything. ONly to take credit if a mission is accomplished like Bin Laden and he stands in forefront leaving the real heroes in the background.

I am still in shock that Americans have placed him as president for a second term.
I understand he won by 3 million plus votes. That would be those GOP libertarians who threw their votes away and the fraud at the polls.

Your country is in great turmoil and I know the situation must be dreadful on Israel's people.
Constant barrage of missiles, bombs, attacks coming in on a steady assault is outrageous.
Again, prayers are always with you.

5 years ago

Eli, thank you for the update and we do apprecaite this.  Will be making donations and have talked to friends and relatives and they will, as well.  I am so sorry that Clinton and Obama are not doing what the people of America would want them to do, and again feel it is empty words. He is already backtracking and that is why Clinton was sent; the message is he wants peace. There is another topic on this and as Diane and I both commented there, Clinton was sent to send the message that he wants to negotiate peace, not to let Israel know that we fully support them and stand behind their efforts.  How many times does he have to see that there will be no peace; Hamas promises and even agrees but it is words and not what they honor.  They started this and it is not going to end until they are forced to end it, if then.  

Prayers for Israel and the people and so sorry about the bus.  We have no clue in this country of what it is to be under attack constantly or fearing that yoiu will be.  God's wrath is going to be stiff when he brings it on Hamas.

Pillar of Defense: Summary
5 years ago

I hope this will be the last update for this operation. Though some 50 rockets have been fired since the ceasefire. Naturally it is Israel as per usual that is expected to keep to the ceasefire. emmmmmmmmmmm grrrrrrrrr.

Israel under Fire - Pillar of Defense: Summary
Following the launch of Israel's operation Pillar of Defenseagainst terrorist targets in Gaza, rocket fire from Gaza  resumed on Wednesday evening (14 Nov), with a salvo of over 50 Grad rockets fired towards Israel's southern cities.
ceasefire was declaredon November 21, at 9 pm. 
A total of 1,500 rockets have been fired at Israel since the start of Operation Pillar of Defense(14 Nov), about half of which were recorded as hits in Israeli territory. The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has intercepted over 400 rockets, preventing them from striking populated areas in Israel.

Kiryat Malachi, Nov 15, 2012 (Photo: GPO/Moshe Milner)
Israeli casualties:  5 killed (4 civilians and 1 soldier), 9 in critical condition, 9 in moderate condition and 222 lightly injured (figures of wounded include 21 soldiers).

Nov 20: IDF soldier, Cpl. Yosef Fartuk, 18, of Emmanuel was killed in a rocket and mortar salvo in the Eshkol Regional Council. Alayaan Salem al-Nabari, 33, from the Beduin village of Rejwan in the Negev , was killed by a second mortar salvo in the same region.
5 years ago

Under another US president, Eli, America would not allow this.   You do know this?   This is why here in our country we are doomed for the next four years.    I am personally ashamed of our administration as they allow our good friend, Israel, to stand alone.

5 years ago

I remember listening to the prophecies being told in Yeshiva 30 years ago. The idea of American not being there backing Israel, back then was simpley ludacris . Had any other person in the running been elected, those words I heard 30 years ago, would still sound ludacris. With the likes of Obama in power, those words are fast becomming a reality before our eyes. While the white person voted for democracy and equality, void of race. Those of colour, voted souly for race and colour. That might sound racist but it is the very horrid truth behind the numbers that voted. 97% of African Americans voted Obama as did hispanics and Asians.  

The American  people have not changed, but the balance of power has. Minorities are grouped together. Obama does not represent the American but the multitude of minorities that have flooded in and over powered the American dream.  

The personality and perspective of a child is created within the first 3 years of life. Obama was educated till the age of 13 in an extremist Muslim world. Nothing can change that. 

5 years ago

Eli, Diane is so right; no matter if Democrat or Republican, no other president in the history of the U.S. would have allowed this to happen nor taken the position that Obama has taken.  

I hope that you take this the right way and the way I intend, of our two Countries, your's is in he best shape as you are led by a Prime Minister and people that are 100% behind Israel; therre is no question where their loyalty lies, that they love the Country and it's people and are making decisions in the best interest of both.  I would not want to live under the constrant threat of attack like Israeli's do, but to know that your leadership will do whatever it takes to protect your Country and people, that does give the people so much more confidence and hope.

In the U.S. under Obama, Eli, we do not have that confidence or assurance.  Rather, he makes more effort to support our enemies (and your enemies) than to make any real effort to protect, love or show loyalty to the citizens of nor to the U.S.A. of which he was elected and has taken an oath to protect.  

Where the IDF has complete confidence in their Prime Minister, our military does not have that with their president and commander-in-chief.

Eli, you have captured the heart of the issue completely and when people from other Countries can see the issues so clearly, what is so wrong with American citizens, what is so wrong.

I remember, Eli, when I was 16 having a conversation with my mother.  That was 50 years ago.  She was sharing with me that the 3rd World War would be fought in the Middle East and that it would be centered around the Arab world against Israel and that Russia and China would support the Arab Nations and that the Western Allies would fight beside Israel.  And that when this happened it would signal the end times as we know the world.  

Eli, I am going to hang on to my mother's prophesy based on what she had read and upon scriptures, and I am going to go further and regardless of Obama and his policies, if he does not support Israel, our Congress, who have the authority to make the decision in times of war (he cannot declare war without their approval), that they will stand behind Israel and we will be there, Eli.  I have a son in our Army right now and if there is nothing else I know about him, he would not have stayed in the Army for 20 years if he felt there would be any doubt of where the Military would be should any of our allies be attacked and need our support; and he is right now considering staying in the military another 10 years.  Eli, he would not even consider it if he felt that our military would allow themselves to be compromised in this regard.  We have always stood for justice and democracy; we have always been there for our allies and I do not believe that our Congress nor our military will do any less now.  Obama is only one person and to go against this would be the one mistake that would be unforgiveable and he would and will be impeached, I have little doubt, if he were to do this.  That is sticking my neck out there, but I cannot believe we would do less.

You are so right about Obama, and I suspect it is even worse than his being raised in an extremist Muslim world, he was also raised in a highly Marxist-Socialist world of Communism; his grandparents, mother and farther and all of his friends.

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