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Obama's Lack of Military Awareness
5 years ago

Israelis  should be pleased that President Obama offered Hamas no comfort in his press  conference in Thailand.  "There's no country on earth that would tolerate  missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.  We are  fully supportive of Israel's right to defend itself. Israel has every right to  expect that it does not have missiles fired into its  territory."

But  Americans should be concerned that their commander in chief so profoundly  misunderstands what soldiers do and why they do it.  President Obama  suggested a Hamas-Israel ceasefire in part to protect Israeli troops.  "Its  not just preferable for the people of Gaza; it's also preferable for Israelis,  because if Israeli troops are in Gaza, they are much more at risk of incurring  fatalities or being wounded."

The  point of being a soldier is not not to be wounded.  The point and  the seriousness of a soldier's commitment are to be prepared to do battle, to be  wounded -- in fact, to die to protect your citizens, your homeland, and your way  of life.  We, as Americans, have drifted away from the concept in recent  years as we use the military less as a blunt  instrument and more as an adjunct to political activity.  President  Obama called Afghanistan a war of necessity, sending tens of thousands of American men and women tens of thousands of  miles on the grounds that they are protecting American citizens in Des Moines  and Santa Barbara until the day he takes them out.  The link between their  presence and our security is tenuous.


The  link between the Israel Defense Forces and the defense of the people of Israel  is not tenuous.


Soldiers  used to be on the "front lines" so that the civilian population could be safe  "behind the lines"1.  Israel's enemies have neither the ability  nor the courage to fight the IDF, so they configured their Iranian assets to rain missiles across a large swath of territory  that is home to more than one million civilians.  The radius of most of the  Hamas rockets superimposed on New York would cover all of Superstorm Sandy-land,  as well as north and west to Yonkers and White Plaines, NY and Elizabeth and the  Oranges, NJ.  This is not a single hurricane to flee, survive, and dig out  of, but rather ongoing random fire, with fifteen seconds to find shelter -- and  shelter your children or your elderly mother -- when the siren calls.  Not  for 24 hours, but for days and weeks and months.  The Red Cross and Bruce  Springsteen don't come in when it's over -- because it isn't over.   Ever.


Any  ceasefire that leaves in place the declaration of war by Hamas against the  people of Israel just gives Hamas time to regroup, rearm, and retrain for the  next time. 


A  word here about President Obama's belief that preventing an IDF ground incursion  would be "preferable for the people of Gaza."  What would be preferable for  the people of Gaza is a government that doesn't use them as hostages and human  shields.  Hamas ensures not only that Israelis live on the battlefield, but  that their own people do as well.

5 years ago

Diane: with all the books written about Obama and the superb documentary 2016; it certainly amazes me that he was re=elected. However, it is proof that the people in this country don't care enough. A certain segment of our people are read, intelligent and comprehend the situation while the rest are seeking what can America do for us. Their singular purpose is to collect from the government and not contribute.

All the books written could be circulated widely and they would not read them anyway.

All illegals are now given full U.S. entitlements and all benefits once afforded to American citizens only. Now in MA, all illegals will get a FREE college education as of Monday when Deval Patrick issued a governor's order. He had dinner with Barack Obama over the weekend and he comes back and does this act which had been voted down unamiously by the legislature here.

This is what the minorities who are radical progressives do, they act as dictators and do whatever they deem is important to themselves and ignore legislative process and the people who elected them. This man is running in 2016 and he believes he has the base to get in as POTUS like Obama did this 2nd term.

Wake up call for everyone out there that American citizens are under assault, especially caucasians.

5 years ago

My post was deleted by Care2.

I will not be posting on Care2 very much as I believe they are deliberately negating our voices when we speak against the Obamism.

I wrote the truth and it was purposefully deleted by these left wing people who believe they have the right to censor free speech.

Everyone, have a good day. All of a sudden the post reappeared. /p>

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5 years ago

Diane, that is just the point in a nutshell and this is one well written message.  Obama has no clue what the military is all about.  That is not because he has never served, as I know many that have not and they still understand the purpose of the military.  It is because he refuses to give proper credibility to their mission and/or what they represent in the way of protection.  

He has no concept of what it would mean to give your life to protect another; he would never do that.  This is the narcissist in him, althought there are narcissists that would understand.

He is doing this, IMO, for only one goal, to keep his Muslim friends happy and do all he can to protect them.  the IDF is perfectly capable of protecting themselves and their job of protecting the Israeli's is all they need to be concerned.  Israel and Hamas can negotiate all they want, but Hamas is never going to honor any peace agreement; Israel knows this so why continue the game that Obama/Clinton want to play.  

As for your comment, Sheila, can't agree with you on Care2.  We have been posting and they have left us alone.  I do think there are glitches and that is the issue.  I know that some things are taking up to 2 hours to show up; it is the latency and even the Obama left is experiencing this.

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