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"Fool Me Twice" Obama's Shocking Second Term Agenda!
5 years ago

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5 years ago

The following is an exclusive excerpt from “Fool Me Twice,” released today, the book seeks to project President Obama’s agenda for the next four years should he be re-elected.

The book’s best selling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott present “exhaustive research into Obama’s upcoming detailed presidential plans and policies, as well as the specific second-term recommendations of major progressive groups behind the President and the Democratic leadership.”

U.S. Military for “Global Warming” Aid to Third World.

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5 years ago

A major progressive aim is the transfer of American wealth to the developing world. To borrow a battle cry from erstwhile “Green Czar” Van Jones, “Give them the wealth! Give them the wealth!” Now we shall see plans to use the military to do just that if Obama is reelected.

The White House’s most favored think tank, Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP), released a fifty-two-page proposal, from January 2012, in which authors Michael Werz and Laura Conley lay out a plan for the U.S. military to be used as the delivery vehicle of aid to developing countries purportedly ravaged by so-called global warming.

Within the general schema of using the “green agenda” to redirect defense funding to dubious environmental causes, the paper “Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict:

Addressing Complex Crisis Scenarios in the 21st Century” contains a specific initiative to redistribute America’s wealth and resources to developing countries, and to “revisit traditional divisions of labor between diplomacy, defense, and economic, social, and environmental development policy abroad.” The CAP plan ridiculously blames “climate change” for such varied world events as the so-called Arab Spring and mass migrations, while pushing the transfer of enormous U.S. assets to the developing world. Nevertheless, a close reading of the report shows it concedes in several instances that there is zero proof for its contentions about climate change being responsible for dramatic world events.

Yet CAP urges massive transfers of U.S. wealth anyway. In one section, the report admits:

Climate change is among these newly visible issues sparking conflict. But because the direct link between conflict and climate change is unclear, awareness of the indirect links has yet to lead to substantial and sustained action to address its security implications.

5 years ago

On migration and climate change, CAP cites United Nations data to warn:

In the 21st Century the world could see substantial numbers of climate migrants people displaced by either the slow or sudden onset of the effects of climate change.

In that same section, the report concedes:

In fact there is major disagreement among experts about how to identify climate as a causal factor in internal and international migration. But even though the root causes of human mobility are not always easy to decipher, the policy challenges posed by that movement are real.

Likewise, the “Arab Spring”—really a series of Islamist coups brought to power through short-lived democratic uprisings—is viewed by CAP through the lens of . . . climate change!

The Arab Spring can be at least partly credited to climate change. Rising food prices and efforts by authoritarian regimes to crush political protests were linked first to food and then to political repression— two important motivators in the Arab makeover this past year.

Using the science of global warming, which will be dissected in the next chapter, CAP utilizes its unproved claims about world events to call for the United States, its allies, and key regional players to “work together to create a sustainable security situation to deal with climate change, migration, and conflict.” In other words, the U.S. should provide lots and lots of money to fight climate change overseas. For starters, recommendations include an increase in funding for the Global Climate Change Initiative efforts, and more money for the Climate Adaptation Fund established by the parties to the Kyoto Protocol, as well as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to counter global warming, adopted by over 190 countries. The U.S. is singled out as one “of the few global powers capable and willing to act in the common interest.” The report complains developing nations and small islands

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5 years ago

will not only need adequate funding (no funds are allocated for migration so far), but also the expertise to carry out adaptation and mitigation efforts. These tasks could range from education or establishing early-warning systems, to implementing insurance for property and business owners, to altering crop mixtures and substantially modifying traditional land-use patterns. Assistance may also be required to help countries aggregate accurate nationwide data to identify mitigation needs and target relief to the most vulnerable communities.

There is little doubt the Obama White House is ready to embrace CAP’s recommendation of filtering world conflict through the lens of climate change and transformative global engagement, in part, based on this peculiar worldview. Already, the Obama White House Interagency Taskforce on adapting to climate change recommended the government develop a strategy to help poor countries contend with purportedly climate-induced challenges.

The Obama administration has also already overseen the release of four official defense and engagement reviews specifically designating climate change as a major consideration in planning global development and security strategies. This acknowledgment was prominently featured in the Congressionally mandated National Security Strategy of April 2010; the Defense Department’s Quadrennial Defense Review, the administration’s first-ever Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review; as well as the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development.

In a shocking misuse of taxpayer money, in February 2012, one week after the Palestinian Authority entered into a unity government with the Hamas Islamist terror organization, the U.S. announced the continuation of a $100 million, five-year program initiated in 2010 to construct “environmentally and socially sustainable” buildings for the Palestinians. The website for the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem posted the plans, which include a community center and school to be built to meet “stringent third-party-verified ‘green’ certification standards.” Already, the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is funding the projects, has constructed the Safeer Center, a West Bank child-care program, one of the first of the U.S.-funded Palestinian “green” buildings to open. “Its energy-efficient insulation (visible through a small cutout), rainwater collection system and temperature-regulating window shades provide a healthy facility for more than 3,000 children,” boasted the U.S. consulate site. “These and others provide models for efficiency in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where the mostly imported energy is expensive,” the site added.

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5 years ago

Soros' boy has it all planned out thanks to people such as himself.  Heaven help us all.

Thank you for all of this, Diane.

Read what readers have said:
5 years ago

"It’s important to note that many of us in America were never fooled by this man to begin with. We might not have known the specific details of his war/agenda but we damn well knew he stood for nothing good. At the most basic level of our criticism was the charge: He has no experience in government or leadership. His past was sketchy, having had a close alliance with known U.S. “terrorist” Saul Alinsky and as an Illinois senator struck down measures to provide water to babies who survived late-term abortions (water to a dying child who with help might be able to survive on their own). Let them die, is essentially what he said with his senatorial stance. So don’t believe for a second that he fooled us once and now he’s fooling us twice. Many of us have known from the beginning the character of this miscreant and the foolishness of his ways, and on the day he took office held our heads extra low. We knew we were headed for disaster."

5 years ago

Don't overlook as well the rise of his Department of Homeland Security 'first responder corps" that has, for some unknown reason, several thousand armored anti riot vehicles or the agencies that have been stockpiling weapons and ammunition including the Social Security Administration nor a lot of questionable "executive orders" and other actions within the administration. Dear Leader may be considering terms one and two as just the beginning. He ignores the Constitution, the law and court orders when ever he wants and looks on the Legislative Branch as a nuisance to belittle and then ignore if they don't go along with him. With the radical Demagogues in the Senate there isn't much that anyone legally or politically can do. Keep in mind as well that their increase in Senate seats included ousting one GOP "moderate" in MA and replacing him with a criminal ultra radical "progressive" whose record and ideas were known to the electorate. Another GOP "moderate" was defeated in MN as well and replaced with an anti military "progressive' radical so no comment on booted "abortion question answers or "radical TEA Party backed candidates". No one the TEA Party backed was anywhere near as radical as those two Demagogues or the criminal Claire Mccaskill or the ultra letfist Sherrod Brown of Ohio just for examples.

5 years ago

The radical progressives who elected Elizabeth Warren are flipped out hippies from the 60s.

They probably did too much acid and their brains are fried.

They believe in all those causes that Podesta presents from CAP.

They are mini Warrens, I am looking at them first hand and they are not scary; but they don't have a grip on reality.   Look at Eliz. Warren; the woman shakes and her head bobbles.  It is from drugs or she is pre-Parksinson's disease.


I am not sure if these brain fried hippies knew of Warren's record.  They think PEACE and Sharing and LOVE ... they don't pay attention to details.


I don't think Obama wants to give Sec. of State job to Kerry, because Brown will step in and there is more republican senatorial power which is what Reid et al does not want to happen.


I live as a stranger in a strange land in MA.  I may have been a democrat; but I was a conservative first and foremost.  I never paid attention to what was transpiring from within the party.  Once I knew and confirmed it, I could no longer be part of this weirdness.


I had to chuckle when Diane thought I put out the goods on Warren when I put up those scathing facts that she is not a licensed lawyer in any state yet files legal briefs, lawsuits.

NO one cared, or rather NO one knew as Scott Brown refused to out her during the debates.

I called his managers and even wrote in newspaper articles which he was reading that he do this; but NO he did not do it and he I knew he would lose.


There are now more lefties in MA than conservative people.  It is sad; but there are tons of college kids voting here and I believe that is a huge base for the progressive democrats.


After all, it is cool to want to feed the world and not be a greedy vulture capitalist and promote green energy rather than pollute the earth.  Save those polar bears from drowing in the melting artic, etc.  Watch PBS and support it rather than have FOX on the air.


It is a vicious merry go round and the only way people learn is the hard way.

Wait til there is very little to go around.

Wait til there are NO good jobs.

Wait til those that do work get sick and tired of much higher taxes to support the freeloaders.  Why bust your hump, for what?  

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5 years ago

The only thing that surprises me is that some people were actually surprised.

5 years ago

I second your comment David!  I read so many books on this monster during 2008 and, of course, all the books during 2012.  I guess the young people of today don't now how to read!  But, during this election some of the adults in the room were also looking the other way.


It's just easier for some people to accept what they don't expect!  For some reason it's just their own touchy feely life.  Things aren't going on too bad for some of them so they just want the status quo. 


But SL is correct -- what happens when we, the makers, just decide it's not worth it anymore and we just decide to move on and take it with us.  What happens when the takers have taken all they can take!  And there is no more $$ printed for them to mooch!  Will they try to correct the situation - I rather think they will just blame!!!  And probably riot in the streets. 


I will repeat - hope it doesn't sound like a broken record -- I have never, in my lifetime, seen the likes of the sheer stupidity we have in this country!  I have never, in my lifetime, been so utterly disgusted with the people who voted for this monster AGAIN!


The old saying must be true -- you just can't fix stupid! 

5 years ago

Well, Sheila, that was SOME information on Warren LOL!!    You exposed her on Political Derby.   I had no idea what a phony she was....using her Native American status (not) to get into Harvard as a minority.  I'm glad you brought that information to us.

Tara Jane, it's the same thing as when the country runs out of rich people.   What will they do?    The liberals will be going around in circles with their hand out and no one will be in the room.

5 years ago

Diane, I am just praying there is no sequel to Fool Me Twice as I don't want to even think that he could work it out for a 3rd term when this one fails and he wants another 4 years to get it right.  There are that many fools that would even vote for him again, I am afraid.  

Tara Jane, I hear you.

5 years ago

Well, Obama can't run for a third term,   Roosevelt was the last president who could run for a third term and then there was a constitutional amendment, the 22nd amendment of 1947 which stopped a third term.   For Obama to get a third term it would take radification from 2/3 of the states and that won't happen.   Thank God!

5 years ago

I doubt it as he won by 350 million votes spread over those battleground states.


There is something definately wrong with the overwhelming votes in the blue states.

I feared my early voting ballot would not be counted as I had to state my party.

My cousins are convinced voter fraud took place in MA.

They voted early ballot and felt there votes were not counted.  They did not know of one person who was voting for Obama; yet he won MA by 20%.   Nothing makes any sense.


I do believe they got all of those freeloaders out to vote, that is the payback they expected for the handouts.


I see more and more people just hanging around during the day and my brother in CA has said same thing.  They spend their time hanging around as they do not work.

It is not just mothers at those malls during the weekdays. 


Also, I find it amuzing and sad that the liberals who post on the main pages of Care2 continuousally hammer the republicans as evil and they want more from entitlements as they are not eating enough.  There are so many food banks to supplement them but they want more money in the EBT cards as they are not strictly used for just food anymore.

They use them in restaurants, liquor stores, speciality shops, etc.

What happened to working to pay bills.  Reading profiles I am not shocked seeing single women with 5 kids.  Unbelievable, she gets entitlements for 6 in that family.

5 years ago

Listen to Bill O'Reilly, Sheila, it's "the stuff" that our country is focusing on now.   Taxpayers are obligated to pay for the "free stuff."    It's sick and it is so unAmerican.

5 years ago

We are doomed if that 47% grow into 51%.  When they became a larger population than the taxpayers there will be chaos.  It will happen as not one word from the demcrats regarding entitlement reforms. 


Obama is talking about taking illegals into soc.sec. disability which is a lifelong entitlement.

Many of the long-term unemployed went into this entitlement and now he wants the illegals to join in as well.  This is a no win and impossible situation to ever be economically viable.

It is a huge drain and there will not be enough from taxpayers to pay for it as the population is growing and growing and they will supersede the people who work and pay taxes.


It is sick and I believe George Soros who is behind Obama wants to bring down USA.

He did it to England when he collapsed the British pound in 1990 and England really never came back fully.  England instead went on a slow, gradual decline. 


Compare England now to England in the 19th century.  That is the picture of America.

5 years ago

Totally agree about Soros.   

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