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Gunmen kills 20 children, 6 adults at Connecticut elementary school
5 years ago

Twenty-seven people, including 20 children, were killed Friday when a gunman clad in black military gear opened fire inside his mother's kindergarten class at a Connecticut elementary school.

The shooter, who sources identified as Adam Lanza, 20, gunned down his mother and her entire class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., according to sources. Lanza was found dead inside the school, according to officials. Eighteen of the children and six more adults were dead at the school and two more children died later, according to Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance.

Vance would not confirm the shooter's name, and earlier in the day there were conflicting reports over the gunman's identity. Law enforcement sources told the shooter was Lanza. His brother, Ryan Lanza, 24, was in custody, but it was not sure if he faced charges.

"It is not a simplistic scene," Vance told reporters.

An official with knowledge of the situation said the shooter was armed with a .223-caliber rifle. Four weapons in total were recovered from the scene. The motive is not yet known.

Police are also questioning another person in connection with the shooting. Witnesses told the Connecticut Post that a handcuffed man, dressed in camouflage, was led out of a nearby woods by officers.

Vance said during an afternoon news conference that police arrived at the scene "within minutes" of a 911 call placed shortly after 9:30 a.m.

"Every door, every crack, every crevice of that school" was checked, Vance said. “The entire school was searched.”

Vance did not give details about the number of victims other than to say they included students and staff, pending notification of the families. He said more information would be released, possibly later Friday.

A dispatcher at the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps said earlier a teacher was shot in the foot and taken to Danbury Hospital. Local news outlets also reported that the principal was among those shot. 

Parent Lisa Procaccini told Fox News that her daughter was sitting in a classroom when she and others heard gun shots. 

"She was in a small class -- a reading group and they started hearing bangs," Procaccini said. "Her teacher, and I’m grateful  for this, rushed kids into the bathroom and locked the door. They told kids it was hammering and tried to keep them calm.”"

"Children were crying," Procaccini said. "She did tell me about a little boy that was in a police officer’s arms, bleeding. I don’t know if she gets it."

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said two firearms were found at the scene. 

President Obama was notified of the shooting around 10:30 am ET, White House officials said.

"We've endured too many of these tragedies in these past few years, and each time I receive the news I react not as a president, but as a parent," Obama said in a brief address to the nation on Friday.

"Most victims were children, between five and 10 years old...They had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations weddings, kids of their own," he said, pausing before wiping tears from his eyes.

The elementary school has close to 700 students. 

Newtown is in Fairfield County, about 45 miles southwest of Hartford and 60 miles northeast of New York City.

5 years ago

I was watching the live coverage and this is somewhat inaccurate.  The gunman was Ryan Lanza, 24 and he is dead.  He started this in the Principals office and she was killed as they reported.  While in there he was fighting with the Principal (female) and the intercom was triggered and so the students and teachers were hearing the yelling. Some teachers were able to then get their students down and the doors locked to their rooms.  

Lanza's mother was a kindergarten teacher and it is uncertain if she was actually killed at the school or home, as there was report that she was found shot and killed at the home and that she had not shown up for school.  

The children shot and killed they said ranged in age from 5 - 10, but this report and other say that it was his mother's kindergarten class where he shot and killed the students.  It is still up in the air according to the TV coverage as they are still sorting things out.  

So this report is not accurate; I only put it up as I thought that we should be aware of this.  My heart goes out to the parents and children that will be dealing with this and expecially for the parents and famililies of those that were killed.  What a horrid situation.

Obama was to speak and I am sure we will here more about the need for a ban on guns.  I believe that he as using a semi-automatic.

5 years ago

The reaction of the Left will be once again to say that all guns should be banned.  We need to talk about this.  There have been too many mass murders in this country, but banning all guns is not the answer.  Those with evil intent will still get a hold of guns or will use alternate means to murder innocent people.


It's hard to wrap one's mind around someone able to murder little children.   It's difficult to think of anyone murdering innocent adults, but 5-10 year olds?  


He killed his mother & father, another relative and a girlfriend & friend are missing. 

5 years ago

This is so sad.   I've been listening to this all day while at hard to believe....those poor, dear children and what their parents are going through is just too much for any parent to go through.   Why would this 24 year old son do this?    Kill his mother and innocent children?  

5 years ago

He has to be mentally ill; no one would do this if in their right mind.  

Sandy, had not heard yet about the father and another relative, and a girlfriend and friend that are missing.  There was confusion as at first they said it was Adam (20 year old) but later they said it was Ryan (24 year old).  Wonder if it is Adam that is the relative that was killed.  He obviously had some real issues and a whole lot of anger.  What is sad is that no one will probably know and if not that leaves all those parents and familiy members of those killed never fully have any understanding of why this happened.

I have also thought a lot about the firemen next door and how they must have felt so helpless, but at least they could afford the sanctuary for the children and a place for parents to pick them up.  And the police, not to mention the rest of the faculty of that school.  I suspect and do hope they will cancel school until after New Year and use this time to get counselors to the children.  

I just can't conceive this even now, these were 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 year olds, my grandsons are 7 (just had birthday) and almost 9, they are babies yet with all their life ahead of them...I just can't believe this could happen.  They are little children, not animals.  Sorry, this just hit rather hard.

5 years ago

According to the latest news it was the 20 year old son of one of the teachers who killed her and used her guns for the shooting. There was a 24 year old brother but the 20 year old had the brother's ID on him which was part of the confusion. The father and the brother lived in NJ and the father is OK. The fate of the girlfriend is still unknown.

5 years ago

It's hard to breathe just thinking about this.   What a tragedy.

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