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Unusual State Laws To Take Effect in 2013
2 years ago

If you want to stay out of  trouble in California, don’t let your dog chase a bear. And don’t get caught  releasing feral hogs in Kentucky. New laws prohibiting both of those activities  are among the dozens of regulations and changes taking effect in 2013. The new  laws cover everything from prohibiting law enforcement officers from having sex  with inmates on their way to prison to revising the term “motor vehicle” to  exclude swamp buggies.


More than 200 new laws will be on the books Jan. 1 and while some may seem  silly or outdated others like the approval of same-sex marriage in Maryland have  garnered national attention over the past year.


Here’s a glance at some of the new state laws taking effect in 2013:


--- New York:  Starting next week, selling electronic cigarettes to minors in New York  will be illegal. State law already prohibits selling cigars, cigarettes and  chewing tobacco to those under 18 and retailers can be slapped with a $1,000  fine if they are caught. Sen. Owen Johnson, R-Babylon, sponsored the measure and  says E-cigarettes “have not been proven to be safe for use at any age.” The  battery-powered devices are used to inhale vaporized liquid nicotine instead of  tobacco smoke. They were initially marketed as a safe alternative to cigarettes  but some say their candy flavors appeal to minors.


--- Illinois: Lawmakers in Illinois stayed busy this year. For one, they  passed a law that gives motorcyclists the go-ahead to run red lights.  Motorcycles and bicycles aren’t usually heavy enough to trigger ground sensors  that switch traffic lights from red to green so many two-wheeled motorists stay  stuck at intersections and have to wait for a larger vehicle to come. Under the  new measure, when a motorcycle comes up to a red light or a left-turn arrow and  waits for two minutes or more for the light to change, they will be able to  legally proceed if the coast is clear.


Lawmakers in Illinois also sent a message to snoopy bosses this year after  passing a measure that makes it illegal for employers to ask job applicants for  passwords to their online profiles on social media sites like Facebook and  Twitter. The law was pushed through after civil liberties groups criticized the  practice as an invasion of privacy.

Illinois also became the first inland state to pass a comprehensive ban  against the trade, sale or distribution of shark fins. Rep. Sara Feigenholtz,  D-Chicago, introduced the legislation that amends the city’s Fish and Aquatic  Life Code to outlaw the controversial practice of harvesting shark fins.


--California: Animals were also on the mind of California legislators who  passed a bill to ban hunters from using packs of dogs to chase black bears and  bobcats. “The practice of hounding is cruel and unnecessary and it’s bad for  bears, bobcats and dogs,” said Jennifer Fearing, California senior state  director for The Humane Society. After the vote, Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance,  said, “There is nothing sporting in slaughtering an exhausted bear clinging to a  tree limb or shooting a cornered bobcat.”



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2 years ago

Great, motorcyclists and bike riders can run red lights; that is going to save a lot of lives, isn't it?  It is bad enough that motorists don't see them now but now there is a free-for-all.  I am so impressed with Illinois; remind me not to move there.  

2 years ago

Linda: Illinois is busy working right now to allow illegal "immigrants' to get driver's licenses. Sounds like another winner from the Land of Lincoln!

2 years ago

I also like California making it more difficult to hunt dangerous animals.  Using dogs to corral a bear or a cat is not 'sporting', but apparently allowing them to chew on your children as you limit yourself to 'sporting' methods of hunting them is.  I love the way some people forget that there are good and practical reasons for hunting certain animals.

2 years ago

Take Alaska where it is legal to shoot a bull Moose on your property as they kill pets and children and will attack adults, too.  Now seems to me I would rather protect my pets and children, if you don't mind.  John, just keep reminding me, "No, Linda, you do not want to even visit Illinois", please.  California I will have to once but with someone that knows what to avoid; but that is getting iffy even for him.  LOL

2 years ago

Linda, I will assist John in honoring your request.  No Linda, you do not wish to visit the DPRIllinois!

2 years ago

I lived in Illinois off and on for a couple years way back in the dark ages of the early 1960s and they had some weird laws even then. This was before the Feds decided everyone should have a standard drinking age of 21 and at that time it was 21 for males and 18 for females. You can figure out how "WELL" that worked out! That was when I started to realize even more that most politicians have their head in a warm. dark, smelly place on the opposite end of their bodies. Over the years I've come to realize that I was naive and underestimated their real idiocy which is in full display today.

2 years ago

Hy John:  You DO realize that they have been working very diligently for all of those years in trying to perfect that IDIOCY, and they've actually done quite well thuss far. However, I'm a firm believer that there is only one perfect being, so you'd have to agree with my philosopy that the Govermenment Personnel or whatever you wish to call them have not yet reached their goal; that being a full house of "PERFECT IDIOTS."  LOL


Happy New Year All.



2 years ago

Linda; I've only visited Illinois once in my entire life. Needless to say it wasn't the best place in this USA that I've ever visited, and certainly I can agree with you that you DON'T REALLY wish to go there. By the way, do you remember where the POTUS came out of?  Perhaps there is something in the air out in that state that causes people to think like they do? And it sounds like it might even be highly contagious?


As to allowing motorcycles and bikes to run red lights?? I can't say that all Motorcyclists are bad people or bad drivers, but there are many NUT CASES that do not seem to know how to control themselves once they get those "crotch rods" between their legs.


Florida had a great idea many years back that in many areas, left turns just weren't allowed at all (particularly where there was a very dense population of seniors.) I'm guessing that would be due to the fact that Seniors sometimes tend to drive too slowly and many of them have lost a good part of their depth perception in addition to their reaction time as well, so where the NO LEFT TURNS PERMITTED was prevalent, in order to go left you would actuallly have to make THREE RIGHTS. That would solve the problem of lights not kicking in when a motorcycle pulled up to the corner, wouildn't it. He'd either make his right (on red) or he'd make three rights which would equal a left. But I guess that would be too mind boggling for someone from Illinois to figure out?

I'm not going to say, however, that Arizona's Depaartment of Safety is all that much brighter though as we have a seat belt law and it's FULLY ENFORCED, yet, motorcyclists are being massacred every week in my area for being IDIOTS, and not wearing head protection (as the law leaves that decision of the the riders themselves) which lessens their chances of survival in a wreck by quite a high percentage.



2 years ago

Gentlemen, thank you and I do appreciate your looking out for me in this.  Yes, Jim, I most definitely know that this is the Obama's stomping ground, as well as Jesse Jackson, Jr., Daleys, and most of the crooks in the Administration right now.  I have only been in Illinois once, to land at O'Hare, sit on the plane and wait for the go ahead from Atlanta to get back in the air; we never got off he plane and I am so thankful.  

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