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Happy New Year
5 years ago

From our home to yours….Happy New Year and may you all be blessed with love, peace and good health in 2013. My Care2 and PD friends are the best and I can’t thank you enough for all your emails, phone conversations and words of comfort you have given me this past year. A special toast of good will goes out to all of you as we ring in the new year. May we continue our journeys together with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Today is my Dad’s birthday and although I miss him terribly, I know he’s in a better place. Happy Birthday Dad…I feel your presence daily and I draw on that strength that surrounds me.


5 years ago

BlingBling, same to you and your husband.  May this year bring you both many Blessings and new hope.  I am sorry for the loss of your father, but you are right, as the same with my parents, they are in a better place and free of pain and discomfort.  I miss them, but I would not wish them back.  Just hang on to the warm and wonderful memories.

Happy New Year to you and blessings of joy, peace and happiness.

5 years ago

I sincerely wish everyone good health and good spirits throughout the new year.

5 years ago

Wonderful message, bling, Linda and Elizabeth!   And, Happy Birthday to you Dad, bling.  My Dad's birthday is January 3rd.    He would've been 91!!   Sadly, he died when he was 59.   I was pregnant with my second child when he died.   Strange, how I still miss his beautiful smile and engaging eyes.   I knew I was his favorite out of the three of us.    It was just one of those things I knew until the day he died.    Our personalities were very much alike.   I have a feeling you, too, were your Dad's favorite, bling.    That's a new thread title I believe...."Favorite children of parents."     As parents, we all say we don't have a favorite but at the end of the day we all know that we do, in fact, have a child we are closest to.


Anyway, we have a New Year facing us.     The question is "what are we going to do with this new beginning?"


Anyone have any ideas? 



5 years ago

Also, bling, give Walt a big hug from me and keep being his "Nurse Goodbody."   LOL!   Does anyone remember The Carol Burnett Show when she was "Nurse Goodbody?"    Oh, how I have laughed over and over again watching Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway.   We won't ever have people like that again on TV.    When my husband was very sick with his cancer he would refer to me as "Nurse Goodbody" and it always made me laugh.   One of my dear friends brought over one of her Halloween costumes when she was dressed up like a nurse....a very short, white, and tight uniform with a nurse's cap and I remember one evening going in and putting that costume on for my sweetie and I teased my hair way out and sprayed it, and applied big eye makeup and then put on a pair of heels.    We were faced with a dire medical situation but I remember that evening when he saw me with a big syringe in my hand and I was smacking chewing gum pretending to be Carol Burnett.   We laughed so hard I thought his stomach tube was going to pop out.


So, you see, ladies and gentlemen, never ever get so busy that you can't take a moment to be funny.    We still laugh about it to this day.


bling has met my sweetie as she visited me here in Virginia from out west in her hometown.   She met him.   She loved him, too.


bling, do you remember the four of us trampling all over Arlington Cemetary in the cold and rain going up and down all the grave aisles looking for your uncle?    We found him!    Bling told me it was very important to her Dad, who was alive then, to find this man's grave.   You and your sister took pictures and all I could think of was that my expensive shoes were soaked and ruined in the mud and rain.    I remember thinking, "Oh, what the hell!"   It was worth it!

5 years ago

I sure do remember, Diane. You and your sweet husband were so gracious and such great hosts and you treated us like royalty in your beautiful home. Good memories that I'll treasure for the rest of my life. When I showed the pictures of my cousin's grave to Dad, a tear came to his eye as they were very close and it brought back so many memories. Time can never erase that moment and if he were here, he would thank you for taking us to Arlington. Your husband and mine are two of a kind....never have I met such wonderful and considerate men. We are so lucky to have them in our lives...because of who we are and what we've been through, I truly believe we deserve them. God has blessed us.

5 years ago

Elizabeth and Diane, same to both of you.  We have lots of work for this new year, so let's get ready.  But enjoy the evening all of you and may 2013 hold much more promise and excitement, blessings and happiness for each and every member of PD.

5 years ago

Thank you Diane, Linda and BlingBling.

Diane, Your words about your father are so bittersweet Thanks for sharing.

I had the best new year's eve ever. My brother, who has been waiting for a kidney for 3 years , received a cadaver donor kidney last night. His surgery began at 11:30 PM. He's doing fine. He got the call earlier in the day to come to the hospital and the rest was a whirlwind.

I am so sorry someone had to lose a life to give my brother a kidney, and I am so grateful.

Donors are anonymous, so there isn't a way to thank the family.

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5 years ago

Oh Eliabeth, I am so pleased for you and your brother and will be saying some prayers that the recovery goes smooth and that he is able to go home soon.  That is a tremendous gift and I wish more people realized just how a donor can mean so much to the life of another.  Like you, it is sad that someone has to lose their life, but another way to look at it, as a good friends daughter is alive today due to a donation of a kidney, as well, is that the person that lost their life is still alive in the life of the person they saved.  There is an interesting bond as Janna told her mother and some of us that every once in awhile she senses that the person who gave her their kidney is with her.  Based on that, I have come to look at it as the donor is still alive in the life they saved.  Again, so happy for your brother and for you, Elizabeth.  I am sure that the whole family is flying on the clouds today with happiness.  Thank you for sharing your excellent news!!!!  And to everyone reading, consider being a donor if you can, lives are saved through this, even children's lives.

5 years ago

Thank you. We are all elated.
I truly believe that the cadaver donor knows their organ recipient and may visit them in spirit. The spirit world is a mysterious, wondrous thing.
I am happy for your friend that her daughter may have a better life now. Dialysis can be so difficult.
Organ donation is so critical. I hope more people become aware of the need and make themselves a donor on their driver's license.

5 years ago

Elizabeth, thank you for sharing this with us.   I am an organ donor and so is everyone in my family.    This is the way it is suppose to work.....and I'm so happy for your family!!

5 years ago

Thank you, Diane.

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