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Traitorous Republicans, liberals, Neo-Leninists, and Obama are not our enemy
5 years ago

I actually remember reading the 1970 Pogo cartoon poster containing the following quote: "We have met the enemy and he is us."  As much as we complain about the mainstream media's biased and slanted reporting, as much as we complain about politicians dismissing the will of We the People, we must only look in the mirror to understand why we are where we are.

Larry Snow of Eden Prairie, Minnesota summed it well in his November 9, 2012 letter to the editor of The Minneapolis Star Tribune when he wrote: "The American people have re-elected 94 percent of the incumbents who were running for re-election to an institution that has an approval rating of about 9 percent."

If Mr. Snow were a baseball player batting in the Minnesota Twins Target Field Stadium, and his observation were a pitched baseball he hit out of the park -- the center fielder would need to be standing in Oakland, California to catch it.  

As my partner said to me this morning, he no longer blames the media or holds them responsible for the bias and heretical reporting.  I have been emphatic in saying the very same thing.  The media and politicians are the mirror reflection of us.  

We make excuses for watching news channels/networks that provide safe harbor for incalcitrant black racists, and we capitulate to traitorous Republicans.  Politicians know they have nothing to fear from us.  We cower and capitulate when catastrophes such as Sandy Hook take place, and sadly many align their sympathies with those whose agendas are antithetical to the Constitution.

When we have the opportunity to make a proven difference, e.g., through Tea Party groups, our egos and ignorance convince us that we need politicians, i.e., foxes to help us guard the hen house.  

Traitorous Republicans, liberals, Neo-Leninists, and Obama are not our enemy -- we are.  And the reason is that we allow our efforts to be subverted and scuttled by believing we need politicians to help us: instead of realizing that they need us.

We complain that Republicans have betrayed the nation yet again by supporting another piece of disastrous legislation.  But in reality we betrayed ourselves when we re-elected them.

Like it or not, agree or not, we are our own worst enemy, not Obama.  Until we stand up and grow some steel, not one thing will change -- at least not for the better.  But, hey, what do I know?  I'm just the guy who said if re-elected Boehner and his minions would sell us out when we reached this point on the so-called fiscal cliff debate.  And I said it 16 months ago. 

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Mychal Massie
5 years ago

This is exactly where I see things; Mychal has said it the best of anyone and he is 100% right on the mark.  We can sit and complain and complain and blame but in doing this we are little Obama's, aren't we?  Blaming this or that instead of looking the in mirror and realizing that by sitting back and leaving our future and our government to those we elect, knowing they are human and not the most reliable in this day and age, is not the solution.  We are reactive and not proactive and so that makes us the ones that are the most to blame.  If we elect them, then why aren't we holding them accountable to us for their actions?  It does no good to sit on a blog and complain, folks, as we are only reaching the people doing the very same thing.  It is a good place to regroup, organize, etc., but we let it stop there and do not move out and make our voice heard to the only ones that can do a darn thing about it, the people we elected to be our voice that have forgotten that one fact.  We should be using PD to organize, educate and equip and then we should be taking that and doing something proactive.  My challenge is that we consider just this; brainstorm the means to make our voice heard to our elected employees rather than letting our employees continue to make poor decisions for us.  I sure hope some of you see this and understand; I am not putting down our group as this is the best tool we have to organize; it is our "Tea Party type of effort", we need that, but we need to do much more, as well.  So, are there any that agree?  If not say so and I will leave you all alone and work on this by myself, but I can't sit back any longer and complain, I have to do something proactive.

5 years ago

The problem is the lack of good candidates.  We are consistently give bad candidates and told we must support them because if we don't, horror of horrors, the other team will win the election.  In practice, this generally means voting for the marginally less bad candidate.  I have seen a few races with diametrically opposed candidates, but it is a rare event.  I get really tired of hearing that I must support the R candidate this time (maybe you'll get a better candidate next time).  This is what cost Richard Lugar the primary.  No, I am not sorry it went down the way it did.  The gross distortion of Richard Mourdock's remarks on rape and abortion cost him the election, but on several key issues, it is not possible for Donnelly to be any worse than Lugar.


I have a deep sense of pessimism setting in right now.  Our candidates get progressively more alike and now in selecting (not electing any more) the presidential nominee for both parties, the voter has little if any influence.  The Democrats have hand-picked party hacks (super-delegates) with enough votes to cancel out the elected delegates in most cases, and now the Republicans have changed the rules so that whoever the RNC slates will get the nomination, regardless.  It will not be possible to have something happen like Reagan stealing the show in 1980.


There is little hope for significant change in congress.  Again, if a real candidate steps up, he will get shredded.  Most voters are influenced either by what they receive personally, blind party allegiance, or by the media.  Far too few bring any critical thought to the table.  It does not help that any acknowledgment of imperfection on your own side will act as blood in the water to sharks with the other side.  Just try being honest about your own sides deficiencies on the public forums here.  It certainly will not lead to an open and honest discussion on the failure of the political system and the need to kick career politicians to the curb and restore rule of law under the Constitution.


In the end, we do not need any more state-centric 'solutions' from either side of the aisle.  Honestly, when was the last time we heard of anyone on the R side in a leadership position talk about reducing spending beyond token cuts that may not even end up cutting anything?  Oh yes, Boehner just purged those people from the committees where they served.  That RINO is a major part of the problem.  Not only does he signally lack conservative values, he seems to have no concept of life outside the Washington beltway.  It is getting bad enough that I really don't care who wins the next election if there isn't going to be any difference.  If the nation is going to fall apart, I would be just as happy to have it happen while I am still young enough to deal with it at least better than I will 10 years down the road.


 As long as I look at opposing politicians and ask 'Tell me again, what is the difference between them?' we are going to remain in decline, when we shouldn't be.  Our energy production is improving significantly.  We have the ability to do great things.  We are simply being taxed and regulated into a standstill, compounded with the truth that if you give a man a fish, you have fed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, you have fed him for life.  The problem is that we have a large and constantly expanding segment of our population that want to be given another fish tomorrow, and another the next day with no desire to be self-sufficient.  That can only work so long, and I see a light at the end of the tunnel--and it is on the front end of a train.

5 years ago

Excellent article, Linda.    We are part of the problem.    And David is also correct that we have a large and constantly expanding segment of our population who expect their "fish" everyday.   Entitlement reform is needed and hopefully this will encourage a large segment of Americans to go out and buy a fishing pole and some bait.

5 years ago

Can't add more.  Well said everyone!

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