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Fox News on the Decline?
5 years ago


The Christmas Wars: It has suddenly become clear why Fox News has been so fixated on inciting a “War on Christmas.” It must be because the Christmas season has been devastatingly cruel to Fox News. This year the Nielsen ratings left a smoldering lump of coal in Fox’s stocking despite all the pandering they did to Old St. Nick. Apparently Fox was very naughty. Santa doesn’t approve of lying and, perhaps, viewers are getting tired of it as well (see Fox News Fux Up: The 12 Worst Wrongs Of 2012).

MSNBC/Fox News Ratings

Maddow and O’Donnell Jingle Fox’s Bells: For the month of December, two-thirds of the Fox News primetime lineup came in second to MSNBC (in the critical 25-54 year old demographic). The Rachel Maddow Show’s monthly average came in 4% above the formidable Fox fixture, Sean Hannity. Lawrence O’Donnell had an even better advantage of 11% over his weaker competition, Greta Van Susteren.

This was a stark difference from last year when Hannity comfortably led Maddow by 46% and Van Susteren outpaced O’Donnell by the same amount. Those leads have now completely evaporated. Only Bill O’Reilly has managed to keep his fat head above water, although his 69% December 2011 lead over Ed Schultz was cut nearly in half in 2012 to 40%.

December 2012 was an affirmation of the superior performance MSNBC has shown since the election in November. Maddow and O’Donnell have consistently defeated Hannity and Van Susteren since President Obama did the same thing to Mitt Romney. This can no longer be explained away by Fox defenders as mere depression on the part of conservative viewers who tuned out after an electoral spanking. That excuse may have made sense for a week or two, but not a full two months later with high profile news events like the “fiscal cliff,” new cabinet appointments, Benghazi hearings, the Petraeus scandal, and the Newtown school shooting dominating news coverage.

Happy New Year: Fox may have to get used to coming in second, or maybe even third if CNN’s new president, Jeff Zucker, is able to get that network out of idle. And if MSNBC is smart they will start to firm up their schedule with new shows and dynamic personalities. For instance, they should quickly axe the Hardball rerun at 7:00pm, perhaps moving Schultz to that time slot. Then put in his place a leadin to Maddow that takes advantage of the smart brand of analysis and commentary that she and O’Donnell represent. That would tie up their primetime package and boost the network’s reputation generally, which would help draw viewers to other dayparts.

Unsolicited programming advice for MSNBC: Poach comedian/pundit John Fugelsang from Current TV and pair him up with MSNBC contributor Joy-Ann Reid for a combo news and entertainment hybrid to launch the evening block. A news program that intelligently presents serious issues with a sense of humor could be a compelling option that would ease their audience into a deeper dialog as the night progresses.

[Update 1/4/13] MSNBC has reported their 2011/2012 year-over-year ratings and the numbers are starkly positive compared to their competition. They are up in most categories by double digits (for both total viewers and the 25-54 demo), while Fox News had only slight gains or declines. In fact, both O’Reilly and Hannity delivered their lowest demo performance since 2007. Both Maddow and Donnell were number one for the year in the 18-34 demo, giving them a head start on next generation of viewers.

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5 years ago

I am no longer watching Fox solely; I did before but not now.

I am tired of the same old messaging all the time and it appears I am not alone!

I have tuned-out in many of the news shows with talking heads or opinion news shows.

Colin Powell will be on sunday morn. talk show with Dick Gregory on the GOP today; that should be very interesting.

I know many consider Powell a RINO now; but his name was written in for Boehner's seat recently. 

I am listening to all channels now and on some issues, Fox is exaggerating and the gun issue is a good example.  They are inciting viewers with Obama doing executive order to take away guns.  No other station says that nor do I read it anywhere. 

Biden wants a ban on assault weapons with massive magazine capacity.

They also want background checks done everywhere now, esp. at gun shows.

They don't want anyone buying at gun shows without background checks and they want to check for mental illness.




5 years ago

You won't hear that from the mainstream media because there in bed with the left andobama , biden and a host of other's want our gun's . They want a all out ban of weapon's but yet they hide like a bunch of hypocritical baby's behind there security detail. Take away my weapon's then give your's up because i dont care if your the president or politician have faith and lead by example .

5 years ago

They are NOT taking away guns; they want background checks done on ALL gun purchases from now on.  They don't want to sell assault weapons, military type guns with massive magazines.

5 years ago

Sheila, I'm sure none of us watch Fox News exclusively.  Did you think we were all glued to Fox News?      I watch very little news on TV and like many of us I flip from one news website to another on the computer.    I read more garbage on the many biased left wing sites that I can stomach but I read it anyway.   It's good to know how the biased left thinks.


John, you are right.    It's no secret how the left wing media if they were watching Obama rob a bank they would swear the next day that he didn't do it.



5 years ago

Maybe this can be explained because just about everyone at FOX was on vacation throughout December? I love FOX!!

5 years ago

Sheila, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and feelings, no one is denying that at all.  However, you are making claims that are unfounded and that is too bad.  FIrst, you say that Biden and Obama do not want to have a complete ban on guns; that is wrong.  They know they can't get it, so they have zeroed in on semi-automatics and larger capacity magazines.  The way they are proposing it would be a disadvantage for competitive trap shooters, for one.  This includes our Olympians, also.  I feel that if they want to do that they needs to allow special permits for these athletes and those involved in training and competitive shooting where they are used.  Limit the magazine size, as I don't think that is a major issue.  Also, I would ask them if this means that all law enforcement, active and retired would be required to relinquish their semi-automatics and large capacity magazines as many have them right now.

As for Gun Shows, a lot of states do not allow them right now and the majority if not all that do allow them already require the vendors to do background checks on all guns sold.  They face ciminal charges if they don't and can have all the guns in their possession confiscated so they do take this seriously.  So, what exactly is Biden suggesting?  The only thing I see is the assault (semi-automatic) weapons and large capacity magazines and with some areas of reconsideration (competitive shooters), there is no real issue to speak of at all.  Most legitimate gun owners are not opposed to this at all; it is more that the government has to step in and dictate that is an issue and in that, there is some merit as we do have a 2nd Amendment right.  Sheila, every time the government steps in and modifies something like this without a proper amendment to support it, it becomes an eroded right of the people and that is what we have to be concerned about.  If they were to say, for example, that you cannot use curse words in public that might not seem like such a bad thing, however, then they start to determine what is public and what is not.  If it is a tavern with 95% male population and curse words are heard, it is public and therefore should not be allowed, but if there are no children present, and if the people are there of their own free choice, what is the issue?  

I hope you see what I am trying to illustrate, you modify a Constitutional Right and it erodes the value and purpose of the Right.  Therefore, to do this should require the proper procedure and not an executive order.  In fact, no matter what Obama and Biden say to the public media it is not legal.  Any changes to the Constitution (and banning semi-automatics and large capacity magazines is changing the 2nd Amendment and putting in stiuplations) has to follow a specific procedure.  The Congress has to approve it with a certain percentage of votes, the Administration has to do the same and then the State Legislatures have to as well.  Anything less (executive order) is unconstitutional in this case and Obama should be impeached if he tries it.  Principal, Sheila, principal.  Allow it to happen and it becomes his norm.  Hold him accountable whether he or the MSM like it or not.

But no, Fox is not trying to stir fear; they are only reporting what they are fed by Biden, Obama and the White House; I heard Biden and Obama themselves state that Obama will use it if he has to and I have heard the White House issue the same statement.  So Fox was right here if they reported this as reality.

5 years ago

Shiela - so you don't want to watch Fox News because you think they are over-exagerating the gun control issue.      My goodness, it is as Linda has stated.  It's the Second Admendment we're talking about.  Maybe I'm old fashioned and totally out of the mix here - but when Obama was sworn in didn't he swear to defend the constitution.  I thought he was supposedly a "Constitutional Scholar".  Or, at least that's what we heard back in 2004!  The libs and Democrats touted that till the cows came home.  So, when it suits his needs he and his ilk want to re-write it so that it serves their purpose.  That's basically what Fox News is trying to point out. 


Did you hear that on any other network?  Don't think so.  Also, look at the demos above -- apparently the 18-34 year olds would rather overlook anything remotely related to good reasoning.  I prefer to call this group (not all of them) some of the least informed and go with the flow people in this country.  This group is the "Obama Group".  They voted for him in large numbers.  And as long as nothing rocks their little worlds and nothing affects their little minds - do you think any of them really care that this country is going to hell in a hand basket.  Nope!  They consider that propaganda from the "nasty old right wingers". 


Do they actually watch the news?  Or is it just a vacation from watching their reality shows, dancing with the stars and baby boo boo!  Until something comes along to scare them about their personal "me" way of life.  They really don't give a stick.  And do they actually know we HAVE a constitution.  Did they hear about it in school.  Or did they buy the story lines told to them by teachers and professors during their school years.  And, to them, Fox News is just a "stuffy" network.  Not flip and hip like Rachel Madcow, etc. 


As far as watching Colin Powell on his discussion on the GOP - he really isn't a person I would call an expert on the subject.  He blows whichever way he wants to go.  Always has and always will.  And, I truly don't care to hear anymore anyalysis on the GOP.  That's past history.  But trust MSNBC and any of the many media outlets to keep that garbage burning.  After all that's what they are all about.  And. the article you posted is from a group that has always been known to lean left.   

5 years ago

"So, what exactly is Biden suggesting?  The only thing I see is the assault (semi-automatic) weapons and large capacity magazines and with some areas of reconsideration (competitive shooters), there is no real issue to speak of at all. "    Linda's blog.


This is same what I said. 

I don't get your point at all.

Also, background checks which are thorough, including mental health issues.


Sounds sane to me.  They never said taking away guns at all.  That is the problem!

5 years ago

Sheila, it is pointless to try to discuss this.  You are making he choice to not see what is being said and banter words.  What we are saying is not the same at all and you realize this.  

First, I see no way that mental health issues can really be considered without depriving people of their right to privacy in medical issues.  I, for one, hate to see that happen as it is then opening the door for wider interpretation of patient/doctor confidentiality and it won't be long until they find more and more reasons to do away with this.  My health issues, as well as yours and anyone else is private and the government does not have the right to this information.

The 2nd Amendment does not limit weapons nor ammunition and there is a reaosn for this, we have the right to bear arms.  To allow this is just one more step toward further erosion of that Constitutional right.  

What Biden and others favoring bans on any weapon, semi-automatic or not, fail to realize is this will not solve anything as it is still those with the intent to do evil with weapons that will still have them.  What exactly will a ban do?  It will mean that those that have then illegally will hide them and still have them and until they use them and are caught with them, after the damage is done, they will lose them.  Did that accomplish a thing?  Those that have them legally are very careful how they are handled, for the most part.  My gosh, what is the ratio of semi-automatics known to be owned compared to number of deaths or even serious injuries associated with them?  What is the statistic there?  I think you would, as would Biden, be very surprised to see that it is very minor.

Sheila, the issue that was being made was your claim that Fox news was trying to use scare tactics saying it was to be a ban on all guns and that is erroneous and you know it.  Further, that there was no talk of executive order in this regard and that again was Fox News using scare tactics and here is where I was saying you didn't have your facts correct.  I heard Biden and Obama both say that they intended to use executive order to ban semi-automatics (assault weapons) and large magazines so Fox News was reporting the truth and there was no scare tactic involved at all. 

Again, you have the right to your opinion and let's drop this as it is fine to agree to disagree.  I think you made statements that you can't back up with fact and you don't agree with me on this, therefore, let's not bother the good people of PD any further with discussion of this, please.  

[Gun Runner] Eric Holder: Gun Owners Should 'Cower' in Shame Like Smokers
5 years ago

By NB Staff | January 10, 2013


The hot new video at  is 1995 footage of Attorney General Eric Holder, when he was the U.S. Attorney  for the District of Columbia. In his remarks before the Woman's National  Democratic Club, broadcast by CSPAN 2, Holder said people should be ashamed to  own guns, just the way that cigarette smokes now "cower outside of buildings" to  smoke.

"What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns,  especially young people, and make it something that's not cool, that it's not  acceptable, it's not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we’ve  changed our attitudes about cigarettes. You know, when I was growing up, people  smoked all the time. Both my parents did. But over time, we changed the way that  people thought about smoking, so now we have people who cower outside of  buildings and kind of smoke in private and don’t want to admit it.” Laughter  followed. (Video below)


At the end of this clip, Holder says anti-gun ads should run every day, and  we need to "really brainwash people to think about guns in a vastly different  way."

The clip was found by Breitbart contributor Charles Johnson.


White House Summons Hollywood Officials to Meet on Violence
5 years ago

Top entertainment industry association executives have been invited to meet with Vice President Joe Biden at the White House on Thursday to discuss ways to stem violence in U.S. media and society, industry officials told TheWrap on Wednesday.

Among the executives sources confirmed to be on the White House’s invitation list: Chris Dodd, chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America; Gordon Smith, president of the National Association of Broadcasters, and Michael Powell, president of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.

 A White House official declined to comment on who had been asked to attend the private session or to speak to the session's agenda. But Biden, pictured with Attorney General Eric Holder, has been meeting with a variety of parties this week “as part of the effort he is leading to develop policy proposals in response to the tragedy in Newtown,” the official said of the shootings at an elementary school in Connecticut last month that left 26 dead, including 20 young children.

Dodd, one of the invited guests to Thursday's meeting, is a former U.S. senator from Connecticut.

Biden, who is also planning to meet with representatives of the video game industry, has met with victims’ groups and gun safety organizations on the issue. Biden also plans to meet with “advocates for sportsmen and women and gun ownership groups,” the White House official added.

 “Soon after the conclusion of these meetings, the Vice President will present his recommendations to the President, who then will announce a concrete package of proposals he intends to push without delay,” the White House official said.

5 years ago

Sandy, we must be on the same brainwave as I had posted this and will delete mine.  Thank you as this is the better place to post it.


Please listen to Holder and see if you don't find the same comments to be an attempt to put fear into the people that listen.

One, I don't know of a single teen or young person that 1) carries around a gun as a rule, yes there may be some gang members, but they don't make it public normally and 2) I don't know of a single teen or young person that finds it hip to do so, that is not the reason even a gang member does it, it is for power and control, not to look hip.

No, we don't need to brainwash people, that is what dictators and tyrants do, that is not the role of the government in the U.S. and his open admission that he would try to do this or that it should be done is appalling in the least.  

My question is just who is it that is trying to use fear tactics regarding gun control?  It isn't Fox News or the conservative media, it is Obama and his administration, Biden, and the anti-gun campaigners that are trying to do this and always have.  They do not use facts to support their position, they use propoganda in the form of ill-informed fear tactics, pure and simple.  

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5 years ago

I'll continue to watch FOX News.  The only other news I watch is the PBS Newshour which is as liberal as I can handle.  I give MSNBC a wide berth.  They are the most liberally biased of them all.   FOX News, even though it has a strong conservative bent, always has opposing pov's.  I listen to the radio & read online mostly.  


Kudos to Linda, Diane, Tara Jane, John & Elizabeth!   So well said. 


Gun sales have Democrats & Republicans alike.  Think they're all clueless about the intentions of this gov't?   I don't think soooo!


Gov. Cuomo  has already stated that he wants NY to be an example to the rest of the country and have the most restrictive gun laws of anywhere (in a state that already is perhaps the most restrictive).  This man says he would like nothing better than to confiscate all weapons.   The NRA president wanted to have a talk with Biden about how to safeguard the safety of our children, but was disappointed that all talk was about how to severely limit our 2nd amendment rights.


"Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association of America is made up of over 4 million moms and dads, daughters and sons, who are involved in the national conversation about how to prevent a tragedy like Newtown from ever happening again. We attended today's White House meeting to discuss how to keep our children safe and were prepared to have a meaningful conversation about school safety, mental health issues, the marketing of violence to our kids and the collapse of federal prosecutions of violent criminals.

We were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment. While claiming that no policy proposals would be 'prejudged,' this Task Force spent most of its time on proposed restrictions on lawful firearms owners - honest, taxpaying, hardworking Americans. It is unfortunate that this Administration continues to insist on pushing failed solutions to our nation's most pressing problems. We will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and madmen. Instead, we will now take our commitment and meaningful contributions to members of congress of both parties who are interested in having an honest conversation about what works - and what does not."

5 years ago

Sandy, best news yet and thank you.  You know, I had not been listening to much Fox; neither the talk shows or the news media, for some time but suddenly I really have decided to tune in more.  I appreciate Sheila's comments as it caused me to research and just see what is happenig and I realized that it is just the opposite of what she says and that there is a lot I am missing so she made a convert to Fox out of me.  Thank you Sheila and I mean this sincerely. I am the first to acknowledge that you have to be careful in all areas and will not relinquish my ability to reason on my own and to continue to research more than one source and look for the turuth, but I now realize again that Fox is more prone to factual reporting than any of the MSM ever can hope to be.  Further, they do not make excuses for Obama and the Democrats, nor the Repubicans, actually.  That is something you will not find with the liberal biased media; it is 100% liberals are right and 100% conservatives are wrong.  

Great information Sandy, again and thank you.

5 years ago

Sandy -- Tried to send a green star - but you have gotten all the green stars I can give you this month!  Sorry about that!


Another thing I found most interesting -- Fox News is the ONLY station that has fully reported the Benghazi incident.  Bret Baier has been on that event from the get go.  He has done an outstanding job.  But, unless you have watched Fox News you wouldn't really know how horrible and disgusting the Benghazi incident really is.  I guess I remember, before the election when they had the interview with the students at Ohio University and asked them if they has heard of Benghazi -- not a SINGLE one of those students knew ANYTHING about it.  Benghazi has been totally ignored by the other slimeballs at the other networks.  Just a short report here and there.


Linda, I have always read my local newspaper plus the Wall Street Journal (opinion and editorial page) - I read articles on the internet - have subscribed to the Heritage Foundation and read other articles - plus books, etc.  If someone wants to stay informed and not just go with the flow, it is nevessary today in the world in which we live.  You are correct, just give me some factual reporting - not pontificating!


Especially when we are forced to live in Obama's world!

5 years ago

Sandy and Tara Jane, green stars are coming your way but can't send them as already have done so for both of you.  But thank you as great comments.

5 years ago

Tara Jane, anyone with a functioning brain knows that for the past decade that the left wing media is hopelessly biased in their reporting.     Fox News has been "first" many times in reporting accurately breaking news.   Sometimes they have gotten it wrong and have retracted it and so has the left wing media.   None of them are perfect not by any stretch to make it so.

As for the reporting on Benghazi, my guess is that the left wing media will walk 10 miles out of their way to avoid printing negative news about Obama.    It's scary.   Americans don't like it.  Subscriptions to newspapers have been cancelled to the point that many local newspapers have folded.    We stopped The Washington Post years ago because they were pro-Obama and they still are pro-Obama.   

Fox News has accurately reported on the gun issue.   What they dare to write is the truth and that is the bottom line where all of this is aimed at banning guns altogether.   We all know who Obama is....he is chipping away every week with his executive orders, circumventing the Constitution and little by little he is increasing government control over our lives and that translates into:   loss of our freedom.     This is about restructuring our ability to buy guns period!   That's the goal.

5 years ago

Bravo, Diane, could not agree more.  And as for Fox Talk Show hosts and their programs, I support most of them; they are getting us thinking.  After all, that is how I first became aware of Ronald Reagan as a potential politician, he had a talk show where he discussed politics and I was so enthused with his thoughts, proposals and how to approach the issues that when he ran for President there was no question in my mind but to support him; my first vote for a Republican for President and one I have never regretted.  

I am not saying that Hannity or any of the other's are potlitical hopefuls but I do find that they are conservatives and they present the information and bring on guests that do share the facts as to what is really happening.  They don't sugar coat and they certainly don't hide anything, good or bad, about the conservative politicians; you would not find them avoiding or making excuses for a Republican president the way the MSM is doing this with Obama.

So I am more inclined now to get back to listening to them and to watching more of Fox News.

And for the record, the one that I have listened to the most has been NPR and I have had to wade through the liberal leaning there, sometimes worse than others, and I do it to get a better idea of where the liberal media is headed and they are the easiest to listen to in this regard as they aren't as blatantly spinning the truth.

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5 years ago

I'm watching Fox News now....the early Sunday morning show.    Works for me!

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