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Michelle Obama Rolls Eyes Once Again....
3 years ago

John Boehner tries again to engage Michelle Obama by tapping her on the arm but she refuses to look at him, while Barack Obama laughs and squeezes her right shoulder

3 years ago

I went to YouTube to post the actual video and saw it there.    I needed to return to it to redo the link and guess what?    It was gone.   Yep, the actual video was gone.    Maybe it's back there now but it went POOF for me five minutes ago.

There's nothing classy about Michelle Obama.   Here she has her left elbow on the table which is a Miss Manners "no no" and she's leaning towards the table....another no no in proper ettiquette.   You can dress them up....

If you can watch the actual vide and can post it please do so because this behavior is beneath the role of The First Lady even if she looks like Cleopatra.

3 years ago

Here is the link to the YouTube video and listening to the people narrating this, it was Speaker Boehner that she is rolling her eyes at and it is funny listening to their take on it as of course they can't say that this is what she is doing for certain, and I believe it is Boehner's wife sitting to the other side of him and if so, get a look at her face when Michelle does this.

I had to laugh at this one; if it is indeed what she was doing, what a poor example of a First Lady.  She sure is intent on eating her "supposed" 3000 calorie lunch.

3 years ago

LOL, Linda!

3 years ago


I understand where Michelle is coming from. This is what I do with my eyes every time I hear her husband speak.

3 years ago

She rolls her eyes because she knows better than anyone.... when her husband is throwing the bull

3 years ago

But in this case, if you watch the video, it was to Speaker Boehner she directed this eye roll; it was not her husband that was the perpetrator of her eye roll.  He doesn't play the game her husband's way so she treats him the same as the U.S. Flag.

3 years ago

I didn't watch the whole day, however, just the clips I saw on Fox last evening were hard to believe.  Obama chewing gum, Michelle in her man suit!  I couldn't help but think how much more classic it would have been to see ANOTHER couple in the same circumstance.  I also understand that Paul Ryan was booed by many in the crowd.  (Oh well, consider the source). 



3 years ago

In Michelle's eyes, Boehner is the enemy.    Both Michelle and Obama were college left wing, far lef wing, radicals.   They brought that to the White House.    They both appear to have a great deal of anger towards the "white man."     Striking, isn't it, that affirmative action took both of their butts to ivy league schools.    No wonder both of them had their college records sealed.     Good ole GWB was a solid "C" student and was extremely well rounded in the ways of the world and life.    History will be very good to GWB especially when Obama steps down in 2016.

I say to my fellow PD'ers......what will Obama do once he gets his walking papers?    He's still a young man.    Will he do the circuit like Clinton has done?    My guess is that the press will be chewing him up once out of the White House for trying to destroy our economy and our Constitution.

Sequestration is real and it's sitting there and when it takes place our country will have millions of Americans out of a job.    That will easily take unemployment upwards of 10% and beyond.   This will happen before the 2014 election.    Democrats need to feel the pain of losing their jobs at the hand of Obama.

3 years ago

Now, if you want a serious answer to what will he do once out of office, I would think that he will do the speaking tour but it will be from his home in Hawaii or he could return to community organizing.  Honestly, I have no idea as work is something he is not used to doing.

Diane, that is a good question, what will he do?  

As for the unemployment rate;it is going to really climb once the DOD cuts take affect, Diane.  My gosh, we already know that the big aeornautical contractors (McDonald and Boeing) are planning massive layoffs.  What will the liberals say when this happens and we are in a full depression as that is where we are headed.

3 years ago

They will blame George W. Bush.   They aren't smart enough to figure out that Obama has failed as a President.    

Both Michelle and Barack have a love affair with Hollywood....LOL!

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