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Prayers for Blingbling
5 years ago

blingbling diva

I learned late yesterday that Blingbling's husband lost his battle with cancer.   Blingbling had a beautiful life with her husband and was with him until the end.    Prayers are going out to her.    Please leave your comments here.

5 years ago

BlingBling, you and Walt fought a brave fight to the end and you both are so admired for this and for the way you committed to each other is a inspiration to all.  Through these tough days know that you gave Walt strength, peace, joy, happiness and such unconditional and lasting love and may this give you peace and comfort.  No wife could have done more.  Your support, encouragement and the fact that you never gave up hope were Walt's strength and courage to face what was happening.

You have our love, respect and we offer you our support and may we now be your encouragement.  Let us know if there is anything you need.

Prayers and May God richly bless you with his comfort, love, grace and support as well. 

5 years ago

Blingbling,  I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Walt.  My heart and thoughts are with you.



Happy Moments, Praise God

Difficult Moments, Seek God

Quiet Moments, Worship God

Painful Moments, Trust God

Every Moment Thank God

This needs to be posted on Former Silent Majority
5 years ago

Will one of you please post this on Former Silent Majority?

5 years ago

Diane I just posted it in FSM.

My heart breaks for poor Linda.  God bless her and Walt.  It was a hard battle they fought, together. 

5 years ago

ExT, thank you for doing this for Diane.  I was pleased to see that you did this as it was a surprise to see that it had not been done.  Thank you so much.

5 years ago

Thank you, ExT.    I  thought Maui would've put it up for her sister, Bling, but it wasn't happening.   I wanted her friends on FSM to know and you are a jewel for putting up this information for all of us.    There are many on FSM who stay in contact with Bling...and I knew they would want to know.

I called her this morning and she is very sad.   Her mother is with her and her close friends are stopping by.    They did fight this battle together.    They had a beautiful marriage.

I tried to join FSM this a.m.  to go in and put up a thread but, of course, Maui has me blocked.   I needed your help and you came through!

Thank you!   Thank you from all of us here on Political Derby!   I hope you'll spend more time with us.   We love hearing from you.

5 years ago

When a sibling is facing the hardest path of her life, she needs her family.   There comes a time to bury the hatchet and move towards each other.   Bling has faced a long and arduous road this past year when she first learned that her husband had cancer. She had just buried her father a man she loved and adored.    There was a time recently when everything pointed to placing her husband in hospice care.    She didn't do that.   He wanted to be home with her to spend his last moments cherishing the love affair they've had for years.    She honored his request but it was hard to do.   When one is facing the decline of their loved one many thoughts pass through their mind.   Will he get better care in a facility?   Or, do we understand what is taking place and keep our arms around each other night and day facing the inevitable together?    Bling honored his wishes and she was with him day in and day out.  

Once, when Cam lost his lovely wife, Linda, I posted that "heaven was missing an angel."   I cannot tell you the handfull of people who took that the wrong way.   God has his angels on this earth who do the good work.    He places them here for a reason.   Bling was her father's "angel" as she cared for him daily/weekly until he died.   But, God wasn't finished with Bling...he had another job for her to complete and that was facing losing the love of her life.    As death is inevitable, Bling's mother is healthy and alive.   Thank God.   However, one day I believe he will once again tap Bling on her shoulder and tell her you have one more job to do.    I do believe that Bling is an angel and, yes, Heaven is missing an angel because God put her here....on this do what others cannot possibly do and that is to love and comfort her loved ones.   

Bling, you are special.    You have been chosen to walk this path.    You are on loan to those you love and who love you until you join those you love in Heaven.

God Bless you.   

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5 years ago

I  just read what I wrote.  I said "poor Linda".  I am, so wrong, Linda was so far from being "poor Linda"!   She is rich beyond belief!  God loves you Linda, you can't get any richer than that!   He entruted his children to you.  Walt and your that it rich, beyond rich!  You have a wondrerful soul..strong and willing to help others.  That is what God wants from all of help each other and bellive!

5 years ago

So true, ExT.     Walt will be buried on Monday.   

5 years ago

There are no words that will take away the pain, but remember that every heart which has felt loss will feel a small portion of your pain and echo back a portion of the love and understanding that springs from having known sorrow.  May the Lord grant you strength and comfort in the most difficult time any person will face.  May the Lord carry you when you have neither the strength nor will to walk on your own.  May the Lord fill your path with those who love you and will share your time of sorrow as they have shared your times of joy.

5 years ago

David, a beautiful message to Blingbling.  

5 years ago

Yesterday, I received a dozen beautiful roses from a beautiful person.....thank you Diane. Thanks to all of you who offered your words of comfort during this difficult time. I deeply appreciate your concern and support.

These last few months has been a hard and stressful  journey for us but we endured the good and bad days never giving up hope. God strengthed our love and gave us hope for a better tomorrow. Although there is a void in my life now, I thank God for the beautiful memories that will sustain me in the days, weeks and years to come. 

My beautiful niece was here for me and her oration during the services, would have made her Uncle Walt proud. She's a special gal and I will draw on her strength and words of comfort she bestowed upon me during this difficult time.

Now is the time for healing. I feel so empty but I know the love of my life is watching over me and until we are together again, the love we shared will forever be etched in my mind and carry me through each day.

Once again, I thank all of you for your support. I am blessed with many friends and I am confident they will always be here for me.

Love and Blessings to All,


5 years ago

We know it has been very difficult for you over the past year.    We also know you are going to have difficult moments ahead but what we here, on Political Derby, wanted for you is to let you know that we were always thinking about you and what you were going through.  


You will get through this, Bling.   It will be difficult.    However, I know you have many friends and  family members who will forever remain by your side.     You are a very special person.


I know you were proud of your of your niece.   What a truly wonderful moment that was for both you and Walt.


5 years ago

Bling, know that our friendship and support are here for you whenever you need them.  Your strength, compassion and unconditional love for Walt were his true blessings just as I know that he returned that to you, as well and one day you will be reunited free of the pain, illness and hassles of this life and that will be truly wonderful.

You niece sounds like such a beautiful and special person, just what you needed at this difficult time and her gift to you and to Walt were the truly special gift of family; I am so glad she was there for you.  

Again, your friends here at PD are going to be here whenever you need us and you will always have a home here, too.

5 years ago

You are in my heart and prayers, Bling.  God loves you and so do we. 

5 years ago

I just got off the phone talking with Blingbling.   She buried her husband on Monday.   Her sister's daughter spoke at the funeral and it was a selfless act of honor for her uncle and especially her aunt.      She is a very special niece.   


There comes a time in our lives when we need to mend the broken fence.   Some can step up to the plate and do the right thing.   Others are incapable of self reflection and continue to think that it is all about them.   It is not about them.   It is about honoring someone who was once very important in their lives.


I didn't always have a wonderful relationship with my mother.   She died in my arms on September 12, 2012.    When she first became ill I knew I was all she had and I wanted to honor her and take care of her needs until the end.    I was able to do that.  What is important in our lives is how we honor our mother and father and that can be difficult for some of us because of circumstances.    For me, personally, saving my relationship with my mother was my goal.   After all, she brought me into this world.    At the end of her life, I wanted to honor her in every way possible.    I'm so glad I did.


Family members can be difficult for many and varied reasons.   It takes the bigger person to stand up to the plate and say, "I must do the right thing."    Because if we cannot do that, we will live with the knowledge and experience that we couldn't bring ourselves to do the right thing.   That speaks to us.   It doesn't speak to them.    It is "who" we are as an adult to exercise the understanding that people aren't perfect.   They have their faults and believe it or not we have our faults.    Now we get into unconditional love and can we do that?    It's a soul searching experience and I can only speak for myself.    The best thing that I ever did was to put my arms around my mother who needed me to let her know that I knew she did the best she could for me and my siblings.


It should never be hard to do the right thing at the end of someone's life.   We do what we feel is right for the parent who gave us life.    If we are unable to do that, we create an open wound that will be with us until we die.


So, today I had a wonderful conversation with Bling about parents, siblings, spouse, etc and it was a great feeling to hear the words Bling stated.    She understood that she did the best she could at all hours of the day for the man she loved.    She can now sleep at night knowing that she put him first and herself second to make sure that his remaining days on this earth were good and meaningful days.      Until we do that, and feel comfort in that, we will live the rest of our lives in pity, anger, disappointment and hate.    For me, my mother's life and the end of her life were far greater than anything about me and my feelings.


Over the year leading up to her death, I grew as a woman.   I wanted to get to know her just a little bit more to better understand her.  I took her on a "road trip" like Thelma and Louise, back to the mountain where she was born to see her remaining siblings.   We laughed, we cried, we shared personal experiences and it was one full week of great fun.     It was the best thing I've ever done.


So, Bling, my heart goes out to you and I'm proud of you and I know you are a forgiving soul and will always keep the door open to forgiveness and a new beginning.     As you begin the road to healing from the loss of your husband, a man you adored and had such great fun with, I know you will continue to keep your heart open to forgiveness of others.  


Life is short.    Life is very short.    If any of you are dealing with family issues, know that what matters is what you do with your life while you are on this earth.


God Bless you Bling.

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