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‘Earpiece envy’: White House colleagues skeptical about why Valerie Jarrett has detail
5 years ago

By Alex Pappas

Why does President Barack Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett have Secret Service protection?

It turns out that some of her colleagues inside the White House are skeptical that actual, specific threats resulted in Jarrett’s protection.

“While a high-profile White House official — especially an African-American woman, such as Jarrett — could legitimately be considered a more likely target than most, several West Wing officials I spoke to were dubious there had been any special threats against her,” writer Mark Leibovich reported in “This Town,” a new book on Washington.

Added Leibovich of Jarrett’s White House colleagues: “They suspected, rather, that Jarrett asked the president to authorize a detail out of ‘earpiece envy.’”

The Daily Caller reported in 2010 that in a largely unprecedented move, Jarrett and David Axelrod, another senior adviser who has since left the White House, were being driven to work by government drivers and that Jarrett had been made a &ldquorotectee” of the Secret Service.

Jarrett has refused to discuss why she has been assigned Secret Service when questioned by reporters.

In April 2012, The Daily Caller filed a Freedom of Information Act request for details from the Department of Homeland Security about the cost of Jarrett’s protection. That request has not yet been fulfilled.

Leibovich reported that Jarrett finds questions about the rationale for her protection “ridiculous and offensive.” The adviser declined to speak about the arrangement with him.

“She has maintained that the decision was not hers, and that being accompanied by agents is more of an intrusion that a perk,” he writes.

The author also disclosed that Axelrod was given protection after the gunman in June 2009 shooting of a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington was carrying information about the aide. 

5 years ago

"She has maintained that the decision was not hers, and that being accompained by agents is more on intrusion than a perk."


Yeah, sure.  This woman is out for everything she can get!  And, to her, it's not a perk - she expects it!  After all, isn't she really the voice of the whitehouse.  There is more to this story!  I still believe that she, and not Obama, was the one to order the "stand down" on Benghazi.  And, of course Obama will do nothing about Syria until after she gives him the go ahead.


I would love to know the REAL story about this.  And, I would love to know how much this is costing us.  Just more money being pounded into the Obama and company pockets.  Is there no end to their greed!

5 years ago

Tara Jane, I feel the same.  I do believe that she either made the decision to order the "stand down" or she got the order directly from Obama to do so.  Either way, whatever she did he approved and was aware so it was a joint decision I am sure.  I do feel that she is the "acting president" behind the scenes as Michelle is not interested.  And yes, there is so much more to the story behind Valerie Jarrett.

5 years ago

What I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW is what she has on Barack...she knows something and this is precisely why she is his senior advisor and imagine that.....her only claim to fame was being Mayor Dailey's administrative assistant.    Remember when they hired Michelle and gave her a cushy job?


It doesn't pass the smell test IMO.

5 years ago

Diane - perhaps she knows that he is really a full blown Muslem and was not born in this country and can prove it! 


This whole administration doesn't pass the smell test!  And it does smell.  Like a chicken coop at high noon!

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