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Iran Official: America Has Surrendered
4 years ago

I have never heard any one from any country ever speak of an American president like this:

4 years ago

Margaret, let's just hope and pray we never do again.  It is going to be quite a job for the next president to overcome the image that the rest of the world has of the US now; between Obama and now the government shutdown we have a pretty sad image.  We all look like incompetent idiots, if for no other reason than we elected all of these people.  It certainly makes us look like fools if nothing else.  Obama is bad enough but now we have added an entire Congress to the mix.

4 years ago

I must have pushed the wrong key here as I had not completely finished.  

If you look at the situation, one has to ask the question that I heard Condi Rice ask this morning.  Now there is the woman that should be the first woman president as she has the courage of her convictions and the integrity, as well as the ability to command respect by knowing what she is saying and doing to be honest and sincere and there is no question of her love of the US and her concern for the people and what is best.  

At any rate, she is so saddened to see that there is not the maturity of our Congressmen/women that they can't sit down and work out a solution to all of this and she includes the president in her statement.  As she said, it is the real issue.  It is not Obamacare, it is not any of the other issues, it is that there is no desire or effort on either side to sit down and work together for a solution that is best for the people and Country.  She is so right on that one.

As she said, this is a ploy that has been used over and over and each time it only gets worse; it isn't about Obamacare, it is about each side trying to make the other look bad so that it gains votes in 2014 and again in 2016 for their respective party.  The problem, as she stated, is that neither side realizes that the general feeling is that everyone is disgusted with both sides and they may start to look for a solution that cuts both parties out of the equation.  In other words, looking for people that are not so entrenched in following their party but are willing to stand up and speak for the Country and people.  She never stated that she was referencing Cruz and company, but it left one to wonder if that is what she is meaning.  As they have done just that.  I will be honest, my feelings about Rand Paul are still out as he has made it clear that he is looking at running for President in 2016 so there is some of the "vote getting" in his decisions.  However, he did stand up against his fellow Republican good 'ole boys, so that is a plus.  

What was so refreshing in her interview was that she didn't point fingers at either party; she linked them together in that they need to get their act together.  And she addressed the issues.

She discussed Iran and it was excellent.  Her comment was that it certainly does not hurt to make the offer that the sanctions will be lifted if they stop all nuclear efforts, that it is certified that they have done this, that all their nuclear arms efforts stop and that those things necessary for this development are turned over to the international body for disposal, and that they agree to not start this effort again.  However, she said that there is absolutely no way that they can be trusted and it is foolish to think we can negotiate with them; we must demand that these terms be adhered to or not even bother to continue any negotiations.  She understands the mind of the Middle East and especially Iran, Syria, etc. and she is 100% on this one.

She was speaking on CBS Morning Show with Charlie Rose and if there is a way to go to the archives and pull it up and listen to it I strongly suggest trying to do so.  Well worth listening to this woman.  She is too smart to consider running for president, but if she were to do it she would have my vote.

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