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No One Signs Up for ObamaCare in Sebelius' Own State of Kansas
4 years ago

by Dr. Susan Berry 3 Oct 2013

The woman who is behind the controls of ObamaCare was unable to convince even one person from Kansas, the state she used to govern, to sign up for it.

Though HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is the former governor of Kansas, Rep. Tim Huelskamp [R-KS] was informed by an insurance provider in his home state that none of the 365,000 uninsured people living there successfully signed up for insurance on the ObamaCare exchange on the first day.

According to LifeNews, Huelskamp had his own difficulties signing up in the exchanges as well, waiting “on hold” for over 60 hours, and still, as of Thursday, being unable to sign up.


Huelskamp released the following statement:

These results are stunning. You would think with three years to prepare, President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius could deliver an operational website – at least in the home state of the former Kansas Governor. ObamaCare was and is not ready for prime time. 365,000 uninsured Kansans – and not one single report to my office of a Kansan successfully signing up for ObamaCare.

Huelskamp said he kept receiving one error message after another.

“This is yet another example of why we need to get rid of ObamaCare,” Huelskamp added. “We knew it was unpopular. We knew it was unaffordable. And now we know it is unworkable.”

4 years ago

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that the ultimate goal is to have a single-payer system that abandons health insurance altogether.

4 years ago

Harry Reid is off the mark so much.  The worst thing is a single payer insurance.  We need to have competitive insurance not socialized insurance.  We are not a socialistic nation and we need to avoid becoming one, too.

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