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4 years ago

Richard A. Serrano/ McClatchy Newspapers


In an article regarding the 34 year old mother in police chase.  She felt the President was controlling her life.  Miriam Carey, according to law enforcement officials, suffered from postpardum depression after the birth of her daughter and had a troubling fixation on President Barack Obama.


He states, " The Secret Service said they were not aware of Miriam Carey or any fixation with the president.  But one official, asking not to be identified, said they might not necessarily have known.  "If she did have these beliefs," the source said, "The Whitehouse would have attracted her.  It's like a magnet to a lot of people.  The Whitehouse is a place that attracts many unstable peoplle."



"The Whitehouse is a place that attracts many unstable people."  Well, that about sums it up - unstable president, unstable administration, unstable Democrats, etc.  In fact - the whole bunch are unstable. 



4 years ago

I am not going to minimize this woman's need for help and compassion rather than condemnation, as she does need that even in death, I just wonder why she could not have found someone worthy of her fixation.

Tara Jane, you are right, that does sum it up pretty clearly.  LOL

4 years ago

Wouldn't it have been better if the police had just blocked her car instead of shooting at her.  And, what about the child in the car.


Let's face it.  So far most of these shooting sprees have been from people who are mentally unbalanced.  Perhaps we need another approach from the police, etc.  Perhaps we need another approach and more attention to the mentally ill in this country.


But, I really believe that Washington attracts unstable people - especially those associated with out government.

4 years ago

I had that same thought, Tara Jane, but two things needed to quickly assessed....was she a terrorist...have a bomb around her.....and what if she rammed the car again, got away and crashed the car into a stone wall and killed the child?    I've been running this over in my mind on what the best course of action should've been.    Sadly, I feel they had to kill her to protect the child from her.

4 years ago

I wish I could be so charitable regarding the response.  I find doing so impossible given that we have reached a point at which hosing people down with bullets seems to have become the standard response to most any unusual situation.  I also see potential for darker overtones in the form of pavlovian conditioning, particularly in the sense of training people to do as they are told and not stray for fear of being turned into a swiss cheese.  Again, I could be more charitable if this were an isolated case.  Unfortunately, it isn't.

4 years ago

She obviously wanted to die.   I agree that the White House does attract unstable people.   Look at Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.....certified loons.

4 years ago

David --- There was an incident in our city.  A guy hijacked a car at a Wendy's drive through.  The woman did get out with her child - the guy sat there, ordered a hamburger, tied up traffic, the police finally came and shot the guy - there were 16 bullet holes in the car.


Later, they found that the guy had been in a mental facility for the past couple of years.  I'm still trying to understand why the need for 16 bullet holes?


Diane....there are so many other people we could add to the list.  But neither time or space permits. 

4 years ago

Sad but true, Tara Jane.  

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