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Lots of Ways to Cut Budget
4 years ago

"The cupboard is bare. There's no more cuts to make."

That's what Nancy Pelosi told the country right before the government "shutdown."

Nancy must not have looked in the can of oatmeal and behind the sugar bowl, because had she done so, she would have found:

*** The Department of Veterans Affairs spending $562,000 on artwork to use up "excess budget funds";

*** The Agriculture Department spending $144,000 on toner cartridges in a single day;

*** The Federal Bureau of Land Management paying $98,670 for an outhouse in Alaska; and

*** President Obama sending $100 million of taxpayer funds to the Michigan spendthrifts who bankrupted Detroit.

And that's just a small piece of the pie.

The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, where the median salary is $120,000, has spent over $30,000 on picture frames in the past two years . . . One federal employee leased a $53,000 car on the government's tab . . . the list goes on and on.

And administrators overseeing this waste are rewarded with more of your money!

This spending must stop before all our cupboards truly become bare, which is why I need you to sign your Hold the Line Fax Petition to Congress today

4 years ago

Margaret, I would sooner believe a serpent in the tall grass than believe one word from Pelosi.   She is so far out of touch her feet have been in the air for a decade.   She should stay nestled in her vineyard in California drinking that fine wine with a lock on the entry gate.   She is a certified LOON.

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