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America Will Self Correct Over The Mistake of Obama
4 years ago

I  don't expect America to be perfect, and I know America has made some  mistakes.  But boy do we know how to correct them.  And we will  self-correct from the mistake of electing Obama.

The  anti-American naysayers declare that we are all from somewhere else -- the  inherent message being that America was stolen and none of us can lay claim to  the land.  They say that we invaded what is now America, attacked the Indians, then took their land and  livelihoods.  We forced them to live in squalid camps.  Liberals say  that we took their dignity.

I  admit that the Indians got a bad deal.  A well-meaning group of immigrants  left oppression, then came to America and oppressed.  The interlopers got  greedy and the Indians paid for it; many with their lives.  We relocated  the Indians from their homes and gave  them the badlands.  And if America had remained the America run by Democrat  Andrew Jackson, who referred to the people whose land he stole as "savages,"  today I would be outraged.  But today, the Indians have the opportunity to  feast, and some are.

The  Pequot Indians of Connecticut run the largest  casino in America.  The tribe guarantees every person in their nation a  college education, and adults are guaranteed a $60K a year job, I'm told.   That's better than the deal you can get from any Liberal, including the king of  redistribution himself.

Speaking  of Africans, Liberals say that Americans went to Africa, discovered black  people, then enslaved them.  Forced blacks to work on plantations as  slaves.  Liberals have certainly taken liberties with a common practice of  the time, though an abhorrent one.

Nevertheless,  when freedom was demanded, many Americans (Democrats) wanted to continue the  practice.  Republicans won, the slaves were freed, and despite Democrats'  attempts to keep oppressing blacks, the American Spirit  prevailed.

Thus,  years later, black people have it pretty good in America.  We don't own  casinos; but we aren't doing too badly.   We like it here, and we want  to stay.  It's a rare occasion for a black person to leave America, even to  vacation.  Blacks know about Africa,  but American black people don't seem to want to live there.

Black  Liberals adapt all kinds of African customs, hair styles, couture, dance, and so  on, but they don't want to go live there, because Africa sucks.  I'm not  talking about their people, or the animals, or the natural wonders.  That's  all fantastic.  I'm talking about their governments.

I'd  rather live in Detroit than live  in any country in Africa.  On a continent with 53  countries run by black people, very few "African Americans" are searching for  their roots and relocating to the Motherland.

Life  in Africa is so bad that almost every African country has a lottery for Africans  to get the opportunity to come to America.


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4 years ago

Disgruntled  blacks in American can go to live in Africa with no obstructions, and they will  not go.  Blacks who do visit Africa for the reasons mentioned earlier,  visit, then get their butts back to America -- Land of the free, home of the  African-American! And home of clean water and constant electrical service.   Oh, and great food, and modern conveniences.  Oh, and  freedom!

Despite  our problems, America remains the greatest country in the world.  Sure  there are shinier newer places, like Dubai.  Big deal.  Dubai will  never have the "it" factor that America has, even if they possessed all the  money in the world.  Dubai is just the "flavor of the  day."

The  American Spirit cannot be purchased or duplicated.

America  is one of the only countries that self-corrects.  When America decided that  slavery was wrong -- which occurred at the founding of our nation -- the  Founding Fathers, some slave owners, wrote it out of the Constitution.  The  American Spirit prevailed over self-indulgence.

The  American Spirit also overcame the poor treatment of women, a lesson the Middle  East can learn.

The  American Spirit trounced the lack of civil rights for blacks and other  minorities, and it beat back discrimination against gays.

Rules  that protect humanity were not written for America.  All the war treaties  that were enacted to show mercy in times  of war were created for other countries, not us.

The  treaty of 1839, the 1907 Hague Convention, the 1925 Geneva Protocol and so on  were enacted because of the atrocities of other governments.  And for the  most part, America has been policing atrocities for decades, not committing  them.  America has been and will always be the voice of reason in  warfare.

Who  drops atomic bombs on people then decides that should never happen again.   Can you imagine Hitler with nukes? Middle Eastern despots?

Under  decades of Liberalism, America has fallen into decay.  Obama's  administration showcases the effects of unchecked Liberalism better than any  other, with things like the big powerful malevolent government, reverse  discrimination, rampant poverty, and the list goes on.  However, America  will self-correct.  That is what the American Spirit is all  about.

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4 years ago

Great article, Diane. Kudos to Kevin Jackson & his column.  

I have to add that once even American Indians were from someplace else.  A number of years ago, Henry Louis Gates Jr. (of beer summit fame) had a program where Black Americans decided to leave the oppressive U.S. and live in Africa.  Upon reaching shore they tossed away their passports.  It didn't take long before those same people frantically scrambled to find their passports so they could return to America.

4 years ago

Diane, I appreciate this article as it states it very honestly and factually.  The colonists and those Americans that made decisions regarding the Native Americans were so wrong in what they did.  Many of the tribal elders had entered into the forced treaties and yet they were still stripped of the agreements these treaties guaranteed; we will always be responsible as a Nation for that and it is the darkest blot on our history.

As for the Black situation, there is a lot that is not stated.  Consider that native Africans were selling their people into slavery for one thing, that it was the Dutch that first instituted and were resonsible for slave trading and brought these people to the American colonists.  To enslave them was wrong when this is a country founded on all people being created equal and so that is a blight on the history of this Country as well.

However, the Republicans have tried to make this right and are responsible for doing just that.  It is, as this article so honestly states, the Democrats that prefer to keep people "enslaved" or "on reservations" so that they can appear to be lavishing them with entitlement programs to "help" them when indeed it further enslaves them and controls them.  There is nothing admirable in this at all.  It should be government's aim to help all people better their station in life, not by entitlements, but by encouraging them to reach deep for their own resources and potential and to achieve this of their own accord.

Sandy, yes, I remember hearing of this before and it seems to say it all.  Over the years I have had friends that have moved to other Countries or served on missions or the Peace Corp and the one thing they all say is that they learned very rapidly that there is no where else in the world they want to live than the USA.  Further, that they could not wait to get back home, the were pleased that they could make a difference (those in the Peace Corp) but they still were so happy to return home.

I wish we could bundle up all those radical liberals that are so anti USA and send them to some of the different 3rd world countries or even some of the countries run by dictators or communists and let them find out just what it is like.  Even the Muslim Countries would be a good place to send them.  Consistently you will hear from the military personnel coming home from the Middle East just how horrific it is and that they are so grateful that they are out of it; and you then understand their concerns and frustrations to see the politically correct manner in which we are expected to treat Muslims in the US.  This is not the Middle East, those coming here need to remember what all the immigrants have had to remember, you come here and you are expected to adapt to the American way of life.  Christianity is the major religion but you are allowed religious freedom; that means to worship as you chose, but it also means that you show complete and total religioius tolderance to all other religions.  You are to honor religious freedom to all, not dictate that your religion is the only one to have special treatment and considerations.  

That means that the language of the Nation is English, you must learn English and special considerations are not to be put in place to accommodate your use of your native language.  

You are allowed to follow your ethnic customs but not to expect that all of the people of this Country must conform to your ethnic customs.  

And probably the basic concept of interpersonal relationships and communication, you must show common consideration for the peoople around you; allow them their rights and do not expect to supercede their rights with your own; work together.  I do not see that effort with the bulk of the Muslim population.  I am sure there are those that are willing to concede these things; but the Imams and more radical absolutely do not accept this.  And to make matters worse, we have a President that incites them to continue this pursuit.

We have a President that is all about concern for whom he perceives as the "downtrodden" to the point that he has given them rights that allow the majority of Americans to become "downtrodden".  There is no effort on his part to bring all people to work together for the best of this Country, just as there is no effort to bring Congress and himself to bipartisan effort.  It is all about destroying those things that have made this Country exceptional and great and rewriting it to the point that we are no better and in most cases even worse than third world countries that are completely unable to work together.  The Countries of the Middle East have their ethnic differences and they are constantly at war with each other; that is what he is trying to accomplish in the US, to pit ethnic groups against each other.

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