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Say No To Al Qaeda Refugees in America
4 years ago

In June, we at the Constitutional Rights Political Action Committee lambasted Congress and the Obama administration for letting refugees from the conflict in Syria come to the United States.

We said many of these so-called refugees are Al Qaeda-affiliated thugs who have killed Americans or demonstrated a willingness to do so. How could this make sense? Who would sort out the truly needy from the truly thuggish? How would we ensure accuracy?

Turns out that, as usual, there was no plan to any sorting out. It was all a big oopsie … sort of like that Obamacare website thingie. The Department of Homeland Security – the agency that can’t get anything right – told ABC News it mistakenly allowed several dozen terrorist bombmakers into the country.

Thugs entered along with the needy. Two of these thugs, in fact, turned up in Bowling Green, Ky., where one held a job for only a few weeks before going on public assistance. That’s right … you were paying for room and board for people who came to this country to try to kill you. 

One sketched IED designs that demonstrated his expertise, said he had built a dozen or more bombs in Iraq and used a sniper rifle to kill American soldiers north of Baghdad.

DHS promises us it has assigned a team of experts to work around the clock to find these “dozens” of other bombmakers and assorted terrorists.

But why were they let into the country in the first place? Did no one in this clueless administration even wonder whether some of these “refugees” might be a threat to our own citizens? Who was in charge of screening them? What might have happened if an alert citizen in Kentucky hadn’t tipped off police about these suspicious people?

There will be no accountability for this, just as there has been no accountability for the Obamacare website disaster, the millions who have lost their health coverage only to find replacing it will cost much more, the scandals at the IRS, EPA, NSA and elsewhere – because there are no standards, no personal marks people are required to hit in this administration. Truly, anything goes for this administration.

Please help us today to keep an eye on this establishment and hopefully have our warnings heeded before others are injured or worse. Your gift of 200.00 or 500.00 or 1,000.00 could quite literally keep America safe from attack. The Obama administration has demonstrated it certainly won’t do that for us, clearly doesn't care.


Larry Ward
Chairman, Constitutional Rights PAC
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