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Obama, Pied Piper of Entitlement, Equal Outcome and Redistribution
4 years ago

By Sean Aland

Semper fidelis – Always Faithful- is forever connected to the US Marine Corps. Semper Paratus – Always Prepared- is forever connected to the US Coast Guard. In no time Semper inscribitur – Always Entitled – will be forever connected to the Obama administration and the progressive Democrats.  As part of the fundamental change the president promised, he has gone out of his way to ensure that everyone gets a trophy and that outcomes are the same. It appears that Democrats feel we still need to work on getting closer to equal outcomes in the US.  With his redistribution drive to ensure that everyone gets their “Fair share” and that the “Playing field is evened out” we see the Pied Piper of entitlements luring Americans into dependency on the new government plantation.  The Pied Piper is gathering his serfs in his quest to become the world’s Entitlement King. But let’s set the record straight.

We have never been a nation of “Equal Entitlement” or “Equal Outcome,” but have always been a land of equal opportunity.  Many on the left will lament that it’s not equal for minorities and blacks specifically.  Well if that were so how did Obama get elected twice?  Can you explain that, unless the answer really is that the election was twice stolen.  But I don’t think that’s true, stolen once but not twice.  The first time was stupidity.

So in the quest for equal outcome we see entry level employees who can’t be happy with a job period,  wanting $15.00 an hour for flipping burgers because someone better educated has a better job that pays more than the minimum wage.  The problem with the left and progressives is that even if they got $15.00 an hour it’s still not good enough, next they will want $20.00 an hour because someone else is getting that.

The ridiculous part of this whole equal entitlement or equal outcome culture is that nothing else in our society is geared that way.  Take sports for example, if we apply their logic to sports, then every competition from here on needs to end in a tie.  That is the only fair way for everyone to get the same share. 
The BCS standings would be easy because everyone is a winner with the same records.  No Bowls required.   For the Olympics the podium would need to be expanded because everyone would get the gold, or maybe we could change that to a nice ribbon to ensure that there was no monetary value to the award that would make their net worth more valuable than anyone else in the world.  We would also have to open the Olympics to everyone so that anyone with an Olympic dream could compete, not just those world class athletes who have trained so hard for years.  After all everyone is entitled to equal outcomes right?  Same scores and rewards for everyone, and all watered down to lowest common denominator.   No one could be physically superior, and doctors would be required to make the same mistake they made on one person on everyone else to ensure that no one was physically sounder.  In fact we would need to march every healthy American to the doctor’s office to start surgeries to ensure that everyone has the same repaired defects.  Maybe that is how they will fund Obamacare.

If someone loses a limb it would not be fair for them to have less so we would need to start amputations to be fair and ensure everyone else is the same.   Let’s all meet at the finish line and break the ribbon together.   The insanity could continue in multiple directions, but the point is different people have different talents, were not all the same.  In the real world there are winners and losers, rich and poor, successful and unsuccessful, and that is just the way it is. Some people work harder than others and see things differently. Some succeed through dumb luck and some are better prepared for an opportunity when they see it.  That is what makes our diverse society great.  Understand, life is not fair, get used to it. Things don’t always work out the way they should or for the good of everyone.  Need proof, just look at the last six years and the numbers of lies told and broken promises made by this administration.  Look at where they have taken this country and there is no doubt that unfairness exist.  Entitlements, exemptions, payoffs, special deals, rule the roost in DC.  Our elected officials screaming for equal everything don’t even send their kids to the same schools everyone in DC has to use, but they preach equality.  If equality and equal entitlement and outcome are so important to the DC elites, why don’t they send their kids to the public schools in DC?  The answer is because even in their world things are not equal.

This is not just a one party problem since there are progressive elites in both parties; it just appears that most reside on the left.  The Republicans in their chameleon quest to attract more people would rather character assassinate their base of conservatives and tea party members than stand for strong core values and good work ethic.  So they compromise time and time again, much to the delight of 


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4 years ago

the current administration and their minions.   Today there are three major parties in DC, the Democrats, Republicans and the get re-elected party.   Unfortunately it appears that the majority of politicians belong to the get re-elected party and could not care less about issues or constituents.  So instead of fixing the problems that exist through sound legislation, they will continue to unfairly administer our nation and compromise their values.   And under Obama’s tutelage both will continue using government entitlements and handing out as much as possible in exchange for votes in the next election.

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