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Barbara Walters: We Thought Obama Was 'the Next Messiah'
4 years ago

By Melanie Batley 

Barbara Walters said the difficulties engulfing President Barack Obama are a reflection of the let-down people are feeling from the high expectations they had during his earliest days in office when she and others thought he was going to be "the next messiah."

The 81-year-old broadcast journalist made the remarks during an interview on CNN's "Piers Morgan Live" on Tuesday, after Morgan asked her why Obama is facing so much opposition and why "he is struggling so much to really fulfill the great flame of ambition and excitement that he was elected on originally in 2009?"

Walters said, "Well, you've touched on it to a degree. He made so many promises. We thought that he was going to be — I shouldn't say this at Christmastime, but — the next messiah."

"And the whole Obamacare, or whatever you want to call it, the Affordable Health[care] Act, it just hasn't worked for him, and he's stumbled around on it, and people feel very disappointed because they expected more."

She added that the negative sentiment toward Obama is mainly due to the very high expectations people had for him.

"You're almost better off when they are low and then they rise and rise. His were very high and they've dropped. But you know, he still has several years to go. What does he have, three years, Piers? And you know, there will be a lot of changes, one thinks, in that time."

The most recent poll shows that the president's 
approval rating has sunk to its lowest levels since he's been in office, and marks the lowest approval rating of any other two-term president since World War II, with the exception of Richard Nixon, who was embroiled in the Watergate scandal.


4 years ago

This certainly won't help his ratings when Barbara Walters indicates that he has not kept his word to the people that elected him; and isn't that he made promies and they are unfufilled the same thing as saying he didn't keep his word?

4 years ago

The Care 2 liberals must be in shock.    Republicans were telling the libs from day one that Obama was a charlatan....

4 years ago

Diane:  No, it was conservatives and some CONSERVATIVE Republicans who were blowing the whistle on Dear Leader Obama back in 2008 and certainly not the GOP POTUS candidate. McManic, who consistently made opposite statements and didn't fight nor did Romney whose statements in the 2nd and 3rd debates (like agreeing Obama's failed foreign "policies") were the exact opposite of that.  Even today McConnell and Bonehead Boehner are not leveling much criticism against Obama and certainly not to the degree they are slimeing conservatives including elected members of their own party.  Those two and their clones like Ryan/McManic/Christe/etc are going to manage to loose the 2014 elections by once again turning off the conservative base. They manage to show more ignorance/arrogance/stupidity/etc than Obama with the likes of the "budget deal" and the pending amnesty deal dressed up as "immigration reform" and compound that by ranting against those who question their actions and statements.  As to the "Messiah Obama" it is a littler early to take Walters' comment too seriously since much of the alleged "media" and King Barack the Worst's base still support him and many give him a pass on his failures by blaming others or "circumstances beyond his control".  Sort of academic to a degree anyway since he isn't running for anything although I wouldn't put it past him and his evil machine to bypass the 2016 election by some pretext since laws and the Constitution isn't any barrier to their agenda.     

4 years ago

John, you started out so good on this and then what happened?  Back to the generalizations again.  I do not think you have a clue as to what will happen in 2014 as I do not think that it is going to be lost; what we have to do is make sure that we get behind those that are running for re-election and those that are running against incumbents of in some cases a Democrat running for the first time as well.  Actually, it is those that sit back all doom and gloom and complain rather than engaging in any activity that is productive to the Republican Party that lost the election in 2012 and will do harm to 2014 and all future elections.  Have you not read any of the really excellent articles that have been posted, John?  Do you now realize that you comments and attitude are no different than McCain?  You are doing the very same thing that you are accusing McCain of doing; you have become our resident McCain and Christie and I encourage you to take note of that and consider how much damage it done.  The Republican Party knows they have problems, but don't add to it by being another problem.  We need to encourage, make our voice heard in a positive manner.  The Democrats have won already if we don't; why give them the election, John.  I know that you care and that you love this Country, so please, we need to hear positive.  I would challenge you that for every negative that you have to share you give us 2 positives; they are there, John, they really are there.  So how about meeting that challenge and see if we can't help you to find the good again.

4 years ago

When I first saw all those media pictures of Obama with a halo behind his head or dressed like Jesus back in 2008, I was gobsmacked, name it.   It's "only" taken reelecting this snake oil salesman for the left to finally begin to wake up & smell the coffee and what a path of devastation he's left all of us. 

4 years ago

Diane:  Apparently you haven't been listening to how many average GOP voters are disgusted with the way the GOP "leadership" and media/consultant/party elites have been behaving of late with their comments and actions.    It is becoming quite clear when they pass "budgets" that expand spending but cut military retirement pay as a "cost savings" while also changing EXISTING LAW from the hokey budget "compromise" of a couple years ago that required a super majority to authorize spending beyond budget limits or raise taxes in the SENATE in a HOUSE generated bill and got support from RINOs in both houses to give the Dems unlimited power to change both tax and spending from the House.  I think the problem is you need to wake up as to what is really going on which isn't hard to do if you take a good hard look at what the Dems and the GOP are actually doing not what the RINO propaganda and talking points are.  Apparently too many here are accepting the David Brooks concept of "conservationism" that is echoed in many ways by the likes of Rove and many business "leaders".  What they want and are working for in the 2014 election cycle is more go-along get-along RINO candidates to push the "progressive" agenda items of big government spending/taxes/restrictions on individual liberty but just a slower pace and some tweaking here and there to look like thiey are "conservative" around election time.  Sorry but they are for "gay marriage", crony capitalism, defacto open borders, "affirmative action", and most of the rest of the "progressive agenda" including ObamaCare since they really haven't done anything effective to curtail it other than trash the likes of Cruz/Lee/etc who did push something in the Senate.  It is clear from statements made by the likes of McConnell/Boehner/Rove/Chrisite/business leaders like the head of the US Chamber of Commerce/CEO of Home Depot/etc that I've actually heard when being interviewed that their interests are not the same as most GOP voters especially conservative voters or those that support the TEA Party agenda of a more limited and more frugal government.  Just look at the farces that was the recent "bipartisan budget deal", the extension of the debt limit earlier this year that gave the adminstration a blank check as to a three month debt limit inrease, the approval with RINO support of bad administration appointments (and were "rewarded" for their "bipartisanship" with a Senate rule change that diminished the limited powers of minority - and McConnell promised to give the Dems the power back if the GOP took over the Senate in 2014), the sequester's 50% cut in Defense while allowing excessive waste in the government. and similar stupid actions by the RINO "leadership".  Sorry but the facts aren't in favor of your position here!  The facts are in what they actually DO and not what they SAY they are doing.  Perhaps you can explain their "successes" in these areas?  BTW, my attatude is the opposite of McManic but McConnell and Boehner go along with McManic as do Rove and the GOP "leadership" since he was their 2008 choice for party POTUS nominee and they generally follow his positions on issues and it is them and Romney that lost the 2012 election as they did the 2008, 1992, and 1976 elections with stand for nothing wimps and set up the 2006 congressional GOP losses with bad legislation and out of control spending when the GOP "had the whole government".   Been around too long and been following politics too long to be fooled by these clowns who apparently still are fooled by Dear Leader Obama, Reid, and the other Demagogues!           

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