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Melanin Pimps Silent On Marie Strumolo Burke
4 years ago

by Mychal Massie  

I have been in no way ambiguous pursuant to my support of Donald Sterling having the Constitutional right to think and say what he wants (sans crying fire in a crowded theater). That right specifically exists in what was understood to be a private conversation.

I would further be inclined to argue that no few of those attacking Mr. Sterling are doing so because they believe his comments provide them the means to extort money from the NBA and their sponsors. Which brings me to the duplicitous and selective outrage of those whom I define as the true racists.

Donald Sterling was in a no-win situation. He has the absolute right to complain about the men the woman taking his money was running around with. Even had he said only that he didn’t want V. Stiviano with men and made no mention of color, the race-mongers and melanin pimps, encouraged by a media that long ago shed any vestige of professional credibility, would have still claimed he was a racist. They would have claimed the racism was implied even though he didn’t say black.

The moral failing of America is that most people know this to be true, but they are feckless booboisies who for a plethora of reasons (not least of which is political expediency) refuse to defend Constitutional fairness. There is no clearer example of this than that of Belleville, New Jersey Democrat councilwoman and candidate for mayor, Marie Strumolo Burke.

Leroy Jones the Democrat leader and Chairman of the Essex County, New Jersey Council. And also a racist.

Leroy Jones the Democrat leader and Chairman of the Essex County, New Jersey Council. And also a racist.

Burke was captured on tape shouting and screaming that the proposed changes to the town’s tax rates would turn Belleville into a “F*****g niggertown.” You would think that this would have risen to at least a level of national outrage consistent with Mr. Sterling’s private comments.

Placed side by side there is no question in my mind who the true racists are; they are the people like Leroy Jones the Democrat leader and Chairman of the Essex County, New Jersey Council.

Jones refused to speak to me on May 6 when I called his office seeking his input. I gave him the courtesy of calling in the middle of the day allowing plenty of time for him to address his Democrat colleague’s comments. But as we have come to see and understand white Democrats can say and do anything without fear of reprisal except speak out against abortion, homosexuality, and support a conservative cause. In a show of solidarity with Burke, Democrat Councilman Kevin Kennedy accused those of asking him to address Burke’s vile words as doing so because he, i.e., Kennedy is black.

Burke’s heinous outburst was made in October 2013, but there was little to nothing said of it until April 2014. Those who should have spoken up refused to do so for reasons of political expediency and fear. I spoke with two of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s constituent aides. One named Lisa who passed me off to another named John when she found my questions more than she could handle. The aide named John tried to address my question of why there had been no condemnation of Burke’s comments by Christie with a flaccid attempt of redirecting my question back to me, asking why it was Christie’s “job to say something since she was a Democrat?” When I replied his response was like saying we should have ignored Hitler because he was in Germany; he turned me over to Christie’s press office at which time I was mysteriously disconnected from the call.

I also spoke with Belleville’s current mayor, Raymond Kimble, whom I found to be a decent man with no backbone, whose allegiance was to being re-elected. As Mayor Kimble explained to me, it was a Democrat issue and he feared being ostracized as a political opportunist.


4 years ago

There seems to be a major problem with selective racism in this Country today.  When an elected official of our government; local, state or federal, is more concerned with their re-election potential than they are their integrity and honesty, as well as accountabliity to those that elected them we have a major flaw in our country.  The reason I say this as the voters keep electing those that are guilty of this, so what does that say about our society as a whole?

I remember not that many years ago when the Speaker of the House, a Demcrat from the State of Washington and a man hightly respected and of impecible integrity, was so trashed by the media because his wife took advantage of his position and, without his knowledge, used the House mail room to have some mail sent, using his account for hte postage, when it was not government mail but personal.  He stepped down as Speaker as he recognized that even though he had not authorized this and that he had no knowledge, it was still his ultimate responsiblity to see that it did not happen.

Where are the politicians like that today?  We can watch the media and Democrats do all they can to ruin the charachter of George W. Bush Jr., but the media does not hold a Democrat, Barack Obama, nor others such as Hillary Clinton or John Kerry, accountable for their actions.  

I think we need to remember that racism is not simply a "black" issue, nor a "Hispanic" issue, it is when anyone of any nationality is deemed or their beliefs are deemed; when they are signled out and treated with less than the equality they should have with everyone else.  Christians are being treated in a racist-style manner in regard to the fact that every symbol and aspect of their faith is considered insulting to athiests and Muslims.

For all these years we have been a country that is a melting pot; people from all over the world, nearly every other country and culture has come to the U.S. to make it their home.  We have worked, played and worshiped next to each other all these years and now we have a media, political party and religious group that want to destroy that; we have hte MSM, Democrats and Muslims that want to destroy the ability of the people of this country to continue to do all thiese things; tell me where the racism is in this.  

Again, it is selective racism, pure and simple, selective racism.

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