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5 years ago
| Prophetic


Generations invest to establish an inheritance for those who follow. Those born into the next generation experience a convergence of handed down portionsgifted by the generation before and generations pastwith all yet to be obtained.

Treasures received from those who open the pathencourage our future and give us hope. The present generation inherits an estate, spiritual and otherwise, with an expectation they will prosper as a result. Since obtaining anything that’s not yet secured becomes our part, do we have sufficient will to pay the price?  

Enter the Holy Spirit of God, designer of human events that both build and humble us, of circumstances and mountains that prepare and test us. A prophetic atmosphere is upon us, with prophetic momentum to carry us. We see in the natural sense but are especially quickened to see according to the supernatural sphere,an exclusive authority of the Lord and His people.

We are determined to know what the Lord has spoken: We know in part—the part He has uniquely chosen for us—and specialize in that part, gaining fresh momentum with each day while refusing to doubt His voice or that He will do “His part.”

declare blessing to you, prophesying over you fresh vision . . . a keen eye and laser focus upon the fulfillment of your destiny plus completion of “your part” in accomplishing that destiny. Certainly you have the courage necessary to do your part, the part no one else can do and the one the Lord is both waiting for and confident you will do. Prophesy that part and then do it.Selah!  


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