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Of Syria, The M-Bros, the US & prophecy
5 years ago
| Prophetic
Monday, August 26, 2013  

Of Syria, The M-Bros, the US & prophecy

The occupant of the Oval Office is playing a very dangerous game with American domination of world power and prophecy. In fact, he is, like in every other vulnerable Northern African and Middle Eastern nation, using American might to do the bidding of the terrorist sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood (M. The MB's goal is to re-create the Islamic Caliphate in order to usher in the Mahdi's return and establish the "peace of Islam" over the entire world. The "democratically elected" usurper in the White House has put the full authority of the United States behind the MB and its militant arms in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, and has been angling to do so in Syria. Now he believes he has his chance. 

The White House says the Bashar Assad government used chemical weapons of mass destruction on the Syrian people. ABC News reports a White House official said that if the Syrian government had nothing to hide, it would allow the UN inspectors access to the site of the attack. It did. The Assad government said the UN would prove Assad's people were not behind the attacks. Yet the UN team sent to investigate the alleged chemical weapons use was fired upon by snipers in Damascus. The most organized political faction opposing the Assad government is the Muslim Brotherhood chapter in Syria as backed by al Qaeda fighters. Both Assad and the MB would want the world to know the truth--or would they?

Chemical weapons experts question the White House claim. AFP reports that Paula Vanninen, director of Verifin, the Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention, said, "At the moment, I am not totally convinced because the people that are helping them are without any protective clothing and without any respirators. In a real case, they would also be contaminated and would also be having symptoms." Gwyn Winfield, editor of CBRNe World magazine, which specializes in chemical weapons issues, said the evidence did not suggest that the chemicals used were of the weapons-grade that the Syrian military allegedly possesses in its stockpiles. 

This leaves a possibility that the MB factions killed Syrians in order to give the US an excuse to come against Assad on their behalf. Chemical weapons use was alleged in April by the White House and the MB forces in Syria, but those accusations dissolved when Russian experts investigated and concluded that the sarin gas used was not military grade and was likely used by the rebels, not the Assad regime. 

The demise of Damascus is prophesied in Isaiah 17:1: "Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." We also know that all the nations specifically mentioned as coming against Jerusalem in the end times are, and traditionally have been, Arab Ishmaelites, now Islamic. Their unity against the world is the MB goal. The occupant of the Oval Office is firmly entrenched with the MB as evidenced by his actions and the influence of the MB in his inner circle. This leadership is propelling the United States headlong into the dark side of prophecy. As a government of the people, for the people and by the people, Americans need to wake up to this reality and what it means.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
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