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Prophetic Word Aug. 26, 2013
5 years ago
| Visions

August 26, 2013


Arise and meet your destiny. Arise to this habitation; this new place of understanding that has the ability to call forth that which you have not yet seen. For, you know that I call those things that are not as though they were.  And, certainly I have done so for you personally, each one of you, as I have written your destiny over the ages for this time. Come now and be renewed. Come now and be invigorated by the moving of My Spirit. Come now and rejoice in that which I have done.   For, it has not been a small thing nor is it a hidden thing. For, today you see clearly with eyes of understanding that I am for you, that I am with you and that you will not be dissuaded by the lies of the enemy anymore from this day forward.  The truth of My word shall prevail in your life,  and the leading and guidance of My Spirit will cause you to walk in the path that I have ordained for you.  Continue to go forward.  If you get off of the path simply step back on and continue this journey.  The gratitude, the glory, and the greatness of My work shall cause rejoicing to resound throughout the kingdom.   Right now is the hour of perspective--the time in which I reveal to you the things that you've not understood.  Come and see.  Come and hear.  Come and believe.  Come and be renewed.  Come now.  Come to Me, says the Lord.



In a vision I watched two different men try to re-create a momentous occasion, one of which was a marriage  proposal.  In each case, even though they went to great lengths to make sure the details were correct, they could not re-capture the moment.  And, I heard:  Even your fondest memories cannot be re-lived.  Leave the past alone and stay present with Me, says the Lord.  You can do nothing to live again or change any part of what is behind.  But, you can live the rest of your life to its fullest capacity with dedication to My kingdom and a heart of thanksgiving. 

Romans 13:11  And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.

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