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THE RAPTURE [PROBLEM] for your discernment
5 years ago
| Prophetic
I think so's a shame these preachers are misleading people....200 years of evil for that man to subvert what the bible really says and most people have great faith in him, instead of the actual bible text. Almost every preacher today was trained in the Scoffield doctrine.  Does your pastor believe in dispensationalism?  It seems disloyal to Jesus.
How insidious to make people believe that God is going to rescue us from going through the tribulation....if that were true, then why did God allow the Romans to feed Christians to the lions?  Sometimes He does intercede but I'm not counting on it this time because some crackpot put his own spin on the RAPTURE that isn't even in the bible anywhere.  Caught up in the clouds to meet Jesus may happen long after we have died.  That seems more likely. Are the souls in the sea who are to be resurrected not dead already?  They are sleeping waiting for the resurrection.  That resurrection is on God's timing and nobody knows when....least of all 2 creeps like Darby and Scoffield.
Did you watch that first video?  Clearly the bible doesn't say what Scoffield says it states about Israel being given to them forever.  He just put it in there as footnotes because that's HIS interpretation done for a purely political know what they say about adding or taking away from the bible....tampering with the bible is a BIG sin. 
How can it be that 90% of modern Israelis are not even Hebrew origin, their religion rejects Christ, and yet most Christians think they are "the chosen" ????  Doesn't make any sense to me.  I have never gotten a clear explanation from anyone about that contradiction.  "Bless them that bless theereferred to ABRAHAM--- not this bunch of Christ haters of Asian / European descent who converted to a false religion Judaism.  They were actually the blasphemers who killed our Lord and Savior.  Jesus called them the Sons of Satan....what more proof could you want?  They are just as lost as any other false religion.  Rather than putting them up on a pedestal these preachers should be trying to convert them to Christ....why aren't they?  That should be their mission.
Christian Zionism is a conflict of interest in belief in Jesus Christ.  A man-made false doctrine if ever there was one.  I am not deceived on this point anymore, I feel I should warn everyone.  I hope they question it and ask their pastors to examine it further. Maybe they are deceived too.
I would really like to talk to Hal Lindsay or John Hagee about this but I'm sure they wouldn't want to have to defend dispensationalism given these facts.  How could they?  It's not biblical.
5 years ago
This would make a great bible study ---but I'll bet you won't find one about the rapture, because it's made up and not in the bible.  If you hear of one let me know I'd like to be in it.
Why are most Christians so disconnected with politics?  Is it a dodge from responsibility?  La la land sold to them by false teachers?  What?  Chuck Baldwin writes some good articles & this one will make you think.
I skipped the first part but you can go and read it if you want. It talks about the different kinds of dispensationalism, why they teach it, and why they don't teach the truth....and as he points out they don't have a good reason not to tell us the truth. 
Below he really goes into the fruit this false doctrine has born in our country, and how COWARDLY the preachers are that teach it. (eg. Hagee is a false teacher & dispensationalism seems like a false Christian Zionist doctrine to me.....see what you think)
Although I would like to believe the rapture is going to take us before the crap hits the fan ---historically Christians have ALWAYS suffered, are suffering now all over the world,  & I think we will too here in this country.  We all realize there are Christian martyrs.  It sure looks that way today doesn't it?  So should we be proactive and try to stop the evil forces or not?  I think we should.
Dispensationalism is not my cup of tea....that idiot Darby  started it in the 1800's  and it's heresy--- from everthing I've read he was a scoundrel.  That doctrine started with was NEVER taught before him.  Look it up if you don't believe me.  Scoffield popularized it AND CHANGED THE BIBLE...he "corrected" it.
see Hagee in action (ha ha) (Preview)
WATCH THIS.....IT'S PERFECTLY CLEAR:  The bible doesn't say what Scoffield wrote in footnotes.....Christian Zionists  are hoodwinked by Scoffield bible....God never promised Israel to the Jews
True or not, how it's being applied is the real problem.  Here are the fruits of dispensationalism and what it has wrought in our country:
from the article: 
Now, let me state plainly that it is not my intention at this point to disparage the sincerity of faith and belief of the vast numbers of pastors and Christians who subscribe to Dispensationalism. Whether the pre-tribulation rapture is a correct Biblical interpretation or not is NOT the focus of this discussion. I find a sizeable number of pastors and Christians who subscribe to post-millennialism and other forms o
5 years ago
Whether the pre-tribulation rapture is a correct Biblical interpretation or not is NOT the focus of this discussion. I find a sizeable number of pastors and Christians who subscribe to post-millennialism and other forms of eschatology to be just as disengaged from speaking out and engaging the political process as pre-tribulationists.
That being said, I believe it is an absolute fact that many pastors and Christians are using the doctrine of a pre-tribulation rapture to justify sitting back and doing nothing to actively resist evil and wickedness. In their minds, there is no need to be politically involved because everything is going to get worse anyway--but they are going to be raptured to Heaven before it all falls apart. I have actually had pastors say to me, “Chuck, by resisting evil government, you are fighting against God, because it is God’s will that government gets worse and worse so that Jesus can come back.”
The wretchedness of this kind of thinking should be obvious to any rational person. In the first place, how arrogant are these American Christians to think that they are so special that God would have to rapture them before any real tribulation began? Think of the millions of Christians in oppressed nations throughout history--and even today--who have already been, and continue to be, IN GREAT TRIBULATION. The tribulation of Christian martyrs throughout church history is legendary. Have they never read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs? Do they not know what has taken place in southern Sudan over the last 20 years? Have they not read the history of Christians in Mao’s China, Amin’s Uganda, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, etc. Who do they think they are? Why should Christians in America be spared what Christians throughout the world have endured and are enduring? Even if their interpretation of a pre-tribulation rapture is correct, that doesn’t mean for one moment that Christians in America would not be called on to suffer great tribulation at the hands of a wicked and oppressive government--especially considering that the vast majority of pastors are doing almost nothing to resist our government from becoming wicked and oppressive. For the doctrine of a pre-tribulation rapture to be used as some kind of sit-back-and-do-nothing-because-a-divine-Seventh-Cavalry-is-coming-to-rescue-us attitude is the height of absurdity. Dare I say it borders on blasphemy?
Secondly, people who use the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine as an excuse to justify being disconnected from political involvement by saying things like, “Jesus is coming soon, so it doesn’t matter!” are demonstrating either acute cowardice or immeasurable ignorance.”
Christians throughout the millennia have looked for the return of Jesus. The doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ has been held sacred by Christians of every generation for over two thousand years. That Jesus is coming soon doesn’t stop us from going to school and getting an education; it doesn’t stop us from going to work every day to earn a living; it doesn’t stop us from planning our financial futures or saving for retirement; it doesn’t stop us from teaching and training our children; it doesn’t stop us from learning and exercising personal skills; it doesn’t stop us from locking our doors or buying expensive alarm systems to protect us from the bad guys; and it doesn’t stop these disconnected pastors from spending years trying to perfect their golf game. Neither should it stop us from preserving the liberties and freedoms of our nation.
I am reminded of the Old Testament king of Judah, Hezekiah. He was told by the prophet that God was going to judge his country with great oppression, but that it would not happen until after he expired, some 15 years later. Hearing that, Hezekiah said (paraphrase), “Oh goodie! At least it won’t happen while I’m alive.”
I ask you, what kind of father and grandfather would rather see his own children and grandchildren endure persecution and oppression than him do something in his lifetime to prevent it? What kind of uncaring, hard-hearted, pleasure-mad sorry-excuses-for-manhood are we that we would not want to sacrifice our own comfort, our own possessions, our own lives, in order to provide something better for our children and grandchildren?
These stand-for-nothing pastors do NOT know when Jesus is coming. And they do not know what kind of tribu
5 years ago
These stand-for-nothing pastors do NOT know when Jesus is coming. And they do not know what kind of tribulation their children and grandchildren are going to endure at the hands of future tyrants and despots because they refused to do something that could have prevented it.
Our Christian forebears believed in the return of Christ and in personal resurrection. Whether they were pre-millennial, post-millennial, pre-tribulational, mid-tribulational, post-tribulational, etc., they didn’t allow their personal interpretation of Bible prophecy keep them from doing what was the right thing to do when it was in their power to do it. They were statesmen, leaders, and even warriors. They worked; they dug; they studied; they taught; they led; and they fought. And when needed, they risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.
Are we really more spiritual than were they? Are we really more studied? More intelligent? More dedicated? More sincere? More courageous? Or more Christ-like?
How dare this generation of spoiled, lazy, comfort-laden, cowardly, sheepish, success-motivated, passive pulpits sit in judgment on the Christian men and women of history who, regardless of their personal interpretation of eschatology, actively engaged in the social, cultural, and, yes, political affairs of their countries--and helped bequeath to us, their posterity, a free and independent land? How dare they use the doctrine of the rapture as an excuse to justify their own indifference? And more importantly, how dare Christians tolerate such cowardice and carnality?
Thirdly, Dispensationalists allow their interpretation of Bible prophecy relating to future Israel to obfuscate the divine principles of liberty as it relates to present America. Preachers such as John Hagee have twisted the scriptures to support almost unlimited wars of aggression against Middle Eastern countries in the name of befriending Israel. In reality, unconstitutional war, nation-building, foreign interventionism, etc., is no friend to Israel, the United States, or any other country.
America’s foreign policy is a global nightmare. It has made enemies where none existed. It has made it increasingly difficult for American missionaries to give the Gospel to people in foreign countries. In many countries, it has inflamed the persecution of Christians.
It has greatly contributed to the economic bankruptcy of the United States. It has turned the affections of the world against us. It has turned many American Christians from peacemakers to warmongers. Under the rubric of the “war on terror,” America is being turned into a giant police state. In truth, the Warfare State that has been created in this country is not a blessing to Israel (or any other country), but a curse. But the Dispensationalists’ interpretation of prophecy tends to blind them to these maladies.
Yes, many pastors and Christians have a rapture problem. But the problem is not really the doctrine itself but the way it is misapplied. I know pastors of all theological and eschatological backgrounds who are actively engaged in the freedom fight; and I know pastors of all theological and eschatological backgrounds who are disengaged from the freedom fight. It’s up to the man. If men want to, they can hide behind anything. And when pastors choose to hide behind the rapture, it becomes a problem for all of us.
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