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Bipartisan Policy Center website...
I just want to know....
8 years ago
VOTING in 2008 then visit here first!
8 years ago
Anyone planning on voting in the 2008 election? There is a great site that helps explains the issues. You can find out where you really stand and not just where you think you stand. The site isn't republican or democratic or libertarian or anything. It is full of information about the candidates, etc. Try it, I think you all will like it. (
Webseminar: Grant Writing June 27th Noon ET!
8 years ago

Do you have a slight grimace on your face when you think of sitting down to write a grant?

Do you have to remind yourself to breathe when thinking of the amount of research & writing ahead of you?

Would you like for grant writing to be fun?

Join us on Wednesday (June 27th) at noon ET (11 am CT/10 am MT/9 am PT) for our Changing The World LIVE free, weekly teleseminar. We’ll be exploring

Tips for Making Grant Writing As Painless As Possible – Maybe Even Fun

We will have guest expert Nicole Summers will share some great tips for effective grant writing.   Nicole is Executive Director of the Faith Center and is a partner with MidSummer Fund Development. She also is the former Director of Development/Capital Campaign Coordinator for CentrePeace.

Here’s the info for the call:

1-866-885-0409 (toll-free)
conference id: 9602133

See you Wednesday!


P.S. Check out other free recordings on topics ranging from How to Approach a Foundation for Funding to Developing a Board Recruitment Strategy.

Corporate Ethics International!
8 years ago
Fundraising tool!
8 years ago
8 years ago
Video Description

Here is a fun and quick tour through the mission, history, tools and plans of the Backbone Campaign and its companion project

9 years ago
Dear Cherie,

Next week, between Monday, February 5th, and Sunday,
February 11th, thousands of people will be meeting
in 68 countries to imagine a better world and to
start building it by connecting people, ideas, and
resources in every possible way.

264 meetings have been scheduled so far, and if there
is one near you, it'd be great if you could take part
in it. The meetings are all listed at:

For more details about this initiative, please see

You can also watch this two-minute video that I
taped yesterday for the people who are attending
these meetings:

And also this one, with comments from people who
attended a brainstorming meeting we had in New York
last week:

If you are interested but no meeting has been posted
where you are, we will do this again in March, and
we hope you can attend then.

Thanks so much for your support. We look forward to
what next week will bring, and to building this global
network with you.

Ami Dar and the team
Action Without Borders

NYC Urban Justice
9 years ago
Sunlight Foundation website... a MUST SEE!
9 years ago
American Rights at Work website... get involved here
9 years ago
9 years ago
NGO Global Network and many useful links.
9 years ago
Friends Committee on National Legislation.
9 years ago
Friends Committee on National Legislation
245 Second St. NE, Washington, DC 20002-5795 *
phone: (202)547-6000 * toll-free: (800)630-1330

We seek a world free of war and the threat of war
We seek a society with equity and justice for all
We seek a community where every person's potential may be fulfilled
We seek an earth restored.
9 years ago

wow  .. interesting information

Activist Handbook to visit...
9 years ago
Gray Panthers group.
9 years ago

The Gray Panthers is an intergenerational advocacy organization with over 40,000 activists working together for social and economic justice. Gray Panthers' issues include universal health care, jobs with a living wage and the right to organize, preservation of Social Security, affordable housing, access to quality education, economic justice, environment, peace and challenging ageism, sexism, racism.

Center for Media and Democracy link.
9 years ago
More Website Links... I hope you enjoy!
9 years ago - Green Party of the United States - Air America online Radio - Researches misinformation in the U.S. media. - Center for Policy Alternatives: Progressive/Liberal resource for sample legislation and issues research

There are many other excellent liberal and progressive sites, but rather than listing all of them here, the following two sites have lengthy lists of links - Discussion forum for liberal issues - News and views from a liberal perspective
9 years ago
Philanthropy News Digest website... NETWORKING HERE!
9 years ago
Congressional Institute website
9 years ago
How to Impeach a President "National Teach-In"
9 years ago

 How to Impeach a President today, you can go to

to learn about a "National Teach-In" on impeachment organized by the Center for Constitutional Rights and Melville House, launching nationwide on July 19 in cities and towns across the country. (This is a new site so if it crashes try back later.)

Please join the effort:­ visit and organize a Teach-In in your home or community center. An "action kit" ­-- including a DVD documentary short, HOW TO IMPEACH A PRESIDENT, the handbook ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT AGAINST GEORGE W. BUSH, and other resources ­-- is available at the website. Join the CCR, the nation's leading institute of constitutional scholarship and activism, in making the impeachment of George W. Bush a reality.

LiberalOasis blog.
9 years ago
Engage become centered!
9 years ago
Write to your Congressman here!
9 years ago
9 years ago
Open Society Justice Initiative website...some interesting articles.
9 years ago
BuzzFlash... If you read nothing else **PLEASE** see this website!!
9 years ago
Democracy Now! Radio and TV News... another view.
9 years ago
Website to use...
9 years ago
People's Weekly
9 years ago
Political Affairs Magazine website. ***CHECK IT OUT***
9 years ago
NetAid website.
9 years ago
NetAid Activism website  Home
The Media College of the University of the Poor!
9 years ago

The Media College of the University of the Poor

Reading & Writing are no longer enough.

If Thom Paine were organizing today he would be using video tape, web pages, and digital cameras, and all the new electronic media to get his messages across. This new media simultaneously engages both seeing and hearing, combining all manner of text, pictures, spoken word, sound and music. It has acquired a power once the exclusive domain of the written word.

The ability to understand and communicate with electronic audio/visual material is no less than the ability to read and write in the pre-electronic world. To educate and organize people around ideas and information in the present period it is essential to have a working knowledge of these new forms of communication.

Become a master of media.

Through the Media College you and your group can:

  • Learn how to use media in your organizing!
  • Learn how other groups have used media to further their goals!
  • Develop and make your own media!

The Media College is:

  • A project of The Poor Peoples' Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC).
  • Open to all members of the PPEHRC.
  • Free tuition.
  • Dedicated to securing the economic human rights for all people.
#1 site to use!
9 years ago
RATED #1 by yours truely!
PROGRESSIVE PUNCH website! Also Job listings...
9 years ago
9 years ago
POWER ON: Community Organizing and Technology
9 years ago
ZNet Resources website
9 years ago
OPEN DIRECTORY--Activism Resources.
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago

Basic e-mail is an effective outreach tool, whether you're organizing a demonstration or advocating against repressive legislation. Do you want to stop something, or start something? Are you more likely to achieve your goal by picketing, or petitioning? Once you've defined your goal, you'll want to identify your likely allies. Traditionally, this meant consulting your Rolodex. In cyberspace, it means finding the Usenet groups (also called newsgroups) and e-mail discussion lists where your issues are most likely to be addressed.

You can find discussion lists by using widely available Web search engines like AltaVista, or by visiting Web sites which track e-mail discussion lists, such as Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (PAML). If you want to start your own e-mail discussion list, the Institute for Global Communications (IGC) offers this service for a modest fee.

Since Usenet groups are all topic-oriented, you'll find the relevant ones if you search by keywords that relate to your issue, in the newsreader that comes with your Internet service. You also can find relevant newsgroups by visiting the Usenet Info Center Web site. One of the most relevant:

Keep in mind that not all Usenet groups will be accessible, since your Internet service provider decides which are included with your service. For example, PeaceNet's newsgroups are available only to people who receive Internet service from IGC, and America Online's are only available to AOL subscribers.

You can also send electronic alerts to Web sites that feature action alerts, although there is no guarantee they will decide to feature yours. In addition to the MoJo Wire, other sites that host action alerts include IGC, Working Assets Long Distance, WebActive, and InterActivism.

The Internet is vast, and any information you send to one Usenet group or discussion list is likely to wind up on dozens of others. So it's not essential that you identify every single list and newsgroup. If you post information to one or two discussion lists, the chances are good that it will wind up being posted to half a dozen others. But the chances are also good that your e-mail alert will circulate in cyberspace for years, so it's important to include an "expiration" date, along with the necessary contact information. (I'm still getting occasional replies to a sign-on letter to President Clinton urging him to oppose the Communications Decency Act (CDA), which became law more than a year ago when Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996.)

Organizing in cyberspace is really not much different than organizing anywhere else. E-mail action alerts are the electronic version of the flyers that grassroots organizers hand out on street corners or at rallies. The difference is that e-mail alerts reach people far more people, reach them instantaneously, and cost nothing to distribute.

Audrie Krause is the founder and executive director of NetAction, a national nonprofit group which promotes the use of technology for organizing and advocacy.


Moving Ideas Network website.
9 years ago
American Progress Action website.
9 years ago
Thank You Cindy and Ann.
9 years ago
Thank You Cindy and Ann! I am a firm believer that if we're not part of the solution then we must be part of the problem. Taking a stand for something which you Ladies exemplify sets a good example!!  There is strength in numbers and here on Care2 we have a voice.  Peace, Love and Joy!
9 years ago
yes Cherie thank you, i had just finished posting in another group the need to get physically involved the low and behold i come here and find all these great resources.

9 years ago
~ Those are great!  Thanks for posting! 
Wellstone Action-Trainng Program!
9 years ago
Another Political Information website.
9 years ago
9 years ago