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Cristian Fernandez / 12 yrs / Jacksonville, FL

This thread is for those following the case of:

Cristian Fernandez / Jacksonville, Florida

This article talks about the abuse this boy has suffered throughout his lifetime and how his mother was only 12 yrs old herself when she gave birth to Cristian F.

Cristian Fernandez' Brother Suffered Broken Leg Earlier this Year

7:51 PM, Jun 5, 2011

Written by Jackelyn Barnard , First Coast News

Before I go further with listing info about this case, I just want to remind everybody that we take very seriously the charges for which the children and youth are accused of and we are very sympathetic to the alleged victims.

Please, keep in mind many times the media reports news as the Prosecutor and police would like the information to be released. Much of the time the only information the media has access to is that of the one side. Time and time again we have found upon a little digging and investigating, a more exact truth comes out of these cases.

Please remember, these children are being accused of an "alleged" crime. Also, they are the product of their environment, our society.

We offer our most sincere thoughts and prayers for all of the children in this case. May God bring light into these children's lives.

12-Year-Old Florida Boy Charged With Murder

Accused of Beating Half-Brother To Death

POSTED: 12:22 pm EDT June 3, 2011
UPDATED: 12:57 pm EDT June 3, 2011

abc 25 news / West Palm Beach news
A 12-year-old Jacksonville boy has been formally charged in the murder of his 2-year-old half brother.

Cristian Fernandez is accused of hitting his half brother in the head at least twice with "blunt force" on March 14. He will be tried as an adult."
He is being charged with murder in the first degree and aggravated child abuse.
His mother, Biannela Marie Susana, was also charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child.

He is being held in the Duval County Jail in a section for juveniles.

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from: China News

U.S. 12-year-old boy killed 2-year-old brother, or face life in prison


  • brother suffered a skull fracture, intracranial hemorrhage.
  • he will not be sentenced to death, but it could face life imprisonment
  • "Lawyer Rob Mason (Rob Mason) said Fernandez living environment full of tragedy. 12 years old his mother pregnant with him, and his father so by charges of sexual abuse, a prison sentence; his stepfather died of suicide. Mason said: “The poor living environment, the child itself is the victim.”' 

from: The Lahore Times

(HEAD OFFICE: 6-ST. John Building, Aziz Bhatti Road, Lahore Cantt, PAKISTAN)

12 year old Cristian Fernandez lad feared as becoming youngest American life time prisoner, For killing his brother

Can 12-Year-Old Be Rehabbed As Juvenile?Boy Accused Of Killing 2-Year-Old Brother Charged As Adult

POSTED: Wednesday, June 8, 2011
UPDATED: 3:44 pm EDT June 8, 2011

(The station's mailing address is: WJXT-Channel 4
4 Broadcast Place
Jacksonville, FL 32207 For news tips, either call the newsroom at 904-393-9844 or select News Tips from the pulldown menu below.)


"Children who are considered high risk are typically put in secure programs with the Juvenile Justice Department and receive care every day.

The concern for Fernandez, who's charged as an adult, is that he'll likely spend time in jail, up to life in prison on a first-degree murder conviction in the killing of his 2-year-old brother, and it's uncertain how much counseling, if any, he would receive while there."

"State Attorney Angela Corey said Fernandez cannot be rehabilitated in the juvenile system.

"Quite simply, the juvenile court doesn't give us sufficient time or sufficient options to do what we need to do," she said.

Corey believes the boy is a threat to the community."

"Fernandez, while housed with juveniles for now, will continue to be treated as an adult."

Article contains some quotes by Pastor Mark Griffin who runs Wayman Ministries.

Cristian Fernandez, Youngest Jacksonville Murder Suspect, Being Moved from Adult Jail Back to Juvy Center7:55 PM, Jun 24, 2011 First Coast News / Written by Jackelyn Barnard


"JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The youngest murder suspect in Jacksonville history, Cristian Fernandez has spent three weeks in isolation at the Duval County jail.

But on Friday, Chief Judge Donald Moran ordered that he be moved back to the juvenile center, saying he did not like the fact that the child, presumed to be innocent, was in isolation for 23-hours a day."

The states claim: "The document notes that in the case of his 2-year-old brother's murder, Fernandez "...repeatedly slammed his brother's head into a bookcase....(until he) 'went to sleep'(or lost consciousness) because (Fernandez) was angry."

"It also said Fernandez is now "under investigation for the sexual molestation of one of his surviving siblings."

"According to prosecutors, Fernandez later admitted to the act."

"Prosecutors noted Fernandez has also had a psychological evaluation. The doctor found he was a "high risk" for future violence."

"Fernandez will receive counseling at the juvenile center, said public defender Matt Shirk."

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For the following, I do not have the link to the original article posted on another message board. I've copied the post and listed the link to the message board where it was found.

Posted at:

DAVID GALARRIAGO - 2 yo /Accused: Christian Fernandez, brother(12) - Jacksonville FL

Post by twinkletoes on Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:54 am

Boy, 12, Indicted In Brother's Killing
12-Year-Old Youngest Person Ever In Duval Co. Indicted On Murder Charge
June 2, 2011

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 12-year-old boy was indicted Thursday on first-degree murder charges
in the beating death of his 2-year-old brother.

Cristian Fernandez beat David Galarriago on March 14 at the Carrington Place
Apartments in the 11800 block of Alden Road, according to the state
attorney's office. The toddler died at Shands Jacksonville Medical
Center two days later from blunt force trauma to the head, prosecutors said.

Fernandez is the youngest person ever indicted on murder charges in Duval County.

"The fact that we indicted a 12-year-old in and of itself is a stunning
event and a sad event in our prosecutorial lives that we had to do this,
but it is the only legal mechanism that we can use to protect the
community from this particular defendant at this point," State Attorney Angela Corey said.

Details of the killing have not yet been released.
Bianella Susana, Fernandez's mother, was home at the time of the beating, along
with the 12-year-old's two other half-siblings, Corey said.

Susana has been charged with negligent manslaughter.
No one was at the family's home Thursday to comment on the indictment.
Corey said the family moved to Jacksonville to Miami less than a year ago.

"In a case of this magnitude where the facts are absolutely
provable as first-degree murder, then the only way that we can trust
that we can fashion any kind of a sentence that both protects the public
and at some point tries to help someone who is 12 years old and commits
a first-degree murder is to put it in the adult system and work from there," Corey said.

Fernandez was being housed with other juveniles at the Duval County Jail. He was given access to a counselor.
Before Thursday's indictment, the youngest person to be indicted in Duval
County was a 13-year-old who killed a correctional officer decades ago.
Judge rules Jacksonville 12-year-old to remain in jail
Cristian Fernandez charged in death of half brother.
Posted: June 5, 2011 - 12:00am
By Charlie Patton

"Cristian Fernandez, the 12-year-old indicted for murder and aggravated child abuse of his brother, will continue to be held without bond in the Duval County jail until at least Wednesday, a Jacksonville judge ruled Saturday."
"...made his first appearance in adult court Saturday before Circuit Court Judge Waddell Wallace."
"The boy made his entrance into the courtroom among 80 fellow inmates, all recently arrested or transferred to the jail."
continued article & notes
Judge rules Jacksonville 12-year-old to remain in jail
Cristian Fernandez charged in death of half brother.
Posted: June 5, 2011 - 12:00am
by Charlie Patton

"He was represented by Assistant Public Defender Rob Mason, who asked the court to transfer the 12-year-old from the jail back to juvenile facilities.

Mason said Fernandez, whom psychologists have found emotionally and psychologically immature, had been doing well in the juvenile facility before being moved to the jail late Friday.

But Wallace, who is not overseeing the case, said he would defer to Circuit Court Judge Elizabeth Senterfitt, before whom Fernandez is scheduled to appear for arraignment Wednesday."

"Fernandez is charged with the March 14 beating death of his 2-year-old half brother David Galarriago at the family's Southside apartment."

"His mother, Biannela Susana, 25, who gave birth to Fernandez when she was 12, is also being held in jail on charges of culpable negligence in the aggravated manslaughter of the younger boy.", (904) 359-4413
Re: DAVID GALARRIAGO - 2 yo /Accused: Christian Fernandez, brother(12) - Jacksonville FL

Post by plaidlined on Sun Jun 05, 2011 8:46 am

Months before a Jacksonville 12-year-old was charged as an adult with the first-degree murder of his 2-year-old half-brother, defense lawyers had embarked on the mountainous task of defending a young man that they’re convinced can be reformed.

Cristian Fernandez was indicted Thursday by a Duval County grand jury. The Kernan Middle School student could spend the rest of his life in prison if he’s convicted of first-degree murder in the March 14 beating death of 2-year-old David Galarriago at the family’s Southside apartment.

Assistant Public Defender Rob Mason, who is one of two attorneys in the office assigned to represent Fernandez, said Friday that the defense strategy has been building since Galarriago’s death in mid-March.

Mason said Fernandez’s father is a construction worker who has never been around, partly because he went to prison for statutory sexual assault charges after impregnating Fernandez’s mother.

Biannela Susana, 25, had Fernandez when she was 12.

Susana and Fernandez went to foster care together when Fernandez was 2 and she was 14, Mason said, because authorities found the toddler walking around dirty and naked outside a South Florida motel while his grandmother, who would have been about 34 at the time, nursed a drug habit inside.

“The whole system has failed him. This child clearly is a victim,” Mason said. “We think he can be rehabilitated and, as his lawyers, we will fight for that.”

The dossier on Fernandez also shows physical and sexual abuse. Mason said police in the Miami area were on their way to arrest Fernandez’s stepfather when he shot and killed himself in front of the family. That was just last October, an event that prompted Susana to head north with her children, settling in Jacksonville.

But the family could not escape its problems.

Susana has been charged with manslaughter by culpable negligence in Galarriago’s death. Police say she knew Fernandez was beating the toddler— even breaking his leg in January — but did nothing to intervene and lied to state investigators when they began asking questions about the apparent abuse.

Mason said Fernandez has been evaluated by two forensic psychologists who seem to think he functions at a lower psychological and emotional level for his age but, with the right intervention, could grow into a productive adult.

Mason said he and co-counsel Debra Billard have met with prosecutors to talk about everything from the forensic psychoanalysis to the well-documented turmoil that Fernandez’s family left South Florida to escape.

Thursday, State Attorney Angela Corey acknowledged that the prosecution and defense have been communicating but she said she believed it was in the community’s best interest that Fernandez be incarcerated.

“It is a complex case,” Mason said. “We respectfully disagree with her [Corey’s] decision on this point but we appreciate that she didn’t have to meet with us.”

(This link that was attached does not go directly to the source so I had to copy entire post from another message board: "Read more at")
Slain Girl's Mom Questions Murder Charge12-Year-Old To Be Arraigned In Court Wednesday

POSTED: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 /
"...preparing for his arraignment in court on a murder charge Wednesday.

They will enter a not guilty plea in the beating death of 2-year-old David Galarriago."
"He is just a little boy, a 12-year-old who is emotionally and psychology younger than 12," Fernandez's attorney, Rob Mason, said. "He certainly has some difficulty in understanding the big picture."
"Mason said there is no comparison to his client and Phillips. Mason said that according to police, Fernandez pushed his brother against a bookcase several times and then called his mom to tell her the 2-year-old was hurt."
""Right now, I think this system has let this child fall though the cracks," Delongis said."
"At a hearing in family court next week, the Florida Department of Children and Families will ask for the parental rights of Fernandez's mother, 25-year-old Biannela Susana..."
"Fernandez is the youngest person ever in Duval County to be indicted on murder charges."

Cristian Fernandez

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Cristian Fernandez


NEWS VIDEO re: Parent's Group,  starts Petition asking Cristian Fernandez to be Tried as an Adult

Hurting Families with Children in Crime Inc.

Cristian Fernandez

Court document / Indictment (pdf file)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Judge Mallory D. Cooper is assigned to Cristian Fernandez case
"A new judge has been assigned to the case of a 12-year-old charged with murdering his toddler half brother in a Jacksonville apartment.

Circuit Judge Mallory Cooper took over the Cristian Fernandez case Tuesday, according to court records.

Circuit Judge Elizabeth Senterfitt had been hearing the case until she recused herself last week at the Public Defender’s Office’s request.

Fernandez’s lawyers were concerned about asking her to allow Fernandez to await trial in a juvenile facility instead of the Duval County jail, where her husband, Undersheriff Dwain Senterfitt, has a strong say in policy.

Fernandez had been held in isolation for 23 hours daily at the Duval County jail since June 3 until Chief Circuit Judge Donald Moran ruled Friday that he be transported back to the juvenile center.

Fernandez is the youngest person in Jacksonville’s history to face a first-degree murder charge. If convicted, he would face life in prison. His next court date is July 21."

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Cristian Fernandez, Youngest Jacksonville Murder Suspect, Being Moved from Adult Jail Back to Juvy Center7:55 PM, Jun 24, 2011 / First Coast News / Written byJackelyn Barnard


" spent three weeks in isolation at the Duval County jail.

But on Friday, Chief Judge Donald Moran ordered that he be moved back to the juvenile center, saying he did not like the fact that the child, presumed to be innocent, was in isolation for 23-hours a day."

"There were other juvenile inmates at the adult jail with Fernandez, but State Attorney Angela Corey said he was kept in isolation for his own protection.

The state said others need to be protected from Fernandez. According to a document filed by the State Attorney's Office today, Fernandez is a "...significant risk of violence to those around him."

"Prosecutors noted Fernandez has also had a psychological evaluation. The doctor found he was a "high risk" for future violence."

Father of Cristian Fernandez Speaks on His Son's Charges10:46 PM, Jun 11, 2011 / First Coast News / Written by Nikesha Leeper


"MIAMI, Fla. -- The absentee father of Cristian Fernandez was stunned when informed Wednesday his 12-year-old son is in jail facing a first-degree murder charge in Jacksonville. Fernandez's former neighbors in Hialeah were equally astonished, saying the accusation he killed his toddler half brother are out of character for the boy they described as quiet, shy and polite.

"Maybe it was an accident," the boy's father, Jose Antonio Fernandez, 31, told the Times-Union through an interpreter Wednesday."

"...a quiet investigation lasting almost three months, ..."

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Father (Jose Antonio Fernandez), former neighbors stunned by murder charge against Cristian Fernandez
Dad didn't know 12-year-old son had been charged with killing half brother.
Posted: June 11, 2011 - 8:50pm
By Jeff Brumley

While those who knew the boy in his native South Florida say the charge is inconsistent with his past behaviors, some suggested his turbulent upbringing could have led him to snap.

'He was affectionate'

But Jose Antonio Fernandez said he just doesn’t see his son acting that way.

The two hung out on a regular basis earlier in the boy’s life, playing catch and watching television, Fernandez said.

“He was never aggressive,” the man said outside his residence at a mobile home park near Miami International Airport. “I never saw him with bad intentions or a bad attitude.”

Their together time was made possible by a 10-year probation instead of incarceration for a 1999 conviction for having sex with Susana, who subsequently gave birth to Cristian at age 12. Dad, now a registered sexual offender, was 20 at the time but avoided prison after vowing to raise the boy.

“He was affectionate,” he said of his son. “He told me he loved me all the time.”

But the father said he began to see less of his son after the mother moved in with her boyfriend in Hialeah about five years ago. It wasn’t long before Fernandez said he became aware the man, Luis Galarraga-Blanco, had a temper.

“I saw him once yell at him [Cristian] and raise his hand to hit him,” Fernandez said. “He didn’t hit him. But he almost did.”

Rather than stepping in to defend the boy, Fernandez said he took that as his cue to move on.

“I couldn’t do anything,” he said. “She has a relationship with this man, and I can’t get in the middle.”

Others have described Galarraga-Blanco as abusive with the boy, and the man was later accused by authorities of punching Cristian Fernandez in the eye."


Fernandez gave mixed reviews of Susana’s parenting skills. The boy looked well cared for sometimes, and less so at others.

“She lost custody once because she left him in the street without even Pampers,” he said. The state Department of Children and Families would not confirm the claim.

'Never a fighter'

Residents at the Hialeah apartment complex where the boy and his family lived the past several years said they knew nothing about that, and a DCF spokesman in Jacksonville said the office could not release records about any child who is still living.

Most neighbors stood shocked, hands placed quickly to foreheads or cheeks, when they learned the boy has been charged

Father, former neighbors stunned by murder charge against Cristian Fernandez
Dad didn't know 12-year-old son had been charged with killing half brother.
Posted: June 11, 2011 - 8:50pm
This is a must read article! This article has a ton of info from old neighbors.

Times-Union writer David Hunt contributed to this report., (904) 359-4310

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Father, former neighbors stunned by murder charge against Cristian Fernandez
Dad didn't know 12-year-old son had been charged with killing half brother.
Posted: June 11, 2011 - 8:50pm


Calling All Supporters of Cristian Fernandez!

If you would like to participate in advocacy for Cristian, please join the child advocacy non-profit "Children's Hope and Voice" at their Care2 (petition site) Group / message board:

Notice: After joining Care2, the application to the group simply asks you how you were referred to the group.

You will need to respond "Invite at news story" or other reason why you want to participate in advocacy for this child. I am the administrator of the group and CEO of Children's Hope and Voice.

Only genuine and sincere individuals need apply to volunteer.

Thank you!

State Attorney Angela Corey

(Prosecutor of Cristian Fernandez' case.)
2008 Campain website:


State Attorney's Office for the Fourth Judicial Court:

Contact Info:

Duval County Courthouse Annex

220 East Bay Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Contact The State Attorney's Office

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Main Switchboard: (904) 630-2400

Case Information: (904) 630-1983

Business Office: (904) 630-2507

Citizen / Consumer Complaints - 2nd Floor: (904) 630-2075

County Court Divisions - 10th Floor: (904) 630-2490

Circuit Court Divisions - 14th Floor: (904) 630-2400

Juvenile Diversion Programs - 11th Floor: (904) 630-2444

Juvenile Court Divisions - 11th Floor: (904) 630-2440


press release webpage:

Circuit Judge Mallory Cooper

Official website of the city of Jacksonville, FL

Duval County Judges: Biographies

Jacksonville, FL Official website/ Duval County Judges:

CR-DMallory D. Cooper(Admin Judge)(904) 630-2349605

Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts - Duval County, Florida

Felony webpage:

(904) 630-2065 from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday - Friday, and are located in Room M101 at the Duval County Courthouse, 330 East Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202.

Chief Judge Donald Moran

--"...ordered that he be moved back to the juvenile center, saying he did not like the fact that the child, presumed to be innocent, was in isolation for 23-hours a day." (see above article).

For thanking him for this decision:


Donald R. Moran, Jr. (Chief Judge)

(904) 630-2541

If you're interested in this child's case, feel free to post here  updated info such as news articles or advocacy sites you find.
12-Year-Old In Court On Murder ChargeCristian Fernandez, His Mother Both Have Pretrial Hearings On Thursday

POSTED: Thursday, July 21, 2011
UPDATED: 9:25 pm EDT July 21, 2011
Notes from article:
His mother was in another court room, same time & day.
"Early last month, he was indicted as an adult on the murder charge.

The boy was moved to the adult jail, but moved back to the juvenile detention facility about three weeks later after a judge ruled on a defense motion.

Fernandez is the youngest person in Duval County to face a first-degree murder charge, and the case has generated international interest."
four-minute pretrial hearing
"...prosecutors asked that visitation between Fernandez and his mother, Biannela Susana, be limited so the two cannot collaborate on a story before their trials. The two haven't seen each other since their arrests."
"Cooper made no ruling on that request or on a pending defense motion to lift a gag order on the lawyers in the case. Another pretrial hearing was scheduled for Sept. 1."
"According to court documents, rather than seeking immediate medical help for her unresponsive and bleeding toddler, "The mother admitted to allowing the child to remain unconscious for two-and-a-half hours before seeking medical attention due to fear (Department of Children and Families) and police would get involved."

According to the documents, Susana changed the toddler's clothes, cleaned him up and placed an ice pack on his head. The documents say she researched online how to treat concussions and hoped the child would wake up."
""Although they are not charged with the same crime, these crimes are extending from the same criminal episode," Caliel said. "We are going to try and coordinate discovery and have all those depositions taken at the same time."

Prosecutors also brought up limiting visitation between Susana and her son during her pretrial hearing Thursday, but there was no immediate ruling. Her next court appearance was scheduled for Aug. 16, with jury selection in her trial to begin Sept. 12.

A trial date for Fernandez was not set."

FACEBOOK EVENT: Call and Email Day Campaign for Cristian!/event.php?eid=218921128131221


Wednesday, July 20 · 8:00am - 5:00pm

Anywhere, as long as you have a phone or/and a computer

Created By
More Info
Cristian's next court appearance is July 21st. So on July 20th, let's flood Angela Corey's office with phone calls and emails, demanding Cristian be tried as a child!

State Attorney's Office 4th Judicial Circuit
Honorable Angela B. Corey
...State Attorney
220 East Bay Street, 6th Floor
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Telephone: (904) 630-2400
Fax: (904) 630-1848
Region Number: 5

Cristian's Story:

Cristian Fernandez is a 12 year old child from Jacksonville, FL. He is being charged, as an adult, for the death of his 2 year old half-brother. If convicted of the first degree murder charge, he will receive a sentence of life in prison. If convicted as an adullt, he will become the youngest person ever to receive life in prison.

Cristian has had a difficult life. His mother, Biannela Susana, had him when she was only 12. Cristian's father has never been around, partly because he went to prison on sexual assault charges after impregnating Cristian's mother. Cristian and his young mother, went to foster care together when he was 2 and she was 14. According to his public defender, authorities had found 2 year old Cristian walking around dirty and naked outside a Florida motel while his grandmother, nursed a drug habit inside. Physical and sexual abuse are well-documented in Cristian's short life. In addition to the pattern of abuse and negligent, to which he has become accustom, last October his stepfather shot and killed himself in front of the family to avoid arrest on child abuse charges.

Since Cristian's arrest, he has been examined by two forensic psychologists who found him to be emotionally underdeveloped but essentially reformable, despite a tough life.

He is a child. He has the mind of a child. He should be tried as a child. Tell Florida, children are NOT adults. This child should not be thrown away in an adult prison. He can be saved. He can be reformed. He should have the oppourtinity to become a responsible adult, because he IS NOT one now.

This post was modified from its original form on 22 Jul, 13:43

from the Facebook Event page (above post):

I wrote a letter. I referenced Amnesty International's law to Pennsylvania's AG as well, where they explained that sentencing a child to life without the possibility of parole is in violation of international law. Here's the article I referenced in my letter:​ary/asset/AMR51/027/2011/en/f0​5cb95c-3e6c-4bec-8089-11ba2133​3b79/amr510272011en.pdf

Wednesday at 10:17pm ·

Hurting Families with Children in Crime Inc.

non-profit 501(c)3 in Jacksonville, Florida

President: Linda Dayson


I just talked with Linda Dayson. She's attempting to find a pro bono attorney for Cristian F. She's willing to join forces with other child advocates. Please, coordinate efforts here.

If it becomes necessary for me to close the viewing of this message board / group to the public and set it to private I can. Just let me know.

Also, I'm trying to get the folks from his supportive Facebook pages to come join and meet here.



Today I:

1) emailed (per comment section) Dan Dailey, blogger:

2) emailed Knightgale (Facebook) re: joining our efforts

3) coordinating efforts & learning more re: Tammy(new CHV Care2 member)

4) posted news articles info re: CF's case on the CafePress / Current Events & Hot Topics group:


This a.m. 07/25/2011:

1) emailed & called Melissa H. re: joining forces and making video

2) emailed Nina re: joining forces

3) emailed Danyale L. / "Support Cristian" Facebook pg re: joining forces

4) left messages with staff / phone calls of support for C.F. to:

State Attorney Angela Corey

('in support of C.F. being remanded back to the juvenile system" and general support of C.F.),

Circuit Judge Mallory Cooper and

Chief Judge Donald Moran (support for C.F. and thanking the Judge for his decision to transfer C.F. out of isolation at the adult jail and transferring C.F. to the juvenile center.)

To write a letter of support for C.F. to

Circuit Judge Mallory Cooper

Duvall County Courthouse

330 East Bay St, Room 605

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Remember to address the body of the letter:

"Honorable Judge Mallory Cooper"

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Tell Florida, Cristian Fernandez should not be tried as an adult

Cristian Fernandez's plight becoming a cause for some
From the editorial page
"Cristian Fernandez, the child who faces adult charges in the beating death of his 2-year-old half brother, David Gallariago, is now inspiring activism among people who believe that he is being treated unjustly.

There's a Facebook page for him titled "Justice for Cristian." Activists also are planning a call and e-mail day for him on July 20, to State Attorney Angela Corey's office.

And, an organization that advocates for social justice and other human rights causes, has started an online petition on his behalf. In part, it reads:

Cristian Fernandez is a 12-year-old child from Jacksonville, FL. He is being charged as an adult for the death of his 2-year-old half-brother. If convicted of the first degree murder charge, he will receive a sentence of life in prison....

Cristian has had a difficult life...Cristian and his young mother went to foster care together when he was 2 and she was 14. According to his public defender, authorities had found 2-year-old Cristian walking around dirty and naked outside a Florida motel while his grandmother nursed a drug habit inside. Physical and sexual abuse are well-documented in Cristian's short life.

He is a child. He has the mind of a child. He should be tried as a child. Tell Florida, children are not adults...he should have the opportunity to become a responsible adult, because he is not one now.

Those who agree can find the petition at, under criminal justice."

Blog Resource:

This child never had a childhood


Tonyaa Weathersbee's Blog

This post was modified from its original form on 25 Jul, 8:30

Tonyaa Weathersbee's Blog,

(904) 359-4251


Thank you for updating Cristian's thread!

Cristian Fernandez case:

As someone surfed Internet, tot's life was slipping away Read more at

I forgot to post this poll link

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Please, sign petition for Cristian Fernandez
Reverse decision to try 12 y/o Cristian Fernandez as an adult

Send a Holiday Card to 12-Year Old in Jail


Cristian is housed at the Duval Regional Juvenile Detention Center. Please send holiday cards addressed to:


Crisitan Fernandez
c/o Duval Regional Juvenile Detention Center
1241 East 8th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32206-4099 - January 12, 10:45 AM
Help needed for Cristian Fernandez hearing - February 8, 2011
Help needed for Cristian Fernandez hearing - February 8, 2011 | Why? |

Save Cristian Fernandez is looking for people in the Jacksonville, Florida area on February 8th. We need people who want to attend the hearing in support of Cristian and also people who want to participate in a rally. Please friend Save Cristian and send the account an email if you want to participate.


This post was modified from its original form on 14 Jan, 7:40
Rally for Cristian Fernandez
Please join us on February 8th, 2012 at 7am,
in front of the Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida (330 East Bay Street),
in a peaceful protest against the handling of Cristian Fernandez in the adult justice system. Cristian was barely 12 years old when he was ...charged as an adult in the death of his brother. If he is convicted on February 27th he faces life without parole.

The case of Cristian Fernandez has attracted local, state, national and even international attention through a petition drive sponsored by Almost 180,000 people and organizations signed a petition asking State Attorney Angela Corey to reverse the decision to try Cristian as an adult. Angela Corey has since proclaimed she does not "prosecute by petition".

You may also contact us at if you are interested in attending the rally on February 8th.
There is also additional information at

The rally coincides with a 9am hearing at the courthouse where the judge will rule on motions filed by the defense.


When: Wednesday, February 8, starting at 7am
Where: Duval County Courthouse, 330 East Bay Street
What: A peaceful rally/protest against the handling of Cristian in adult court
How: Participants will be given signs to hold and/or other visuals
Who: The rally is being organized by Melissa Higgins, Alicia Torres, and

Here is a flyer you may print and distribute advertising this event:

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Care2 News to Note

re: RALLY for Crisitian Fernandez

Please circulate this very important information.

NEW Advocacy page for Cristian Fernandez on the Children's Hope and Voice website!

Come check it out!

 Written by Susan Cooper Eastman
  Published February 14, 2012

Find out what is going on!
NEW Advocacy Webpage for Cristian Fernandez!

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Come check out the NEW advocacy page for Cristian. You'll find "Giving Hope" (letter / card = hope campaign) info, Campaign for letter to Gov. Scott, lists Petitions, Advocacy message boards, Advocacy website, News articles, Rally info and much more!

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State Attorney Angela Corey ...suggesting Corey may have pressured employees to sign petitions for her re-election ...says it was the second time that Corey has telephoned, and that Corey was furious. "

PLEASE NOTE & CIRCULATE this very important article!



Rally for Cristian Fernandez on as pretrial hearing is off

Two moms 1,100 miles apart join forces to help Cristian Fernandez


Cristian Fernandez has been detained for almost one year at the Duval Regional Detention Center. As his one year anniversary looms near, his next pretrial hearing is approaching as well. The question on everyone’s mind is when Cristian’s trial will take place.

Angela Corey's war on children

The fight for children begins in Florida

The United States criminal justice system is waging a war on this nation’s children and the battlefield is bloodiest in Florida. Other states have practices similar to Florida, but none mirror the problem to quite the same extent.

Florida leads the nation when it comes to the number of children and teenagers tried and sentenced in the adult criminal justice system. The National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJR described the rate of transfers in reference to children tried as adults in the United States, comparing Florida, California, and Arizona. “The three states differ dramatically in their per capital transfer rates – with Florida being the clear outlier. Over the period from 2003 through 2008, Florida transferred youth at about twice the rate of Arizona and about eight times the rate of California.”

Dear Tonya,

You were one of more than 2,300 people who stood up against the shackling of 13-year-old Cristian Fernandez. This week, a Florida Circuit Judge granted a motion from Cristian’s legal team and ordered that his metal hand and leg shackles be removed. 

On February 27, Cristian appeared unshackled at a court hearing!

Melissa Higgins and Alicia Torres, the two moms who started the petition, wanted to thank you for speaking up for Cristian: 

"We are overwhelmed by the number of people who have come together to help Cristian Fernandez. His unshackling in Florida is proof that when enough people speak, their voices are heard loud and clear. We hope this marks the beginning of a trend of positive events in a case that has been both tragic and sad from the very beginning. Thank you to everyone who has supported Cristian and continues to support him. His fight is not yet over.” 
~ Melissa Higgins and Alicia Torres

Is there an issue you're passionate about or a change you want to see in the world? Thousands of people like Melissa and Alicia are using to win campaigns every day.

Click here to start petition of your own.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

- Jon and the team

Cristian Fernandez's mother pleads guilty in death of 2-year-old son
Biannela Susana admits neglect after finding David Galarraga unconscious.
Posted: March 28, 2012 - 9:22am  |  Updated: March 29, 2012 - 6:11am


from advocate: Benjamin S.

from advocate: Benjamin S.

from advocate: Benjamin S.

from advocate: Benjamin S.

from advocate: Benjamin S.

from advocate: Benjamin S.
from advocate: Benjamin S.
from advocate: Benjamin S.

from advocate: Benjamin S.

from advocate:  Benjamin S.

Photography by Carrie Pratt

The death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford has millions across the country tweeting, signing petitions, and attending rallies in the pursuit of justice.  Less than 90 miles west on the I-4 corridor and a bit south, in Bartow, another civil rights struggle is taking place.

On Wednesday, March 21, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) filed a class-action civil rights lawsuit on behalf of children who have suffered alleged abuse while detained in the Polk County jail.  Incidents profiled include being sprayed in the face repeatedly with harsh chemical agents even for minor infractions.  Children are also subjected to verbal assaults.  Girls report that guards refer to them as “little b*tches.”

It is further alleged that Polk County Sheriff employees force children placed on a suicide watch to strip naked in view of their peers and then wear a “suicide suit” – a short, sleeveless garment that leaves children’s bodies exposed.  Children are then confined in a metal, kennel like structure – known as the “cage” – for up to 23 hours per day and that is empty except for a cold, hard bench.

All of this has come about because, in 2011, Florida lawmakers at the urging of Senator J.D. Alexander passed legislation which allows counties to place children in adult jails.  Children have the minimal protection of sight and sound separation from adult detainees but the law reverses more than four decades of research based practices.

According to the SPLC, after passage of SB 2112, Polk is the only county that is housing juveniles under the Florida model jail standards written and adopted by the sheriffs themselves rather than abiding to more stringent rules imposed by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).

Tania Galloni, managing attorney for the SPLC’s Florida office, said any money being saved by housing children in the adult jail has come at the expense of the children.

SPLC also raises serious questions about longer term impacts of subjecting children to adult correctional facilities.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention report that youth detained in adult facilities are 34% more likely to be re-arrested than youth held in juvenile settings.

Photography by Carrie Pratt

In a hastily called news conference, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said the charges are mostly erroneous and that he looked forward to putting SPLC “in their place”.  He went on the say that his jail detains the “worst of the worst” juvenile offenders.

Statistics suggest otherwise.  According to the DJJ, more than 3 of every 4 children arrested in Polk County last year involved misdemeanors or non-law probation violations.  Hardly qualifying as serious public safety risks, too many have experienced unspeakable levels of prior neglect and abuse.

Regardless, should the past history of a child in any way justify harsh or inhumane treatment?

Documents show that SPLC lawyers and staff visited the facility more than 200 times and interviewed as many as 100 children.  Families of some of the children mentioned in the lawsuit attended the press conference announcing the action.
What can you do?

Write a letter to the Polk County Sheriff protesting the housing of children in his adult oriented jail:

Attn: Sheriff Judd
1891 Jim Keene Blvd.
Winter Haven, Fl. 338800

from advocate: Benjamin S

from advocate: Benjamin S.

Cristian Fernandez Timeline (partial) by Melissa Higgins:

February 2nd, 2012 - Public Defender Matt Shirk withdrew from Cristian's case after a coalition of private attorneys who were assisting on the case motioned to take over.

February 8, 2012 - The rally Alicia and I organized takes place.

February 27th, 2012 - Judge grants motion to remove Cristian's shackles.

March 28th, 2012 - Cristian's mother accepts a plea of guilty to aggravated manslaughter. She will receive a minimum of 13 years or a maximum of 30. She admitted to neglecting Cristian and her other children.

April 19th, 2012 - Pretrial hearing date.

June 25th, 2012 - Sexual battery trial

TBD - Murder trial

ACTIONS TAKEN:Talked to L.D. today via phone. She informed me of this. Asked to check out Anthony "Tony" Headley from France.

Anthony "Tony" Headley LinkedIn Profile:

Anthony Headley

Producteur chez T&C Films

Région de Paris , France Médias radio et télédiffusés
  • Producteur at T&C Films
  • Journalist & Director at Freelance
  • Freelance Journalist at Camicas Productions
  • Redacteur en chef at Memento-Easy Company-In company
  • Bureau Chief at Al Jazeera English
  • Regional editor at Associated Press
  • Redacteur en Chef
Actions Taken:

Talked to L.D. (Jacksonville, FL) today. She informed me about this. Asked me to check out Anthony "Tony" Headley
with T & C Films in France.

Anthony Headley LinkedIn profile:

International documentary to focus on Fernandez

13-year-old boy charged with murder

Published On: Apr 19 2012 02:28:03 PM EDT  Updated On: Apr 19 2012 06:53:45 PM EDT

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Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott's Office and sharing your concerns about the prosecution of Cristian Fernandez in Duval County.  The Governor asked that I respond on his behalf.


Although the Governor appreciates your concerns and we understand the gravity of this situation, the Florida Constitution limits the Governor’s intervention in criminal investigations and prosecution. Each state attorney is an elected official charged with certain discretionary duties, including the duty to determine whether or not to prosecute any particular crime committed within his or her jurisdiction. This decision is based on the quality and quantity of the evidence of guilt shown, and in the best interest of justice.


The state attorneys operate independently of the Governor’s office, and as elected officials, they answer to the voters of their individual jurisdictions.  Your best source of assistance for your concerns about  the way a criminal case is being handled is to contact the state attorney in the judicial circuit who has authority over the prosecution of the case.


Thank you again for taking the time to contact the Governor's Office. 




Warren Davis
Office of Citizen Services

Executive Office of the Governor

New dates set in Cristian Fernandez sex battery case; scope of expert exam at issue
Posted: June 13, 2012 - 7:52am  |  Updated: June 14, 2012 - 6:14am   By Jim Schoettler
Notes from article:
--Circuit Judge Mallory Cooper
--Fernandez, 13, was set to go on trial June 25.

--New dates for critical suppression hearings — now to be held June 28, 29 and July 2
--and a new trial date for Aug. 27.
--scheduled for trial in September in the death of his 2-year-old half brother, David Galarraga.

Thanks Gloria. I came over to add this exact news story. Thanks for being on top of things! Have a great week!


The Trouble with Interrogating Minors

by Melissa Higgins / justice4juveniles / June 30, 2012


Will the case of 13 year old Cristian Fernandez move forward now?

June 28, 2012 by Melissa Higgins / justice4juveniles

Good news for Defense of Cristian Fernandez
Prosecutors drop sexual battery case against Jacksonville teen Cristian Fernandez
Posted: November 8, 2012 - 11:03am  |  Updated: November 9, 2012 - 12:29am

UPDATE on Cristian Fenandez case
Duval judge denies motion to dismiss murder case against Cristian Fernandez
Posted: November 20, 2012 - 8:17am  |  Updated: November 20, 2012 - 5:19pm

Cristian Fernandez

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Sorry to hear this, Tonya . . .

But so happy to see your return!

Thanks, Just C. There's been good news and not so good news this month for CF's case. I'm happy they are dropping some of the charges as you can see above.

It was explained to me that the LWOP option for the Prosecution came from the combination of the charges together so now I think (maybe) the sentencing would be effected by the dropping of some of the charges.

I don't think he should have ever been charged because the doctors said if the mother would have taken the 2 yr old to the ER then he may have still been alive today. It was the lapse in time that made the situation grave. So, I would hope that CF would have a chance at winning the case since it was not in his power to take the 2 yr old to the ER but the mother's responsibility.

Also, CF initially told police his brother fell off the top bunk.

I've seen a crime scene photo of the boys' room and there was clothing and other items on the floor that did not appear disturbed in such a manner as having been shuffled towards the bookshelf nor stomped on and mashed down as you would expect to see if CF had indeed pushed or shoved his little brother into the bookshelf that was photographed in the room.

To me, it looks like there would be a greater likelihood that the 2 yr old actually could have fallen from the top bunk like CF originally told police. ??? I don't think there's enough evidence that I've heard of that would prove CF shoved his brother like the Prosecution claims. I haven't heard of any blood being on the bookshelf so I don't know. ??? So, I'm hoping the case will work out for the best. We've got to keep trying though.

Florida’s killingest prosecutor

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Women's organization asks State Attorney Angela Corey to resign

National Organization for Women calls for Angela Corey to stand down

Author: Scott Johnson, General assignment reporter, Staff,

Published On: Mar 10 2014 08:25:34 PM EDT  
Updated On: Mar 10 2014 11:40:00 PM EDT

This post was modified from its original form on 17 Mar, 13:12

Comment left by Tonya Meadows on the comment section of the above news story by Scott Johnson:

"The child advocacy, non-profit, Children's Hope and Voice supports the calling of Angela Corey's resignation from office due to her overzealous prosecution in the case against 12 year old Cristian Fernandez."

See also

Lethal Justice: State Attorney Corey far outpaces Florida's prosecutors in sending people to Death Row

Critics say it hasn’t reduced the crime rate and is too costly — but victims aren’t complaining.

Posted: March 8, 2014 - 11:09pm | Updated: March 10, 2014 - 2:20pm


Cristian Fernandez's advocates tell judge he's not getting needed trauma treatment
  • Petitioning Rick Scott, Governor of Florida
Petition by C T ,Jacksonville, FL


Justice for 12-year old Cristian Fernandez

Cristian had just turned 12-years old when he was unjustly detained in Jacksonville Florida and overcharged as an adult by state attorney Angela Corey. It was an inconceivable and misguided act to charge a preteen abused and neglected boy as an adult, especially when the facts clearly show that the mother's negligence of not seeking medical help for over 8 hours was the main cause behind the unfortunate death of the younger brother two days later.

After spending 2 years detained waiting for a resolution, Cristian pleaded in February 2013 to lesser charges and now faces 5 more years in juvenile detention.  Hundreds of thousands of people following the case strongly believe that Cristian is innocent and that he should have never been incarcerated and charged.  Cristian should have been released long ago because he is still a child and the circumstances of the tragic incident show that this was an involuntary accident between unsupervised children, aggravated by their mother’s negligence and DCF’s lack of assistance. 


Despite experiencing abuse, neglect, and abandonment through most of his young life, Cristian had no prior record and had been a dedicated student wanting to help his mother and younger siblings.


The sentence is grossly unfair because Cristian, a preteen boy, is being robbed of his childhood by the State of Florida under your administration.  Instead of being given the opportunity to be raised as a child with a caring family, the state of Florida is forcing Cristian to spend his youth in a juvenile jail. It is truly shameful and unprecedented in the history of Florida that an abused and neglected boy is being punished for the mistakes and failures of the adults around him.

On March 7, 2013, public defender Matt Shirk who initially took the case came out publicly and said that Cristian was innocent:

 “At that time, we were presented with an option that draws from both the adult and juvenile justice systems, but we had become convinced of his innocence and intended to show reasonable doubt of his guilt at trial.”


Cristian is innocent and needs to be released. He has already spent over 2 and a half years of his young life in detention. How will spending 5 more years in detention help him? 


Cristian deserves a real opportunity with a loving family.


Governor Scott, you have the power to do the right thing for Cristian and commute the remaining sentence.  Use your executive powers to correct the injustice against Cristian."


(You're Name)

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Cristian Fernandez to get trauma treatment sought by advocates

No prison for mother of Cristian Fernandez

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