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Ameriki,Land of Slavery & Legalized Thieft
5 years ago

  Those voting that Way,My Countries not tis of thee,& before the Battelfield,should it come to this,of those i mention.

  While i will not encur self illegality,neither will i stop or tell on those will will help remove all these illegal elements from this Country in what ever manor,&if certain indviuals fail to survive,so be it,for some,perhaps for the Brtter f both Humans & Society,the higher the level  of removal,the better,age & gender now fail to matter.

  IN God,We Trust,& God,Bless,True America & American's.  Do YOUr Duty Now,asap.

  However you see this to now be,which does not include those the former Federal Republic of the United States of America's Founding Human's & Documents would not have agreed with & were not meant for.

5 years ago

Too many have turned their back on America, did when they realized who this person was, and still wanted it to rule everyone's lives, and giving it a vote again.  Turned their back on America and God, and if they don't believe in God, they have still turned their back on living any kind of decent or moral life, turned their back on honesty and even caring about children and their future in this country, only thinking of their own deviant ways, and selfish wants and desires.  If I ever had a doubt,  I witnessed it last night.  Now you know, at least the ones who have known what he has and hasn't done, who they serve. 

5 years ago

The sad thing about this is that the sheeple go on following the pipe piper down the road of catastrophe.  I cannot begin to tell you how sad I am to see how this Nation is being destroyed by George Soros-Illuminati and people continue to be clueless that Obama is his puppet, just like Bush was.  The voting in this Nation has to be changed is prehistoric, it needs to get rid of the electoral and just go with the majority of states and popular vote, we need to petition for this to change asap.

Just as Vaild In X-America Today,For True America & Americans
5 years ago

  Havr all you GoodTrue Americsns been keeping records of all anti American posts & those posters,to help deal with The Problem In the likely only legal & vaild way left to deal with this Problem,since the Truth is being silenced,but fact is,the whole thing was by total fraud,nearly thruout top to bottom,side to side.

  So,once all these go to "Heaven",hummm,...--W ee l  ll.Let's Just Say,lol-:This SHALL Fully Aply To ALL Like O bam,to be incineramed-:

When Obama died, George Washington met him at the
Pearly Gates. He slapped him across the face and yelled,
"How dare you try to destroy the Nation I helped conceive?"

Patrick Henry approached, punched him in the nose and
...shouted, "You wanted to end our liberties but you failed."

James Madison followed, kicked him in the groin and
said, "This is why I allowed our government to provide
for the common defense!"

Thomas Jefferson was next, beat Obama with a long
cane and snarled, "It was evil men like you who inspired
me to write the Declaration of Independence."

The beatings and thrashings continued as James Monroe
and 66 other early Americans unleashed their anger on
the radical, socialist, leader.

As Obama lay bleeding and in pain, an Angel appeared.
Obama wept and said, "This is not what you promised me."

The Angel replied, "I told you there would be 72
Virginians waiting for you in Heaven. What did
you think I said? You really need to listen when
someone is trying to tell you something!"
5 years ago

Get serious! Maybe my history lessons were different then yours were but I was taught that those that leaders when our country was born were slave owners. These slave owners wrote the 'Constitution.' So this subject is brought up for discussion so let's discuss the subject of living in a country started by slave owners actually doing what's best for the slaves at the start of our country to our present day behaviors of the people who followed their footsteps doing the right thing for our today's slavery system. 

There was a line in the movie 'Easy Rider' where the bikers were teaching the alcoholic lawyer they hooked up with how to smoke pot, that says it best. A free person is always a threat to the slaves." Look at all of what is written in these posts and show me where any of you are willing to own up to the responsibility and accountability of being free without blaming others for being enslaved by them. Because you don't have the courage to be free is weakness that each individual has to deal with in their own individual minds. Just because you aren't willing to take the time to learn how to use your own individual mind is no reason for making the rest of society suffer in watching others use your minds for them to profit just like the original slave owners did with the slaves at start of our country.

5 years ago

Also when including the words, "In God we trust," I honestly suggest for each of you to follow those words with, "I am not God and furthermore I do not want to apply for the job."

Trusting in God is what 'faith' is all about which is not your own controlling and manipulating of life the way your own minds dictate for you to do! Because you as individuals don't want to 'trust God' or anybody is totally sick! The sad part about this is our whole society has to pay the price for this dysfunctional sickness. It's your own individual fears you sell and that is not 'faith' or 'trust' in God. There's a book titled "Love is letting go of Fear." I suggest that this lack of 'love' you all display publicly be cautiously and carefully looked at by those who really have 'faith' and 'trust' in God so they can understand the importance of not enabling this weak fear selling behavior for the good of our whole society!

5 years ago

You must definitely a problem Ken, whatever wrong doings our founding fathers did by owning slaves,they corrected it when Licoln became president and did away with slavery.  You do not have to be in shckles or serve a master per say to be a slave. You can  be a slave by not being able to speak your mind having your personal rights taken away!

5 years ago

By the way Ken, you have no idea who you are talking to, you do not know what i have gone through in my lide and still going through, to dare to judge me. I have been trusting in the Lord since 1985when I gave Him my heart, He has proven to be faithful to me as I have putmy trust in His Word and have stood in his promises for me.  So do not go judging people that you are clueless of their walk with Him, I have lived and still are living by faith and not by sight! You will not find anyonethat walks in completely trusting Him more than me!

5 years ago

Emerson wrote character always shows. 'If you do something that shows and if you don't do something that also shows.' If I have a problem it definitely is with not understanding how you have a relationship with the Lord and put Obama down non-stop? I mean where's your trust in the Lord with doing stuff like that? Did you ever consider the Lord just might love Obama the same as He does you? Possibly you can clarify what I see as 'hate' expressed in your posts and what I see as the selling of your own personal fears from what you post. These are discussions and I am concerned about behaviors like yours destroying chances of people uniting for the good of our whole society. Am I wrong in seeing you against anybody who is for Obama or is not in the Republican party and seeing this as if those who don't think like you are your enemy and that you consider them evil?

Have you ever looked into proof reading what you write plus checking out spell checkers on the net? 

Gees, just what are you using for a brain? I mean Lincoln was a flip-flopper who was for and against slavery at the same time. Even Lincoln brought up about the inequality between people by not only the color of their skin but with the rich and the poor, in his 'House Divided' speech. Slavery never ended in our country. People were just told slavery ended and they bought into that BS. It's just like democracy where people get to vote for who the rich give them to vote for. Even with the economy the rich hold back money from the poor and that only enslaves the poor more to work for less all the time where it's exactly like a slave owner doing for what profits only the slave owners, not the slaves. Slavery never ended in the US and actually the wars are about enslaving other countries for the US slave owners to profit from just like our country founders did!

Face & Deal WithThe Anti American,Anti LIFE,Anti God(ess):Troll
5 years ago

  Who is factualy not correct.

  "Do you not know,Brothers& Sisters,that your body is the Temple of God?"  As such,& with Sould in residence,though in Small Measure,compared to the fullness of God,Belivers,fo Every Faith,or themselves,in Small Mesure,God(ess).

  God as said,God shall watch,as the Sparrow falls.

  God may send you a Boat,it is your job,to get in it!  Once in:R O W!

  One is to Pray,in secret,but then:ACT,Upon It!

  Prayer,Whitout Action(s),Is:Worthless!

  The "Law",Still IS.

  Regardless if Humand or of God(ess)-Treason,& it's penalties ARE,& Are,to Be Used,upon every level of Tratior

5 years ago

Right. God made you a boat, so get in it and row.  Sitting on your thumbs, an expecting God to take care of every single thing, without any participation from yourself, is baloney. As in these people I hear who didn't vote because of their faith, and won't vote for a Mormon. Well folks, you know where Obama has been leading us, you know Romney is not of the muslim/communist persuasion, you know what Romney is for, and what Obama is, and many of you still sat on your hands, IMO, helping to take our country down. God loves everyone, but he doesn't expect everyone to sit back and take oppression, and not show they will do what it takes to keep and not lose, what were were privileged to have been given. Look, I have talked to more than one person, one my brother, who admits he is not involved big into christianity, but he keeps saying that people who have stopped adhering to those values in their life, the more and more and more, over time, we have got to where we are today. D'tocquetville even found that the US and it's morals, were what made us strong, and if we ever started losing that,  well, need I say more.

5 years ago

When people write about God it seems to me like an attempt to use God as a weapon to benefit themselves. My parents were older so in order to marry my mother, my father converted to becoming a Catholic. That made religion important to him as the head of the family. Like it or not from the start it wasn't being a Catholic that was important but the relationship with God was the important to my father. He role modeled that and set the examples of decent morals and convictions throughout his entire life. I always remember being at the funeral home displaying his body where one of his many friends came up and told me he wasn't going to wish me any sympathy or condolences because any man who lived their lives as well as my father did didn't need them. I write about this because he didn't make enemies like I see people doing in these posts.

In my own relationship with God when my daughter killed herself I have never felt a pain worse then that in my entire life. I'm used to getting in fights and being defeated but this pain left me completely helpless. It felt like somebody had my heart in their hand and was squeezing it so hard that it was going to burst open. I honestly fell to my knees crying and looking up I said. "This time You gave me one I can't handle. I need help." Being brought up with Christianity I had developed a strategy of giving myself three days to rise from the dead like Christ dead when He was crucified. Help did come in forms no human being could ever comprehend. An example of this was I lost a child who I was giving my all to trying to encourage her to want to live while the rest of humanity was crucifying her. My thoughts went God was sharing what He felt with losing His child. Show me where any human being could come up with a thought like that plus show me where after going through the pain of losing a child like God lost a child would not upset me to see the behaviors of hatred, of other human beings, expressed in these groups. Give me a break! I mean even Christ's last words were, "Father forgive them for they know not what they're doing." 

For me life is is sharing which I am in total belief that is what God is about. Think about when somebody makes a meal and wants to share  it with others. First came the creation of the world and then came the creation of man to share the world with. This hatred for those we don't get our ways with is not sharing. That's controlling and manipulating which displays pure insecurity in people. Look at the wars our country went so far in debt for. There's no sharing with them nor even any kind of wanting to get along in any way. It's totally controlling and manipulating which is not in any way wanting to trust in God. We in the US have more faith in money then there will ever be in God. We have more faith in our military to make us secure then we ever will in God. We have more faith in sex forming relationships then we ever will with God. So the saying "Let go, let God," sure would fall on deaf ears in the US.

For me with my relationship with God I see the US heading in a good direction. We are deep in debt with no way possible to get out because the rich have emptied the poor's pockets while they over filled their own. Janice Joplin sang, "Freedom's just another word with nothing left to lose." With greed taking away everything, our possessions don't have to own us anymore and we all stand a better chance of sharing our lives together decently the way life was meant to be.  

5 years ago

With you Ken,it's a vicious circle,you do not have a clue! Of course the Lordloves Obama andeveryone as He lovesme, but here is the catch, He has given us a free will,we are not robots.Weall have to choose who we will  follow,follow God or followthe devil...a little knowledge is always dangerous!

5 years ago

Right, your mind can only muster up that I don't have a clue while I watch your behavior displayed in what you post displaying what I see as being totally insecure with only focusing on what's wrong with others and everything in life. Thank God for being clueless and trusting with faith that everything in life will unfold in life just the way it is meant to.

How many females do you think I've been through in life who control and manipulate with keeping others protecting and defending themselves with rhetoric? I'm older and have completed my course with that but I also pick up on that behavior you display being used by males which is a real problem in our country. An example of this is when Romney run for president the first time he acted human as did McLame act human to when he run the first time. Then your Republican party defeated these candidates with their control and manipulation program so they could reprogram them into buying into their insecure control and manipulating program. Romney showed this with his proclaiming he was the one to beat Obama, which in no way included wanting anything to do about what was best for everybody in our country! Romney woke up towards the end of the campaign but it was to late by then. Personally there's a good chance if he would have been true to himself from the very start he would've have won the election. It was that being reprogramed to be true to the Republican party that made him a loser. 

But then again a little bit of knowledge is always dangerous, isn't it? I mean look at Romney who probably followed God originally and then followed the Republican party to understand that!

Thank you for the fine well thought out critique?

5 years ago

With you KEN,IT IS THE SAME OLD SONG...US FEMALESaremanipulative...I feelso sorry for you, you will never find truelove in a womanbecause you cannot trust hem!

5 years ago

I do agree with you about never finding true love because all I ever got was sex which has nothing to do with true love. But here's another male who fell for female manipulation thinking that had something to do with 'true love.' This even happened in my area I live in so I can imagine what a great mind like yours can do with something like this.

Mesa woman runs over husband for not voting

A Mesa woman brought an end to an argument with her husband over his not voting by running him down in a Jeep.

Holly Solomon, 28, was charged by Gilbert Police with aggravated assault Saturday. Her husband, Daniel Solomon, 36, is in critical condition at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center.

The argument began in a parking lot at North Gilbert Road and Vaughn Avenue. Witnesses reported hearing yelling before Holly Solomon got into a Jeep and began chasing her husband around the lot, all the while yelling at him.

Daniel Solomon claimed his wife believes their family will now face hardship due to the re-election of President Barack Obama.

Daniel Solomon tried to run to Gilbert Road, but she caught up to him, hit him and pinned him underneath the vehicle and against a curb.

Police said Holly Solomon did not appear impaired.

Police: Arizona woman runs down husband with car for not voting

By David Schwartz, Reuters

An Arizona woman, in despair at the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama, ran down her husband with the family car in suburban Phoenix on Saturday because he failed to vote in the election, police said on Monday.

Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested after running over husband Daniel Solomon following a wild chase that left him pinned underneath the vehicle.

Daniel Solomon, 36, was in critical condition at a local hospital, but is expected to survive, Gilbert police spokesman Sergeant Jesse Sanger said.

Police said Daniel Solomon told them his wife became angry over his "lack of voter participation" in last Tuesday's presidential election and believed her family would face hardship as a result of Obama winning another term. 

Witnesses reported the argument broke out on Saturday morning in a parking lot and escalated. Holly Solomon then chased her husband around the lot with the car, yelling at him as he tried to hide behind a light pole, police said. He was struck after attempting to flee to a nearby street.

Obama won the national election with 332 electoral votes compared with 206 for Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Arizona's 11 electoral votes were won by Romney. 


Please, show me something to validate your point of view as news like this validate my point of view about giving females rights when I think we need to think about rights becoming earned privileges like driver's licenses for example for everybody so responsibility and accountability could be made important for the good of those who make up our whole society!
5 years ago


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5 years ago

Am I wrong in thinking that you are writing things to make me look nuts also? 

Am I wrong for forming an opinion about women from articles like this?

Plus is it up to me as a male to do something about this or is it up to females to clean up their own act in society with becoming responsible and accountable for their roles in society?

5 years ago

"I mean where's your trust in the Lord with doing stuff like that? Did you ever consider the Lord just might love Obama the same as He does you? "

Yes Ken, God does love all his children"KEY WORD HERE" IS "HIS" CHILDREN! That does not include those that are of their father the devil. Should toy have any knowledge Biblically, then I am quite hopeful that you will have recall of the story of Jacob and Esau...God, and I quote directly from said Bible "JACOB I LOVED, ESAU I "HATED" .....WHY is that so? because Esau gave up his heritage for a bowl of red stew This is translated with the proper understanding of knowing how to rightly divide the word and a good understanding of the Hebrew and Greek languages, as you must be able to take these of the Queens English back to the original languages. If you are foolish enough to read the Bible literally in every sense of the written are already in serious trouble of being deceived, PERIOD! Family is of the utmost importance to God. This is evident in the Old Testament through and through and Esau sold out his heritage ultimately meaning he sold out on God Himself and refuse repentance for his evil deeds. He is the father if you will of Roosh prime root of the word Rush=Russia. There are only 2 choices with God dealing with any of his conditions set forth and they are either Blessing OR Cursing, that it my friend and as Esau became the father of Russia, God emphatically told him that a part of his cursing would be that until his repentance that his land would always remain barren meaning that most everything has to imported into Russia, simply because if you look at Russia today, they are lucky to even grow a harvest of potatoes, they produce nothing that is to any avail to any other country other than weapons of destruction there main source of dependency. Then ask yourself ...Who do they trade with more who's father is the devil. ALL these people's of these wicked nations are in a continuum of bondage. For the simple fact that today they are known of  as communistic/dictatorship countries and the innocent that do believe in the one and only true God suffer with the guilty because all their right from speech to worship to what they can do and not do...THAT MY DEAR IS BONDAGE! Another name for prison, caged like an animal ET AL, which at the end of the day, means MINUS freedom! So yes there ids a division and that division is what Christ's intent and purpose in returning here, is to separate the wheat from the chaff. The tare of wheat and those of the chaff look the same which means us the people but the wheat is good and the chaff is removed on the threshing floor of the days of old and will be repeated By the SON OF GOD Yeshua upon his return he will separate those that are his children and those that are of their father the devil. Obama is as good as a dictator and is in opposition to the will of God by every action he has done!!! You shall know them by their fruit! Yes we are to love our enemies as in love the sinner NOT the sin and Christians are the inheritors of the Kingdom (King and his Dominion) Therefore we don't make ground we take ground. We take every stand against evil and we do it in what ever manner God see's fit to do...Be it war, our voices OR our vote as to not do so, is to condone those that opposes God himself!!!

5 years ago

"My parents were older so in order to marry my mother, my father converted to becoming a Catholic. That made religion important to him as the head of the family".

Religion has NO part of God as religion is filled with the false doctrines AND teachings of man!

Man has not nor will man ever succeed without GOD! Christianity=Christ-man (No gender specificity) this includes men, women and children. Christianity is NOT a religion! But a way of life! And Christ who died on that cross, did so in order to conquer death, for whom ever will believe upon him AND follow him. There are ALWAYS conditions that one must accept from God in order to truly be of obedience to his commands.AND, works without faith are dead works. They are as filthy rags to God.

5 years ago

Ken, my dear sweet ken! Could you be so kind as to post a few stories on "MAN KILLS WOMAN BECAUSE WOMAN REFUSED TO BE RAPED" or "MAN KILLS WOMAN BECAUSE WOMAN FOUND OUT OD HIS INFIDELITY" Gosh darn...I'll even take a story on "MAN KILLS WOMAN IN PROCESS OF BANK ROBBERY"!


Your anger is directed at women because you were hurt by women you loved...until you release that anger and realize that you had no fault for what your wife and daughter did. you will NEVER find true peace, thus blocking you from truly not only seeing the beauty of God but most importantly, personally experiencing it!

5 years ago

This is so funny to me and on a scale of one to ten your female behavior would be lucky to get  a two from the ones who have been in my life. Spiritually I can appreciate God putting everyone of them in my life because I am willing to put my strength up against anybody's from those involvements. I mean I had just one sister and I was sure that God put me on this earth to kill her and put her out of her misery. At seven or eight years old she would lock herself in the bathroom and I was already breaking down the door to kill her. Her screams usually brought my father in where I'd be the one to get in trouble.

Yet my own father wanted to put my mother in an institution because of her non-stop complaining about everybody and everything. He actually lost his will to live because of this and from observing this throughout my life, I seriously doubt your lame brian female reasoning could ever understand the damage that did and how hard it was to overcome in my own behavior. 

My anger towards female behaviors will always make more sense to me because our society doesn't do anything about it and I strongly consider female behaviors have to be responsible and accountable for their roles in our society for the good of all human beings of both genders. In other words grow up and put your childhood toys away!

One thing about my anger is that if God didn't want me to get angry then He shouldn't have created human beings with anger in the first place. I sure know I gave some damn good speeches and stood up for a lot of things fueled by pure anger. I mean how would you like to stand in front of an audience and watch them actually become overcome with just words and see where they couldn't even function the way they did before that? Although your mentality could never see it, I thank God for my anger as I consider it a special gift which I am totally at 'peace' with.

Incidentally my only remaining daughter was living in a shelter for abused women after ending her fifth marriage and I have no sympathy for her, especially since she lets me know it it was all the male's fault. Add to that my ex died of lung cancer and when I she first wrote me about making amends all I could think about was how worthless I felt all the times I tried to get her to quit smoking. And you have the nerve to write about me never having any peace after all those worthless ventures with female's controlling and manipulating behaviors who never grow up which shows with them acting like they're still playing with people in their lives as if they were still playing with their dolls and doll houses yet. AND THAT'S SUPPOSE TO BE PEACE IN YOUR FEMALE MIND?  I hardly think so!

5 years ago

Makes one wonder on a scale of how many women vs. men, have been used, duped, lied to, toyed with, ran around on, physically and emotionally abused, and neither deserved it. I've seen it from both, except for the hitting, but did hear about it. But my experiences throughout my life, were that the men doing these things to women, and I do mean women who never deserved any of it, though hitting is never an option, women who were as good as the day is long, far far outweighed the women using the men.

5 years ago

It is nice to see real debate here....
that is important, sharing ideas and learning from one another rather than endless posting and no real conversation.

This is great.
I am back!!!

Sick Troll vs Real & Healthy Debate
5 years ago

  Nope,have not got much of one here,he did not marry in the HRCC for anything but her at that time,so while  some might not have haf Love,some others may have forgotten what Love they had,&Church as an Org,can but does not have to be seperated from their God(dess),most seem to have,but hey,that is Morals,in & of itself,over $,org.'s,etc.

  Those some think have not been nice or positive caring of them even now as they are,likely already do know they are wrong,just being a Troll,needing moderation,a professional pre shunk shrink,&perhaps a bit 'o med.'s-Slrup! 

  And,right now,i am being"Nice".

5 years ago

I do not see a debate here, what are we debating, bitterness and hate for women?

5 years ago

I thought the original debate was over slavery, but the wind blew and suddenly it was on women and their inferior conduct and station in life. 

As far as slavery goes.....we still have slavery.  It's just that the slave master has changed from the plantation owners to the government.  Now the government gives the slaves their housing, food stamps, welfare, cell phones, health care, etc.   So when was slavery abolished?  It's better now than it ever was.  At least in the days of our founding fathers the slaves had to work for their keep.  Not so today.  It's free to all who sit on their back sides and breed children one after another that they can't afford and by as many men as they choose.   As long as the government can keep the slave market alive, it controls the population and the vote.  It's also called "dumbing down" America!

5 years ago

Consider the behaviors when thinking about the subject of slavery. In my mind creation started with only two main differences in human beings. Those differences are that some of us were put into female bodies and some of us were put into male bodies. That started before there was even language or things like slavery, or Republicans or Democrats. So if one takes all their cloths off and stands naked in the world there is nothing to distract from what is really there whereas with cloths at best one can only guess what's really there with another. Words are like cloths where only guessing is done to attempt what's the real truth with another in either gender yet the basic differences of some of us are females and some are males is basically the naked truth.

Take that basic difference and apply the behavioral patterns of our female gender and male gender. Slavery in my mind is controlling and manipulating others in order to fill one's wants, needs and desires. The reason I bring gender differences into this subject is the behaviors are basically there even though they are practiced by both genders. Is it the one who controls and manipulates another, like a slave owner and females that have been part of my life, that is the problem? I include females in controlling and manipulating because I consider that to be a natural God given nature in their character.

Males enabling themselves to be controlled and manipulated by females is the problem and it is comparable to the slaves enabling the slave owners to control and manipulate them. The basic elements like self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence are totally neglected in both genders in our present day society leaving both genders avoiding the responsibilities and the accountability for their own individual roles in society. In other words, simply put people do not want to muster up the courage to be really free so they enable themselves to be enslaved by others.

With my living daughter who goes through husbands, it always those she marries fault and never her own making the choice of getting involved with them. I grew up with a mother who focused on everything and everybody being the fault of her miserable outlook in life. She enslaved others with it. My sister did the same thing as did my wife and other females in my life. They were not the problem though but I fully understand that my own enabling them to enslave me with the deceit and deception of their natural controlling and manipulative behaviors was the real problem. It was the daughter trying to kill herself that made me wake up to the fact that she had nothing to feel secure about with me and others to make her want to live. She was the most controlling and manipulative person I've ever seen yet it was that natural female behavior that changed by male behavior into being responsible and accountable for my male role in her life and my role in all of life. Her female behavior did enslave me and at the same time moved me into getting the courage to free myself from enabling that behavior which earned her trust and respect leaving her feel secure enough to not control and manipulate. Society enables government to control and manipulate the same exact way and even with all the distractions in looking for answers it is still society not mustering up the courage to be free that is the real problem we all face right now. 

To me every distraction that words could offer can be introduced into this subject but we still have to own up to understanding our basic differences in the first place so a path to being free can be started from there.

5 years ago

Sending a Green Star is a simple way to say "Thank you"

You cannot currently send a star to Jeanette because you have done so within the last week.

5 years ago

Slavery vs Lincon & God(ess)
5 years ago

  Wrong again,Licon use them for Politics & miliatary,& his writings show him very anti Black,perhaps not considered even Humans.

  Like it or not,yes,you,yourself are God & Goddess,though in far smaller amount,  Denial does not make it not so.

  Slavery is of Humands,Gender is just getting down to some of the Details.

  Re:Gender.  Wrong,with humands,we are ALL created as Females only till a point in gestation when if all terms are meant,some change becoming Males,at least one reason why all have Tits 'n Teats!

  Only one has the V,& the victory,the other having to always work at Snaking In The Grass!

  Childeren prove,you loved that too!   Hemm,Ah-OOo,Slrp.

  Some sound like they did not themselves recive enough & enough Good Quality Mother's Milk.

  Symptom:They ae now mostly like too much Milk,(Of Magnisia!)

  Anyone care2 Wipe Some of the above "conversation(s) Up? 

  Pax,But NOT,At Any Price!      Paxarabellium!

5 years ago

I have a question totally unrelated to any topic on this thread.

What does the O O O stand for?  I have thought about it for months and the only thing I can come up with is Out Of Order.  

5 years ago

Hi Jeanette, although OOO has a different writing style and ken has warranted anger to some extent , NOT all and I know in my heart that he is in complete understanding But I will tell you...They are both Brilliant! lets take this post for example...Who else has 31 hit on the article under their name? OOO. Conversations can change and one of the reasons I am so adamantly against other group that tell their following to "Stay on Topic" is because that is not real life nor real conversation as we all know that when we sit around the Thanksgiving table this year and depending on how many guests we have there will be many different conversations going on around that table as well as everyone joining in to one singular topic just to have it veer itself into yet another. This is what I want to see...The participation of all of you as you are are highly intelligent and you Jeanette have never posted a single thing, that I have failed in agreeing with you on. So lets all respect each other and understand that we all write the way we do for reasons that are all,,,well for a reason and I fully understand OOO as she more or less write in code form and I understand her loud and clear. Ken has much anger over an incident that took place in his life. And I would never have stated that had he not already posted it. Even, when I knew before hand because I wanted to allow him his privacy. He already knows that my door is open and when ever he wants to talk about the anger, I will be there for him as would I for anyone of you. I'm not God but I have his answers and am working with those that have issues that they are or have not begun to really look at and learn to let go of. So it is for that reason I write this post. If we were all the same , how boring life would be. I address my self against my right arm and that is Ivonne. My belief is that God put us together as true sisters in Christ yet Ivonne handle much with Silk and Satin...Calming and loving and I address my self as Sandpaper because I am very strong on the liberal loons in this world and cut them NO slack and hit hard with God's wisdom, better know today as common sense. So my gifted and talented and brilliant Jeanette let's rise above the fray of insulting OOO. In regards to what she has posted in short she is saying that we must not sit back and do nothing about what we see is a robbery of sorts, regarding the politicians and the current world system.

Much love, peace & hugs,


5 years ago

That is totally hilarious. You are extending an invitation to me to deal with my anger which I am of the firm belief that my anger is a gift from God which I truly appreciate. What you see as my anger is standing up to your own female control and manipulation which offers deceit and deception for others to be distracted from honest dealing with issues presented to us in life.

Both of our genders are created by God which makes them perfect. My main point about the female gender being controlling and manipulating in this subject of slavery is that female behavior controlling and manipulating enslaves people and especially males enable female's controlling and manipulating behaviors to enslave them giving females absolutely nothing to trust and respect so they can feel secure in their relationships with males. Now I consider human beings to have only two basic behaviors and the rest is added garbage that has to be shifted through to understand the garbage only distracts from our basic behaviors. It's the KISS formula of keeping it simple. To further elaborate on this your attempting to place the subject on your own mind mustering up and seeing the idea of my anger being a problem clearly shows to me your female control and manipulative behavior as a example of what I am writing.

In another discussion with Jeanette I wrote about taking down the chairman of the Highway Advisory Committee in the Wisconsin state capital after an assemblyman insisted I be heard. I watched this chairman take down three people with prepared speeches before this happened and with anger my self talk was "Your going down mutha" In my own personal female relationships I have not encounter any females that didn't anger males and with good reasons for doing so. Males enable themselves to be controlled and manipulated so instead of strength females get weakness from males and nothing to trust and respect. Angering males is the only way females can get males to show any sign of their masculine strength. Where the hell are politicians that make up our government any different in offering the citizens of this country weakness like that's offered to females in relationships. That's an example of our God given behaviors. God created us with free choice and if we aren't responsible with that free choice that's a human problem that I am writing that you can only see as my anger.

One thing I know your female mind could never comprehend which really shows in what you write because I see it as reaching for straws, is that I am leading. From females I had to learn that unless I was going to get a sex change, I as a male had to accept the responsibility and accountability for the direction and well-being of the relationship. My dog died and people asked me if I was going to get another dog. No, because I am fully aware about what my role is with the responsibility and accountability that goes with the choices I make in life. I did not have that awareness and only through going through relationships did I gain that awareness. Just like you with your female behavior attempting to make me look bad  and like I am wrong with what I share I can now write I've been there, done that and what's next. 

To show how I have been leading which is not being a slave, take notice how your 'hate' for Obama has been distracted from and directed at me even though the 'liberal loons' are in your previous post. I mean how many other threads can you show me in the group you claim ownership of, have this many posts in them? Where have you or your co-host accomplished anything like that? You don't suppose I worded this to anger you or your co-host sister with your hate for Obama and Liberals, do you?

5 years ago

We do not hate  Obama, we hate what he is doing to this country with his socialist-marxist agenda, driving this country down a cliff with no brakes on!  As far as your anger is concerned, believing it is a gift from God, the only anger that the Lord has and alllows in one of his children is RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION, which we are only to use  it and feel it when we are confronted with sin, anything that is contrary to his commandments!  And even then, when ap[plying His mercy and grace, we can act with His love that was shed abroad into our hearts by the Most Holy Spirit when we were saved!  I personally do not think you are that angry, like I have said before, I belkieve you are full of bitterness because of your past  experiences with women, sadly but true.  You are closing yourself from experiencing the true love of God by one of daughters that truly walks in his peace, mercy and grace!

5 years ago

Does that mean I misunderstood Christ's anger in the temple about the money exchangers?

I'll have to share some of my writings which include my daughter's journals and letters from her and her mother about what I strongly feel is love. Scott peck wrote, "Love is doing for another those things that you would prefer not to do." I sure have done enough of those things I preferred not to do with not only females but males as well. I mean I am sure that it would be easy enough to convince others of my insanity but how many males do you know that would stir up the emotions of females like I am doing here? Maybe you see that as closing myself off from the true love of God but I see it as opening up females to understanding their own importance of being created perfectly by God so they would value themselves that way instead of thinking they had to control and manipulate to get their ways in life.

I compliment you on the way this last post was written as it was so much easier to read then previous ones. Thank you for the effort put into that.

5 years ago

That is correct Ken, The Lord Jesus anger at the Temple, was righteous indignation when He saw that the house of prayer had been turned for buying and selling of thieves! I have met very many men including one that I am married to that has stirredp up that kind of emotion because of trying to manipulate me by making feel like I was at fault.  I know very well how the Lord created the female, and who I am in Christ, I am royalty, the helpmeet to my husband, his compliment.  I am not behind me or ahead of him, I am by his side!  In Christ, there is no male or female in the spirit, this is as far as spiritual things are concerned.  I am perfect in Christ, not because of what I do, but because He lives in me and in Him I live, move and have my being. Whenb my father God sees me, He sees me perfect because I have been washed by the blood of Jesus, in His eyes I am sportless.  Thank you Jesus for your cleansing blood, I am sanctified and holy, made holy because of He has done at the Cross.

5 years ago

Thank you Ivonne for making that distinction with Ken, since what Ken is suffering is a taste of both righteous anger that has now become a bitter venom, a poisoning of his mind. And I want to get him beck to the stage of righteous anger, so that he can learn by God, to let go of all the bitterness and live a life that God would want for him. And that is of peace and happiness. Regardless of past injuries. I fell asleep as I had been up much earlier taking care of the critters and then started to go to work on the site and saw Jeanette's post to OOO and I had to comment on that. As all of you are dearly loved and I don't want people to say things that can be hurtful, simply because they don't know the persons story and no one in this wonderful combination of people within this group, fights. I am truly blessed with each and everyone of you. And as God would have it that we are patient and loving with each other here, so that our group is always under the guidance of God and kept pure. Thus we don't end up like many of the other groups with real nut cases like the liberal loons, that say "anything goes". So, thank you!!! As when I had saw that Ken responded, I wanted to start my post with showing him the differences between righteous anger and bitter venom, only to see you come in and nail it...And you wonder why I call you my right arm!!!



For you Ken with all my love & care!!!
5 years ago

5 years ago

Does that mean anger differences could be classified as Republican or Democratic anger also? When I read how your husband tried to control and manipulate you I have to laugh because I am definitely certain you have never looked in your own female mirror. My point to writing this is simply put If he's that way what's the matter with you for marrying him in the first place?  I mean in other posts an attempt was made to write about women killed in relationships which I totally conceived as a sympathy seeking mission which I see most female behaviors doing. It's like, "Oh please feel sorry for me and fight the big bad wolf," instead of growing up and playing like an adult. That behavior might have been okay when you were children but I don't care what your age is because when you started playing adult games, it's time to be responsible and accountable adults. This cry baby children behavior is old hat. 

This last week I watched 'Undercover Boss'. It was about a woman who was CEO who was raised by a single mother. She made a strong point how her father was emotionally and physically abusive so her mother left him and worked hard to raise her which ended up being her inspiration to excel. Then throughout the show it was single women bringing up children and grandchildren that this female CEO favored. Actually, except for one male, single mothers was all there was. Then I like the show the voice so there was something on about Chritina Aguilera. Guess what? She too told how her father was emotionally and physically abusive so her mother left him and raised her which inspired her to succeed. To further elaborate to your female minds my mother told all who would waste the time listening about how my father was abusive. My sister told all who would listen about how males were abusive to her. My daughters told the world how abusive I was and about how abusive any males that got close to them were abusive. So I am categorizing that as a female behavior which I am writing about as what I see as female's total ignorance being unchecked and damaging our society.

Just as you two go on blaming Obama and Liberals you both clearly displayed blaming males for your own controlling and manipulation. The subject is slavery and your behaviors of being irresponsible and unaccountable enslave others. No one made the choice for you to marry or get involved with anybody but you! Instead of owning up to your own choice making completely done in your own individual minds and I honestly doubt the anger from those you both committed too could ever be understood by either of you. It's always somebody else's fault which I have seen from the majority of females in my life. Everything is blamed on others and that is what I totally believe has been neglected as an importance in our society. No where is the consequences of the female irresponsible and unaccountable behavior consider in doing what's best for our whole society. It has damaged us severely.

I have talked with guys that killed their girlfriends and wives and can understand the reason that happens. They'd been better off if somebody would've put super glue on their pants zippers before when their hormones changed and then taught them about female control and manipulation along with their male role of being responsible and accountable for any females they got involved with so an attempt could be made at stopping our decline in morals the way we have. I mean I am told I'll never know the love of a woman like it's an object sold in the stores I should go out and buy instead of a choice we make inside our won individual minds. Gees, that's sick to tell me about a 'love' of a woman and then tell about your husband trying to control and manipulate you! Where's the trust and respect which is earned from one another in a relationship like that?

I have watched females belittle males so much and blaming them for their own miserable attitudes that I consider our society crippled by this behavior which distracted us from looking at what works best for human beings instead of females having people fighting and protecting and defend themselves against one another all the time. I mean this behavior isn't limited to just individual relationships, It's taken over our whole society which clearly shows with the blame game instead of accepting responsibility for wanting to get along with one another. My wife when she was dying told me she always loved me and I am now sold on I prefer those that hate me any day over your type of love. There is absolutely nothing to trust or respect about that and I am angry that I fell for the female deceit and deception doing that. God's loving promise got me to this place in life because I have learned that I am happier now with trusting God's Love more then I ever will be trusting a female's love plus I now am fully aware of my responsibilities in relationships of all nature in my life. Are any of you there yet?

5 years ago

I am so sorry that I even asked.......there was certainly no intent to put down anyone's intelligence level or any other hurting reason........I did explain that my question was totally UNRELATED to any topic on this thread.  It was just idle curiousity and nothing more.  I don't think I deserved a lecture on it insinuating there a hidden motive.  All anyone had to say was she writes under a code name.  With all of the "alphabet" groups and agencies that we deal with in our everyday life, (CIA, FBI, FEMA, IRS, CFR, ACLU, NRA, UMC, NFL, BIA, AIM, etc.) it just seems natural to ask about those we are unfamiliar with.  Had I not expected it to be another one of the above, I would not have asked.  Again, so sorry for asking.  I'm out of here!

Re O
5 years ago

1 i was filling in some spaces as needed per care 2.

2 like others Life does Bend one

3 Bent,one feels certain way about & of cetain things

4 That/those letters are short for some of that

5 For those with Ears,much of what i have written might be understood,while taking a bit of care2 be pre prepared againest the human made times i for one hope not to have.

6 I Dare-,toWrite & to Act upon It,again,rewuireing sometimes,to be a bit obtuse,for should it happen,& now it almost surely shall,upon that Day of Physical Battle,I will be there,sometimes doing before some's eyes what they still will not see.

7 God IS  & is L O V E

8 But Not-At Any P R I C E!

9 Paxarebellium!

10 Nathan Hale!

11 In Spirit,I Can Not Be Killed

12 & I shall not:Give Up,Give In,or Go Around on Some Things!

13 Those proven pro Orginal Type American's In "Spirit",not just birthplace,may ask for more info,IF They Too,are Ready,Willing,To Act-To L I V E-F R E E!

14 as to the rest,'Ware! Beware!  Pushed,I Do:B I T E !

5 years ago

No Jeanette, don't go! You are the only person I have run into that actually brought some points up that could be discussed. That is so rare in our entire society. This subject is about slavery and just look at how people enslave others in a simple thing like discussing a subject like this. In my life I had to learn to separate myself from my own personal feelings in order to reason and make decisions on what would be best for everybody. It's how we react to others that enslave us or sets us free. 

Communication is sharing but sometimes it impossible to put anything in a clenched fist. Just realize that and let life unfold the way it is knowing it's suppose to be this way.

5 years ago

Yes, Jannette please do not go, I treasure your wisdom and knowledge in all subjects, we need you, love you, Ivy

5 years ago

Too late, she sent me a message that she already unjoined the group. So what's the prize with something like that happening? I mean could our country get any more screwed up then it is already with not wanting to get along with one another? We've become so divided with our own individual attitudes that the slave owners have an easy time keeping us slaves by us beating each other up so there is no way being free could ever enter into the picture! While I don't disagree with your feelings about Obama, I cannot see where any of you could ever handle the responsibility that goes along with being free. That takes place in your minds but when a comfort zone sets in by blaming others for your own weakness in mustering up the courage to be free, slavery is all the majority in the US will ever be able to handle. That's just the way it is , so live with it and don't make those that stand a chance of being free pay the price for your own cowardliness.

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5 years ago

Will who ever is working the comments booth please post my nearly 6,000 character posting PLEASE! I've been waiting for 10 minutes.

J. Leaving
5 years ago

  By the post postion on these posts,she seems as if she left after asking me,before i even posted any ansewer,so i do not accept this as my doing,nor did or do i wish her gone.

  Why do people ask something,then not wait for an answer or say they do not want an answer?  Why ask if not exspecting? 

  BTW-She was wrong in babies crated without being fully paid for,for when they are from the poor,the gov in fact should paid for them in full without complaint,as it does not now,for it is gov that fully uses them up in the threat & by percentage,amount of them that doie,in gov service in non declared,demonized,fought to deliberately not win-wars.

  Those angry over those aquiring so called hand Out from gov need to remeber,things like secuirty is only one's own money returning from having been taxed by force & no opt out.

  Gov.'s,are to do,only those things,which the People,can not do,or can not do as well for-themselves,so social welfare is a vaild part of both State & Federal gov,unlike Ron Pauls postion,though i agree,this needs legeslation of the type he mentioned to have it do legaly as it is not now done.

  Though by posting level,she left before i posted my responce,but had she stayed to read,I invite comment-have i said anything derogatory to others there?

  Re:10min wait to post,good thing it posted at all,as many times it fails.  Though these problems are no longer new,unfortunately,welcome tothe new (non) working style care2 site,which is why around -06-to-07-years agaon now,one can see by the dates most group sites died-people left care2.  Because,Care2Connect does not Care2Connect.

5 years ago

There was a group once intended to deal with male issues. In a very short time it became filled with females asking questions about males and males no longer participated in the group. One woman asked about something her husband told her and wanted others to tell her if it was true or not. My reply was, "I could care less what gender is. If anybody asks me about something and then turns to others to find out if it's true or not that's sick. I mean don't ask me in the first place if you don't want to trust or respect what I tell you!"

The difference from reading about the defense of your behavior and my behavior is that I never have been in the position of making just myself right and always had to do my best to make everybody right. Show me where that selfish inconsiderate behavior is getting you or our entire society in the United States and let's then have a discussion about slavery which you started! Communication is sharing and that's not the same as proving yourself right by proving everybody else wrong!

Your Post Reply Makes her Points
5 years ago

 About you-True.

  You say hilarious  & funny to her serious replies in the same vein as the comments themselves,similar to what site Trolls do-are you one,or just having fun copying an injusred party type person?

  Enough already. 

5 years ago

Personally, I cannot read your confabulated garble any longer, you need psychiatric help OOO.

Too weird is not necessary to be in the group, I am clueless to your endless babble. See a shrink.

Ken writes in the English language and he is filled with contempt for the female species because of his relationships. Time to move on Ken, I know you use the women in your life as references to everything that is wrong with the country, government, politicians, etc.

I can say on a simpler level, watch your pets and they act out what humans do as well.
But to continuousally draw these subjects into every conversation is meaningless.

Ken: without the women references ... just use your own common sense when relaying your wisdom. You have much wisdom but don't turn off every women here. Thank YOU.

5 years ago

Regarding slavery, go see the movie LINCOLN ... it is all about the passage of the 13th amendment and the strike within the republican party.

Lincoln was a man way ahead of his times. He forsaw the true impact of Christianity and what was right in life. He started the Civil War to originally save the Union and it got blurred in the end game as to whether slavery should ever be allowed and the simple humanity of everyman is equal in the eyes of the law which is what Lincoln stood for.

There is no differences in how the law sees every man. Of course, we all know that in many cases, money and greed corrupts law and not every man is treated equally in the eyes of the law. Lady Justice is NOT BLIND as she should be and Lincoln's wonderful idealogy is not being practiced.

We can cites many cases like Teddie Kennedy getting away with letting a young woman drown in his younger days at Chappaquidick. Also, Nicole Simpson Brown and O.J. getting off.
Now we hear, that a serial killer may have been responsible for Nicole's murder.

It is hard to point fingers at Lady Justice who sees all men equal in the eyes of the law.
What is hard to swallow is the corruption and greed that is behind the legality of justice and this has always been there as Ivonne pointed out in the early days of the Temple when Christ was sold out for silver coins.

Man is the driving factor and Man and his relentless drive for power and control has devalued and corrupted society. So, Ken, I am turning it around and pointing the finger to MAN, as women were considered property of men throughout the ages.

5 years ago

Sheila, I watched you vote for Obama and turn on him. When it came out about Romney's 47% remark I watched you turn on him and then turn your hatred back to Obama and Liberals. This is an observed female behavior which I have generalized as the same female behaviors from almost all females and my main point is we are a whole society and this behavior ought to be taken seriously when it comes to setting the direction for our country and for our country's well being. I mean in life who exactly has to handle the responsibility and accountability for that because female's behavior sure isn't going to do it? Making themselves right by making others wrong like females do isn't working!

5 years ago

Ken: Mitt Romney was far from the perfect conservative candidate. His remark on the 47% was very detrimental and it did weigh him down. In my opinion, Romney was still a better choice than Obama.

I read extensively and reviewed history, I analyzed Obama and I found him to be a fraud, a charlatan and in truth: he is a socialist/marxist who openly states he wants to transform America.
The documentary 2016 is very factual and outlines Obama's agendas for this country.

He is a very angry man, his idealogy is not based on our founding fathers, our Constitutuion and Bill of Rights. He is more comfortable with Karl Marx. He believes in taking America down; he will deconstruct our military power soon and USA will be leading from behind. This doctrine puts America into a weak world power; Russia, China and the Muslim Brotherhood benefit greatly.

I am disgusted with the decision to re-elect Obama.
Mitt Romney would not have gone in this direction.
I do believe Romney's statement of the 47% definately put the 3.5 million voters out in full force to vote Obama as they were the deciding votes that got him elected. People making less than $30,000 or being supported by the government fully decided this election.

This country cannot survive this kind of culture. Read my article by Bill O'Reilly on
CRUSHING AMBITION. We are headed in that direction.

5 years ago

Regarding Liberals, I think they are the biggest fools of all.

They like being called liberal; yet; they are the least ones to give to charity.
They want redistribution to be done by the government. They are the biggest fools of all.
I am in total disgust, contempt and disdain of liberals.

I am and always was a conservative. In my youth, I may have been radical in some causes but never a liberal. I am radical in my approaches to life as I don't believe in going half way; you are in or you are not. There is NO HALF WAY!

5 years ago

My main point about all this is that all female behaviors show absolutely no requirements of being disciplined to where responsibility and accountability are put in place. Show me where your female reasoning displays any logic that would actually be what's right for our whole society. It's coming across to me like a, "I'm right and I'll prove it by making you wrong," attitude. You wrote about my contempt for women which I write is a correct observation and is being done intentionally to you and all women reading this. 

My purpose of doing this is for having females reap what they sow. As a male that's all I see from females is contempt. Your expressing your hate that you muster up in your own mind and I see as female control and manipulation is what I am holding a mirror up too. I'm a male and found myself being the one who had to clean up the messes females made. Never did I have the option of making just one side the winner and making the other side the loser. Where's your brain in doing that? Winners make loses and then what is suppose to happen to all those people that are made into losers by female mentalities? Surely there has to be some that can understand the shooting in Tucson, Colorado movie theater, VA Tech, Columbine and how many more senseless killings that all involved human beings that were made into losers. 

Unfortunately my male role never gave me the choice of dividing human beings. When my daughters fought I disciplined them both. One for starting the fight and the other for not being smart enough to let it become a fight. My main point I included was that they were sisters in the same family and there was no place for that in the family. We're all family and there is no place for that in our entire family. Winners make losers and the hell with dealing with all those we make losers out of all the time. Either we learn to make winners out of all of us or we destroy ourselves completely like we have progressed into doing now.

What your doing to Obama is like me marrying a female and finding her doing exactly the same thing. Then she role modeled that behavior for our daughters who did exactly the same thing for mainly males in their lives. My mother did that to my father. My sister did that to her (plural) husbands. As a society nothing is done about this female behavior which I would think we'd at least have enough common sense to be aware about the damage it's doing. It's the deceit and deception that has over ridden being free and made slaves out of all of us. It's that damn little girl behavior that doesn't grow up and be an adult in life that disgusts me the most!

5 years ago

Well in many societies men regard women still as property. In the USA, women got liberated and some are more masculinated than men.

As I said, you relate the entire country and world problems to relationships between men and women; and you use your own life as an example.

I could say that you may relate human kind and their interactions to the animal world.
Sometimes, they display more civility than humans.

Right now, our country is going to go through a radical transformation and in the end; much freedom will be relinquished for more government controls.
Furthermore, Obamaism is creating an entire class of people who do not wish to work at all.
They prefer to be supported by the government and the fools who do work pay higher taxes to support these freeloaders.

We have a parasitic population which is growing and it won't work because there will not be enough workers to suck off in the end.
Just like Bill O'Reilly wrote in his article CRUSHING AMBITION, we are on the Road to Ancient Rome and we will have the same inevitable fall unless we change quickly. This kind of governemnt is corrosive and destructive.

Of course these parasites don't want to work, why should they, they would rather indulge all day long on drugs, alcohol, giant plasma tv screens, computers and all the other gadgets coming out because they line up to buy all of this stuff. They don't pay taxes, but get every entitlement under the sun handed out to them by the government and if they want goodies; they work under the table or they steal or buy stolen goods.

They are immoral people who leech of productive members of society. I am aghast that these illegals demand that we NOT call them ILLEGALS but undocumented workers. They do NOT work; but take. They are undocuented Takers and they are here illegally.

In my opinon, round them up and buss them back to where they belong.
People who come here legally wait in line and do it the right way; but not these parasites.
I have NO respect for them; I cannot stand them and I hate Obama for destroying this country.
I hate liberalism and their phoney baloney humanitarian excuses which are all lame and they are full of shyte.

5 years ago

In my opinion life is given to us by God who intended to share it with us. I have no problem with your hating anything or anybody because that's what I have mainly seen from females that have been in my life. My main point that I am attempting to bring up is genders have different behaviors and our society not dealing with our country's problems understanding those differences is hurting us big time. You can put your freedoms and other crap like that where the light don't shine. I am totally into responsibility and accountability for our individual roles in society and to each other in doing what's right for the direction and well-being of our whole society.

In my own male life I can see the necessity of female behaviors in moving my own growth from boyhood to manhood. Surely you as a female, especially working in the mental health field, have to be capable to understand I wouldn't be able to write stuff like this if I hadn't gone through females behaviors that brought out the masculinity in me. The main point I hope to make is that I believe our society could benefit with the teaching of common sense about our differences and include exactly what our roles are suppose to be in society instead of blundering ignorantly the way we are now. 

You can hate all you want but I am fully aware of somebody's got to be responsible and accountable for the damage your hating and stirring up others to hate the way you do. That's a fact that society needs to wake up to!

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