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How We Can Still Stop Obama!!
5 years ago

How We Can Stop Obama!!

  **Note:That on the above site below article copy comes from stating posted by Anonymous,this same posting is also being e-mail sent from Devvy's web site,a well known actives & State Bars approved practicing lawyer,though at first check,it or the e-mail her site is sending does not appear on her site.  With digging,it might be found,or may just be in her own e-mails to those on her lists.

  If this is lost,by there failing to follow True American Citizens orders on this,if Americans do follow thru & do this & do it timely now,next Step per Foundig Documents leaves no other legal methods left but immedeate emergency Supreem Court timely review & rebuttal,Or War.

How We Can Stop Obama!!

United States map SC Exclusive: How We Can Stop Obama!!

The vast majority of the public and the press have proclaimed the 2012 Presidential election over and Barack Obama the President-elect.  However, as Lee Corso, the college football analyst on ESPN’s Game Day broadcasts is so fond of saying:

“Not so fast my friend!!”

We have only taken the first step in the actual election process constitutionally mandated to select our next President.  The two steps that follow, I believe, will determine the future course of this nation and, perhaps, the very survival of the Constitutional principles on which it was founded.

On November 6th,we voted to establish the actual slates of Electors that are to be entrusted with the responsibility of electing the next President.  The next step is for those Electors to gather in the various state capitals on December 17th to cast their ballots.  Those ballots are then tallied in the states and forwarded to the President of the Senate and to the National Archivist for confirmation of the final tally by both Houses of the Congre

5 years ago

Wow, I did not know that, excellent posting!

5 years ago

Do you know the taxpayers actually go deeper in debt for 'Private Propaganda Contractors'?

So what the hell did any body expect to be different after the elections? In my state when I got took on buying my home and looked for help,I was told, "It's a buyers beware market!" That's the name of the game in our so-called United States. It everybody out for their own individual self instead of uniting for the good of all of us.

Live with it! 

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