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5 years ago

Increase in Knowledge/New                                    Technologies Widespread Use Of Biometrics In Consumer Electronics Projected

The Biometrics Research Group estimates that total global industry revenue in 2013 will reach US$9.3 billion. The research firm predicts that the market for automated fingerprint identification systems and fingerprint biometric technologies will continue to account for the greatest share of this global biometrics market.                                    ....  Click here for full story

5 years ago

For a techie that's sort of like the new "do you wanna build cluster bombs for villages?" moral dilemma. Except that those information bombs will be dropped on our own.

5 years ago

   That 'cluster bomb' part sure hits a nerve! I follow the news fairly close as I'm into human behaviors. Our government through the media has made accusations of so many other countries using cluster bombs while from what I can understand we're the ones who furnished the cluster bombs to the world. I know that when Israel attacked Lebanon cluster bombs where used and sure hurt a lot of innocent human beings with the damage they done. Even after Israel's invasion the cluster bombs injured people and then living in this country when somebody kills others the people make such a big deal out of it when they definitely show they don't care about any other human beings in other countries. I mean the same government people in the US complain about is indirectly killing and wounding people all the time and that's no problem.

   My personal opinion from my own life's experiences is that, "When everything is taken away from me I don't have to worry about losing it anymore." 

5 years ago

I'm afraid I supported Gulf War II when it first happened.  Like most of the mainstream, I believed the UN Weapons Inspectors were going to find Saddam's WMDs.  Then they were, ah, never found.  The pattern of cherry picking CIA "evidence" came to light.  I also learned that Saddam deliberately tried to keep the USA guessing about his capabilities, because he'd killed anyone who might have given him an objective opinion about what he should do in response to Bush.  Saddam had his own idea of the poker game, and he was playing the wrong game.  Bush's game was "roll over or you're gonna die, son."  Given Bush, and given the post 9/11 environment, that should have been an easy read.  America wasn't going to put up with anyone's %#&!*%, back then.

Saddam was a scumbag that the world is better off without, so I don't regret that outcome.  However, I totally got the beancounting wrong, of how many dead if we go in, vs. how many dead if we leave Saddam in charge.  We directly or indirectly caused *way* more people to die than Saddam would have gotten around to killing.  For what?  We didn't even get any oil, and we spent a lot of tax money on the war.  The main beneficiary was the military industrial complex.

The French, Germans, and Russians were right.  We could have simply contained him.  The French accused us of "Automaticity" at the time.  Anything Saddam does, is going to be a reason for us to go in guns a-blazing.

Biometrics are part of this bullshit police state mentality that has infected us since 9/11.  One year I just got tired of jumping whenever Homeland Security said "Code Orange."  Nothing ever happened.  There was never any followup to the Twin Towers etc.  A one hit wonder.  Probably our spooks did a good job, but also, I really don't think Osama bin Laden had the will of his followers.  I think he tricked a lot of them to pull off that suicide job in the 1st place.  Notice how much smaller scale everything they did afterwards was.  More like terrorism as usual.

5 years ago

Osama bin Laden was used by the US to fight the Russians in Afghanistan because another group out of Pakistan wasn't getting the job done fast enough. That's history and Saddam was trying convince OPEC to start using the euro because the US dollar was becoming to unstable plus Saddam was negotiating oil contracts with China which is the real reason for invading Iraq.

Even the first gulf war was nothing but deceit and deception by our US government as people like Cheny had been doing business with Iraq through Haliburton which was out of Sweden and  the US had sanctions on Iraq. The US had been angle drilling into Iraq's oil wells along with getting Kuwait to lower it's oil prices to cripple and provoke Iraq into fighting. So the public wasn't smart enough in our US to actually see what was really going on and we're broke and in debt for that ignorance. Terrorism is just a word used to turn people's fear on against others when they defend themselves against what our US government destroys their lives in their countries. 

5 years ago

Iraq has *now* sold more oil to China anyways.,8599,1948787,00.html  That's sort of a consequence of setting someone free and letting the free market decide.  I think all you can really say here is that by toppling Saddam, the US ensured that it would get some oil from Iraq as opposed to no oil from Iraq.  I'm inclined to see the Iraq invasion in terms of 9/11 hysteria and war profiteering by the military industrial complex.

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5 years ago

It never was the oil the US was after. It was the profits from the oil which had been the goal from Briton and France who originally were in the region and then the US did their thing getting those two countries to let our country in on that deal. But  then the US somehow got a deal with Saudi Arabia and Briton and France wasn't included which had started a friction that the US somehow got around. If you watch some of these protest going on overthrowing other countries governments Briton and France are involved. Briton displayed this with the invasion of Iraq and even though France didn't join in there, a coalition that was behind putting in an oil line to compete with Russia's oil line, in running through Georgia that France was part of. Even Israel was part of that deal. As far as China getting Iraq's oil, China is a very smart country. Look at our economy. China and some other countries got burnt with the corruption in our US but instead of doing anything about it a lot of those countries have joined together to stand up to the US. They don't  join in the wars as those wars are destroying us financially and they win by supporting other countries fighting the US. In time our country's character will be so tarnished and other countries don't have to do anything to make their country's character look good. We're self destructing and lost our own country from not being responsible and accountable for our own individual roles in society.

5 years ago

The "somehow" you're looking for is called the petrodollar.  Look it up.

China has plenty of its own billions of people to suppress.

5 years ago

I thought you were looking for intelligent communication.

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