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7 years ago

1Richard-Berry.jpg picture by nancerose

Richard Berry ( 1935– 1997) was an American singer and songwriter, best known as the composer and original performer of the rock standard "Louie Louie".

International "Louie Louie" Day

April  11, 1957 -- The first recorded version of Louie Louie, by Richard Berry and the Pharaohs, is released on Flip records

7 years ago

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day (January 31)

1art10.jpg picture by nan_75

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day celebrates art and the effect it can have on your heart. Art is valued and appreciated for all sorts of reasons.

Emotions that a piece of artwork can awaken and inspire. 


8 years ago

National Fruitcake Day ~December 27th

 1fruitcake_tdc.jpg picture by nan_75

National Fruitcake Day celebrates the rock hard, fruit filled holiday cake. While fruitcake was popular in the 40's and 50's, we are not sure if anyone has ever eaten this weighty, gooey, sugar laden cake.

It is very appropriate for National Fruitcake Day to be celebrated shortly after Christmas. Once the holidays are over, it's time to get rid of your fruitcake. Giving a fruitcake is a Christmas tradition for many. It is also believed that recipients will re-wrap the fruitcake and give it to someone else. Who knows how many years, or decades, a fruitcake has been passed along? Ultimately, the trick is to make sure you give away the fruitcake before the holiday season is through. Otherwise, you get the joy of storing it, until the next fruitcake-giving season.

The earliest recipe from ancient Rome lists pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, and raisins that were mixed into barley mash.

In the Middle Ages, honey, spices, and preserved fruits were added and the name fruitcake was first used, from a combination of the Latin fructus, and French frui or frug.

Starting in the 16th century, inexpensive sugar from the American Colonies, and the discovery that high concentrations of sugar could preserve fruits, created an excess of candied fruit, thus making fruitcakes more affordable and popular

In the 18th century, Europeans were baking fruitcakes using nuts from the harvest for good luck in the following year. The cake was saved and eaten before the harvest of the next year, so it was about a year old when eaten.

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8 years ago

Go Caroling Day~December 20 ~

1carolers.jpg picture by nan_75

 is a wonderful, rewarding, and memory filled day. By far more popular decades ago, Christmas caroling is a great opportunity to enjoy the celebrations and appreciate its meaning.

Christmas caroling remains popular in many area and among many groups. Scouts and youth groups often partake in this special musical event. Even family parties and business parties sometimes produce an impromptu caroling event.  

It may take a little planning to make your Christmas Caroling happen. For example, scout groups frequently go caroling to nursing homes and senior citizen centers. A phone call to the facility management to arrange a date and time is a must. Transportation to/from the facility also must be arranged. And, afterwards, a caroling event is often topped off with hot chocolate and cookies.

We hope you enjoy Go Caroling Day to its fullest today!

8 years ago

National Parfait Day

November 25th

1Parfait.jpg picture by nan_75

A parfait consists of  layers of ice cream, whipped cream, and any combination of syrups and fruits.  Yes, it's basically a fancy word for a sundae. And, it's usually served in a fancy glass.

Celebrate this day by eating Parfaits. While chocolate is by far the favorite, use your imagination to create a wide range of single and mixed flavors.

Savor your favorite flavor of parfait, as you enjoy National Parfait Day.

Parfait (par-FAY) is a French word meaning "perfect." In English, it has several meanings:

French parfait: Frozen custard made with cream, and usually with a fruit puree.
American parfait: A tall glass filled with ice cream, layered with various syrups, topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

Yogurt parfait: Yogurt, fruit and granola layered in a tall glass, intended as a healthier alternative to the ice cream parfait.

Parfait glass, a unique shape of glassware used to serve various parfaits.

In Japan, a parfait refers to an ice cream sundae.

An American parfait is a dessert normally made by layering cream or ice cream or flavored gelatin dessert with other ingredients such as granola, nuts, yogurts, syrups, liqueurs, fresh fruit, or whipped topping. A parfait is normally made in a tall clear glass making all layers visible. The term parfait traditionally refers to an ice-cream treat similar to a sundae.

Parfait Recipes:


8 years ago

Universal Children's Day- Observed on November 20th each year.

1childrens_day.jpg picture by nan_75

 In 1954, the UN General Assembly recommended that all countries should establish a Universal Children's Day on an "appropriate" day. We are not sure, but perhaps each country various different dates during the year. The resolution was adopted on November 20, 1954.

Links to UN and UN System sites: UNICEF

Focus Areas

Millennium Development Goals

Voices of Youth

Monitoring the Situation of Children and Women

Unicef & Say Yes for Children

Innocenti Research Centre

United Nations

Global Issues - Children


The UN Works for Children

Children and Armed Conflict (Special Representative for the Secretary-General)

Children and War (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)

Children (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)

Secretary-General's study on violence against children

International Labour Organization

International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

A Child's World

Unesco Education - Early Childhood and Family

Primary Education

Programme for the Education of Children in Difficult Circumstances

World Health Organization

Child Health

Child and Adolescent Health and Development

World Bank Children and Youth

Child Protection Initiatives

8 years ago

November 14~World Diabetes Day

1diabeteslogo.gif picture by nan_75

November 14 will be the first United Nations-observed World Diabetes Day.  (International Diabetes Federation) will lead the campaign along with the ADA (American Diabetes Association), the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and many other organizations in the USA. Diabetes, which affects nearly 246 million people globally including 21 million children and adults in the US, has now been recognized by the United Nations as a health risk to families and countries around the world.

On November 14 2007, millions of people across the world will join hands to increase awareness on diabetes. A human blue circle will be formed on the UN grounds - the blue circle being the symbol for diabetes. There will be a 246-step march from the UN down First Avenue in honor of diabetics across the world. A diabetes education rally will be conducted that will have musical performances and celebrities will also participate.

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8 years ago

November 3rd~Sandwich Day

1sandwich.gif picture by nan_75

1Earl_of_Sandwich.jpg picture by nan_75

John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich

 (1718 – 1792)

 The origin of the name "sandwich"

"If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you eat?"
The answer: "The sand which is there."

Although the sandwich has nothing to do with sand, it still has a vague connection with island life, because the Hawai'ian Islands were once called "The Sandwich Islands."  They were named for the very same person for whom the sandwich that we eat was named John Montagu (1718-1792), the Fourth Earl of Sandwich.

8 years ago

1NOV2.jpg picture by nan_75

In India, Children's Day is celebrated on November 14, birthdate of first Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

All Saints' Day, a Christian holiday. Observance is on November 1, the day after Halloween. In Sweden the All Saints' official holiday takes place on the first Saturday of November.

In Ireland November 1 is regarded as the first day of Winter.

November 1 is called November Day (Lá Samhna) in Celtic tradition and is thus named in the Irish Calendar, where the month is called Mí na Samhna.

Veterans' Day is celebrated in the United States on November 11.

Remembrance Day is also celebrated on November 11 in the Commonwealth of Nations and various European countries (including France and Belgium) to commemorate World War I and other wars.

Discovery of Puerto Rico by Christopher Columbus on November 19, 1493.

Día de la Revolución, or Revolution Day, is celebrated in Mexico on November 20.

Aviation History Month

Child Safety Protection Month

International Drum Month

National Adoption Awareness Month

National Epilepsy Month

National Model Railroad Month

Native American Heritage Month

Peanut Butter Lovers Month

National Sleep Comfort Month

8 years ago
World Pasta Day

1pasta.jpg picture by nan_75

October 25th

World Pasta Day is today. It should come as no surprise to discover that this special day promotes the consumption of pasta around the world. It seeks to increase awareness of the benefits of pasta.

Each year on World Pasta Day, events are held to help spread the world about pasta and it's nutritional value. The National Pasta Association and pasta manufacturers sponsor these events and activities.

On World Pasta Day, pile up your plate, with a big dish of pasta and your favorite sauce!  

Origin of World Pasta Day:

World Pasta Day was established as an annual event  at the first World Pasta Congress held on October 25, 1995 in Rome, Italy. It is promoted by pasta manufacturers around the world.

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8 years ago

October 10th

1angelfood.jpg picture by nan_75

National Angel Food Cake Day is a great day to bake a cake with your little angels. Watch the smiles on their angelic faces, as you hand them the mixing spoon to lick off the batter!

Angel food cake is a sponge cake. It can be simple, or fancy. A suggestion~ a jello angel food cake, for a real treat.

Its really easy to enjoy National Angel Food Cake Day. Make or buy an angel food cake. Making an angel food cake is the best way to celebrate this day. A homemade cake beats a store bought one. Then, enjoy it with family, friends, and at work.

Here's wishing you a very Happy National Angel Food Cake Day.

In the UK Angel Cake (also known as Angel Layer Cake) is usually sold as a rectangle shape and has three layers separated by vanilla buttercream. The layers are coloured pink, yellow and white.

Angel cake is a type of cake that became popular in the U.S. in the 19th century. Because of its airy lightness it was said to be the "food of the angels".  The chocolate, butter layer cake appeared at the same general time period, as one of the many new American cakes made possible by the invention of baking powder. Angel food cake requires that the egg whites be whipped until they are stiff, and gently folded into the other ingredients. For this method of leavening to work well, it is useful to have flour that has been made of softer wheat. This - and the lack of fat - causes angel food cake to have a very light texture and taste. It has led some detractors to liken the taste of the cake as well as its appearance to cotton. Angel cake cannot be cut easily with a knife, as a solid blade tends to compress the cake rather than slice it. Forks, serrated knives, special tined cutters or a strong thread should be used instead.

Angel food cake is usually baked in an angel food cake pan, a tall, round pan with a tube up the center that leaves a hole in the middle of the cake. After baking, the cake pan is inverted while cooling to prevent the cake from falling in on itself. Angel food cake is sometimes frosted but more often has some sort of sauce, such as a sweet fruit sauce, drizzled over it.

The characteristics of high-quality angel cake are as follows:

Appearance: Top crust is slightly rounded; top crust is golden brown to medium brown; surface may be rough and slightly cracked.

Texture: Air cells may vary in size from small to medium; cell walls should be fairly thin.

Tenderness: Crumb is tender; the crumb "melts" in the mouth --very little resistance to eat

Flavor: slight sweet; vanilla and/or almond flavor may be detected. Small cakes baked and eaten within a 2-hour period may have a distinct eggy flavor. This eggy flavor is lost as the cake stands for several hours.

8 years ago

1wells_fargo_world_food-no_date-web.jpg picture by nan_75

Wells Fargo World Food Festival October 5-7

To celebrate Iowa's cultural heritage through diverse culinary traditions

The mission of the Wells Fargo World Food Festival is to celebrate Iowa's cultural heritage through diverse culinary traditions. Serving as a gathering place for the community, the Wells Fargo World Food Festival will feature ethnic cafes, folk artisans, a variety of entertainers displaying authentic dress and choreography, and a global market where attendees will be able to purchase items from around the world. The Wells Fargo World Food Festival will offer the community a chance to get involved in the event through vendor, volunteer and participatory opportunities.

As an all-inclusive event, the Wells Fargo World Food Festival will partner with leaders of cultural celebrations from across the state. The Wells Fargo World Food Festival is expected to draw a varied group of thousands from both Central Iowa and the Midwest.  This project will help meet the needs of Des Moines' diverse community by bringing together new and native Iowans for the educational, three-day celebration.  As a collaborative partnership between diverse cultures, the Wells Fargo World Festival will provide a valuable occasion for people to share their cultural history and traditions, and to foster community appreciation and understanding.  With no admission charge, this event will give the entire community the opportunity to take part in an educational cultural celebration showcasing Iowa's diversity.

The Wells Fargo World Food Festival is partnering with the World Food Prize to create a truly unique event. The World Food Prize is the foremost international award recognizing the achievements of individuals who have advanced human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world.

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8 years ago

1oct2.jpg picture by nan_75~Celebrating~

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

American Pharmacist Month

Apple Jack Month

Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Clergy Appreciation Month

Computer Learning Month

Cookie Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Eat Country Ham Month

International Drum Month

Lupus Awareness Month

National Diabetes Month

National Pizza Month

National Vegetarian Month

National Popcorn Popping Month

Seafood Month

The Planets~Gustav Holst
8 years ago

1Holst.jpg picture by nan_75

Gustav Holst ( 1874 - 1934) was an English composer and was a music teacher for over 20 years. Holst is most famous for his orchestral suite The Planets. Having studied at the Royal College of Music in London, his early work was influenced by Ravel,Grieg, Richard Strauss, and Ralph Vaughan Williams,  but most of his music is highly original, with influences from Hindu spiritualism and English folk tunes. Holst's music is well known for unconventional use of metre and haunting melodies.

The Planets Op. 32  is a seven-movement orchestral suite by the English composer Gustav Holst, written between 1914 and 1916. Notable for its elaborate score for large orchestra with some unusual instruments, The Planets is the most-performed composition by an English composer. Its first complete public performance was on October 10, 1920 in Birmingham, with Appleby Matthews conducting. However, an earlier invitation-only premiere occurred during World War I on September 29, 1918, in London's Royal Albert Hall, conducted by Sir Adrian Boult.

The elaborate score of The Planets produces unusual, complex sounds by using some unusual instruments and multiples of instruments in the large orchestra (like Mahler's Sixth of 1906), such as three oboes, three bassoons, two piccolos, two harps, bass oboe, two timpani players, glockenspiel, celesta, xylophone, tubular bells, and organ.

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Celebrate The Day~2
8 years ago
| Blue Label
National Good Neighbor Day

1neighborscp.gif picture by nan_75

 September 28

Ah, Good Neighbor Day. It's definitely a good thing. Being good neighbors is an important part of the social fiber that makes this country so great. Therefore,  it seems only fitting that one day a year honors good neighbors.

This day of recognition is not to be confused with other forms of "Good Neighbor Days". Stores proclaim "Good Neighbor Days" to promote sales, a wide range of organizations announce "Good Neighbor Days" to promote their cause, and local municipalities and governments proclaim "Good Neighbor Days" for a variety of reasons.

Rather, this day is to truly recognize and appreciate your good neighbor. Hopefully, one of those good neighbors is you!

Neighbours next door or to South of the border...that is you~

In the early 1970's, Mrs. Becky Mattson from Lakeside, Montana recognized the importance of good neighbors, and started the effort to make this a National day. With the help of congressman Mike Mansfield, she succeed in getting three presidents (Nixon, Ford, and Carter)  to issue proclamations, along with numerous governors. 

In 2003, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution, sponsored by Montana Senator Max Baucus, making September 28, National Good Neighbor Day.