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Petitions #3
4 years ago

I thought I would (try) to bring this thread back.  Feel free to add to it.


From Jobs With Justice: Wal-Mart broke its promise



From Avaaz: Protect Syria’s Children



From Center for Reproductive Rights: Attack the Causes of Gender Discrimination – Not Women



4 years ago

Signed thanks Kathy

4 years ago


From Cultural Survival: Stop rainforest destruction in Africa


From Public Citizen: (and because Nestle’ is despicable) Stop Underhanded Marketing by Nestle’ in Newark & Michigan


From Earthworks: Act Now to protect Salmon


From Access: Tell the ITU the Internet Belongs to Us


From CREDO: Tell Eric Holder Suspend and Investigate Voter Purging in Florida


I have a number of pet peeves – you haven’t seen anything yet!

4 years ago

From Public Citizen: Tiny Fee on Wall Street Would Make a huge Difference on Main St.


From Water Defense:  Stop Fracking (near schools) in Erie, CO


From Tell World Leaders to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies (you may have signed this, they just need a few more signatures to make the 1 million mark)



4 years ago

From Credo & Daily KOS


The DOJ has given Florida until June 6 to cease its ongoing voter purge which supposedly targets non-citizens but which we know is throwing thousands of eligible citizen voters off the rolls.


The petition reads:

"Comply with the Department of Justice's demand to immediately suspend your efforts to purge thousands of eligible citizens from the voter rolls."


Just 2 tonight
4 years ago

From freepress: Don’t let congress and broadcasters keep you in the dark


From Faithful America: Tell Trinity church don’t jail occupy activists. I don’t mean to offend any who are religious, but I have a hard time believing this is the ‘Christian’ thing to do.


4 years ago

Signed, tweeted, and shared. Thanks, Kathy.

4 years ago

From Roots Action: Fossil Fuel Subsidies, tell congress to put $11 billion to better use


From Avaaz: US: 24 hrs. to stop Syria’s Merchant of Death


From MoveOn: Block the Florida Voter Purge



This is insane!
4 years ago

Act Now: Don't Let Copyright Holders Steal Our Property Rights!

Do you really own the smartphone you’re using to read this email?  If you sold your computer, would you be breaking the law? A federal court in New York says you would be.

It's unbelievable, but trademark and copyright holders really are trying to take away your right to sell things that you own: Please add your name at right to fight back.

If we don't speak out now, we won’t be able to sell almost anything we own -- and if we do, we'll face charges for violating intellectual property law!

First-Sale Doctrine gives us the right to sell most property we own. But if the Supreme Court supports the lower court’s decision, we won't really “own” anything if it's been made in a different country.  We expect them to issue a ruling later this year.

If we want to sell products that were made abroad, from Macbooks and iPhones to our clothing and textbooks -- even our homes -- we'll have to ask copyright holders for permission first.  And they'll have the right to deny it!   

It's bad for so many reasons:  It'll undermine Craigslist and Ebay, hurt the environment, increase incentives for manufacturers to make things and move jobs off-shore, and effectively ban the traditional American yard sale.


4 years ago

Thanks for the info.

4 years ago

I'll come back tomorrow have a big lack of time.

4 years ago

From Courage Campaign – Tell Eric Holder stop raiding legal marijuana dispensaries


From Credo action – Don’t defund NPR, PBS, Planned Parenthood & AmeriCorps


From Demand Progress – Oppose CISPA but Protect (internet) Privacy





People are made to be loved and things are made to be used. The confusion in this world is that people are being used and things are being loved. Author unknown


4 years ago

Thank you, Kathy, for your research. I'll be checking this thread periodically, if it keeps going! You are doing a real service.

4 years ago


Thanks for the kudos BMutiny.   From Banker Crime Spree - Tell AG Holder: What’s the Holdup?!? It’s time to throw Wall Street crooks in jail!   From Corporate Accountability International – Vote in the Corporate Hall of Shame   From Forest Ethics – Tell EPA to stop tar sands refinery pollution NOW!   From National Women’s Law Center – Thank your senator (or not) for their vote on the Middle Class Tax Cut Act

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4 years ago

I want to inform those petitioning the DoJ to prosecute financial crimes, which Congress defunded all the monies for financial crimes. Does it make sense to petitition for enforcement? So, given the financial hand-cuffing of the DoJ, would it be better to just villafy the banksters until they become the insane monsters of humanity.(?) How about having our votes contingent on the assurance of no genocide? If there is one thing we should do, it is to change the perception and ability for financially backed leaders to be completely incompetent. But, that is just my opinion.

4 years ago

From Progressives United and Council for a Livable World: Senators, keep the Pentagon cuts



From Endangered Species Coalition: Urge you member of Congress to investigate the USDA’s Wildlife Services



From Food & Water Watch: Tell the USDA: Don’t trust the makers of the GE Apple

4 years ago

Happily signed all 3 - thank you Kathy!

End Church Tax Exempt Status, Faith Based Politics: Religions and Churches Should Pay a Fair Share:
4 years ago

End Church Tax Exempt Status, Faith Based Politics: Religions and Churches Should Pay a Fair Share: TAKE ACTION

Although there are a great many benefits which accompany becoming a tax exempt charitable trust, there is one significant drawback which has caused quite a bit of debate and not a few difficulties: a prohibition on political activity, specifically participation in political campaigns on behalf or any particular candidate.

It is important to understand that this prohibition does not mean that religious organizations and their officers are cannot speak out on any political, social, or moral issues. This is a common misconception which some have capitalized on for political purposes, but it is absolutely incorrect.

By not taxing churches, the government is prevented from directly interfering with how those churches operate. By the same token, those churches are also prevented from directly interfering with how the government operates in that they cannot endorse any political candidates, they cannot campaign on behalf of any candidates, and they cannot attack any political candidate such that the effectively endorse that person’s opponent.

What this means is that charitable and religious organizations which receive a 501(c)(3) tax exemption have a clear and simple choice to make: they can engage in religious activities and retain their exemption, or they can engage in political activity and lose it, but they cannot engage in political activity and retain their exemption.

4 years ago


YOU DON’T MATTER! That’s a pretty provocative statement. Billionaires like oil tycoons David and Charles Koch and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a special interest machine to advance their economic agenda and to make sure that YOU DON’T MATTER in public policy decisions.

· Americans for Prosperity · American Crossroads · ALEC · Heritage Foundation · Cato Institute · FreedomWorks

These are only a few of the dozens of groups funded by these billionaires. And the one thing they have in common is YOU DON’T MATTER to them. They back the controversial “Ryan budget” that declared war on the middle class, education and the environment.

· Cutting wages · Shipping jobs overseas · Closing schools · Firing cops and firefighters.

That is their agenda… and all to preserve billions in tax breaks and giveaways for wealthy special interests.

YOU DON’T MATTER to them. They don’t need anything from you, except your tax dollars to fund their special interest agenda.

Do nothing and they keep on winning. Do nothing and the American Dream falls further behind. Do nothing, and YOU DON’T MATTER.

Or, you can join with real American patriots and stop their radical agenda by fighting back.

4 years ago

TAKE ACTION: Support Tax-Based Comprehensive Healthcare

Millions of people in America are without any sort of basic health insurance coverage, and even those that have it often still cannot afford treatment when they need it the most. While the Federal Healthcare Reform Act of 2012 did attempt to get more Americans covered by health insurance, it failed to recognize that many people cannot afford to pay high rates and deductibles that are a part of American standards, and those who have even the most comprehensive healthcare still face the fear of reaching a lifetime cap or being dropped should some serious illness arise.

Almost all developed countries rank above the United States in health-related measurements. England’s National Health Service provides healthcare, both primary and long-term, to all permanent residents of the United Kingdom, free at the point of use and paid for through a national general tax. While most people in the country chose to use the public healthcare, private and other alternative options are available for those who want them. English people have longer life expectancy and the country sees lower infant mortality rates, and all for a substantially lower cost per person than we see in the United States.

While the American government has attempted to improve healthcare by granting more people access to it, they have failed so far to recognize those with healthcare who still cannot afford treatments. If healthcare where actually accessible to every person in this country, we would see a very quick and very dramatic increase in the quality of care and the quality of living. Tell the US Congress to support comprehensive tax-based healthcare and give all people, rich and poor, a chance at a healthy and happy life.

TAKE ACTION: Protect First Responders From 9/11-Related Illnesses
4 years ago

TAKE ACTION: Protect First Responders From 9/11-Related Illnesses

On September 11th 2001, first responders raced into contaminated rubble and toxic air to mount a truly heroic rescue effort. More than a decade later, those 9/11 first responders are still facing the devastating health effects of those rescue efforts.

First responders facing cancer and respiratory disease are still waiting for the federal victim compensation funds meant to assist them with massive treatment costs.

Congress has promised to aid 9/11 cancer patients, and it's all our responsibility to make sure they keep that promise. As it stands now--the victim compensation fund is stretched too thin to help all those who need it.

Often too sick to work, many first responders struggle to pay copays for cancer treatments. Money has not been added to the budget to cover cancer cases, many of which will appear long past the 2016 compensation deadline.

Urge Congress to make good on their promise to ensure all 9/11 first responders can afford the treatment they need.

Thank you!

TAKE ACTION: Cardinal Dolan: Don't Allow Romney Endorsements in Church Bulletins
4 years ago

Cardinal Dolan: Don't Allow Romney Endorsements in Church Bulletins

When Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, delivered the benediction at the Democratic and Republican conventions, he told reporters that he was there only to pray, not to endorse a candidate.

But back in his very own archdiocese, a Catholic parish is distributing an endorsement of Mitt Romney. In last Sunday's bulletin, a parish priest reprinted a letter from former Vatican ambassadors which concludes: "We urge our fellow Catholics, and indeed all people of good will, to join with us in this full-hearted effort to elect Governor Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States."

Cardinal Dolan's constant incendiary attacks on President Obama's health care policies have created a situation in which a priest in his very own diocese thinks it's acceptable to use a Sunday bulletin for partisan politics. If he's serious about staying out of this election, Dolan must instruct his priests to refrain from distributing partisan campaign materials and issue a pastoral letter clarifying that the church is not endorsing Mitt Romney.

Sign the petition to Cardinal Timothy Dolan!

Thank you!

ACTION ALERT: Stop Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney From Writing Checks to Millionaires
4 years ago

ACTION ALERT: Stop Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney From Writing Checks to Millionaires

Do you make $160,000 a year? I sure don’t.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan recently voted to give a huge tax cut to millionaires and billionaires—effectively handing the rich a $160,000 check, which is more than I make in a year and probably more than you make too.

Mitt Romney isn’t any better. He wants to double down and give an even bigger tax break to millionaires.

The Bush tax cuts for the richest 2 percent likely will be up for a vote in December. To get our nation back on track, we need to focus on jobs and economic security for the middle class, not on wasteful tax cuts for the richest 2 percent of Americans.

When the rich get special tax breaks, the rest of us end up having to make up the difference.

Millionaires like Romney and Ryan have made out really well and they will make out even better under their proposal to give another $160,000 tax cut to the richest 2 percent of Americans.

But not the middle-class families that are the backbone of our country, folks like us, who work hard, but want it to be just a little bit easier to get ahead.

We need to restore some basic priorities. We need Congress to focus on creating jobs and raising wages for the middle class, rather than cutting $160,000 checks for millionaires.

4 years ago


Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews come together every year to perform on the same stage for family farmers. Now they've come together to demand fair markets for farmers and ranchers. You can join them.

Agriculture in the U.S. suffers from increasingly high levels of corporate concentration, a trend that has forced hundreds of thousands of independent family farmers off the land.

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) jointly launched a series of workshops to look at these issues. Family farmers came out in droves to speak out against corporations' virtual chokehold over food production and distribution in America. Over a year has passed since the last workshop, and neither the DOJ nor the USDA has offered any plan for next steps.

Farm Aid's board artists sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack asking them to ensure fair and competitive agricultural markets.

Add your name to stand up and demand action in support of family farmers.


4 years ago


Support his call to Methodist pastors to join him in an "act of biblical obedience" by putting Jesus' commandment to love our neighbors ahead of "immoral and unjust" church rules that prohibit same-sex marriage.

In September 1960, a young pastor named Melvin Talbert was arrested and jailed alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. for sitting in at a segregated lunch counter. He went on to become a bishop in the United Methodist Church and serve as president of the National Council of Churches.

Fifty years later, Bishop Talbert is under attack again - this time for calling on Methodist pastors to join him in an "act of biblical obedience" by putting Jesus' commandment to love our neighbors ahead of "immoral and unjust" church rules that prohibit same-sex marriage.

Now a group of conservative pastors are accusing him of "advocating anarchy and chaos" and demanding that the Methodist Council of Bishops take action to "hold those who have been disobedient .. accountable for their inflammatory actions."

This story has gotten some media attention, and we've got a chance to show the world how everyday Christians are standing in solidarity with Bishop Talbert as he continues to struggle against the church's discriminatory policies towards LGBT people.

Thank you!

4 years ago


Wall Street gambling and greed collapsed the global economy, and we are still reeling.

Politicians claim America is “broke” to justify layoffs and draconian cuts in critical services.

We have a better idea.

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is introducing a bill to place a tiny tax on the sale of stocks, bonds and derivatives that has the potential to raise billions in desperately needed revenue while clamping down the Wall Street casino that continues to threaten our financial stability.

4 years ago

signed and shared!

4 years ago

Thank you so much Chris!

ACTION ALERT: Tell Mitt Romney: Thanks for letting us know you only want to be president of the rich
4 years ago

ACTION ALERT: Tell Mitt Romney: Thanks for letting us know you only want to be president of the rich

In a secretly recorded videotape from a Republican high dollar fundraiser, Mitt Romney incredulously claims that 47% of Americans don't pay taxes. What Mitt Romney is saying on the campaign trail is shameful.

Thank you!

Romney doesn't care for us poor or middle class
4 years ago

signed, Fb and tweeted

4 years ago

He's not running for us, he's running for him.

ACTION ALERT: Tell Candy Crowley: Women Deserve a Voice in the Next Debate!
4 years ago

ACTION ALERT: Tell Candy Crowley: Women Deserve a Voice in the Next Debate!

Zero. Zip. Zilch. That's the number of times women or women's issues came up in last night's debate.

Women are driving participation in this election. Women's issues--from access to affordable contraception and health care to pay equity--have dominated the political debate since February. And also, by the way, we are 52% of the population. And we deserve to have the candidates debate the issues that impact us directly.

Time is short, but Candy Crowley and debate organizers are watching the coverage from this debate closely as they choose topics and questions for the next one. Focus groups from the debate are showing that women are frustrated--and we need to show Crowley and the rest of the debate organizers how many of us are demanding that issues we care about are included next time. Please sign the petition today.

ACTION ALERT: Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights Now
4 years ago

ACTION ALERT: Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights Now

For too long, your reproductive rights have been under attack. If you don't stand up and speak out NOW, things won't change.

Politicians hostile to women's health and rights keep trying to take our rights away, cutting off access to everything from birth control to breast cancer screenings.

Enough is enough.

We're launching a major campaign to put the government on notice: We're not going to stand for this anymore.

And when you sign our new Bill of Reproductive Rights, you'll help us send a powerful message to lawmakers across the country that reproductive rights are fundamental rights and must be guaranteed and protected for all.

Join our campaign TODAY and let lawmakers know that you're drawing the line.

Thank you!

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