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California Green
6 years ago

I received a note some months ago that the Sierra Club is helping to off set the cost of solar conversion to private homes.  I was able to put my name on the list, though only for when they reach out this far.  Currently for California residents only.

6 years ago

Thanks for the invitation to Greenroads, my son is an entrepreneur in solar based in Seattle - it's slow, but his first "sell" was in California - if the grid were updated, the Mojave desert could open several opportunities for solar, unfortunately it's antiquated - I also noticed some of his grid-plans and found that several of the huge military bases are located in the Mojave, I would think that they might benefit from solar, if not for all energy sources, certainly for much - it would behoove the gov't. to use some of the "man power" of the military to do some of the upgrading of the existing power grid and save the country millions in energy spending on those bases alone - oh well - just a thought!

6 years ago

I have been registered green in Alameda county since they adopted the designation. Before that we had to register nonpartisan!

thanks for your post.
6 years ago

If your in CA, we'd love for you to volunteer at

Making California Green
6 years ago

Thanks for the invite to your new group Greenroads.  I am very impressed by the insistence of California to pursue more solar energy.  If we all thought about 7th generations it would not even be an issue.


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