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Introductions & Thank You for the Invite Thread
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Green Road A. (3819) Group InviteGroup Invitation: California Green Party Group Invite
Thanks to Judith for starting thread..:)
7 years ago

This thread is for new green members (or existing) to introduce themselves. It also offers an opportunity to say thanks to the person who invited you here. 


What or who brought you here? How did you find this group? How did you end up being interested in the Green Party of California? What role do you play in this party, if any? What is your passion? What is your goal? 


Of course, these are just prompts to give you ideas about what you may choose to write about.. This is your group. Welcome, and enjoy! 


I switched to the Green Party about two years ago, when I realized that the corporations 'owned' both major parties and my vote was largely wasted there, no matter who I voted for. Now the situation has gotten worse. I am working to take this democracy back for the people, by supporting and voting Green Party, or if no one is running for that party, I will vote for any non corporate funded candidate. It is simple to make a difference. Vote GREEN PARTY. 

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7 years ago

thanks for sharing

7 years ago

Thanks Green Road And You are Welcome for the page! I wanted ones to know you had invited me here!


Now to know that I had grown up during my preteen and teen years Living in California. My mother has family there.


I did go back for a visit about five years ago, once again. Of course I cry when I see the 90 + gone every time , [did the tribes say 99%] of the old Grandfather Giant Redwoods were logged off!  It is Terrible driving on the newer Highway for by passing  the small part left of Avenue of the Giants! With tears streaming down your face. Yes, I loved those Giant Redwood Trees! I hiked among them, played among them with my dog at my side. I swam and even fished in the streams and rivers running through them.


Another shock with all those Old Growth Giant Redwood trees gone, is how hot it is now inland, away from the Coast. Seeing the once Snow Covered Mountains all year long,  now bare of snow in early May! Who would have thought such a greedy act  "You have seen one tree you have seen them all " Cut them all down, would change the whole State in such a way. The Greedy did not see the whole picture?


So These are pictures I have on my Blog Redwood Forest at WP . They are Photos of California. It is using other parts of my Name if you wondered Judith Ann/ LRD [Little Running Deer] or just JAGE for short

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From Reed S.; edit/reposted
7 years ago

Great work in CA, though, Green Party. I send you positive, progressive thoughts as you fight the good fight there to get done what is right for Planet Earth and all life aboard.
Thank you Green Road.
Peace & Love; Unity & Respect (PLUR),
Reed in Scottsdale, AZ

Yes, it was Politics against California's Big Tourist Draw to the State
7 years ago

Quote by Regan "If you've seen one Redwood, you've seen them all"


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