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Why Vote Green Party, Instead of Democrat or Republican?
7 years ago

This thread is for debating the pros and cons of voting Green Party versus 'other' parties. 


Promoting other parties in any other thread is not allowed in this group.


Feel free to promote any party you like in this thread. 



Why waste your vote for Republicans or Democrats?
7 years ago

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. The problem with voting for the Dualopoly is that almost all of the representatives are bought and paid for by corporations.


The corporate machine tactic is to divide and conquer people with 'hot button' issues, while keeping everyone distracted from the '1% machine' that is pulling all of the strings behind the curtain.


How many Democrats can say that they receive ZERO corporate money? Very few to none. The same thing goes for Republicans. 


Voting for either Democrats or Republicans is a wasted vote, because they BOTH follow the corporate agenda, no matter what they promise ahead of time. Again, promising lots of things but not delivering is a famous corporate campaign tactic.


It no longer matters who the President is, or who your Representative is. No matter which Dualopoly party, that person cannot get to that level without corporate money. The President and all of our representatives are surrounded and controlled by corporate shills. The only two 'for the people' proponents were forced out of the Obama administration; one was not even allowed to take her position as a consumer advocate, despite his pushing for her installation. This shows the extreme power of corporations in WA DC. 


Congressmen and Senators are swimming in a lobbyist shark tank, filled with 4,000 sharks, who come 'visit' and feed in Congress on a daily basis. ALEC makes sure that the lobbyists are armed with ready made corporate friendly laws, already written and ready for support and passage by their representatives in all states.


On average over 2/3 of these corporate written, corporate sponsored and corporate friendly (anti union, anti labor, anti middle class, anti poor) bills get passed. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 


We have two choices to fix this mess where the people no longer have a voice in Congress, Senate or the White House. 


The first and easiest choice is to vote Green Party, locally, regionally and federally, because no Green Party candidate accepts any corporate donations. Thus, they are not bought off and do not owe any 'favors' to any corporate masters. 


The second choice is to register Green Party, because it is a third leg of a stool. Most people vote for the dualopoly, and cancel out each others vote. What swings the election one way or the other is usually a third party, like the Green Party or other independent voters who are not aligned with a specific party. This block of voters is growing fast and makes up around 25% to 35% of the total number of people voting in each election. 


It is much much easier to just register AND vote Green Party, and it takes no work or time. Registering as a Green Party member gives you the power to decide elections, as the 'swing vote', if you still decide to vote for the dualopoly. And, it gives you the right to run for a local or regional office as a Green Party candidate, free of corporate corruption and influence. 


Let's take our democracy back from the sharks on Wall Street. Vote Green Party.


7 years ago

Bill Moyers: 'We Have 2 Parties Serving Corporate America and No Party That Serves the Middle Class or Working People'

Insider talking about corporate takeover of America
7 years ago

They practically control both political parties." — New York City Mayor John F. Hylan, 1922


This corporate control of US goverment is not something new, but it is getting much worse. People know something is very wrong, but most mass media blames 'big government' as the root of the problem. 


In fact, government is NOT the problem. Rather it is the largest corporations controlling the government in such a way that it no longer works for the average person. But, corporations hide their influence and shift the blame via their corporate owned media outlets (like Faux News) to blame everyone but themselves. It is always someone elses fault that government is not working, but it is NEVER corporate influence that is to blame. 


Here is a good example of how effective the corporations are at shifting the blame. They are so good at it, that the people protesting 'big' government do not even realize the irony of what they are protesting against. 


RT @crewislife: Tea Party "Big Gov't" Hypocrisy





The fallacy of 'lower and lower taxes'
7 years ago

Check this video out -- Zero-Zero-Zero tax plan.. If lower taxes are good, NO taxes are even better. via @youtube


So if lower taxes are so good for the economy, why not reduce them all the way down to zero? 




The problem with the lower tax theory is that taxes have been as high as 94%, while at the same time, the economy was booming. People did not move out of the country when taxes were this high. 



Why Dualopoly keeps voting for increases in military budget
7 years ago


Why do both Democrats and Republicans keep voting in increases for the military industrial complex, while lying about it, and claiming that they are 'cutting' the military budget? 


Could it be that they are totally 'owned' by the lobbyists who help them stay in office and get elected in the first place? Could it be that no matter who you vote for (Democrat or Republican) the result is the same? Could it be that your vote is totally wasted if you vote for either Democrats or Republican? 


If you want to end the wars and cut the obscenely bloated private corporations military welfare program, vote Green Party. Greens are not 'owned' by the military industrial complex and do not take any corporate 'donations'. 


One final thought... Why are we borrowing money from Communist China to fight wars around the world? We are getting weaker, owe more and more money to China, while they make more and more money and get stronger and stronger. At the same time, corporations are moving more and more US jobs to Communist China, OUT OF THE USA. Are you starting to see a pattern here?



Why the economy is in such a mess
7 years ago


Banks were not allowed in government when this country started. They also were not allowed to lobby Congress or print money at the beginning, for good reason. Now, bankers and finance industry reps surround and lobby every single Representative, and they are the closest advisors to whatever President is in office. Things have gotten upside down and backwards, due to the influence of banksters, who control both Democrats and Republicans, as part of the corporate machine. 


The only way out? Vote Green Party, because they don't take any corporate money and are not influenced by corporate greed. 

the green mountain state
7 years ago

Vermont,has so many green parties.
there are just so many votes,they need to consolidate.

7 years ago

A great problem to have is that there are too many Green Party candidates running in an election.. 


The problem in MOST areas, is that there is NO candidate running for the Green Party. If you feel like making a difference, register Green Party, and run for office in your local area. Ask for help from the state Green Party. They have plenty of resources available and can help to start a local Green Party meeting. 

6 years ago

There are so many reasons to vote Green rather than Republicrat. To an environmentalist or someone interested in environmentalism and ecoharmonious living, Green is right on. Green means 100% renewable energy. Green means Clean Up The World including the Pacific Gyre garbage patch. Green means the end of landfills and 100% recycling, Green means a 100% unpolluted world teaming with wildlife living on a permaculture sustainable food forest model, with all future pollution prohibited, including dumping, particulate and gas emissions from plants and auto exhaust pipes. Green means a reforested world, eliminating any carbon threat to geostasis. Greens are opposed to nuclear power. You'll have to admit this picture is a more perfect union/society than the dead albatross of the Hawaiian islands that we currently have had from the Bush/Obama hybrid polluters and their appointed judges.

6 years ago

Good points Adam... well said. 

6 years ago

Thanks for the great article.

6 years ago

you are welcome...

5 years ago



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