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Naming Hurricanes
1 year ago

Brilliant proposal: Name hurricanes after obstructionist lawmakers


Activist group 350 Action doesn’t just stand up for the climate — it stands up for innocent people named Andrew, Sandy, and Katrina. Why should those names be tarnished? Instead, we should be naming severe weather events after their biggest sponsors and fans: climate-change-denying lawmakers who obstruct environmental policy reform.

1 year ago

That's an Orangicane or a Boozicane.

Republicans admit they want obstruction
1 year ago

On Face the Nation, Speaker John Boehner was asked about his record of presiding over the least productive and least popular Congress in history. He responded by defending the obstructionist policies of far-right Republicans and said that Congress should be, "judged on how many laws we repeal." If you ever had any doubts, this confirms it — Republicans would rather obstruct than govern. The best way to stop them is to vote them out of office. Watch this video and then donate so we have the resources it takes to defeat them at the polls.

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