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Fiestas y Conmemoraciones de Mexico January 01, 2007 3:23 PM

Fiestas tradicionales y días feriados

Religiosas y tradicionales (*feriado)
Civiles (*feriado)
Enero 6. Reyes: escenarios de la fiesta de epifanía en la Alameday tradicional reunión en casas y oficinas para comer la rosca de reyes 1. Año nuevo* Febrero 2. Fiesta de La Candelaria. En Xochimilco cambio de mayordomía del Niñopan. (variable) Celebración del año nuevo chino en la calle de Dolores 5. Día de la Constitución*24. Día de la bandera mexicana

Marzo/Abril Martes de Semana Santa: Feria de las Flores en Xochimilco.
Viernes Santo: Representación de la Pasión en Iztapalapa.
Procesión del silencio en la Colonia Roma.
Sábado de Gloria: Quema de "Judas" en diversas plazas y casas particulares en donde también se colocan Altares de Dolores.
21. Natalicio de Benito Juárez*
Expropiación petrolera.

Abril Jueves de Corpus Christi: visita de "mulitas" y niños ataviados en Catedral y La Villa .
3. Día de la Santa Cruz en edificios en construcción
10. Festivales del día de las madres
15. Fiesta de San Isidro Labrador
5 Batalla de Puebla, conmemoración de la victoria sobre el ejército de Napoleón III en 1862, previo a la invasión y establecimiento del II Imperio. Junio 24. Fiesta de San Juan Bautista en la parroquia de Coyoacán Julio 16. Día de la Vírgen del Carmen. Feria de las flores en San Angel Vacaciones escolares Agosto 15. Día de la Asunción de María. Catedral 13. Conmemoración de la defensa de Tenochtitlán Septiembre 29. Fiesta de la parroquia de San Miguel (Centro)
1. Informe presidencial al Congreso
13. Día de los niños héroes
.Por la noche, verbena popular y ceremonia del "Grito de Independencia" en el Zócalo y plazas delegacionales.
16. Desfile militar* por el centro de la ciudad
4. Celebraciones en la Iglesia de San Francisco de México y en la iglesia del Pueblo de Culhuacan, barrio del Cuadrante de San Francisco, Coyoacan.

28. Fiesta de San Judas Tadeo. Parroquia de San Hipólito en Alameda

1 y 2. Fiestas de Todos los Santos. El día primero, dedicado a los infantes. Altares de Muertos en diversos sitios y casas particulares2. Día de muertos Visita a los panteones como San Fernando, Francés, Dolores o Mixquic

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 January 02, 2007 8:42 AM

Of course the festivities depend on the location also; in some areas Carnival is traditionally celebrated right before lent begins. Growing up in Cozumel, it was very much a family event, and many activities still are, although it has become more of an adult fiesta.

Any excuse to get together and have a party sonds good to me!
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You are absolutely right Kellian ! January 02, 2007 9:30 AM

Absolutely right and I hope I can post almost all the parties in Mexico by region. Mexico is incredibly diverse( Still thanks God) even with globalization!!! However many Fiestas are loosing this wonderful brittle and some are disapearing I hope that we can promote some of them and keep the spirit of Mexico alive with the happiness of the people and the naive heart.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 January 20, 2007 3:10 PM

yes, Mexico is a country with lots of festive days, we have always something to celebrate, I hope we never lose that touch  [ send green star]
Tamales January 28, 2007 2:50 AM

Are you guys ready for the tamales and atole next friday?. Ya vistieron al niño de la rosca de reyes?. Enjoy.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
ahhhh yes la Candelaria January 28, 2007 4:30 PM

I have to invite the Tamales this time ...I got the 3 niños Dios de la Rosca

Oh well... I love this party Im going to post about Dia de la Candelaria ... Is a very cool party. Im going to dress my baby Jesus very "dandy"

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Events of February February 03, 2007 7:56 PM

Todos Santos Art Festival
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, February 3 to 10
Graphic art as well as the performing arts are celebrated with art shows, concerts, handicraft demonstrations and workshops in this week-long festival.
Visit the Mexican Revolution.

Valentine's Day - Día del Amor y Amistad
Nationwide, February 14th
In Mexico this day is to celebrate friendship, as well as love.

Chinese New Year
Mexico City's China Town, February 18
Chinese New Year celebrations are hosted by Mexico City's China Town, located on Dolores Street in the historical center (near Bellas Artes metro).

Mexico City's International Contemporary Film Festival
Mexico City, February 21 to March 4
Activities included in this annual festival: screenings, competitions, round-table discussions at cinemas and venues throughout the city. Films shown in categories including fiction, documentary, retrospectives on themes/directors, Mexican cinema, European cinema (a different country focus each year) and shorts.
Visit the FICCO Film Festival Web Site

Carnival - Carnaval
Various locations, February 23 to 28
A week of revelry leading up to Ash Wednesday. Brazil may be better known for Carnaval, but you don't have to go that far - many Mexican cities celebrate Carnaval with great fanfare.

Flag Day - Día de la Bandera
Nationwide, February 24th
School children get the day off and banks and government offices are closed. Civic ceremonies take place to honor the tri-color.

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Grey whale Festival February 03, 2007 8:00 PM


Gray Whale Festival
Lopez Mateos and Guerrero Negro, Baja California, February 1 to 15
Between January and March gray whales make their annual trek to Baja California where they mate and breed. During the whale festival you can not only go on a whale-watching expedition, but also enjoy the festival atmosphere while you learn about the gray whale.
Read more: Gray Whale Festival

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hi February 04, 2007 11:31 AM

hi i just wanted to say hi and it is cool cuz i am half mexian my dady is he is Mr.Bear i am his kid so hi and ever one have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
awwwww Makala February 04, 2007 4:32 PM

You are such an adorable cub my dear!awwwww((melting in here))

 Im so happy you like Mexico...Welcome to our Group dear sweet Makala!We are very happy you are proud of being alf Mexican. Its for us an honor to have you in this group

and Have a wonderful Sunday sweetie!!!
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 February 13, 2007 2:55 PM

Makala M.
Makala has received 2 new, 5 total stars from Care2 members

I hope you are enjoying the group

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Spring in Mexico! February 23, 2007 6:44 PM

Photo Credit to Joel Brandon-BravoSpring Equinox at Chichen Itzá21 Mar 2007 (annual)

At the precise time of the spring equinox, at 1.31pm GMT, the sun casts its rays on the balustrade, in turn highlighting a feathered serpent that seems to be moving or slithering its way down the steps .

The idea that a civilisation which evolved as early as 1500BC managed to concentrate its energies in building a monument of incomprehensible scale to highlight the time of year when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal is extraordinary.

Other Mayan achievements include glyphic writing, a calendar achieving better approximation than either the Julian or Gregorian, and the success of plotting many of the planets for a cycle of millions of years. If you find this fact remotely dazzling then book your tickets now - the Equinox, in mid-March every year, is becoming a popular event. Please take note there are very few hotels near to the ruins. In some cases it may be advisable to book accommodation as far away as Mérida.

Cumbre TajinTajin, Papantla
Mar 2007 (annual)

The sacred Cumbre Tajin in Veracruz encompasses high culture, adventurous art, ecotourism, temazcales steam baths, music and anything to do with nurturing the mind, body and spirit. The event invites spiritually-minded souls to enjoy several days of non-stop entertainment and surprises, featuring singers, dancers, word artists and body and soul purifiers, among many others.

Spring Equinox Music FestivalMar 2007 (annual)

The annual Spring Equinox Music Festival is organised by the Cuates y Cuetes bar and restaurant and takes place on Los Muertos Pier in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta. The festival welcomes spring with live jazz, blues and rock performed by national and international artists.

Guadalajara International Film FestivalTeatro Diana, Guadalajara
22 - 30 Mar 2007 (annual)

The Guadalajara International Film Festival shows Mexican and Latin American fictional feature films, shorts and documentaries in six city venues: Teatro Diana; Cineforo; Panteón de Belen; Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades (the University Social Sciences and Humanities Centre) on Guanajuato 1045; Cinepolis on Avenida Vallarta 2425; and Hotel Fiesta Americana on Avenida Aurelio Aceves 225.

Whale Watching in Banderas BayPuerto Vallarta
1 Nov 2006 - 31 Mar 2007 (annual)

From November to March, visitors can watch migrating humpback whales in the warm waters of Banderas Bay. Local eco-tour operators maintain the strict regulations of the National Environmental Agency by allowing viewers to watch these giant creatures from a respectful distance.
Whale Watching in the Lagoons of BajaThe Lagoons of Baja, Guerrero Negro
1 Jan - 31 Mar 2007 (annual)

Various companies arrange expeditions to go whale watching in the lagoons of Baja California Sur in Mexico, where the tough restrictions of the United States do not apply.
Whale Watching in Los CabosCabo San Lucas
1 Jan - 31 Mar 2007 (annual)

Whale watching is a must in Los Cabos between the months of January and March, with a rare opportunity to see humpbacks, grays, blues and sperm whales spouting offshore.

Spring Flower FairMar - Apr 2007 (annual)

Exhibitions of model gardens, competitions in floriculture and gardening and a sound-and-light show are some of the attractions of this annual event. There is also plenty of typical food on offer and entertainment for all ages.

The Flower Fair normally coincides with Holy Week celebrations and is held in and around one of Mexico's most beautiful public parks, the Jardin Borda. This was built in 1783 by a rich silver miner and given its present form in 1865 when the Emperor Maximilian and his consort, Empress Carlota, decided to make it their summer residence.

A short drive from Mexico City (80km) but situated at a much lower altitude, the year-round temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees, making this a balmy and smog-free place to be. Nowadays a popular destination for foreigners wishing to learn Spanish, the town boasts various museums and attractions, notably Cortes' Palace which is now the Museo Cuaunahuac, Cuaunahuac being the original Nahuatl name for the town the Spanish then christened Cuernavaca.

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 March 12, 2007 6:32 PM

Spring is almost here  [ send green star]
yes very soon!! March 16, 2007 11:06 PM

Teotihuacan is rich in legends and ancient beliefs based on the polytheistic religious practices in the pre-Hispanic era. One of the most beautiful legends explains the rise of the fifth sun (our present-day era). It is said that the gods met in Teotihuacan before the new era had dawned to determine which deity would sacrifice himself to become the new sun. So they lit a fire and in jumped Nanahuatzin, making him god of the new sun. But another god was jealous, so he also flung himself into the fire. To punish the other deity, the gods threw a rabbit into the fire with him, which ultimately put out his light force. As a result, he became god of the moon, and thanks to the two sacrifices, night and day was created.

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 March 20, 2007 8:33 PM

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Pasion deCristo Iztapalapa April 02, 2007 1:42 PM

Inicia la 164 representación de la Pasión de Cristo en Iztapalapa, con el Domingo de Ramos; la delegación reportó saldo blanco en la Procesión

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, México, abr. 1, 2007.- La delegación Iztapalapa reportó "saldo blanco" entre los 20 mil asistentes al primer día de la 164 Representación de la Pasión de Cristo, pues sólo fueron atendidos 36 "nazarenos" por laceraciones en los pies.

Con base en reportes de las diversas dependencias de seguridad, vigilancia, vialidad, protección civil y socorro, la demarcación informó además que se proporcionó agua a más siete mil 500 personas.

La representación fue encabezada por Emmanuel Guillén Roldán -quien representa a Jesús de Nazaret-, quien recorrió de la calle de Aztecas hasta la Avenida 5 de Mayo, en el Barrio de la Asunción, y dobló en Pachicalco, donde recogió la imagen del Señor de Jerusalén.

Guillén Roldán tiene 22 años de edad, es originario del Barrio San Ignacio y estudiante de Contaduría y Pública.

Debido al paso de la procesión por los ocho barrios ubicados en el centro de esta delegación, varias calles incluido un tramo de la Calzada Ermita-Iztapalapa permanecieron cerradas hasta después de las 15:30 horas.

Para ello se establecieron dos "cinturones" de vialidad: uno consistió en el cierre de las bocacalles hacia dicha Calzada, así como hacia la Avenida Rojo Gómez, Eje 6 Trabajadoras Sociales y Hualquila, con 120 agentes de la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública captalina.

El otro "cinturón" vial consistió en el cierre de calles que hacen esquina con aquellas por donde transitó la peregrinación: Aztecas, 5 de Mayo, Toltecas, General Anaya, Comonfort, Manuel González, Aldama, Ayuntamiento, Ermita Iztapalapa, Hidalgo, Juan Álvarez, Vicente Guerrero, Moctezuma, Allende y Lerdo.

Durante este primer día de la Representación de la Pasión de Cristo se escenificó el arribo de Jesús a Jerusalén, su defensa de María Magdalena a quienes estaban a punto de lapidarla, el milagro de devolver la vista a un niño y su recorrido por los ocho barrios de Iztapalapa montado en un burro.


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 April 02, 2007 1:46 PM

Representación de la Pasión de Cristo

The largest representation in Latin America

Events | Family

Parque Nacional Cerro de la Estrella
Mexico City, D.F.

Every year on Holy Friday (Good Friday) there is a performance of the Passion of Christ along the route towards the Cerro de la Estrella in Iztapalapa. It is said to be witnessed by four to five million people every year. Supposedly, more people take part in this than any other performance in Latin America. Practically everyone takes part, be it in one of the main roles, or as one of the people of Israel. The role of Christ requires a great deal of both spiritual and physical preparation, given that it involves carrying a cross weighing over 150 kilos, then staying on the cross for several hours. It is advisable to go in comfortable clothes, and preferably not to take children under the age of six, given that is in the open air and during the rainy season. No admission is charged.

start date: 2007-04-06
end date: 2007-04-06

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Hike in Copper Canyon - Semana Santa (Holy Week) April 05, 2007 4:19 PM

Copper Canyon, located in Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains, is four times larger than the Grand Canyon and almost 300 feet deeper.

We have a number of scheduled trips into Copper Canyon, this particular set of dates gives exposure to a wider range of experiences, as it includes Easter celebrations. Similar trips are available at other times of the year for a slightly lower price.

This 9 day trip gives you a trekking experience that ranks very high on the list of places that must he hiked and for extra interest this particular departure is set during the Semana Santa Holy Week.  We will delve into remote Tarahumara villages and experience the preparation and culmination of the processions, dances and rituals that mark this incredible amalgam of native Raramuri (the Tarahumara indigenous people refer to them selves as Raramuri - Munerachi on the walls of the Batopilas Canyon where we will participate in the most intense night of celebration in one of the most traditional Tarahumara villages."bare footed runners") creation myth and Catholic tradition in the High and Low Sierra Tarahumara.  Visits to logging outposts, frontier mining towns and colonial cities are peppered with nights in traditional Tarahumara villages and rancherias.  Our rugged hike culminates in the town of


The main attraction is the hiking in a wilderness area along rugged trails.  We hike for 5 days, from the High Sierra of the Tarahumara at 6380 ft. to the bottom of the sub-tropical Batopilas Canyon at 1690 ft.  We will share the trails with the native Tarahumara indigenous people and   occasionally pass by their dwellings perched high above the canyon floors.  This remote expedition will visit ancient missions, cascading waterfalls, and remote communities that rarely see outsiders.  This adventurous escape from the trappings of the modern world will immerse you in a world of land, sky, and water that few people have the opportunity to experience.  Come and see for yourself, the remote reaches of the Barrancas del Cobre await.

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cont April 05, 2007 4:20 PM

This trip is a rugged adventure taking in the awesome canyons of Northern Mexico. It is ideal for active travelers wanting to combine remote hiking in pristine wilderness settings and wildlife viewing opportunities with visits to indigenous villages and towns very much off the beaten path. 

Highlights include:

  • Hiking over 5 days on sections of two enormous canyons in the vast Copper Canyon system.
  • Wild campsites near remote indigenous family compounds perched on canyon walls with mule and walking access only.
  • Visits to remote settlements of native Tarahumara and sharing the canyon trails with indigenous farmers and ranchers.
  • Spending good Friday in the indigenous village of Munerachi and participating in the most intense celebrations of the Semana Santa holly week - a remote and fascinating community.
  • Overnight in the frontier settlements of El Fuerte and Batopilas with excellent facilities.
  • The famous train journey on the Chihuahua al Pacifico railroad from the coast through the canyons and up into the High Sierra. This train ride is available on other trips we offer. You will enjoy the transition between the dazzling Sea of Cortez and the arid canyons of the Sierra Tarahumara.


You could add an additional itinerary (try sea kayaking, and / or whale watching or maybe exploration of the ruins of Yucatan) to this, to extend your time in Mexico.

Activity Grade: Moderate to Hard (on a scale of Easy / Moderate / Hard / Very Hard / Extreme).  [ send green star]
cont April 05, 2007 4:21 PM


Day 0  Fly to Mexico.  Although it will cost you extra, we suggest you arrive before day 1, so that there is less disruption for you should you experience a delay in your travel to Mexico.  Baggage delays are not common, but it can happen.  The extra cost will be based on personalised situations, but a guide to the likely costs is GB£45 / US$80 per person for a shared transfer and a shared room (add another GB£ / US$40 if nobody to share the room with).

Day 1  Transfer (cost included in trip price below) from the airport (Los Mochis (airport code: LMM) - located near the Eastern mainland coast) to the charming colonial town of  El Fuerte (a drive of 1 hr 45 mins.), the gateway to the Copper Canyon.  Check in to our beautiful historic lodge and then roam the cobbled streets for a taste of old Mexico.  Relax and wander the quaint and historical city. Meet your guide at 6:00 PM in the hotel lobby for a general trip briefing and then dinner.  D.


Day 2 All aboard the world famous Chihuahua al Pacifico train trip into the Sierra Madre Mountains. This comfortable first class train takes us through many tunnels and over countless bridges providing exceptional opportunities for photographs or just enjoying the view. We arrive mid afternoon in Creel and transfer to The Sierra Hiking Lodge at Cusarare. Depending on arrival time there may be time in the late afternoon for a short walk to enjoy the rugged canyon terrain. A Mexican dinner at the lodge and a briefing from the guide about the hiking. Comfortable en-suite lodge accommodation. B, D.

Day 3 Transfer by vehicle to the trail head for the start of our hike. We start by traversing the rolling hills of the High Sierra and then we gradually climb and and later descend.  Lunch is provided on the trail and in the afternoon we arrive at Mapichi, where we will camp. B, L, D.   Hiking Facts: ½ day; distance 6 miles.  Altitude gain 1200 ft. / loss 1500 ft

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cont April 05, 2007 4:21 PM

Day 4 We climb out of this small canyon and onto the ridge with spectacular long views.  Descending from this broad Mesa we will pass through the Lopez farm, where an isolated Tarahumara family continues to survive in the rugged canyon in much the same way as their ancestors have for hundreds of years.  After a pleasant lunch break in a shady nook we continue a short while more arriving in Taxon on the edge of the mountain where we set up camp, a great location with amazing views of the canyon below. B, L, D.   Hiking Facts: ¾ day; distance 6.8 miles. Altitude gain 1800 ft. / loss 1320 ft.

Day 5 After a hearty breakfast we will start our hike with a steep decent into the canyon, losing almost 2,000 ft as we watch the myriad of ecosystems and microclimates morph from high alpine forest to desert chaparral.  Passing by a handful of native communities and small ranches, we are reminded of the beauty, simplicity, and difficulties of subsistence life in this challenging environment.  We set up camp at Chinovo. B, L, D.  Hiking Facts: ¾ day; distance 6.8 miles.  Altitude gain  700 ft. / loss 2,220 ft.

Day 6 (Good Friday) Our destination for tonight is Munerachi, a larger community with a colonial mission established by the Spaniards, where we set up camp.  This afternoon and evening, we will witness the traditional dancing and processions that mark the Semana Santa holy week.  After a refreshing dip in the small river, it’s time for dinner a well-earned nights sleep or continue into the night with the mystical Semana Santa festivities.  B, L, D.  Hiking Facts: All day, distance 9.5 miles. Altitude gain  800 ft. / loss 1780 ft.

Day 7 Our last day hiking, finds us following the Munerachi river down to Cerro Colorado and from there the home stretch on to Batopilas.  Along the river we will see two aquaducts built by the miners in the 1800s to work and transport the ore from the the mines of Cerro Colorado and Batopilas.  Our final hiking day is shorter as we enter the frontier town of Batopilas. A fantastic setting to end our journey here in the Canyon, we will enjoy some free time to explore this historic mining outpost with an optional excursion to visit the lost Cathedral of Satevo.   Dinner and relaxing in our lovely hotel.  B, L,D. Hiking Facts: ¾ day; 10.5miles.  Altitude gain 120ft / loss 780ft

Day 8 (Easter Sunday) After breakfast we will have a chance to further explore the Batopilas area as we hike to the “Lost Cathedral” of Satevo.  While not truly a cathedral, its ornate grandeur is still a mystery and it conjures up an image of a once great religious centre.  Here too we will see the preparations for Easter as a constant flow of Tarahumara indigenous inhabitants come bringing their offerings, demonstrating ritual dances and the unique intertwined story of native and catholic Easter stories.  In the afternoon, we wander the streets of this historic mining town with free time to visit the ruins of the Sheppard Hacienda, laze by the river, or have a beer with the locals.  Night back at our lovely hacienda.  B, L, D

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cont April 05, 2007 4:22 PM

Day 9 After breakfast, early morning finds us beginning the incredible climb by vehicle out of the Batopilas Canyon up a spectacular array of switchbacks to our mid day stopping point of Creel, the frontier logging outpost turned tourist centre for the Copper Canyon.  After lunch and some perusing the local crafts, we continue across the high plains to Chihuahua.  Early evening arrival to this important cultural and economic centre of north western Mexico.  Night on the town for our farewell fiesta. B,L,D


Day 10  Transfer to Airport for flight to home. B.


Additional Activities in the area:  Sea Kayaking 8 days - Isla Carmen or Hiking / Kayaking / boat / Whale Watching

Culture elsewhere in Mexico: The culture & ruins of Chiapas




Dates: 01-11 April 2007 and on other dates throughout the year without the festival.


Price Per Person:  GBP1329 / USD2490

Single Supplement: GB£170 / USD320


                                                                   Email for current price / availability


The base currency is the US Dollar and payments in any other currency may involve an adjustment for exchange rates. The first 2% is absorbed by Muir's Tours.  Please request an updated quotation before you book this trip, if you intend to make payments in an alternative to the base currency.

GB£200 / US$500 on booking.

Balance Due Date: 100 days prior to departure.  [ send green star]

cont April 05, 2007 4:23 PM

What is Included

Wilderness first aid & CPR Certified, bi-lingual Mexican naturalist/hiking guide throughout.  Satellite telephone (for medical emergency use only). Local guides, pack mule handlers (for transportation of your main luggage - you carry day packs only). Airport transfers on the designated arrival and departure days only (we can collect / deliver you on other days too, but there is an extra cost).  All transfers throughout in private vehicles.  Camping equipment except sleeping bags.  Copper Canyon train tickets. All meals as indicated in the detailed itinerary according to the code (B,L,D).  All accommodation. Occupation of tents based on twin share in a 3 person tent. Top of the range Thermarest mats. Gratuities / Tips for all the staff at the hotels and restaurants, except the main tour guide and the local guides.

What is Excluded

International and internal flights.  Airport taxes.  Immigration / visa costs. Airport transfers not on the designated arrival/departure days.  Meals not detailed in the itinerary by the code (B,L,D).  Gratuities / Tips for the main tour guide and the local guides.


Airfare (from the UK only)
As a guide, the international airfare should be in the range GB£580 - GB£690 for economy class

Travel Insurance

Comprehensive personal insurance, including search and rescue is required on this trip. For UK clients we recommend the policies of the British Mountaineering Council, for their expertise in evacuation from remote areas worldwide. Details at  As Insurance is always provided by a company based in your home country, we are unable to suggest suitable insurance companies unless you reside in the UK

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