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White-paw leopard - unique Amur leopard is starring on video!
5 years ago

White-paw leopard is now not only on photos but also on video

"Land of the Leopard" is pleased to announcean incredible success: now everyone can enjoy our "hero in whitegloves" not only in photo but also in video! It was made possible thanks to the newly installed on the "Land of theLeopard" with a new camera traps , .Although they are called camera traps, they have a video shooting mode. Ofcourse, it is necessary to say, that the video of the camera traps issignificantly inferior in quality as compared, for example, to a man-receivedeven by non-professional equipment. The recording time is limited to 1 minute,the camera cannot follow the subject, the obtained photo and video are gray inthe dark through an infrared flash.

"But we are not confused by these small flaws, -Elena Salmanova, deputy director for science and environmental education, says.– First of all, camera traps are set to obtain scientific information. Thespots must be distinctly visible on the photo pictures and video for individualidentification animal. However, the video of a rarest cat in the world innatural conditions are very important so that everyone could enjoy our Russianleopard. This video is the first received by our camera traps. Usually, we donot use the video mode because it reduces very quickly the batteries charge andthe majority of traps are installed in remote places, so we cannot change thebatteries often. We tried to test the video mode in the reserve "KedrovayaPad’" and were such lucky: we not only immediately got video of theleopard but also it was our whitepaw hero!".

This and other video camera trapped animals areavailable for viewing on the official website of the State Organization"Land of the Leopard» in the Video Library.

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5 years ago

Sorry: this text was copied from original web-site and has a lot of typos. I have notticed only after I posted it.

5 years ago

Not to worry was able to read the article anyway.  Such a beautiful animal.

5 years ago

thanks Olga for sharing

5 years ago

so cute with the white paws, thanks Olga

5 years ago

wonderful news that we are able to monitor and make aware that this rare species of leopard is still among us and we do so need to respect appreciate it's species help it to thrive strive and leave it to be natural and wild and free

4 years ago

Thanks a lot Olga and don't worry, there is the article to read and give us info and good news. I will share it

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