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Help Protect the Grand Canyon From Uranium Mining
7 years ago

The draft environmental impact statement for the Northern Arizona Proposed Mineral Withdrawal includes four alternatives; only one of those, Alternative B, affords protection from new uranium mines across Grand Canyon's entire 1-million-acre watershed.

Please send an email and, if you're in Arizona or Utah, attend a public meeting telling the Obama administration that you support the full 1-million-acre protection afforded by Alternative B. Scroll down, past the letter below, for meeting dates and times.

Send an email today by using the email form below, and remember that tailoring the email to also reflect your own experiences and concerns will carry more weight in the government's analysis. Emails must be sent by April 4.

7 years ago
Help Protect the Grand Canyon from Uranium Mining
7 years ago

Gladly signed.......!  I just cannot believe the greeding people rather have money than protecting our beautiful land.  Money isn't everything in this world ....... well, not for me.  


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