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9 year old stuffed in duffel bag by teacher's aide
3 years ago

9 year old stuffed in duffel bag by teacher's aide 

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3 years ago

December 28, 2011 11:12 AM

Dan Dailey's blog:



Petition on


from: childrensvoiceStephen December 28, 2011 at 11:00 am

This is a link to a petition on in regards to Chris Baker, the 9 year-old autistic boy who was placed in a “duffel bag” in the above (Wandervogel Diaries) blog.

Petition on Care2:
"Mother Says Son Was Restrained in Duffel Bag at School"

Story on Care2:
"Kentucky School Stuffs Autistic Boy Into a Bag
3 years ago

 December 28, 2011 11:29 AM


"The process to hire the next superintendent of the Mercer County School District is now underway. We will post information and updates regarding the search as they become available.

The Board of Education’s goal is to appoint a superintendent by May 1, 2012 with duties to begin July 1, 2012. If anyone in the community has a question or would like to provide further input, please contact Phil Eason at


December 13, 2011


Mercer County Board Takes First Step to Appoint New Superintendent


(Harrodsburg, Kentucky) – The Mercer County Board of Education has started the process of selecting the next superintendent of the Mercer County School District. Using the services of Mr. Phil Eason, a consultant with the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA) and Leadership Strategies Group (LSG) located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the district will establish the superintendent screening committee. This process will begin the first of January 2012.

read complete Press Release here"

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3 years ago


 December 28, 2011 11:40 AM

Mercer County, KY Schools



Main:             371 East Main Lexington Street, Harrodsburg, KY 40330

Main Phone:    859-733-7000






PRINCIPAL, Dana Cobb, 733-7080

DEAN OF STUDENTS, Will Carlton, 733-7080

Amy Riley - Counselor


Scottie Alford,


Discipline Plan


from Tonya: By the looks of this place you would never know these autrocities were occurring! Make this a lesson learned. Looks can be deceiving!

Huffington Post
3 years ago
Christopher Baker, 4th Grade Boy, Allegedly Stuffed Into Duffel Bag By School Employees

Notes from article:

9-year-old autistic boy

was stuffed into a duffel bag and the drawstring pulled tight

his mother found him wiggling inside as a teacher's aide stood by.

The mother of fourth-grader Christopher Baker said her son called out to her when she walked up to him in the bag Dec. 14.

"He was treated like trash and thrown in the hallway," Chris' mother, Sandra Baker, said Thursday. She did not know how exactly how long he had been in the bag, but probably not more than 20 minutes.

Mercer County schools Interim Superintendent Dennis Davis said confidentiality laws forbid him from commenting.

"The employees of the Mercer County Public Schools are qualified professionals who treat students with respect and dignity while providing a safe and nurturing learning environment," Davis said in a statement.

State education officials said they were investigating.

Chris is a student at Mercer County Intermediate School in Harrodsburg in central Kentucky. The day had barely begun when his family was called to the school because Chris was acting up. He is enrolled in a program for students with special needs.

There was a small hole at the top, she said, and she heard a familiar voice.

"Momma, is that you?" Chris said, according to his mother.

A teacher's aide was there, and Baker demanded that her son be released. At first, the aide struggled to undo the drawstring, but the boy was pulled out of the bag, which had some small balls inside and resembled a green Army duffel bag, Baker said.

"When I got him out of the bag, his poor little eyes were as big as half dollars and he was sweating," Baker said. "I tried to talk to him and get his side of the reason they put him in there, and he said it was because he wouldn't do his work."

Days later, at a meeting with school officials, Baker said she was told the boy had smirked at the teacher when he was told to put down a basketball, then threw it across the room.

At a meeting with school district officials, the bag was described as a "therapy bag," Baker said, though she wasn't clear exactly what that meant. She said her son would sometimes be asked to roll over a bag filled with balls as a form of therapy, but she didn't know her son was being placed in the bag. She said school officials told her it was not the first time they had put him in the bag.

So far, almost 700 people have signed a petition on the website Lydia Brown, an autistic 18-year-old Georgetown University freshman from Boston, said she started it after reading a story about Chris.

"That would not be wrong just for an autistic student. That would be wrong to do to anyone," Brown said.

Advocates for the autistic were outraged.

In Kentucky, there are no laws on using restraint or seclusion in public schools, according to documents on the state Department of Education's website.

A July letter from the state agency to special education directors said the state had investigated two informal complaints this year.

In one, "a student (was) nearly asphyxiated while being restrained," and in the other, a student vomited from panic attacks after spending most of an academic year "confined to a closet, with no ventilation or outside source of light," according to the letter.

Baker's case was first reported by WLEX and WKYT.

3 years ago

School Board Defends Duffel Bag Incident Response

Mother Outraged After Presenting Petition To Mercer County School Board

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UPDATED: 6:55 am EST January 20, 2012

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School Rep says "...appropriate form of restraint"!!!
2 years ago

2 years ago

2 years ago
Today I emailed the creator of the boy's petition, Lyndia Brown requesting her to contact the boy's mother for advocacy purposes.
SUBJECT: We'd like to help advocate for 9 yr old autistic boy stuffed in duffel bag at KY school

Lydia Brown's profile: