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New Newbie Testification Thread
13 years ago
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The old "Newbie Testification Thread" got too long for my slow ass dial up connection to load.  (Sort of like my testy page takes forever to load.)  So, here's the New Newbie Testification Thread.

Ok, so...where did the old thread leave off.  Ah yes...Greetings to    &   .   I believe I owe you people some newbie testies!

I hope I haven't missed anybody... 

13 years ago

Oh yeah, in case you don't know what you're supposed to do once you get here, I present the classic words of my notorious and infamous (& did I mention scandalous?) co-host:

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NEWBIE TESTIFICATION THREAD ... September 22, 2005 10:42 AM

It occurred to me that newbies might be a little nervous about asking for testies right off the bat. 

So ... if you're a TMA newbie, just post your intro - or even just your profile - here and perhaps the senior TMA members will testy you without you're having to jump right into the dark, lurid world of testy whoredom. 

We'll be easy on you ... promise. 

12 years ago
Hi my name is JeanS and I am new I joined to learn to do testies and maybe get a few wouldn't hurt. I came across a thread in one of my sisters groups and decided to check you out and since I decided to join just wanted to say THANK YOU!
12 years ago
Hello I´m Signe, I just rejoined now I have more energy to be around here, so TESTIFY TESTIFY TESTIFYYYYYYYYYY-YUPPPERS-AHH!
Oh jean and Signe...
12 years ago
...check 'em ladies. for joining or rejoining us.
12 years ago
Hello! I only have 2 testimonials. I love them both very much. Thanks for the invite Venetia. *wave*
12 years ago
12 years ago
Check 'em Christina!
Hello everyone!
12 years ago
I found this group through another one I just joined. I want to learn how to send testys. Anyways, it's nice to meet everyone here and start to learn.

12 years ago
i too want to learn how to make testies and comments...someone help me, please...
12 years ago
and to all Newbies!

IF you have not done so... please read this thread...
Graphic Testy Tread for Daphne ... and anyone else...

If you've read it and still have questions I'm sure someone here can help you.

Thanks Dynamite!
12 years ago

...and new newbies.

this thread might be helpful for TESTY making as well.
Pics in Testies
12 years ago

Blu A
for joining.

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