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My dear friends,

I am convinced that interaction is a crucial learning experience in life, as each one of us can learn/exchange knowledge from/with the others...  Even a very humble individual may have something to teach us...  perhaps wisdom, or generosity, or...

What impact did our deceased loved ones make on us?  What is that they helped us with/taught us?

My grandmother used to say:" The world is beautiful because of the many brains (personalities) it is made of...  If we were all alike, it would certainly be a most boring place"!


Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock

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As far as I am concerned, May 13, 2005 1:14 PM

I learned a great deal from my parents, Aunt Ada, and my husband Tony. 

Dad taught me how to be honest, cautious,  open minded, and straightforward.  We shared lthe same love for animals, music,  Nature, and traveling.  Much as he was a loner, Mom was friendly and outgoing (in addition to being BEAUTIFUL!)...  As a result, there are times when I need to "hide in my cave", meditate, and be alone, even though I generally prefer company.

I think my parents were complete opposites, but they were both hot tempered!  Aunt Ada's good influence, instead, helped me to be more tolerant and smile often.  She was a very gentle soul!

With Tony, my (second) husband, I learned generosity, thoughtfulness, and LOVE!

Of course, I am not saying that I put all of these good qualities into practice and became a "saint"...  I'm simply thankful for the excellent examples I was given by these people who I still love the most, no matter where they are now

Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock

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Most impressive words! May 13, 2005 8:33 PM

Hello Giuliana,

I now feel that my body and soul starts to be clensed and refreshed after hearing your most impressive meaningful words! It is really worthwhile to make a stop-by at your group!

Thank you indeed for sharing us with such good words! I will quote your words when I send letters to my close friends.

John Huh

Seoul, South Korea

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This one is a toughie Guiliana but I learned that life May 14, 2005 5:59 PM

This one is a toughie Guiliana but I learned that life is too short and live it to the fullest and I say exactly what I mean now and am not shy about it. I speak out in other words.

I learned how to cook Italian food the real Italian way from watching my great grandmother a couple of times when we visited them over the years. My great-grandfather taught me to grow my own food, and eat lots of fresh garlic, drink homemade wine(he made his very own down in his basement). He also taught me to place my eggplant underneath the pasta with the fresh garlic and man oh man is that delicious.  They also taught me to relax, sit down and talk outside on the porch.

My cousin Cindy, passed when she was only 31 and left behind 3 young sons. But she taught me how to pass with dignity. Before she died I had telephoned her three months prior to this happening and our conversation was light, without envy and angst. I remember saying to her, I should have called you sooner, I enjoyed our conversation and connection immensely. Cindy taught me to live my life to the fullest and to the very end as she had. She basically had gone to Disney with her husband and sons down in Florida and got off the plane upon their return and went directly into the hopsital and than passed not long after that family trip. The best lesson I learned from her is this, "No matter what may have come between family members before us, it doesn't hold the same for us from the next generations."

     Above all humor, love of life and keeping a fighting spirit are all gifts from Rachel and keeping an open mind. So I have been really blessed by their connections and presence within my life. peace & blessings---ginger

John I am glad to see you here and please make yourself at home and participate freely in our discussions.

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