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6 years ago

Hello Agnes and all. Hope everyone is having a lovely day. Hugs, Ingrid

6 years ago

Good Evening..!! and Night Ingrid

and dear paranormal friends

Hi Ingrid..kiss...kiss...kiss...hugs...hugs...hugs..


I thought spring cold again after rain with a bit ice

a few days sound getting warm and then cold again..snow again..??..

tomorrow maybe snow..hubby told me

I missed my yard...a lot of junk there...


everyone..!! Happy weekend and make your day....

Peace is pure love..Agnes

tulip my yard showing up 3-4 inch excited to see them


warmwelcome to our newbies to the group...

thanks for joining us....make yourself at home

6 years ago

Hello Agnes and dear friends. Hope you all are having a lovely Friday.

6 years ago

Good morning..!! Ingrid and Dear friends

Have a happy Friday...

Peace is pure love..Agnes

6 years ago

Hello Michaela, Agnes, Ann and Paranormal friends. Hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday. I did.

6 years ago

Hello all. Hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday. I did. Hugs, Ingrid

6 years ago

Good day..!! Ingrid, Ann, Michaela and paranormal friends..

hope a day make you happy

everyone..!! enjoy your day....

peace is pure love...Agnes

6 years ago

Ann did your daughter have scarlett fever at one time? I heard it affects eyesight. Hope all have a lovely Monday and week. Hugs, Ingrid

Hello my dear friends, Agnes, Ingrid, Nenon, Ann and all who stop by ;)
6 years ago

Ann I am so sorry to hear about your daughter! 

Did your daughter use to have migraines a lot and then years later she doesn't?

When we think migraines disappear we are wrong, they can turn into silent migraine, which can cause your vision to go.


My hubby had that, now he needs to wear glasses. Since then he never had lost his vision again. It was scary!


I wish all you a blessed week!

6 years ago

Good Night..!! Ann, Ingrid

and Paranormal freinds

Hi Ann..sorry to heard about your daughter problem..

sound hard for doctor to find out..right?

but in some case that I heard..have a old man legally blind

he went a few month to the mountain and collected wild blue berry

and ate them everyday and that cure his bliness

maybe just for him..??

sorry I read your posted a bit late..I didn't around group much

I hope your daughter can feel used to by her cheer and happiness by herself....spirit lift

some people they can used to by cheerfull...isn't it..??


and yes..if my daughter I need she better up and up

sending warm wishes your way my friend..


Dear Ingrid..kisssssss and hugsssssss just for you..thank from my heart you always be you



everyone..!! enjoy your day and take care..HUGS..Agnes


6 years ago

Thanks Ingrid. Unfortunately, no there is nothing that can be done. There is no cure. She is in a program through her eye doctor about possible studies, experiments, etc. but nothing has opened for her yet. I pray every day and night for strength. I am lucky to have found friends here in this group and through Care2. Love and Hugs.

6 years ago

How terrible Ann. Is there someone that could help your daughter? Thinking of you and yours through this. Hope you all have a lovely day. Hugs, Ingrid

6 years ago

Hello Agnes, Ingrid, Larry, Fern, Nenon. Hope all are well. Have been having great weather here in KY - very warm. I still have not had a chance to voice record the house everytime I want to something happens.

This week my daughter was announced legally blind. She is 30 yrs old and has three kids. Not handling the news very well. She has RP (retniapigmatosis - spell?) was diagnosed at age of 5 but we have always been hopeful for a cure. Don't have anyone to really talk to sorry but I feel like I belong/connect with my friends in this group. She can see some colors (mostly silver and black), is completely night blind and has no perriferal (spelling again?) otherwise known as side vision. I don't know how to help her.

6 years ago
Happy Saturday, animated, with glitter effects Pictures, Images and Photos. Hope all is having a lovely Saturday. Hugs, Ingrid
6 years ago
HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY Pictures, Images and Photos. Hope everyone has a lovely Friday.
6 years ago

Happy spring...!! Ingrid, Michaela, Ann

and paranormal friends



6 years ago

I will have a happy Thursday in about 5 hrs lol (Shanghai). Here we are still waiting for spring lol, yet we had some pretty nice and warmer days


Have a blessed day my Friends

6 years ago
Happy Wednesday-4 Pictures, Images and PhotosHello Agnes and all. Hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday. Feels like summer here somedays.
6 years ago

Have a happy Tuesday..!! Ingrid and Friends

last night we got snow again...this is spring..??LOL
here picture I took around area yesterday afternoon
but snow infront yard melting so a raining on my room
everyone..!! enjoy your day and take care..HUGS..Agnes


6 years ago
Happy Tuesday Pictures, Images and Photos. Hello everyone. Hope all have a lovely Tuesday. Hugs, Ingrid
6 years ago
MONDAY Pictures, Images and Photos
6 years ago

Happy week.!! Ann, Ingrid, Betsy, Michelle

and Paranormal friends..

Hi Ann..nice to see you in chat today

hope you've time to relax enough.. body fit and more health when busy with work..??..enjoy



6 years ago

Happy Sunday to all. I've been super busy lately. My oldest granddaughter turned 13 on the 13th of March and we had a party for her yesterday on St. Patrick's Day. I hope everyone is doing good.

Love and Hugs to all my friends.

6 years ago

Happy Sunday All!

I hope you have a beautiful day!



6 years ago
HAPPY SUNDAY Pictures, Images and Photos
6 years ago

Hello all. Hope everyone has a lovely St Patrick's Day. Bee Hive my music group is called Disco Ball and have invited you to it. Its different kinds of music group. I would be happy if you could host, co host if you want to.

6 years ago

Good Morning Everyone!!


I hope you have a wonderful day!

~luv & hugs


Music Group
6 years ago

Ingrid, your music group sounds so interesting.  I love music so much.  Could you tell me something about it or how to get there?

6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Ingrid, Betsy, Michaela

and dear friends Paranoraml

Happy Friday and weekend


Hi Betsy very welcome..glad you here with us..

please don't feel strange....

make yourself at home


anyone watch Venus and Jupiter..??

last night sky so clear I watched Venus and Jupiter..

excited me because so clear and bright


for who love angels painted Ihave download more a few there

feel free to visit my album


here my last painted angel on album..this one popular angel with a guitar

stand on the galaxy in the cute, lovely,

welcome to all newbies to the group

thanks for joining us...enjoy your day


6 years ago

Hello Bee. Welcome to the group. Glad to have you. Please join in and enjoy. Hope all have a lovely, warm day. Would anyone want to help me in my music group? Please let me know.

Hi I am new as of today
6 years ago

Hi Happy Spring one and all.  Hi Agnes, Ingrid and Larry.  I will be a very quiet new member as I read the threads. But I did want to greet everyone for Spring. The Equinox is just days away.


Ostara Comments

6 years ago
Thursday-11 Pictures, Images and Photos
6 years ago
Wednesday Pictures, Images and PhotosMichaela and dear friends you all are blessed this Wednesday and everyday. Have a lovely one.
6 years ago

Agnes, Fern, Ingrid, Larry and all Friends here, I wish you all a beautiful and blessed week!!!!! &


Fern I like the story about Irena Sendler!!! She did something so brave and so beautiful to all these children, what a HEART!!!! God took his Angel back

New Member
6 years ago

I am a new member, but I am certainly impressed by this thread. Everyone is so artistic; it's beautiful as is the weather in Florida. When the weather is beautiful, I fee good vibes. Wishing the same to all the Care2 friends.


6 years ago

Good morning everyone, walk in Peace ; )

6 years ago

Good Morning..!!Ingrid and dear friends

this early morning snow a bit..will melt soon..

everyone..!! Have a happy week with peace of mind..HUGS..Agnes

6 years ago

Hello all. Hope everyone is having lovely, warm Sunday. I am.

6 years ago

Good Morning..!!Ann, Ingrid, Many, Larry, Fern and dear friends

Hi Ann..I understand..good for you busy with work...


I think spring here warm and I saw young tulip show up infront my yard..not long I'll return in yard clean up again

I'll less on line as the same...I did ...

and prepare to plant tree in wild again

hope this year I can make it again..


Everyone..!! have a relaxing Sunday and take care..HUGS..Agnes

6 years ago

Hello Agnes, Ingrid, Nenon, Fern and all my friends. I hope everyone is doing good. I haven't been able to get online much - been working 10:30 am to 7:00 pm every day - I make sure to get my free clicks done for the day and then go to bed. I only have to work a couple days this week, which makes me happy as Tuesday is my oldest granddaughter's 13th birthday.

Before I forget I want to wish a HAPPY BELATED INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY to all the women in the group. I hope you were all inspired in one way or another by the wonderful women in your life (past and present).

Love and Hugs to All

6 years ago

Hello everyone. Hope all have a lovely, warm Saturday. I am.

6 years ago

Blessing to all the Women today and everyday !!

6 years ago
Happy International Women's Day Pictures, Images and Photos
6 years ago

Good morning..!! Ingrid, Fern

and Dear care2 friends

Happy women's day!!

6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Ingrid and Dear friend

have a happy Wednesday...

spring comming soon..gladdd!!!

6 years ago

Hello Agnes and all. Hope everyone had a sunny and warm Tuesday. I did.

6 years ago

Good day..!! Fern, Ann andDear friends..

Hi Fern..sound you've a good time with family...spring comming soon..glad

Peace is pure love be with us always


6 years ago
hi everyone....I hope your weekend is going well.  Here we have yet again had more snow.  But, this gives opportunity for all kinds of good things to happen.  If we think about what happens under the snow...the seeds that rest, awaiting to be born...we can smile with joy at the beauty of the whiteness. 
     We haven't done anything spectacular here.  We went to the big city and got some treats for  ourselves.  I got some art supplies...Steph got some singing supplies.  It is her birthday on Sunday so I bought her a good microphone with a stand so she can feel like she can be heard.  I have some wonderful new brushes and some other things for my creativity....our journey to the city was a treat.
     Well, that is me checking in with Misty Mountain Croft news.  Not much exciting is winter.  Love to all....blessings....Fern
6 years ago

Happy Weekend..Ann and Paranormal Friends


Hi Ann glad you like them and happy for you got a job..

I sent invitation to join computer shop..??please good for you

you can ask our friend there...they'll come to help you


I don't quiet sure why you can't copy and paste them..??

all in my ablum I took it by copied and pasted them to used comment daily

it's work for me..

everyone..!! enjoy weekend..and take care..HUGS..Agnes

here I painted a few minute ago for dolphin and whales

6 years ago

TGIF to all my Friends.

I finally have a day off work. I do have to work tommorrow but I am happy and sincerely appreciative that I have a job.

I hope every one has a wonderful day and a great week-end.

Agnes, Thank you for sharing your wonderful angel pictures. I still don't know why my notebook won't let me copy and paste. (It is an Acer) Don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.


This post was modified from its original form on 02 Mar, 5:50

6 years ago

Good Morning..!!Ann, Ingrid, Fern and Dear group

Happy Friday....

around this time I enjoy to painted angels..

sign petitions - click free and dolphin info

my Angels painted have few more added new this early morning..

I make it to be a share book for care2 friends network

feel free to take a look at..??


everyone...!! Peace of mind be with us..HUGS..Agnes

6 years ago

Thanks Agnes. I love your photos.
Thanks Fern for sharing the story about Irena. She is a hero in my heart.
It has been crazy for me. Working everyday (training). I will be glad when that is over.
I hope everyone is doing well. Getting ready for bed myself.
Take Care. Love and Hugs to all of you.

6 years ago

Good day ..!!Fern and dear friends...Paranormal

have a great week..


Hi Fern..thanks for sharing Irena story with us..

everyone..!! enjoy and take care

6 years ago


everyone......the sun is actually shining here at last and the snow is melting.  I am glad to see this but still I know that it is temporary as winter is still with us.  However, seeing the sun is a wonderful sight.
      I wanted to share something with everyone this morning.  Good people need to be remembered.
                        Irene Sendler
Irena Sendler died 12 May 2008 (aged 98) in Warsaw, Poland.
During WWII, Irena, got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a
plumbing/sewer specialist.

She had an 'ulterior motive'.
She KNEW what the Nazi's plans were for the Jews (being German).

Irena smuggled infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried and she carried in the back of her truck a burlap sack, (for larger kids).

She also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi
soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto.

The soldiers of course wanted nothing to do with the dog and the barking covered the kids/infants noises.

During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 kids/infants. She was caught, and the Nazi's broke both her legs, arms and beat her severely.

Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she smuggled out and kept them in a glass jar, buried under a tree in her back yard.

After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived it and reunited the family. Most had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into foster family homes or adopted.

Last year Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

She was not selected.
     Truely a wonderful person who has been overlooked for her courage.  Today I will remember Irena.  Thanks for letting me share this with you....Blessings today....Fern

6 years ago

Hi Sis, Ann and friends

a few minute will Monday again....??

Happy Monday..!! to all Dear friends...Paranormal

around this time I enjoy to paint angels and want to share with you here

I download new one in the end of album
maybe 10 images new there??..

I still painting them when finish I'll download to share more ...

hope you'll like them..enjoy

everyone..!! take good care yourself for all of us



Hi Ann...thanks..Wow..!! that took long for your job..I always feel glad when someone got a job...I'm a person who do work with happiness

yes..I believed something came from a reason..

and I hoping that will be good for we're a good person non-violence...


Job and me..?? after our company closed down...

I tried sale something on line a few years...

I gave up and just closed my shop on line on this new year...

hard to sale it out..maybe I'll try it again later...


Hi Sis...take it's easy your time and day ...

6 years ago

Hello group. Havent been around, but this week I'll see you. Hugs. Nenon.

6 years ago


Hope everyone is doing good. Thanks for the kind words Agnes. It took me 1 1/2 years to get this job. I will keep your family in my prayers. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and you are put where you are supposed to be.

Love and Hugs to all.

6 years ago

Welcome care2 friends to the group

feel free to share your with us..???

6 years ago

Good night..Ann, Ingrid, Fern, Larry and  Dear group...


Hi nice you got a job..don't tear...

I think this's good news..

a few days ago my friends came to visited in our house..

his/her niece hard to find a job...looking around for work...

sorry about your family react didn't what you want for..??

too many people hard to control them all..right?

such is life everywhere..thank you so much to share a part of you

some time should talk it out...all just fine...

glad you like my pictures...


everyone..!! take care..HUGS..Agnes

6 years ago

Good Thursday Evening Everyone. I am going to have to try to catch up this week-end. I did not realize how hard it was going to be for me to go back to work. I feel as if I am falling apart (tears pouring at the moment). I love my new job but my family is not being very supportive. My daughter (who is 30) acts like she is two and my oldest granddaughter (soon to be 13 acts like she is 30) the two younger granddaughters are way out of control and I don't know what to do. My husband does all the driving and then just lays on the couch at night (after I work, standing for 8 hours) I'm sorry I didn't mean to share this.

Anyway, Agnes I love the pictures. I too am worried about what Spring and Summer are going to bring. It was 60 in Northern Kentucky today (just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

I am getting ready for bed now. (9:57 pm here). Again, I did not mean too spill my heart out.

Hugs to you all and have a Blessed Thursday Evening and Friday.

Love to all, Ann

6 years ago

Hope you all are having a lovely Thursday. I am.

6 years ago
everyone.  I'm just checking in to say hi and let you know I am still in snow country...but as I can see the future I know that winter will end and spring will arrive. LOL!  Anyway, I am still keeping to my discipline of not going on the comp every day but giving myself a few days just to stay away from electronics and focus on my life around me.  This feels so very good.  It doesn't mean I don't love you all but you know sometimes I just feel that these electronics are time stealers....and in saying that at almost 64 I am well aware of my mortality.  So this day I am giving myself this time and want to wish you all a wonderful day.
Welcome as co-host larry,,,wonderful to have you hun.  
And welcome back Agnes....times away are so refreshing.....bless you hun.
Have a marvelous day happy...and be at peace.....
6 years ago

Nice to have you back Agnes Missed you! Nice pictures  

Welcome on board Larry


Have a wonderful Friday my friends !

Larry and Groups
6 years ago

Hi, Larry I took a look, and realy liked it. I'll read the whole part tomorrow. I joined it at Facebok too.Hope it works. Hugs. Nenon

6 years ago

Hi Agnes, nice pictures! Here in northern Illinois, USA, winter isn't what it should be either. Normally, we would still be getting many well below freezing temps right now, but, while putting more sunflower seeds in the bird feeder tonight, I noticed night crawler worms out of their holes! First time I've seen that in February. I have to admit, the mild winter is sort of welcome, but I wonder what kind of terrible storms we might have this summer. Seems to be odd weather happening in many area's in this country, as well as other countries too.

Maybe global warming? Maybe something to do with the arctic poles beginning to melt? Do you know that Planet Earth changed it's axis by about 5 degrees? This is being blamed on the melting of ice at the North/South poles. Science tries to blame the weather on some Spanish terminology, but I think science doesn't really know what's going on, and that, my friends, is Paranormal!

I think in the future, we of this world might see some real big changes.

6 years ago

Hi Larry, I still didn't have time to go to the site u suggested; It's Carnaval here, and no PC week, lol. But I take a look at the groups. I'm very interested on that.    will come back, group

6 years ago

Good day..!! to all Dear friends...

Hi Many, Hi wishes for your moving Dear..


today I just download a few pictures in my album

and a video flying on the cloud to sharing with you here

hope all my friend will like it and enjoy them

have a good time and take care







here is link to my album

this year our lake didn't frozen well...

ice on the lake too thin to fishing on ice

6 years ago

Happy FAT Tuesday !!!

6 years ago

Good Morning All!!

Happy Tuesday!

Things are crazy around here cuz I am moving.... all they way next door... getting the internet moved is the hardest... They charge soooo much. I hope all is well with everyone!

Take Care


6 years ago

Hi Dear group

sorry for didn't around 2 weeks..

just came back for awhile..

hope all my friends doing well around


welcome..!! to all newbies to the group

and welcome Larry to be co-host

Hi Larry...interesting...please share with us here often

The Midwest Paranormal Research Team (TMWPRT) and some audio, video recordings of investigations.??

I hope you'll find what you're searching ...LOL




the world current too bad cover it all....

search and search can be still in a shell...go no where

myself...everything are normal..

just only who don't feel used to it for

Thanks, Agnes
6 years ago

Thanks goes to Agnes for inviting me to help host this group. I'll post when I can, just don't have alot of time online, but will try to intrigue your minds with some of what goes on inside of mine.

This topic is so very interesting, Paranormal. It has the ability to cover so many area's, and sometimes I wonder if something can be considered paranormal or not.

Most of my paranormal relations are, that I am a member of The Midwest Paranormal Research Team (TMWPRT). I wish I could see what I seek, but for now I have to settle for the audio and video recordings of investigations.

I have seen a ghost, once that I know of for sure. There could be others, but maybe at that time I did not notice for whatever distractions are all around. The ghost I seen appeared to have been a female with the typical 'hour glass' shape of long ago when dresses fit tight on top and flared out farther the closer it would get to the floor. As far as 'color', a semi-transparent light gray. And only seen it for a split second, and by the time I realized what I seen and looked back, she was gone. But, maybe she has said things to us while investigating, as we have investigated this house a few times in the last two yrs. We have quite a few EVP's, some Orbs on video, and a dark mass that passes in front of the camera in the basement. This house for some reason, is a hot spot.

Anyway, for those of you interested, search our team letters TMWPRT on YouTube and/or Facebook.


Will be back again for more, to see if you all think I'm nut's, or just really want to 'know'.

6 years ago

I wish all of you a great week! Catching up here So much to do, puppy training, learning Mandarine and trying to keep out of trouble lol  

Bless you all my dear Friends  

6 years ago

Ingrid - as you can see I got the copy/paste to work on your page but I still can't get it to work in the group reply area. Work in Progress.

Hugs to all.

6 years ago

I did the smiley face the old fashion way LOL

6 years ago

Thanks Ingrid. Yes, I know how to copy and paste but for some reason that is not working either.
I'll keep trying. Hugs.

6 years ago
happy sunday Pictures, Images and Photos. Hope everyone has a sunny Sunday. Sorry yours isn't going well Ann. Do you know how to copy and paste?
6 years ago

Looks like my post from last nite didn't work. Can someone plesae tell me how you get these wonderful pictures posted. I don't know how and I can't even get the emoticons to work either. Makes me a litte upset. Not having a good Sunday Afternoon.

6 years ago

good mornin, enjoying a little coffee as i read over some of these posts,
have a Blessed weekend !!

6 years ago

Today has been a good day for me. It is now Sunday - Happy Sunday Morning. And to start out my Sunday I just had a baby raccoon tip over my garbage can to get a bite to eat.

6 years ago

Hope everyone is having a sunny happy Saturday.

6 years ago

6 years ago

              Grandfather is Watching

     Good afternoon everyone.  I have been taking a bit of a break from the computer and concentrating on some things around here...especially my art.  With all the snow, and we got another load of it yesterday, I am finding my studio to be the most wonderful place in the world.  I bring my collies in with me and they lie knawing on bones while I put my brush strokes on the canvas.  It is all so peaceful as I have relaxing~spiritual music playing softly in the background while I paint.  The dogs are getting bored with all this snow now and in some way so am I but it certainly is a special time for me with no hard garden work.  We are thinking of putting the Croft for sale this spring and moving closer in to the facilities we need.  I have found a nice one acre property, still rural but yet in a village with all the things necessary for our needs.  It could take awhile to sell so no guarantee this property will be there but either way we feel that we need to be closer to medical care not just for ourselves but for our animals.  I lost one of my collies 2 years ago because the vet that is here only comes in from the big city for 1/2 a day...once a week and sometimes you can't even get in to see her.  We have weighed up in our minds what are the most important things and we need to be closer to some care.  Anyway, for now I just carry on painting and letting the "Spirit of Love" guide us in what direction we should go.

       Above is my latest is called...."Grandfather is Watching".  The loggers cut holes in the trees so they can insert boards to stand on while they cut the tree down.  It leaves an impression of eyes and in seeing that I painted "grandfather" watching over all the life around him.  The old man of the forest you might say.

     Anyway everyone....a blessed day to you and a wonderful weekend everyone....fern

6 years ago

G'morning Raining steadily here, i love the rain ...
walk in Peace : )

6 years ago

Thanks Nenon. I truly appreciate it.

6 years ago

Great, Ann! U don't know how happy I got for you. Congrats. Nenon.

6 years ago

Thanks Michaela

6 years ago


6 years ago

It was a great day for me - I got the job

6 years ago

Hello Nenon and all. Hope everyone had a awesome Wednesday.

Hi, Group :
6 years ago

Hello, everyone.  I'm a turtle to deal with internet, moden, etc, etc,   lol. Brought a pic, but it vanished, well, not to worry. Came to see you and leave some words. I love the Sun Light, and I wish u Sun on your path. I'll go around the topics now. See you. Hugs. Nenon.

Frank, Group...
6 years ago

Ha, Frank, it seams u didn't have a good day,hun?And I've been loosing several post, includin one I just lost here. I don't learn to save my posts before i click...   I was talking about Valentines here... u wouldn't have to think about it, since we don't have it, lol.  Sorry, that wasn't funny, but i hope u can look at the Sun tomorrow instead of annoying things. Hugs. Nenon.

What do you mean?
6 years ago

What do you guys mean, by how was my day? I went to class, and forgot my soda, but I got my doughnut. Then some little guy in a baby diaper with a bow and arrow was busily shooting flaming arrows at everyone he saw. He tried to shoot one at me but luckily i was wearing my buzz lightyear force field ring and ably deflected it. Then one of my professors gave me more school work than I could bear, and this just added greatly to my daily suffering. When I finally got home, I still had not eaten lunch, no rest for the weary. So, so much for this Valentines day, baa, humbug, mumbo jumbo jive, and if I ever come across that little guy with his little bow and arrow again, I'm going to blast him into kingdom come with the new phaser gun I just bought at the dollar store! Lol!

6 years ago

Happy Valentine's Day3


I've been signing petitions today showing Care2 my love and support as well as those awesome petition writers which is why Care2 exists.

6 years ago

Today has been good to me - got a call to come in for a second interview.

6 years ago
Quotes on love-32 Pictures, Images and Photos. Hope everyone has a sweet day.
Hello, everyone
6 years ago

Hello, Group. Sorry I haven't had time to write   these days. See u soon and have all a Peaceful and sunny week.      Nenon.

Hi All
6 years ago

Hi dear friends I'm having a fantastic Monday. In fact I'm having a great New Year so far anyway LOl Yeah I'm a glass half empty type of person. My Mom (RIP) was born on 12-12-1912 so anyway I've been sensing her alot this year. She past in 1986 so she has been gone for yrs now I keep getting the feeling that she's somehow giving me this year for things in my life to run smoother I feel calm & don't feel my Old Pessimistic self & no I'm not on meds for this feeling LOL Often when I check the time it's 12:12 on the clock AM or PM I automatically think of Her birthday b/c of 12-12. I'm not into numerology but I keep associating #12 with her now.I'm just wondering why after so many years I really feel this way I'm enjoying it. Anyone else ever feel like this?? Hugs & White Light to my dear friends always Cathy

6 years ago

Hope everyone is having a great Monday

6 years ago
Monday Pictures, Images and Photos. Hope you all have a sunny Monday.
6 years ago

I'm placing this here, cz I find a lot of meanings about it. My Sis Agnes made for me. Would u like to say something about it that u see?   I'm there twice, and when younger, I could see myself--as a second me-- playing in shool,or in classroom studing... and other activities : the me inside and another outside... Has anybody experinced this? or understand what i mean?

6 years ago



TY Fern for the beautiful poem and it is so true

6 years ago
     Today is my youngest daughter's birthday and as I reflect back to the day she entered the world and into my arms I am filled with a warm motherly delight.  Her birth was an easy one, she was beautiful and I was happy to have been given such a jewel.  As she has grown she has become every bit of the woman I knew she would be.  So today with my heart full of joy I celebrate the anniversay of a treasured soul who chose me to live with and has become embedded so deeply within the crevices of my earthly and spirit heart.  Blessed day dear Erin-Raegynne ..
   And for everyone...I send out beautiful thoughts and gratitude that you are my friends and give me so much of yourself through your kind energies....blessings to you all....Fern


6 years ago
HAPPY THURSDAY Pictures, Images and Photos
Dear Sis, and dear group :
6 years ago

HI, new members, I'm also a new co-host. whatever you want to ask, post here so our friendly group, the"older" co-host Ingrid, Michaela, Fern can help you in case I don't know something for a short while.

This is also a place where we leave messages, Good morning, Hi, Good evening. anytime, to anyone, to the group or a friend. Hope to see u here, or any other topic. Light, Peace.           Hugs. Nenon.

6 years ago

Hello Agnes, Fern, Nenon and New Friends! Try to make time, just crazy here in Shanghai. Yesterday I had a medical exam again, since they lost my old one. My puppy almost got killed by an electric scooter, way to fast this lady no lights and so the list goes on....TG we both got away with a shock. Yet it was very scary! He looks fine and he behaves his old self TG the leash was long enough! Then my little daughter developed a fever....No car here and no one could tell me if there is a pharmacy open.....bummer. Now she is fine yet I still have to go to the pharmacy. I will read all threads and sign petitions as well as having someone come here to help me with the dog training. We need some professional advice here

Wish you all a great time here and lots of fun my friends!


Bear Hugs - Michaela 


I have just to many things going on right now  

6 years ago

Hope you all had a lovely Monday and have a awesome Tuesday.

6 years ago

Hi, Fern . Thank u for your words. As I just arrived, i can't participate in all the threads. i have to read each one.  Talk more later. Light. Hugs, Nenon.

6 years ago
                      everyone and a wonderful Monday to you. 
 And a warm welcome to you  Nenon...nice to get to meet you.
     The sun is shining so lovely here and although we have snow all around it looks almost summery.  Life here at the Croft has been slower than usual as winter tends to slow everything down so I have had a chance to work on my art everyday and for that I am grateful.  It is a time of meditation and reconnection for me and I love my hours spent in my studio. 
     Anyway, apart from that there is no other news to share ....  as the winter of the year goes by so does the winter of our lives so take time to appreciate every moment with warm feelings from the heart.  When you do that you send that energy mout to others and they feel it....and then, it returns back to you magnifies with a greater power.  Love is the greatest gift you can give...and accept....blessings everyone....
6 years ago

Thanks for the welcome.

6 years ago

Hi, great to see you here, new friends. if u need anything just ask us. Hugs.     Light, Peace.   Nenon.

6 years ago

just wanted to say i really enjoy reading the posts, and the groups energy
is warm and friendly...

Love to you all
6 years ago

Hi: I just want you all to know how I appreciate your kindness, knowledge, and spirituality. I never in my whole life ever met such a wonderful group of people. Lots of Hugs, Bernadette

Hello, Group!
6 years ago

Hello, came to greet you and read somemore. I'm a co-host here now : Thank you Sis Agnes. I'll do my best to help the group that is very interesting!     Light, Peace. hugs to all. Nenon

22goodday FR BREN.gif

6 years ago

Hi Sis Nenon..glad you here with us...

warm welcome to the groip

feel free as home


6 years ago

Hi, Agnes, Michaela and friends. I came to learn some. I'll read during weekend. Glad to be here with you. Hugs. Nenon.

6 years ago

Hi Annie Larry & Fern Welcome to the family. I want to wish all of my dearest friends a wonderful week-end May the White Light be with all of You Hugs & Love always Cathy xo

6 years ago

Good afternoon..!!

to all Dear friends Paranormal

have a happy weekend...

6 years ago
Hi Annie.welcome to the group
6 years ago

Welcome Larry and Fern. Happy Friday everyone.

6 years ago

and I want to says thank you to Fern

to accepted co-host to helping us here


Welcome, Hi, drop in, How is your day?#2(CLOSED)
6 years ago

here link to the pass page

Welcome, Hi, drop in, How is your day?

Good day ...!! to all Dear friends.."Paranormal"

Peace be with us always...Agnes

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