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Reach Out, the Universe awaits YOU*
3 years ago


3 years ago
3 years ago

"UP" you go~
3 years ago

EmilysQuotes.Com - unknown, inspirational, home, feeling, place

See Yourself in Everything - See Everything in Yourself
3 years ago


- a thinking cap is the most necessary of garments -
3 years ago


make sure it is the 'right' one ...     

- think on the things which bring beauty to you mind -
3 years ago

3 years ago

"Life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel,

                    the more truth we comprehend.

            To understand the things that are at our door is

  the best preparation for understanding those that lie beyond."


l o v e - never fades
3 years ago

 Positive Greetings To All ~  It's wonderful to sip a

nice cup of Friendship with Our Group! 

Thanks to Carol D., Jack, Ioanna, Ivonne, Judith, Frank, Pogle, Agnes, Shell, Marianne, Kristine, and Stuart,

for participating in our stirring the cup of good-will, constructive thinking, and the overall positive energy it takes to get us up and going every day! 

I send you all my sincere appreciation for watering the seed of good thoughts that will inspire greater changes for the better this day, tomorrow, and long into the unknown future.   We cannot know how things will unfold, yet, when we keep our thoughts for the improvement of all things that matter to us, - there is energy flowing there. 

 I take a sip of all your good-will this morning, and know that our being has meaning.  How much we believe that has a direct impact on how we feel about life itself.  May we keep the brew fresh and flavorful day after day. 

   love&care2,  Dot

Thank you
4 years ago

Thank you, Frank.  You just made me cry...happy tears. : )   That was very kind of you.    Namaste

4 years ago

I always knew that this would be a good group to be a part of.

“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.” 
― Mother Teresa

You are one of those people Shell S and it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance

The Rose
4 years ago

Frank S., your post reminded me of this song.   Think it goes along with Spring, talking about now and living or dreams, making changes....  For me, this song not only means romantic love, but the more important love, the love for yourself.

Sigh, was just watching and listening to this and crying.  It is so beautiful and true. 

4 years ago

Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!

Sitting Bull


My yard as well as the mountain joining my yard still have around 9 inches of snow covering it. It still will be some time before the tools come out to roto-till the ground for my garden. But every passing day brings me that much closer

Spring is a miraculous experience. The whole world comes alive after the winter in which it seemed that everything was dead. The world comes filled with color and the scent of delicious greenery. The world that seemed so dull and cold has come alive once again. Little did we know that beneath the cold hard ground the plants and trees were preparing for rebirth. Spring gives us hope for rejuvenation in our own lives as well. Spring is a time to renew the excitement and zest for life that lives inside.

Family Friend Poems 

Spring is for a fresh new start...
4 years ago


                        All !!!
Spring is a time for fresh starts, new beginnings, and renewal. Is there something you've always wanted to do or some dream you'd love to fulfill?  Is there something your gut and heart is begging you to change? Is there something you wish to say to someone or tell someone how you feel?  Go for it!  We only get one chance with this body, heart, mind and life we have right now.
Now, go start working on your dream, make the change to make your life better, tell that person how you feel.  Really live your life instead of  just settling.  
March 2oth, the first day of Spring, - Friday tomorrow
4 years ago

we're not there yet~

but, it's a nice image

           and a nice thought, too

allowing love to conquer all
4 years ago

this link will connect you to a song about the Spiritual Spring*

Happy SPRING! it's the season of HOPE*
4 years ago
4 years ago

Hope to see you all when the
lights stay on!
Will try to connect
as much as possible,
but already running into
difficulties,     FYI
4 years ago

A "POSITIVE" Good Morning to you Dot and all! How can one not stop in to say "Hi!" with such a wonderful invite!? Our world is in such horrible times that any amount of "positive" we can grasp we better do so!! Wishing all of you a wonderful and happy week!!...Love Ya! Carol ♥ ♥ ♥

swimming along, with friends and care2
4 years ago

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

How are you this morning?  We are watching the world change every day.  The news is dynamic, and the changes are full of our prayers to make this a better world in which to live, -including the animals and the plants upon this earth.   How we treat one another every day has consequences. 

When we are kind to life, life responds with the happiness that kindness inspires:



generosity of spirit

If we are cruel, uncaring and act violently, the our world is defensive and mistrusting of all in the environment.  When I see the dolphins swimming in such bonded communities, I often wonder what humanity could learn from such amazingly intelligent and graceful gems of life who share our world.  

- if we could 'talk' to the animals,.... ?  -

2304 × 1728 -
4 years ago

Thank you for such beautiful pictures, Ioanna.  I love looking at stuff from around teh world.  Always learning something new.  


4 years ago

Dear positive friends,

It's Friday and it's time for some nice photos.So please let me share with you some photos from Greece.The title in greek language means: "Is there Paradise on earth? it is!!"

4 years ago

The past is full of your beautiful memories, the future is for all your wonderful plans and now is for engaging in the excitment of living your dreams.

                         Jack Seniorest 2014

5 years ago

Good Evening..Dot and Dear positive friends..

Happy evening and

5 years ago

Hi Dot and Dear friends...Positive ..........

Have a relaxing Sunday..!!

Peace is pure love..


5 years ago

Sometimes we get upset when things don’t work out according to the way we want them to be. But, those are usually the times we try new things in our life and hence allow changes to come into our life. So, sometimes it’s only when we are forced through certain hard situations in our life that we allow big changes to happen into our life. So, take everything in a positive way. Even if something is not working out, then there might be a bigger reason behind it. Maybe you need to try something new and that new change, or option might work out a lot better for you which you would have never tried otherwise. There is always a hidden blessing that we just don’t see it right away. Just have your faith in God and know that He knows what’s best for you. God is always working behind the scenes.

5 years ago

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developing magnetism
5 years ago

Hi Dot and all

of interest from a non denominational sage:

"We may hear someone say, “Oh, I met a friend who is so magnetic; he inspired me and expanded my consciousness.” This is the kind of magnetic power that we all want – attracting, uplifting and expanding. This type of magnetic power is a quality of Spirit. It expands the consciousness but does not stupefy it, as does hypnosis or animal magnetism.

Magnetic power comes from within
Our magnetism is determined by our habitual attitudes and actions. To become magnetic to others, you must make yourself attractive from within. Sattwic actions, including meditative activities, are those that help you realize the pure image of the Self within. Someone with a sattwic personality is sincere, kind, accepting, and possessed of great self-control – qualities that are highly magnetic and produce a good effect on oneself and others. Positive behavior, control of speech, and kind words are qualities which clothe the soul in spiritual magnetism.

Ego-inspired attitudes and actions obstruct the free flow of one’s energy and are demagnetizing. The mental habit of criticizing others, regardless of whether the criticism is gentle or severe, has a darkening effect on the consciousness and drags a person down into greater delusion. When you occupy your mind with an unholy interest in the failings of others, you also rouse and stimulate your own pre-natal bad habits."

5 years ago

Dot A.

You are Beautiful, Anges, -Thanks for POSTing!
What matters is the connection
of beautiful thoughts
and the caring touch
-that's what makes us
lovely human beings.
Wear a happy face, and see
the miracle of life
sparkle in the eyes of others.
Heavenly beauty is
experienced throughout
this amazing earth-bound
journey.  See it in everyone!
with Lv2Care, always, dot

The promise of a sunset
5 years ago

5 years ago

Just follow your Dreams in your life!


5 years ago

Always remember that having a positive outlook can start at any second you choose to see the positive experience in the moment you are in :o)

5 years ago

Even if you want to be positive, evey time you look in the mirror, the person staring back at you is the one person that can stop you!

5 years ago


5 years ago

Hi all...Have a happy weekend

Hi!! fish mouth

5 years ago

Our world could benefit from 'US' using our intelligence to figure a way of making life more livable for the masses. Few of the more fortunate invest their talents to achieve a goal that is perceived as diminishing their power / and material success. The invisible irony is that if the system of distribution was more fairly reasoned out to our global population, all could achieve a more contented existence, and quite probably a spiritual joy – as well as, we could actually share happiness much more freely and know a greater peace, comfort and appreciation about our lives here.

Read more:

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5 years ago

Yes they are, Julie! LOL

5 years ago

5 years ago

You are very welcome to the group, John!

5 years ago

I just joined the group. Dot sent me an invite. Johnny Angel

By definition, to be exceptional, you have to be the exception, not the rule.  Dharmesh Shah

5 years ago

Hi Dot, Antonio, Carol, Friends who drop in

have a good week and take care well



A prayer for innocent people
5 years ago

May the power of words be used to unite us by love in this World so full hate and wars.

May God enlighten the Congress of the United States of America to reach a consensus aimed at the control of fire guns, thus avoiding to repeat more scenes of killing of innocent people. Amen.

5 years ago

I have to also say...I like the way you connected the group on your message you snet out because it's so much easier to just pop in and wrote something VS having to select one of my groups to go to....I am very bad at that and don't get into a lot of my groups because of it! So Thanks again!!

5 years ago

The most postitve thing I came across this morning was from Dot!! If there were more people on Care2 who actually took the time to just send a note or two to those who really do and have made a positive impression on each of us what a wonderful world it would be!! Thanks a million Dot for your awesome words of love, caring, appreciation and so much more! God Bless You!!! Carol

5 years ago

Dot A.

Wishing Everyone a Peaceful and Pleasant Weekend*

Hugs, to All Our Positives

(with thnx to Arlie!)

Fantasy Flower Weekend picture for facebook

With love,

Dot Alexander

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Re: A positive quote
5 years ago

Dot A.


This one is a particularly wise quote that we all can use!  Thanks for the multi-display of creative thoughts and diverse images!!! 

I wish for more of our members to see your posts and get inspired by the wonderful additions you've placed on the Group today. Just know that your contribution is making a huge difference.

May God take care us all, Dot A.

Re: A positive quote
5 years ago

Re: A positive quote
5 years ago

5 years ago

Re: A positive quote
5 years ago

A post from Dot A.
5 years ago

Dot A.

Dust to dust,

this is true,

but life comes

from out of the blue,

from beyond the tears,

in a baby's eyes,

from beyond the

pettiness of lies,

from beyond the dreams,

of youthful things,

our life is

as butterfly's wings,

ever lifting us

through the starry night,

to see the new day

and feel it's gentle light,

we are not the dust,

of wasted land

we are much more,

with more to understand.

5 years ago

You're very welcome, Agnes! Feel to post what you like on your group, my friend.

5 years ago

Hi Antonio

I like some of yours

I'll take to post in my group to share


5 years ago

Notice received
5 years ago

Hi Dot, I see we are back on. Thank you for letting me know. I didn't know what was going on, thought the group dispersed. How silly of me. Will post something positive when I can in the near future. In the meantime, stay in the light and be well, all.

5 years ago

"There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative."

W. Clement Stone

Re: A positive quote
5 years ago

"When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking."

Albert Einstein

Re: A positive quote
5 years ago


A positive quote
6 years ago

Just think Positive
6 years ago

Just think Positive, my Positive friends!

6 years ago

My pet peeve is being called "young lady". I often give it right back, "I'm not a young lady, I'm an old lady,"

Hey did you ever notice no one ever calls a woman "young lady" until they're an old lady?

It's sorta like you know you're over the hill when they give you the senior discount without asking. lol

Life is filled with oddities. Others can get away with things that I can't. I get called "Honey" a lot! "Dear" is also prevelent. But let me call someone "Honey" and I get told.

"My name is Janet."

Dang! I'm not good at remembering names.


6 years ago

Hi Ioanna,

I signed and shared on Facebook. Thank you!

6 years ago

Hi positives,

Here it is a very positive action.Please act


I thought you might be interested in this alert from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Please send a letter today to President Obama. It will help ensure that, in the next four years, he will lead our country forward with innovative and practical science-based solutions for a healthy environment and a safer world. If you go to the URL below you can check out the details and send your own message.

Then please forward this email to 10 friends. We really need your help to spread the word.

To take action on this issue, click on the link below:
If the text above does not appear as a link or it wraps across multiple lines, then copy and paste it into the address area of your browser.

6 years ago

Good morning Positives!
How are you?

I see we have many absences lately.

Where are you Dot? (perhaps still having technical problems)

And you Antonio.Have you forgotten us?

Finally,thanks God,Zee and Stuart have kept our group alive.

So,in order to be active again,I should like to share with you something my (hope you beleive yours,too) ancient ancestor (is it,really,correct in English,the phrase "ancient ancestor"?,someone help me,please!!) ,the Philosofer Platon has said: "We can understand a child,who is afraid of darkness.It's a real tragedy an adult who is afraid of Light"


6 years ago


6 years ago

LORD, I'm so glad I know you!

It's been one of those gladsome days that come after the showers. May I share it with you positives?

As some of you know, I've been volunteering at the hospital, visiting patients and offering:coffee, soda, ice cream, jello along with a listening ear and the grace of our loving Creator. Ah, that precious day when Creator healed the lady and she went home! How privileged I am.

But dark clouds do arise sometimes. I'm 70 Halloween and I had begun having memory problems. One must be very careful about NOT going into certain contagious rooms, don't offer NPO patients any thing! Be sure you read the signs and the board! So many things to remember and I had to go back and ask the visitor if she wanted the chocolate or vanilla pudding. YIKES! I quit. I CAN NOT endanger our patients!

Personnel assured me, "If you ever want to come back, you're welcome. Come on back". There had been lots of positive feed back,

Feeling confident I had done the ethical thing, I quit, went home and cried. But wait a minute. Problems were meant to be solved. How could I solve the problem of memory? I started a couple of internet classes on improving memory and I really am enjoying the memory games and puzzles. I intend to continue these. Today I returned to the hospital not as a volunteer but as a patient to get a medical examination regarding my memory

I passed all the tests just fine. My memory is ok. Anxiety was a little high there. Some memory loss is natural at 70. I got a thorough physical while doc was at it. I shared with him the healing God gave me about 4 years ago. He was a delightful doctor who agreed that "Yes. Doctors are dangerous." He asked me what I wanted to do. He gave me choices and he spent a LOOOTT of time with me. He told me I am taking really good care of my body. I told him about the golden love energy that flows from the throne of God and which we can use to heal our bodies. He said, " I want to live in YOUR complex." Doc, his assistant and I had a jolly good time together.

And, besides, duh, there are notebooks. I'm going to take a notebook with me and mark the various things down as I check them......including the room number so I can remember where to take the strawberry sugar free jello.

Then doctor gave me a medical paper saying my memory is fine and I can return to work.

"You get back to work healing people"doctor ordered,

That's what he said.

"You get back to work healing people,"

A medical doctor's orders and he re-affirmed what he had said.

Yahweh is "the God who healeth thee". Not me!

I'm in love with a wonderful God

and he's in love with me.

I've noticed how YAH enjoys addingt whipped cream and cherry on top of his blessings.

The lady in personnel suggests I return next Wednesday. Next Wednesday is Halloween and it's my birthday. She said it's going to be a fun day for all. So, this birthday, YAH is giving me a birthday party. lol lol lol

"I'm in love! I'm in love! I'm in love!"

And, incredibly, YAH has provided me with a doctor who is a Christian, spends a lot of time with his patients just sharing, respects my knowledge, and says "You get back to work healing people,"

Oh, yes, I also hugged his assistant medical student, Karen. lol

6 years ago

"Although the world around
This is difficult and complicated,
You must understand that being optimistic
not dependent on circumstances
outside, but a positive attitude
face of difficulties. search
always the positive side and teaching
valuable behind every event difficult.
Get over the gloom and terrible
effects. Positivism and optimism
must come from within you,
precisely to overcome the
external conflicts. Think about it, it's worth."

Days of the Week Comments

no betting - but, i do bet this~
6 years ago

Thanks ever so, Zee, from me,

your contributions to our positivity - are positively - adding to our POSITIVES and our good energies!


Yeah!, - my housecleaning music used to be the sound track to: My Fair Lady


I now dream of a kind and efficient maid, or pleasantly programmed robot, or 'whatever' will keep the dust bunnies from running amuk.  teehheee



as a dear friend from the college philosophy days said to me once upon a time - (and it stuck!):

"If it doesn't work positively, It will never work negatively.""

Got to say, this makes perfectly good sense to me.  Of course, you have to think long term on this, not the modern 'instant gratification' angle that gets addictive behaviors stuck in a bottomless pit of unfulfillment,....


>>> back to the work desk, Hope everyone is having a GOOD 2 GREAT DAY!  Dot,...









6 years ago

Dot, I saw in your wonderful post above, which I copied below, this sentence.

•Setting and doing your best to achieve goals, will allow your dreams to come true


Here's your article in full:

- wiki how to be positive -

2 months ago

Anything that happens in your life affects you, and the outcome depends on you and how you choose to overcome the situation
•It is up to you to find happiness by changing your behavior if something does indeed bother you
•Setting and doing your best to achieve goals, will allow your dreams to come true.
•Taking advice from others is good, however, you are the only one that knows whether the advice will help you.
•Positive thinking will absolutely make your life better, and you should keep that in mind.
•When you're happy - understand why and learn to control, arrange and maximize!
my comment

This I have discovered to be the secret of goals. Many, including myself before I realized a hidden truth, many set their goals too high. Thus they get so far along the road and stay right there with their goal yet unrealized.

I discovered the secret to goals is to set them low, one might even say to divide the proposed progress into steps easily accomplished. That way, all along the way you win! win! win! You accomplish step by step until you easily and joyfully encompass the final reward.

Example: I do not like to clean my apartment. Yet I do want a clean apartment. If I look at the idea of cleaning the entire apartment, even I get into procrastination. So here's how I do it easily.

Step 1: clean the bathroom (allow one day to do it in)
if that seems too much, clean the bathtub

Step 2: clean the hall closet area.

Step 3: clean the bedroom

and so on, alloting a full day for each step.

The law of inertia works both ways: hard to start an object at rest.....hard to stop an object in motion you gotta start!

Here's an example: I do NOT want to clean my apartment but an inspection is coming up. Gotta do it thoroughly! I don't wanna but I CAN take the vacuum cleaner out of the closet and hook it up. Yay, I hooked it up. I could do the whole floor. Wow. Now, a a chapter in my book.

Back on my feet. Hey, this isn't so bad. Next thing I know the room is finished. I'm going to go over to McDonalds for a reward but, wait a minute, I could do the sink in the bathroom. Now the tub!

Two rooms done. Now, McDonalds. I'm back. I've done two days work.....two rooms. Why stop now?

I could clean out my cubbard.

Next thing I know, the entire apartment has been cleaned.

All along the way there are wins and rewards!

If I had set the goal to do three rooms today, I'd be lucky if I got the vacuum out of the closet. lol

And yes, having my favorite music playing does help!


6 years ago

The Time to be POSITIVE is when the shadows gather.

This is the time for which we were born. The shadows hovering over Earth threaten. Alone we can do almost nothing. Together we can save our planet.

As I make my hospital rounds, I find patients who are concerned about our future on planet Earth, or perhaps about the tragedy of the animals. Or perhaps, they just mention their interest in facebook. Either one, and more, make a great opening to present Care2. People are interested. They take down the words Care 2 petitions.

These are lines I use in different instances, both within and outside the hospital. Such also work at McDonalds. lol

Earth survival dangers.....,,Alone we can do almost nothing. Together, we can save our planet.

Animals.....their sufferings are horrible! Alone we can do almost nothing. Together, we can make
things better for them.

Facebook ......Care2 is a lot like facebook. The difference is we are united in a save our planet. Are you aware of the dangers to Earth for our children and our grandchildren?

It was predicted by many Native American Tribes that this time of danger to planet Earth would come. It was also predicted that the Rainbow Warriors would come to save the planet. What a noble cause! We are the Rainbow Warriors. We are here. We have come. We are from the nations of the world. I have friends in many other countries. We are of every color, religion, country and we are banded together. The scientists, the doctors, the lawyers, farmers, factory workers, teachers, artists .....we are united in purpose. We serve under many different banners:
Care2, PETA environmental groups, scientists and lawyers groups. We are involved in every cause. We write petitions for our causes. When thousands of people sign a petition "they" listen".

Our leaders aren't going to save our planet for our children and our grandchildren. They are only interested in power and money. We, the people, from all the nations, are the ones who must save Earth. We, the common people, you and me.

I get hearty "That's right! Yep! I agree!" from the people I talk with.....once strangers, now
eyes glistening with interest as hopeful words sparkle from their lips. People are concerned. Many just don't know what to do. So I tell them what WE do!

The people's faces are glowing with interest. Many begin telling me what they are doing to try to help planet Earth. I listen and perhaps invite them to post a petitiion on Care2. To sign petitiions for the dogs and their favorite animals, the cat, the bear, the factory animals immersed in horrors! AND we can help feed the children.

That's what I'm up to! What fun!!!

Ok, I'm going to go sign some more petitions. lol

Alone, we can do almost nothing.

Together we can save our planet.


keep paddling -
6 years ago

Oh SeaTurtleZee, I hope you don't get too discouraged with the computer snags~  You bring us fun, seriousness, daily insights, and an adorable seaturtle to love when you swim in this positive flow~ ~ ~  I can understand your frustration, though, and remember when life was written down on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil in hand,... and the special message could be folded neatly - and with a warm heart - an envelope would be sealed and the United States Postal stamp licked and placed in the upper right hand corner, as the written word would pass from hand to hand and land in the receiver’s mailbox for a moment of anticipation as the opening of a letter could reveal either precious thoughts and feelings, or deliver other pertinent information.  Our expectations would be gauged with a necessary delayed gratification, of which the modern generation has never experienced.  The novelty of NOW is wearing off, and we are becoming more and more eager to move into the future with ever greater speed.  However, as a seaturtle once said on this sight, wherever you go, there you are.  It will be Spirit - Always.  Let the flow continue and trust that the hand which guided us here, is always, HERE.  The reality is that our Universe is run by the Love Machine of All Things Real, and we can just relax and let our Souls join the Love Thing within us and all about us,... Happy Friday, Any Way, All You Love Beings!!!

6 years ago

Well, I'm glad my higher power just deleted the comment. I just typed about membership figures. You know of the many times I have had to "start over" because of Care2 tech problems.
Next time, I may not bother coming back. I am posiitive, there is life after Care2.


20,034,206 members now

How nice.

Now to get the signatures!

6 years ago

When things appear to be negative, it's the time to manifest the positive.

Here's an excerpted part of an email I sent a friend for the healing of her daughter.

Day before yesterday, my right leg became very painful, the pain coming from my hip and descending all the way down my leg. Last night was near sleepless. The pain was great. I called my insurance nurse today to ask advice. She said it sounded like Sciatic Nerve Pain. The healing was not predictable, It might be ok tomorrow and it might take 3 months. She recommended over the counter pain medication (has to NOT have age 60 warning). I bought some Tylenol but haven't taken one pill.

When I got home, once again I asked Yah to heal me. Then I got an idea which I immediately tried and which worked. I lay the body down in bed and relaxed the painful leg, best I could. I then, while using attention only, leaving the leg relaxed as possible on the bed, I began with the energy of my mind to massage the flesh and muscle within the leg. I began to move the "flesh - muscles" with my energy and I could feel the flesh moving but the leg, itself, remained still. I used circles and up and down motions to use the energy on my inside leg I performed this action from my hip, down the leg, then up again. The pain left. It has been several hours now and the pain has not returned. Not even one pill - just the energy massage. (I do not know if the flesh actually moved. I only felt the feeling of it.)

Luke 8:46-56 (King James Version)
6And Jesus said , Somebody hath touched me: for I PERCEIVE THAT VIRTUE IS GONE OUT OF ME.47And when the woman saw that she was not hid , she came trembling , and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately.48And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort : thy faith hath made thee whole ; go in peace.

Jesus often used substances such as mud, bread, fish. Paul used handkerchifs, Elisha used wood and other substances. Why shouldn't we use energy. (virtue)? (name) body was formed within and from your body., It has been proven that there are mental and spiritual connections between the bodies of parents and children.

One of my personal beliefs is that God is intelligent (!!!!!!) energy. Jesus said, "God is spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and truth" I believe there is ONE POWER, ONE ENERGY, ONE GOD. Hear, Oh, Israel the LORD is our God. The LORD is ONE." Jesus told us what he did we could do.

6 years ago

Just checked. It's 1,443 butterfly points.

I'm going to donate them right now just in case.

Then I'm positive I will have scattered some good seeds today.

If I can't get in again? Well, I'll just persist.....because that is the time to be positive.

6 years ago

Well, I thought it had just happened again. My account wiped out. Suddenly, all my present about 1,200 butterflys except maybe 30 something had flown away. That old account, the one that doesn't work, was showing again. And I was once more out of Care2. The FIFTH time!

I just don't care anymore. But I tried and was able to get back in. Who knows when it will happen again? After a while you get paranoid and then you realize paranoia is reality.

But there's a greater reality. There's the reality of persistence while visualizing what you want. I didn't have to persist long this time.

When things go wrong THEN is ........time to be POSITIVE*

You never lose until you quit trying.

Now, going for those petitions.

See ya!

got to get on
6 years ago

For all of us we've met this dilemma,...[ the preceeding subject in mind here ]  ---  Where we share something we think is important or wonderful and our best friend 'poopoos' the news!  As we mature we get a better picture of what's actually happening.  And when we're really great friends it all gets talked through and worked out beautifully.  As the 60 years + of living turns closer to 70,  I've learned that some friends do fall away.  And with maturity it becomes a natural part of living.  After all, things are changing constantly in the cosmos, so why should we be any different. Remembering that love lets go - and keeps the good alive and well in the heart - forever!  Positively!!!      

goes with the above - part II
6 years ago

1.    Insincere Happiness: If someone knows that they are jealous, they may try to over compensate by putting on a huge grin and acting overly happy. Unfortunately, what your friend doesn’t realize is that this type of behavior seems very unnatural and insincere.

2.    Tears You Down: You decide that you are ready to go back to work after being a full-time, stay-at-home mom. Instead of being happy for you, your friend tells you that going back to work makes you a bad parent. If your friend constantly makes you feel bad about your decisions in life, they may be doing so to feel better about their own decisions and about themselves.

3.    Lack of Support: This is demonstrated when you rely on friends to help you achieve something that is important to you and they fall extremely short in delivering. They can either come up with every excuse in the book as to why they can’t help you, or worse, they promise to help but don’t.

4.    Constant Discouragement: This happens when your friend tells you all of the reasons why you shouldn’t or CAN’T do something, instead of encouraging you to “go for it.”

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Signs Your Friend is Jealous and What to Do about it


1.    The Fluff-Off: You tell your friend some good news and instead of reacting joyfully for you, your friend fluffs it off and makes it seem as though it is not “all that.” When people don’t feel good about where they are in their own lives, they make themselves feel better by acting as though other people’s good fortune isn’t so great or exciting.

2.    The Friendly Ghost: When individuals are jealous, they may feel less inclined to spend time with those individuals who are happy or doing well, and as a result, disappear or become extremely busy. Why? Your happiness is a constant reminder that they are unhappy and as a result, they rather stay away.

Positive Negative: When some individuals are jealous, they may find a way to counteract your positive with a negative. This is similar to the fluff-off, but instead of ignoring your positive news or accomplishment, your friend counters it with a negative. For instance, if you show a friend a beautiful picture you took of your kids, your friend may say, “Well, of course the picture is good: you had good lighting and a good camera.” Her reaction implies, in a sense, that the picture was good, not because of you, but for other reasons.

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 Anything that happens in your life affects you, and the outcome depends on you and how you choose to overcome the situation

  • It is up to you to find happiness by changing your behavior if something does indeed bother you
  • Setting and doing your best to achieve goals, will allow your dreams to come true.
  • Taking advice from others is good, however, you are the only one that knows whether the advice will help you.
  • Positive thinking will absolutely make your life better, and you should keep that in mind.
  • When you're happy - understand why and learn to control, arrange and maximize!
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Andy Griffith, American original

Fort Lee, N.J.: Andy Griffith died just before the Fourth of July. How fitting. His most famous character was right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Andy Taylor was a smart, sweet man who kept the peace with common sense and quiet dignity among the often goofy but good and kind people of a small town. Imagine how Sheriff Taylor would be portrayed today: Most likely as a toothless bigot. Rural America today is seen by many as a bunch of bitter people clinging to guns and religion. Gary Schwartz

Valley Stream, L.I.: If my childhood was centered in the suburbs, a significant part of it was also spent in Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. “The Andy Griffith Show” repeats seemed to run for years during my lunch hour. I’m fairly certain that while watching the great fantasies of so many other 1960s TV series — particularly, in my case, those of the superhero ilk — there was a wonderful grounding to be had in the homilies of Andy, Barney and Aunt Bee. Jim Burns

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Christopher Nolan's last film of his batman trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises” was previewed last Saturday for 40 to 50 critics and famous bloggers.

As Nolan calls this movie the “biggest film” he has taken so far, he hinted that this will also be the best in his trilogy. Comments revealed by the bloggers who attended the special review are all overwhelmingly positive, one mentioning the standing ovation at the screening.

It has been widely expected that The Dark Knight Rises will be one of the most successful films in the box office, with comments saying Christopher Nolan will harvest plenty of awards afterwards. Although the attendants were not allowed to post any reviews on their blogs, some comments still surfaced in Twitter and Facebook posts.

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  Hi Ioanna!  over a hundred degrees!!! whew,... (uncomforable)  yeah babytime to take that 'vacation'   to the tropics where the temp stays a constant 'comfortable' and the nights are easy to take, too!  Glad to hear you're soon off the tread-mill of making-a-living and will be unwinding, or winding up, or kick-backing, or kicking-it-up!!!  However way your vacation goes in August, may this July be as pleasant as possible 'till then~  Those hot temps are a bit hard to take, so I hope it drops a bit.  We had a very pleasant day for the 4th, and even the fog that had rolled in lifted for the fireworks.  I hadn't seen the fireworks for several years, so that was very nice!

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Good morning Dot and all the others.

Yes,the temperature here in Athens is about 38' C but I am still working.I shall have my vacations on August,sweet August.Till then we shall speak.

I wish a very good new week to all!!

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   Hi Positives!  fyi, We were out of the office early on the 3rd of July, out of course for the big day of 'fireworks' and celebration, and on the 5th of July we had the morning off!!!  It was quite a treat not to get up at the wee hours of the morning and come into work,... !  I loved it!  Friday zipped up fast and I could get used to this break in the middle of the week, as you can only imagine~  Well, I see that few members are available during these summer fun days, and I'm not at all sure anyone is getting these ADDs, but, I have a little time to give to The Positives, as I think of you all and like to contribute some good energy whenever the opportunity comes while here at work.  It's never a sure thing.  And lately, the computer seems unreliable, too~  But, life is always changing, so I take that into consideration...  I hope all of you are doing well. May the day be very pleasant wherever you are, and if you have the chance to ADD something that will lift someone else's day please know that This IS The Place!  love and laughter, Dot A

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