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Our Growing Global Consciousness - the Bottom Line*
5 years ago

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.


"The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing that it seeks to destroy…


the link below is a strong indicator of humanity's response to our difficulties -


when we keep this type of dialogue alive, we are reaching for the 'better life'


I do not advocate any particular solution, only to strengthen our spirits to 'do better'


check out the link to see what's going on and how the 'kinder' characteristics of our nature are being expressed


5 years ago

Thanks Dot for the sharings.I admire you,for you seem to be untiring.God bless you to ramain in this way for many-many years.What I wonder is this;It seems to be strong spirituality among people.How is it then and the world around us is so materialistic,unkind and ugly?...

5 years ago


My opinion, everyone has, is the world seems so materialistic, unkind and ugly because our technology has reached the point to where we know what's going on. Even in the early days of America, people might not receive news of when the next president was elected until months, even years later. Go West Young Man, was the theme. The West did not have newspapers and those days did not have television. Now, we are so intimately connected with all parts of the world, who are equally interconnected with us. We not only have the problems of village or state or country, we have the problems of the ENTIRE WORLD affecting us.

And it all goes back to the desire to receive for one's self know, like the politicians.
There are many who must learn that money and power are addictions more difficult than drugs.
Like drugs, they never satisfy. You have to keep getting more and more and more and more, if you can, until you sell your children's souls for more money and power. Least ways a lot of people do. Politicians, believe it or not, are just people.

We need to learn to receive to share. When we have learned to receive to share, there will be plenty for everyone. Then, if a person starts slipping into the lonely shadows of receiving for self alone, others of us will notice and provide help, perhaps, psychological help. After all, selfishness is fear and anger.

Journalist - a conversation,...
5 years ago

Had to smile at the above posts a little,.... I appreciate the feedback!!!  And to Ioanna, -my positive disposition seems to be a curse in today's modern (?) society, where, finding the fault, weakness, playing the blame-game is far more popular,... but, I'm still okay with myself, so, - I just keep swimming* (In the movie: Finding Nemo/ re released as 3D, and quite beautiful, btw).  Life has been terrifically challenging for me since conception, actually, and probably God thought some positive DNA could help me 'keep swimming!'   There are so many things to address that we all feel overwhelmed at times.  Me included,... I think humanity is made of this stuff; the struggle to survive, the desire to achieve, the longing to succeed in love, life, and into the unknown.  We like to keep it all moving,....  The UnMoved Mover has inspired us! [a philosophical angle]  Well, now, Zee brings into focus the relative progress being made - most esp. concerning the Information Age and what gets out there to the public 'almost instantly' as previously, we could do most anything in the 'dark ages' and virtually nobody knew about it, if they wanted to hide it.  Learned this from a conversation with a Journalist years ago;  He said after people dug up homes and found skeletal remains of family members, that's when they realized, - murder and mayhem - all happening - and the best liars got away with just about anything to anybody,...... 2B con't

- good evening, Care2
5 years ago

- well, the computer and the day have been quite challenging, however, it looks like Care2 in back in BIZ, as they say,... I hope your evening is closing with some thoughts for the things that occured in a hectic world out there~  When I get a chance to step away from the desk, I look for the people who are fun to be with, who like to laugh, who see something good to share in a wild and crazy world.  It is our connections with good folks that will assist us in those times when we need it the most.  Over and out for today!  & of course, wishing All Sweet Dreams!!!

Our Growing Global Consciousness
5 years ago

That's what Jewish Kabbalah, my religion for now, is all about.....evolving beyond the desire to receive for self alone and learning to receive to share. When we do that, there will be plenty of positiives for all of us, animals and people.

I listened to a video about Yom Kippur and left a comment. Then I thought of us, our Positively Speaking group consciousness, and I decided to copy and share with you guys. ok?

First, information for those who may not be familiar with Jewish high holidays. Yom Kippur is a day of atonement. It is a fast of 25 hours, no food, no water, no this and no that and mourn for your sins and do some charity work. I actually made the fast all 25 hours. Now THAT is a miracle!
I have been a food addict.

Yah didn't let me mourn for my sins. I was uncovering some of the bad things I have done in my life, some real shockers, but Yah was ready for me with a lecture explaining how he knows exactly what each soul needs to grow spiritually and how nothing comes into our experience that is not intended for our good. What I did to others was part of the agreements and, as scripture says, "thus far and no farther". Yahshua was there to reassure me that he "paid it all". lol

The angels were greatly relieved. They don't like to see me cry and carry on. I guess Yah isn't too fond of it either. I am a DRAMA QUEEN!

Below is the comment I posted on the Jewish Kabbalah site appending it to the lecture. I thought of you and wanted to share.

Oh, one more thing, Jewish Kabbalah very much embraces and explains the Old Testament including the kind of fast Yah wants.


This is my first Yom Kippur. However, I am very familiar with the scriptures. Therefore, I decided I would give Creator what he wanted for Yom Kippur fast. Isaiah 58 tells us exactly, giving two lists, of the presents that would delight Creator on our fast day. I read the chapter more than once and I noted the gifts: loose the chains of injustice, untie the cords of the yoke, set the captives free, spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry, ...and many more verses 9 and shopping list.

I am a member of Care2 Petitions. We're on the internet. Our petitions cover all causes and if one is not covered, you write a petition and we'll sign it if we agree. Care2 site was my store to do my shopping for the gifts Creator said he wanted. What fun! I was able to obtain a gift pertaining to every one of his requests.

I like it like that.

5 years ago

This is the second day on my new eating program. And I made it both days. I was talking with Yah the other morning about my over eating. I've tried a lot of things to stop it but.........Yah said, "How about only 3 meals a day?"

I said, "Look, I can't do it in my own strength. We both know it. Fix me. I you don't fix me, I'll just end up eating lots of sugar and too much food and then I'll be asking you to forgive me. If you don't fix me, I can't do it."

He said, "How about two snacks added."

"WAH! I can't do it. If you don't fix me, I'll be gorging!"

You know what, I didn't overeat one bit yesterday. I had two snacks and one meal. I could have had two more meals. I didn't. And I wasn't hungry either! Today was the 25 hour fast of Yom Kippur. I had no problem not eating or drinking. Since 7:20 tonight when Yom Kippur was over, I have had two cups of coffee and two oatmeal cookies at McDonald's. The piggish desire and demand for FOOD! is gone.

I know, it's not perfect. Should have had a meal instead of the cookies. But, I'm just not hungry. Tomorrow, emphasis on the meals. I need to eat healthy not just lightly.

Yah always likes to give that extra touch of blessing. This morning, when I weighed I had lost
about 5 pounds! in the one day. I weighed twice! For someone who doesn't claim to be a Christian 'cause I've got so many disagreements with today's theology, for someone like me, G-D sure does hear and answer quite speedily my personal prayers. LOL Course then, I'm content with my simple life. I told my daughter, if I happen to win a lottery, she can have the money.....I'd just need enough for this simple life 'til my number is called and I get to go home!

Oh, the G-D, Jewish folks spell it that way, I learned, so that the name written down will never be dishonored such as being thrown in the garbage. Therefore, they write G-D out of respect.This applies to any of the many names of G-D, so I write Yah instead of the full name of I AM. ok?


a sweet llife
5 years ago

Hi Zee, and Positives!  Zee, you remind me of the years in the 1970s when I was battling carbohydrate dependency,... It was a slow but steady change to get the chemistry in balance,... One of the most helpful things someone in the medical profession shared with me is that we are never, never ever, to have guilty feelings for the food we eat!  Patience, Understanding, Compassion, Gentle and Gradual Adjustments; all these things helped me to let the years pass with just small improvements and now the life style is vastly different than when I craved carbs!!!  All that love you share is the way to go!  In those days - if Ice Cream was the only thing I wanted, then - Ice Cream is what I had and I savored every creamy calorie.  Now an occasional ice cream treat is all I desire.  Good Health !  that's always worthy of our behavior...  Happy living is included in good health, and getting our world 'off' all the sweets, treats, and bad eats, is something we all can pay attention to on a regular basis.  [ if we want to... ]  But, the phrase that still sticks with me to this day is: Never feel guilty for the food you eat - Has served me well in the decades that followed some pretty difficult eating habits.  Love is always a nice topping on any dish.  Remember to heap it on!!!

Thanks, Dot! You are wonder filled!
5 years ago

I'm still on the eating program Yah set for me. I can have 3 meals and 2 snacks. It's easy. I'm no longer addicted to sugar. I'm consistently losing weight. I'm eating a lot healthier than I was.
I don't think I've eaten all I'm allowed in one day.

I was healed of diabetes over 4 years ago. I could eat anything and get away with it, supposedly. However, I've been occasionally, every many months, checking my sugar just to be sure. I'm fine. But....just before Yah advised me pretty strongly to lose weight, I noticed my count, when I checked my sugar was creeping up there a little bit. Not dangerous! But..... It's fine now. I still have my miracle healing!!!

My weight isn't really out of hand and hasn't been. But I was at the point I could afford to lose
30 pounds. I lost 10. I no longer feel hungry. Food just isn't really a problem any more. I'm no longer addicted. Praise Yah!!!

I know that women often use tears with men and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't Most of us don't do that. I don't. But, as I am getting more and more acquainted with my Higher Power, I am learning that words don't mean much. It's emotion that H P responds to. "I can't do it. If you don't do it, it won't be done. Fix me!!!"

He did.From the night Yah put me on this eating program, after I let the tears flow and "If you don't do it, I CAN'T!" I have not had any desire to overeat My lust for sugar is gone! There's plenty of food left at the end of the day. And I don't eat it. I'm also choosing my food wisely.

Relationship with Higher Power is the way to go.

Appreciation is so important. To me, the little things often mean more than the BIG things!

For example, I wanted to watch the first debate. McDonalds was closed for repairs so I couldn't watch the debates on their tv. I tried to wrangle an invite from a lady for whom I do favors. I didn't get the invite. I checked on my computer and found the time the debates were supposed to be on after marking the difference between time zones.

It was an hour left to go. So I decided to go on over to CNN to check things out and see if just maybe?

The debates were just beginning and I got to watch them through. If I had not checked an hour early, I would have missed out.

You know, when love gifts like that just keep coming it really counts for evidence. My God is real. I'm in love with a wonderful God and He's in love with me. I like it like that.

flutter by - with butterfly kisses - > they're free!
5 years ago

Hello, Hi, and How are YOU? - Zee, you sound fine, perhaps dandy, and also delightfully well!  How are all of you???  It would be great to hear more from our POSITIVES.  One thing comes to mind when I type these words; (like my friend Linda, says to me) - she says: I'm not really a writer, and I feel uncomfortable trying,... [ not Zee, as you see, Zee, is a flow-er of words, and I am always so appreciative when I see you have taken the personal time, and the creative effort to give us a 'flow-er' of your heart's voice! ] I think many people are quite shy, actually,... I am always grateful for the diversity of life,... and everyone of us has unique gifts we bring to this world.  It is The Positively Speaking Today Group which is designed to recognize the 'positive' energy which each of us possess~  Whether or not we've been guided properly in our lives, this is something that whispers in everyone's heart. - I am here.  I am special.  I am loved. - and when we get that divine message, we can offer our best selves to the greater whole of life.  It doesn't have to be 'a lot.'  Just being aware and caring is all Our Maker asks,... Responding with sincerity and kindness, - like Zee says, - the little things are the greatest things.  As the sparrows and the lilies, as the children and the lambs, it is as gentle as the whisp of a touch of the butterfly's wings > - the kiss of our spirits blowing across Eternity.  Blessings and Wellness - and always a butterfly kiss!  The softest things hold up the universe and every precious being!

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5 years ago

May God bless you for these your so beautiful words, Dot Alexander! Yes, it is the Divine Love of God that makes us feel to be loved and that unites us through all the World.


5 years ago

Here I am ,too!Sorry for my absence.I always read and enjoy all your thoughts,but these days I have to bring to a successful issue a very important case,which demand all my consciousness and wakefulness,since it regards some multi parties (and deferent countries) contracts.Plus, a) all these must be expressed in english,which offcourse is not my mother language and b) I work ALONE.

Please,go on the good job!!


A warm response to our Positives! Zee, Antonio, Ioanna*
5 years ago

(very) Well understood!  Life is a busy proposition for sure! so, it's perfectly understandable when we find our time challenged and our positive thoughts focused on what we must get done on any day,...   Our world has many requirements, and sometimes, sharing a positive 'post' is just not on a 'must do' list - naturally, I understand.  Yet, you have responded so warmly and with your kind hearts, I do want to say: Thank YOU, Positives, for this Group takes the extra Care2 make someone's day just a fraction 'better' or helps a particular reader see that the world can bring out the positive across the globe.  No matter how busy, we try to give just a flicker of our light out for the greater good.  I believe in some way, this does make a difference - in a sometimes 'indifferent' world.   We see here, that what we say and how we share our energy, 'matters!'  Hope the case works out well for you, Ioanna! and Antonio, you always share your support and good will so well for everyone!!!  Zee, you bring zest and a zone of freshness to our Group!!!  We keep on: Positively Speaking today and everyday!!!  Thanks ALL!!! 

love2Care, Dot A

not the bottom line > the new york times,.. a positive read
5 years ago
Social Change’s Age of Enlightenment; by David Bornstein -




In future columns, I’ll explore other ways that we’re getting smarter. Here’s a preview of three more:

— We’re recognizing that a key to social change is to turn great ideas into great institutions. And one way to do that is to begin by identifying and supporting talented entrepreneurs who are driven to build social change organizations (just like we do in business).

— We are beginning to finance social change more rationally, moving away from capricious, fragmented, short-term funding towards financing that is tied to success and, like in the private sector, allows top performers to grow rapidly.

— We are harnessing the power of everyone. Bill Joy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems observed: “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” Recognizing that fact, we are increasingly using open innovation models to identify powerful ideas wherever they may be found.

5 years ago

Dot, thank you for your inspiring message,

We remember our armed services veterans with love and prayers.

We also need to remember our activists veterans and those who will become veterans.
Our finest have suffered tear gas, beatings, jail and more. And there are those of us who give all we have to give, our time. our positive prayers, our willingness to suffer nightmares from what others do not want to know. We are the Rainbow Warriors.

We will save our planet as we express love and sacrifice for others......for those whom we
will never meet, we Care2 do what we can.

Yahshua (Jesus) said, "whatsoever ye do to the least of these, ye do it unto me".

There is a story of Jesus as a child. His playments were tormenting a cat. Jesus became an activist and he said, "The way you treat that cat is the way you treat God." Whoa! I'm not saying the cat is God but certainly the creation of God. How would you feel if, whatever art medium you use to express your soul, someone else were to spit on it and stomp it to pieces?

We Care2 do what we can to help all whom we can, even those we can never pet.

and yours,

5 years ago

I enjoy going over to the nearby McDonalds at night and watching the news. I sit at a large round table where there are many stools. These days, I am most often interrupted from my news
by someone who sits down at the large table and wants to talk with me, lol......

A short time ago, I began to include in my morning prayers a request that I bring glory to his name, in some way, this day. I'm in love with a God who delights in answering my prayers.
I absolutely love Him!

A conversation begins, just as with the patients in the hospital where I volunteer, a conversation begins and somewhere, along the line, I can gracefully say the word "God", without emphasis or intent to convert anyone. Most often, the person I am conversing picks up on the "casual" reference. Then we begin exchanging ideas. So far, it's always pleasant. No attempt to correct or drag them out of "hell", just friendly conversation about the condition of our world and what needs to be done.....most often. I share with them about Care2 and give them the site name which they carefully record, with pen and paper if they have it. I help them remember by saying
"We Care enough 2 do something. Care 2"

Tonight it was a 42 year old, very successful looking, man. He shared with me his ideas prefaced with "I consider myself an atheist. Leave God out of it." and he began to expatiate on "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." lol I let him talk at length giving him admiration and attention for his positive ideas. Then it was my turn. I told him that he was stating most clearly what almost every spiritual leader had emphasized. He agreed with me. lol

We continued to talk and then it was his time to leave. We shook hands and I said, "I LIKE atheists." He said, "Amen." And we both laughed.


5 years ago

This thanksgiving time, I am grateful for YOU.

Dot, Ioanna, Antonio and all of you who comment or even just drop by.

Be Blessed.

5 years ago

Stuart, somehow, I did not mention your name when I was expressing appreciation for those who contribute so much to Positively Speaking. I sincerely apologize.

I am thankful for you, Stuart, especially for your kindness and encouragement which you gave to me in a recent message. Please continue to be kind enough to forgive my omission.

I sincerely hope I haven't neglected to express my gratitude to another contributor of comments to Care2. If I have, please forgive my neglect. Each of you, including those who stop by to
read and hopefully be encouraged, yes, each of you, Thank You for YOU! You are valuable
to Positively Speaking.

I am thankful for YOU.

Be blessed.

5 years ago

Thank you Zee. You adding me was very sweet.

Appreciatively, Stuart

Good Morning
5 years ago

Good Morning to all positives and have a very good week.

It seems that all together got problems to contact.Any way,thanks God,you Zee kept alive our group.Be blessed!

5 years ago

It is so easy! Try it. You might like it.

Today, I went over to an optical store inside Walmart. Ok, I shop at Walmart. It fits my income - cheap! If you want me to drop Walmart, send money please. Kidding! LOL

I wanted to purchase an attractive glasses holder to go around my neck. After my cataract surgery four years ago, I really only need glasses for reading. I bought the string of pretty blue beads, went to look in a mirror, took the stringed beads and got my money back. With all of my wrinkles, I look a lot better with eye glasses ON! lol I'm an old lady, healthy but wrinkled and I don't have the money for plastic surgery. Oh, well. People love me the way I am. They don't get jealous. ROFLOL

The sales lady had offered me a bag and I had said something about for the sake of our environment, no thanks. Seems she said something in agreement with saving the
environment. Here's an approximation: (Hey, I'm 70. I'm an old lady and I got an excuse for my unreliable memory. I like being an old lady. It's fun. No body gets jealous. LOL)


me: sounds like you're also interested in the environment.

her: nod

me: Right now our planet is endangered. I'm with Care2. We're trying to save our planet for our children and our grandchildren. Do you have a computer at home?"

her: yes. I am concerned about the envirronment.

me: Do you like animals.

her: Yes. I like dogs.

me: Do you know how many dogs are in the labatories?

her: Shudder.

me: We're fighting that. We're trying to rescue our animals, save our oceans, we're into every cause.

her: What was it called again, that group you're talking about?

me: Care2 Petitions. Do you want me to write it down for you?

She hands me paper and pen.

me: Many of the Native American tribes predicted that our world would get into the condition it's in now. They predicted that a people would come forth from every nation, color, creed. It's predicted that these Rainbow Warriors will save our planet. Sure needs saving!

She nodded agreement.

Me: It's exciting to be a Rainbow Warrior. All of our activists groups are connected....we work together. The doctors and the scientists have their own groups and they send us their petitions to sign and we send them ours. We serve under different banners but we're all united. It's exciting. I love it. I've been with Care2 petitions for over 4 years now. (I did not mention I've been locked out (NOT suspended) it's tech.) I did not tell her about that. We have friends in all the different countries. It's fun. We send each other e cards and comments, that's pictures for our My Page. And, when we comment on petitions we get butterfly points. The advertisers change those butterflies into money. We can donate our butterflies to feed a hungry child, oh, just lots of good causes of our choice. It's fun! You know, the thing is, alone we can do almost nothing.

Her: nodding sadly

Me: Together we can save our planet for our children and our grandchildren.

(Gee! What a line if I do say so myself.....and I do. If you got it flaunt it! Yeah, and trip over my ego! LOL)

Her: I'm going to look it up on the computer when I get home.

What fun!

5 years ago

Can this be true!  I am posting on THE POSITIVELY SPEAKING TODAY GROUP! (?) I am simply full of Gratitude - to join you all once again!  If this actually posts: I wish you ALL, a Day which also brings something that inspires 'gratitude' for you~ 

5 years ago

So glad to see my friend Dot posting here....Johnny Angel

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