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3 years ago

to listen is to respond in kind
3 years ago

we listen with our ears of course

and we listen with our eyes, too

we listen with the touch of our hands

as well as what is in the air, our nose

we listen with the taste of things

growing in the earth's gardens

we listen and we learn

and see what's needed in our time



3 years ago

i listen to the silence

stirring the waters of life

where in the night

a tear falls freely

among the trees

the earth whispering

i listen for answers

of prayers spoken for

help and healing

for safety and rescue

also for the joyfulness

shared through love

i listen to the quietness of the kingdom

as the chapel of lasting life is married

with chimes across the stars

for each second is a tic

of no thing but sacred presence

and it answers

not by intellect, but by silent


listening to the love with love

there is no time - there is only the present moment 2 b HERE
3 years ago


requires silence from ourselves . . .

and only that which illuminates is understood.

We are born to listen - with our hearts.

4 years ago


Creator, Appreciation, Understanding Your Own Truths,

Reverence for the Unknown, Creating Beauty,

Happiness kisses the door you open.

As we exchange green stars,
perhaps we are growing closer
in these skies of philosophical universe
where Creator grows
His solidified mystic garden.

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gender / it's a tender subject / al dente
5 years ago

from an interesting page reflecting our times:

Atheism Has a Women Problem


to read the blog click the link below:


there is so much emotion here
surely that is indicative of 'something'
our emotions create in us a compelling response
to 'something' of which we care
is acted upon with attention, anxiety or solicitude
from which we could extrapolate
a heavenly environment
or a hellish one
of which we choose daily
and with hope choose wisely
[for those who have a sense that there more to reality than our human eyes may hold, this process extends beyond what is visible in the mundane experience of life]
we make our own heaven
we linger in our own hell
the miracle of life is not explained to anyone
yet we are alive
being grateful assists us in embracing the greater good
and acting for the greater good
making life a better experience for as many as possible
* this debate has veered to and fro / as to whether or not
there is a greater power
whether or not women are subjugated
whether or not a particular concept should rule humanity
etc., etc., etc.,
each one will find their own truth
each one will act according to their own beliefs
and each one affects our world
our actions reveal what how we feel
judgments are useless
for we cannot know all factors in another person's life
living as best we can
doing what we believe to be for the best
and continuing to reach higher levels of what can be
will help us all
denigrating one another is rarely useful
yet some enjoy such sport (it seems)
women and men are each valuable
our beliefs are personal
our actions effect the world
i pray that we 'act' with care
love is a power that lives on
both women and men have it

the ideal is not the real, but, you ARE!!!
5 years ago

being Positive is not outside

but, rather - within



Nature Comments & Graphics


choose life's joys

be true to you - as you are

remember it's fun to learn

happy with simplicity

Read more:

5 years ago




in the beginning

there was a baby's laughter

green grass and worms - to share (since the office moved)
5 years ago

Beautiful Nature Cinemagraphs Created from Wildlife Documentaries FRV9Na9


the new location has birds that love to browse around in the grass

all of which is kept pristine at this office complex

and the robins like to find breakfast

especially when it's a sunny morning


it's quite different from the hustling crowd of

downtown SF

and for some reason, i kind of miss that,....


but, on the up side

the fountains and paths are very calming

as the daily dose of chaos can take its toll


i met an adorable dog during lunch hour

his name is Jack-O

or Jax

as you please,....


the way i see it

God puts me where i'll be the best use

and the Spirit of perfection

keeps working on me and the whole bit

and cosmos, as one done deal


of course,

that's just me thinkin'

and i like sharin'

with the hope that good things happen

as we share

[with care2, of course!]


may there be a worm in your grass

if you get a robin wandering through your garden

love and laughter

ever after





-Pema Chödrön-
5 years ago

Nothing ever goes away

until it has taught us

what we need to know.

 -Pema Chödrön-


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as the world turns
5 years ago

Hi Paul M. -

We're picking up this thread from two months ago,

to remind ourselves that listening is the first skill

for communication.


Listening to our world's revolutions, [each 24 hrs a complete revolution* ] and realizing that we are always in the process of 'change' and that each day is completely new, - well, - this ought to encourage us to see that our process proceeds better with our mindfulness - rather than without it.  


Being mindful can bring about the goals of our humanity to instill the best of our accepted values, to modify those things which bring unwanted events into our world, and to address the destructive issues which harm our globe pitilessly. 


For the majority of humanity we seem to be on a similar page of bringing about changes which will enhance life as we know it and hope for it to proceed farther into a better future for all our world.


Human beings are very complicated living creatures.  That would indicate that compassion is a necessity if we'd like to encourage peace on this planet.  It would also behoove us to learn as much as possible about our difficulties and how it came about, - in order to rectify the errors of our ways.  When we address one another with compassionate knowledge, and listen to one another's concerns with open minds, backed up with real information and study, we increase our chances to make things better ( and better, + + + )!


Malala Day - well, Malala says it All!!!  It is with education, including our care for one another that we can listen with intelligent minds, open hearts, and compassionate bodies of people.


Listening, still,...............

Hello ,, newbie,,12 /12
5 years ago

Hello Dot and all, nice page,,,,Thanks, have a good day all

5 years ago

In times of trouble we find our spirits yearning for the comfort beyond the world's storms and disasters.  We know that we are weak and vulnerable in those days of loss, destruction, and deep heartache.  Our universal prayers unite the common hearts of all who have empathy, all who have known loss, and all who endure the suffering of this earth.  Each of us come into this world as helpless newborns, and it is the power of love that moves us into the next day, and the continued months, years and decades.  It is the silent prayer of every human heart which delivers us from harm, from suffering, and from tragedy.  Our offerings of food, shelter, clothing, and human contact are prayers in action.  In spirit our strength of silent thought creates positive actions.  Prayers are 'personal thoughts for the good' regarding all of life.  We are motivated - in Our Prayers.  And the Universe is listening,....

In Each Moment
5 years ago

In each and every moment we can listen outside the clamoring of a world in turmoil and troubles.  Our ability to respond with kindness and care is what is needed anywhere we exist in the moment.  With a clear mind and a pure heart we are ready to respond and give the best that any situation may call for us to provide.  It is not wise to let our minds be programmed by the media, political powers, control hogs, or even those manipulative game players.  We are at our best when we are clear thinkers and act according to the natural instincts of our caring hearts.  Counting our blessings is one avenue towards this goal of clarity.  Seeing the positive in others can help us to find our true heart connections.  This earth is not an experience in careless living, as it requires each of us to be aware, be responsible, and responsive, and to share our best from day to day.  Do not overlook your own needs, as this will strengthen you for others.  In the goodness from within ourselves we build a better world, not from the fear that is generated by the 'outside' forces who compete for your energies, your economic possessions, or your attention for their own importance.  As we stand before our Maker, we are equally important, and most loved.  Remember this today and each day forward.  Listening to our world is our greatest act of human empathy and well as courage, and especially the spiritual journey that leads us beyond the troubles of any day.  Listen to what is all about you from this core of light that is your own special gift to this world.  Those who are all about you feel what radiates from this message.  A when we listen with our authentic selves, we are in tune with what the Maker provides in the moment.  Perhaps, listening is the first step to being 'our authentic self' and going deeper into the awe and miracle of who we are 'becoming.'  It is all about you,.... In Spirit - is inspired.

5 years ago

Hi Dot, hi Ioanna and all the Positives.

My Dear Ionna, thank you so much for the compliment you wrote here two months ago. But as I'm reading it now, it's for me as you sent me it today. Thank you so much, Dear Ioana for your appreciation! You write very well too, Ioanna! You also have that gift, my friend.

I haven't problems with my Internet, but as you said, I'm a bit tiered. But I promise you all, that the next weekend I will post something on the group.

Much Love, Light and Peace,

from yours,


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5 years ago

Hi Andrew and all positives.

Taking the thread from Andrew,who "teaches" us that the inspiration of better company keeps us improving,I should like to make a call to all the friends who not long ago were sharing with us marvelous and very positive stories.So,if I still  remember well,where are you Zee and those really improving stories of you about your doings at the hospital?Antonio,not only Dot writes very well,YOU,too,have the gift of writing.Are you still having problems with the internet,or simply got tired.If it is the second,please mind that all we,your friends,are waiting for you.And you Stuart,where are you?Although I could not understand what you shared with Dot about basketball (I am not at all good in sports) I liked to read all of them,since they kept our group alive.Please,come back.

At least we all owe to Dot to prove her that we are trying to keep the life to her spiritual child.  

Sending my true love and positive thinking to all of you...


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motivation booster
5 years ago

Hi Dot and all

i love spiritual teachers who love all people

one teaching i feel helps me:

"Remember also that you always need the inspiration of better company to keep yourself constantly improving. Your outward good company is of paramount importance, as it influences your will and reason which, by repetitions of thought and action, form good habits.

Resolve firmly to “try and try again.”
Spiritual progress is achieved above all by desiring it intensely. Know that you are growing spiritually when your entire consciousness, no matter what your faults, is turned to God.

All of us are part of God; we belong to Him, and He, to us. Eventually, we must all go back to Him. If you resolve firmly to “try and try again,” God Himself and His angels will come to your aid. Given sufficient time, and renewed courage on your part, you cannot fail to make steady, ongoing spiritual progress."

Positively Speaking Today - Let us hear you!
5 years ago

Positively Speaking Today - Let us hear you!

They say that the first form of communication is listening.

What do you hear?

How can we learn from this, and how can we grow as
better people?

We are tested every day, and improve with each positive act.

We are also challenged in courage, in fortitude, and in
perserverance to bring life to its fullest potential.


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6 years ago

I think that "boring" are not only people who have a money efficiency.Unfortunately in our days it has become a life style to be boring and this is why we have so many young people in drugs.I dare say that it's the lazy people who bore,because how could someone be boring since he could read (something that doesn't cost,at least much),or engage himself in something usefull to the community,or even enjoy a theater,a journey etc ? 

Hope you have a magical weekend

6 years ago

Thank you, Dot, for what you wrote in response to my posting. I think that your positive thinking itself and your leadership in a group dedicated to it is AWESOME and I respect you a lot for it!

I tried to send you a Green Star for what you wrote and who I see you to be but
Care 2 would not let me as I had sent you one within a week.

With my best wishes for you, Dot,

6 years ago

Your post is very well written, Dot Alexander! I just want to let you know how I appreciate very much the way you write and the way you think with your open mind and your good heart.

in the cross
6 years ago

Hi Stuart, - couldn't agree with you more!  Sometimes those who aren't struggling for survival find the whole process of living 'empty' - while those who must fend for themselves to get through another day don't have time to feel bored.  However, our world culture seems to be addicted to thoughts that will achieve status, fame, fortune, or economic power.  Of course, we all must have 'some' power [ such as enough money to live,... ] but the age of entitlement is exploding, particularly in the youth, the super wealthy, the peer pressure from the Internet to be discovered, (of course, not everyone!!!) and this attitude is contageous to everyone who exposes themselves to too much media hype.  [ I think I was typing while you were too, so our posts are now in agreement, ]  Thanks for getting into the discussion.  I'd like others to reflect on this and add their insights as well.  I like what you've said here, Stuart, as the disadvantaged must be alert and aware daily!  If we could encourage people to know how special their lives are - with or without 'money' that would be a great lesson across this globe!  I've always been economically challenged, and now believe that has taught me the most about what matters in this amazing journey;  - 'it's not about the money' and what is most valuable cannot be purchased.

bits and pieces
6 years ago

Rationality is a mental capacity of which we humans employ.  And with this ability to reason, we can rationalize 'anything' we choose.  What's so dangerous about 'reason and rationality' is that any action against another can be rationalized, even those hideous things we humans are capable of doing,...  Since our group is inspired by the 'positive' and prefers a good outcome, we enjoy the process of rationalizing what brings about an uplifting feeling.  -you could call it the spirit of who we are-  And, what's so great about this reasoning, is we have a degree of freedom to choose how we reason things out.  Our scientists are explaining how generosity and cooperation are traits which have likely saved our species from the harsh realities of the animal kingdom of eat or be eaten.  Our world still requires food, so this natural law of survival has a powerful impact on our sense of security.  And yet, we are choosing to assist those we love, more and more, with every BIT of informed knowledge, every PIECE of inspired insight, and every 'good' reason to live a life that is not only for one's own self, but for the whole of us all.  When we live a benevolent life the entire human family finds our ability to rationalize for the good, - a very good way to be.  If we rationalize for the opposing selfish gains, we do harm across the whole of the human family.  Our gift of reason - is just that: " A Gift "  - Let's offer it generously.  We all benefit in the outcome.


Care2 is all about this!!!  Thanks All of Care2 Members for being 'rationally wonderful!!!'  We have far to go and much to do as our futures unfold,.... !

6 years ago

Oppps. I meant to write: not living it. Sorry I left out the "t"

6 years ago

Dot, If a person feels that life is boring, he is probably economically well-off, not necessarily rich but at least well-off. I have two friends - one of whom is homeless and the other is not far away from possible homelessness and I am quite sure they don't find their lives boring. In addition, the person you mention has apparently not figured out yet what his purpose is in life and therefore he is no living it. It would help him to be more engaged with the real world on a macro- and micr-o level. If he were more engaged as I have just written, how could he be bored?

our thoughts - not a boring process actually,.... !
6 years ago


As I ponder life, and how it is that many people DO find life to be 'a bore' and because of this sense of emptiness and loneliness seekers of 'thrills' and 'chills' and 'anything but the real deal' - as certainly our life is a mystery, unfolding daily, actually, unfolding second by second!,...  I hope that each one of us makes the discovery that the Cosmos and All its Wonders are within your very 'being' and that you cannot be boring because all the mysteries of life are happening "right IN You!"  Even when we are forlorn about something, we snap out of it when we sense that the journey of the soul is seeking greater truths, inspiring exquisite majestic beauty, and intricately weaving love into every fabric of our 'awareness.'   If we embrace ourselves as Miracles and look at one another as Miracles, then we begin to get a larger picture of what our earth passage is about.  It's true that we are all like aliens to one another.  Even marriages discover this, that no matter how well we think we know someone else, WE DON'T.  We don't even know who WE are, so that is certainly not boring, - discovering 'who' we are as individuals, and the entire human race of people.  It is an endless journey.  It is wise to be discerning.  It is wise to be caring.  It is wise to be open and feel the many mysteries of our own existence, while learning all the time that our spirit is growing - and is not bored in the process.

listening to our world is also an act of love
6 years ago


A couple of weeks ago, I was in our neighborhood restaurant, which has become quite popular over the decades,... and sat near the counter where people can watch food preparation as well as chat with anyone seated close by.  Well, since this is a rather cordial environment, the conversation drifted over to my table, and it's fun to have a friendly visit with pleasant diners if possible.  One of the guests was not a resident of California, but seemed to be pretty at home in this spot, so he and another man were sharing ideas over their super plates.  The conversation became a bit philosophical, especially concerning today's living with all the challenges our humanity must face.  What took my attention, with added concern, is a comment that reflects our world's necessity to feel 'entertained' on a constant basis, at least for those who have achieve a certain level of life style; He said, "Don't you think that life is boring?"  - My response was, "No." - and he turned as if to say, - well then, - what is there to say,......    I'm interested in what our Positives may glean from this most common of attitudes that we observe worldwide: 'Life is boring." 

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