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abused rats need donations for surgery and care! February 15, 2006 8:35 AM

During the week of January 29,2006 we were contacted by animal control about a hoading/animal cruelty case where a 14 rats were confiscated as well as other animals. We were told these rats were in bad condition and severly injured and abused and were kept all in the same 15 gallon tank with no access to food or water. When we arrived at the shelter we were in tears. We did not know the severity of the abuse until we saw those 12 rats. Some of them couldn't walk, another had no eyes due to eye infections (possibly scratched them out), many of them were missing large pieces of skin and muscle from their backs or parts of their tails. Two boys had ankle/leg infections so bad that we knew their legs would have to be amputated. All of the rats were suffering from bumblefoot, which is hard to believe since they were all in a tank, and all were suffering from severe mange and malnourishment as well as dehydration. Our Dr. Kristen Sydlowski called us in regards to Shin because of the severity of the injury she wanted to take x-rays. When she called us back she told us his leg would have to be amputated from the hip down due to the infection spreading. She explained that he might not survive the surgery but we opted to have the surgery done and prayed everything would turn out fine. We are happy to say that Shin did fine and the minute he woke up from the surgery was moving around to the best of his ability, only having 3 legs now. Six more of these rescues are scheduled for surgery within the next two weeks, we are praying for the best for all of them. We are seeking donations (small or large everything helps) from individuals who have the love, vision, and commitment to assist us in with these rescues medical expenses. Unfortunately we do not have the means to offer a tax deduction at this time. Each person who donates $30 or more towards one of our many surgeries will receive a free hand-made durable, pocket rattie hammock in the pattern of their choice. Any individuals who donated $60 or more will receive a gift basket full of goodies. Maybe one of you can help by donating towards their medical care and help us make one of these little ones life a little better and a little longer here with us all. This is a fundraiser to help Ratta Muffin raise money for the recently rescued cruelty case ratties in need of extensive medical care at this time; therefore, every dollar helps. Regardless of the amount and size of our rescue, RMRR is a small non-profit rescue. Although we do not solely rely on donations we are only two people who work extrenuously to help and support all the animals in our care and those that are with our fosters as well. Donations are a pertinent source for all rescues being as though the government does not offer gratuities and only offers a limited amount of grants for non-profit animal rescue, if any. CLICK HERE fore More pictures of the abused rats If you chose to make a donation please put the note in as "Medical Fund" CLICK HERE to donate at the Ratta Muffin Rat Reskue Homepage I DID NOT WANT TO PUT THE GRAPHIC PICS ON THE POST BECAUSE I DO NOT KNOW THE RULES TO THAT YET SO GO HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PICTURES OF THESE POOR BABIES!:  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 February 15, 2006 8:35 AM

i emailed them and this is what they had to say Thank you for your kind words and donation. We are doing our best. Four more of the boys are having surgery this week (including 2 amputations, one leg and one tail), and a few of them still have bad cases of Myco but are on antibiotics and slowly improving. Others still have really bad mange from mites but we are treating them with ivermectin and ecto soothe baths. We just hope some of them do not have permanent hair loss and that their scars from their abscesses heal. We just added more pictures of the boys to the photobucket album yesterday, if you haven't seen them yet you shold take a look. One is really graphic just be forewarned. One of the rats had a extremely large abscess on his back that was necrotic and he had it drained and the dead tissue removed so it could naturally drain. He is on 2 different antibiotics as well as Metacam for pain and we clean his booboo 3-4 times a day. We have been giving them nothing but love since we got them in and they may still look beat up a bit but in their eyes for the first time we are starting to see hope from them and they know we are trying to help them.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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