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Window Rock, Navajo Nation, USA
December 2, 2006

We, the Peoples gathered at the Indigenous World
Uranium Summit, at this critical time of
intensifying nuclear threats to Mother Earth and
all life, demand a worldwide ban on uranium
mining, processing, enrichment, fuel use, and
weapons testing and deployment, and nuclear waste
dumping on Native Lands.

Past, present and future generations of
Indigenous Peoples have been disproportionately
affected by the international nuclear weapons and
power industry. The nuclear fuel chain poisons
our people, land, air and waters and threatens
our very existence and our future generations.
Nuclear power is not a solution to global
warming. Uranium mining, nuclear energy
development and international agreements (e.g.,
the recent U.S.-India nuclear cooperation treaty)
that foster the nuclear fuel chain violate our
basic human rights and fundamental natural laws
of Mother Earth, endangering our traditional
cultures and spiritual well-being.

We reaffirm the Declaration of the World Uranium
Hearing in Salzburg, Austria, in 1992, that
"uranium and other radioactive minerals must
remain in their natural location." Further, we
stand in solidarity with the Navajo Nation for
enacting the Diné Natural Resources Protection
Act of 2005, which bans uranium mining and
processing and is based on the Fundamental Laws
of the Dine. And we dedicate ourselves to a
nuclear-free future.

Indigenous Peoples are connected spiritually and
culturally to our Mother, the Earth. Accordingly,
we endorse and encourage development of renewable
energy sources that sustain - not destroy -
Indigenous lands and the Earth's ecosystems.

In tribute to our ancestors, we continue
centuries of resistance against colonialism. We
recognize the work, courage, dedication and
sacrifice of those individuals from Indigenous
Nations and from Australia, Brazil, Canada,
China, Germany, India, Japan, the United States,
and Vanuatu, who participated in the Summit. We
further recognize the invaluable work of those
who were honored at the Nuclear-Free Future
Awards ceremony on December 1, 2006. And we will
continue to support activists worldwide in their
nonviolent efforts to stop uranium development.

We are determined to share the knowledge we have
gained at this Summit with the world. In the
weeks and months ahead, we will summarize and
disseminate the testimonies, traditional
Indigenous knowledge, and medical and scientific
evidence that justify a worldwide ban on uranium
development. We will enunciate specific plans of
action at the tribal, local, national and
international levels to support Native resistance
to the nuclear fuel chain. And we will pursue
legal and political redress for all past, current
and future impacts of the nuclear fuel chain on
Indigenous Peoples and their resources.

Jamie Kneen
Communications & Outreach Coordinator ofc. (613) 569-3439
MiningWatch Canada cell: (613) 761-2273
250 City Centre Ave., Suite 508 fax: (613) 569-5138
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6K7 e-mail:
Skype: jamiekneen

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