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Reiki As A Spiritual Healing System December 18, 2006 7:20 PM

Reiki is a spiritual healing system that has its origins in Japan. 

It basically consists of a “laying on of hands” type movement whereby the Reiki practitioner uses his or her hands to travel along your body - without actually touching the skin.  The hands appear to touch the skin, but rest a few centimetres above it.  The philosophy behind this type of healing is that there is amongst us all an unseen life force or energy which flows through all of us.  This life force or life force energy (call it what you will) is the very essence of what it means to be alive.  The Japanese believe that we are at a low point in our health if our life force energy is low - this renders us to be more prone to sickness and getting tired quickly.

If on the other hand, our life force energy is at a high level - then we are full of beans, and buzzing around full of energy and in good health.

The actual word, “REIKI”, itself consists of two Japanese words:  REI which in effect means “God’s wisdom or the Higher Power” and KI which is “life force energy”.  Therefore, by combining these two words we see that the word REIKI actually means a life force energy that is spiritually guided.

Although Reiki itself is spiritual in essence, it is not a way or life, not is it a religion.  Reiki does not require that you believe in something before you can learn it and use it.  Quite the opposite in fact.Reiki will “work” whether you believe it will or not. 
So, what exactly does a Reiki treatment feel like?

A Reiki treatment will (or rather should) leave you feeling warm and glowing and re-energised.  Sometimes, a Reiki treatment may leave you feeling as though you have just experienced an altered state of consciousness or had some sort of spiritual experience. 

Because Reiki doesn’t just treatment one local area - but rather the whole person, which is the body part and the mind, spirit and emotions, you are left feeling totally relaxed and with a sense of well being.  It kind of gives you a “warm feeling all over”. 

Reiki has been used in all sorts of treatments for many medical afflictions.  It has been used to heal most probably every known illeness such as insomnia, flu, broken bones, headaches etc.  As well as being used on its own as a therapy, it also works alongside other therapies to promote a faster healing period and to provide relief from side effects. 

Reiki is not “taught” as such but is passed, or transferred, to the student during a Reiki class.  The Reiki master will pass on his ability during an “attunement” and in so doing will allow the student to tap into a limitless supply of life force energy.    In this way, Reiki has been taught to thousands of people all around the world, with different backgrounds, walks of life, and cultures.

Reiki Student

Reiki HealingReiki Healing

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just for today December 18, 2006 7:28 PM

just for today.

live in the moment. no worries. keep the faith.  God will win over evil.


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The Third and Fourth Principle of Reiki December 18, 2006 7:31 PM

The principles that are used in Reiki are a basis for you to be able to continue to heal and call on universal energies as a way to unblock energies that you may have inside of you.  In relation to the principles are several concepts and ideas to their being and meaning.  These principles are used to change both the internal environment that you have as well as to know how to respond to the external environment that is constantly surrounding you. 

The third principle states to “do your work with appreciation.”  In relation to this is the fourth principle which says that it is important to “be kind to people.”  These are both important in relation to the Reiki method as they will help in your healing and in the flow of universal energies. 

Many who do not respond to the external environment with kindness and appreciation after they go through a Reiki healing method may find that there is a block in energy that reappears.  Part of the importance in the healing method is to change the ways in which you respond to your environment.  The third and fourth principles are important to learn because of this. 

When one responds to their environment without care or with an attitude that is not kind towards others, it causes the energy that is available from the universe to be blocked.  This is because the internal attitude causes negative energy to take over.  In turn, this will stop the universal energies from flowing through one in their days work.  This will not only stop the universal energies internally, but will also stop them from the others who are an important part of your daily life.  This will be reflected both through the work as well as the relationships you have with others. 

The external as well as the internal environments in Reiki are both important when one decides to go through the healing process.  If you decide to begin the Reiki method, it means employing these different principles.  By doing this, you will not only allow yourself for an energy healing and cleansing, but will also allow for this cleansing to continue while you are in an external environment. 

These principles can then be used in relation to the first and second principles that are available.  These state that for today, you do not worry and you are not angry.This allows for your internal setting of energy to be positive.When this is reflected with the external energies in your work environment, as well as with people around you, it helps for the universal energies to continue to flow. 

Practicing the Reiki principles are an important part in helping to continue healing.  By putting these different aspects into practice, it will help one to remain physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy.  The Reiki principles are said to be an important part of the Reiki training as it allows for those involved continuing the healing practice outside of the practitioner or classroom setting.

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